Meanwhile, back at the ranch…

Some MP news highlights while I was gone:

  • Mark Duane Woodard has been found. Or rather, he was found in 1977, 23 months after his disappearance, but not identified till now. The aforementioned news link uses his Charley Project pic, and asked me permission first. (Thanks!) This link has another photo of him, a much better quality one, as well as more details about his disappearance. He was murdered, shot to death. His sister is the only surviving member of the immediate family.
  • In the state of Thuringia in central Germany they have found a missing girl, Peggy No-Last-Name-Released [edit: per a UK article supplied by a commenter, it’s Knobloch], who disappeared mysteriously fifteen years ago, at the age of nine. A mushroom picker found her bones in the forest nine miles from Peggy’s hometown of Lichtenberg. According to this article and one other I found about the case, this had been a murder-without-a-body (MWAB) case: In 2004, a mentally disabled man was convicted of Peggy’s murder. He was later acquitted in a retrial due to lack of evidence after a key witness retracted his statement.
  • Corry Ehlers, a guy who disappeared while hiking in Utah in 2012, has also been found deceased. His skeletal remains, found “in a steep, rocky spot near Alta Ski Resort” last summer, were identified in late June. They think Corry fell off a cliff.
  • Three days ago it was fifteen years since sisters Diamond and Tionda Bradley vanished mysteriously from Chicago. The Chicago Tribune has done an anniversary article about it, with quotes from Diamond and Tionda’s two other sisters, Rita and Victoria: The girls disappeared just a day before Victoria Bradley’s ninth birthday. Until recent years, Bradley, who turns 24 on Thursday, said she was unable to celebrate her birthday because of her depression over the anniversary of their disappearance. I have not updated the girls’ casefiles in over a decade, and last time was just to add some more pics. I will give a look and see if I can find any developments that have taken place in the intervening years.
  • Two more recent anniversaries: eleven years since Stacy Ann Aragon and her boyfriend Steven Bishop disappeared from Arizona (see article; Stacy has been reported missing but it appears Steven has not been), and ten years since Roxanne Paltauf disappeared (article) from Texas.
  • The NCMEC reports that two of my oldest family abduction cases have been resolved, with the children located alive. One was Jacquelina Ann Gomez, who was abducted from Illinois by her father in 1992 at the age of 3. She would be 27 now, 28 in September.
  • The other case involves two brothers who disappeared with their mother and stepfather from Blairsville, Georgia in 1996, when the boys were 2 and 3. A day or so before I left for Minneapolis I got contacted by a very excited reporter who ran a story on Rick Tyler, a man who’s running for Congress under the odious slogan “Make America White Again.” She said after she ran the story she was deluged with emails from people who believed Rick Tyler was probably the same Rick Tyler who was listed as the missing Blairsville kids’ stepfather. She also said the police were now claiming that the boys’ mom DID have custody of them when they disappeared, after all. Well, then the day I left Minneapolis I got an NCMEC notice saying the boys were recovered. I’m not going to say their names on here or put them on the resolved page because I’m not sure about the custody issue, but it should be easy enough to determine who they are from the info I just provided.
  • The state of Arkansas has a brand shiny new MP database with 510 people on it, many whose names I don’t recognize. I am very happy about this. I believe every state should have their own publicly searchable online database, as large and comprehensive as possible. Many of the people listed in this new database have no pics though. I hope this situation improves.
  • Morgan Keyanna Martin, a pregnant teenager who disappeared in 2012, is now considered a MWAB case. Jacobee Flowers, the father of the unborn child, has been charged with her murder. Homicide is the most common non-natural cause of death for pregnant women in the US and from what I have read, all around the world, the murder of pregnant women — usually by their baby’s father — is a universal problem.
  • HuffPo has published a photo essay about the 1998 disappearance of SUNY-Albany student Suzanne Lyall. It’s a mysterious case; no obvious suspects, no answers. 19 years old, promising future, and then gone.
  • Kidnap survivor Jaycee Dugard has been in the news again, going on TV and talking about how her life’s going and how she’s raising the two daughters she had with her kidnapper Philip Garrido. The link I just gave provides lots of news articles to read, more than I can summarize here. But here’s one quote from this article to show what a resilient woman and amazing mother Jaycee was and still is: As she and her daughters grew older, Dugard said she planted a flower in front of the shed and set up a little school to teach them as much as she could with only her fifth-grade education. “They’re so resilient, and they’re beautiful and loving, and I’m really lucky,” she said. Dugard has protected her daughters’ privacy and said some of their friends don’t even know of their past. She said the three of them are able to talk about what happened with each other.

6 thoughts on “Meanwhile, back at the ranch…

  1. forthelost July 9, 2016 / 11:52 pm

    And of course poor little Kiara Ved.

    • Meaghan July 10, 2016 / 12:02 am

      On your “victims of family abduction” notice for her you might want to change “admitted to the hospital from a possible overdose” to “WITH a possible overdose.”

  2. catchupinthewry August 2, 2016 / 6:28 am

    Meaghan, hi

    I feel energy reading about Jaycee.
    I never want to share my story openly. I already have. My mom only said, “Why didn’t you share this earlier?!”. As if my being assaulted- and I’m male- was inconvenient.

    When I told Sheriff’s office my report- alone- as if I died- they were cool. But also asked why I waited 6 years to report. It’s because it took that long to be able to understand the evil was layered, covered over, masked in humanity and the “demons” that followed, accusing me were loud… And wrong.

    Recently I was torn inside because on the East coast handicapped boys were molested “looking for ticks”- stripped, touched. I was/ am handicapped with H.A.E.- I already have celebrated status enough. The H.A.E. Is a swelling condition. By chance- when I was stripped at pictures taken by 29 year old male eyes as I was 14, I was not badly molested and not sodomized although I was positioned this way. To be checked for ticks with Lyme disease.

    I would have preferred the Lyme disease. I beat myself up- why did I not run? What was that?? Why was he mean afterward? Mock my name? I changed my last name. I never liked it anyway. I told people my ordeal. They assumed I was then… A molester. A gay.

    Jesus. Was there. People make God all fluffy and sweet. I write to take on the front of Alaskan sex trade, but not with my face. I have been made out to be ugly. So I had a dream I was a Jason Voorhees of Friday the 13th. In my ordeal I was left for dead obviously in catatonic in my tent. Camping. Just 3 days. I never came back according to the looks of the fam.

    I’ve had a glitch. Out of body experiences. PTSD severe. Suicide ideation stopped when I accepted I cannot really die. Not truly. News of Alaska “Avenging Angel” I thought were sick and not effective in the long run. So I write very realistic fiction on how to justify very strong “legal” action to BREAK a sex trafficker and or take away their citizenship and send them to Siberia as forced labor camp workers. Or covertly to North Korea. But I think against killing.

    I’ve never felt so certain. About speaking out. I also cannot stand people calling themselves “due or owed victim money or attention”. To let go means start anew. I have to each day. I’m not a nice guy in real life. But I know enough and like Jaycee as a woman and stuff and I feel in the air she is as a sibling spirit- she’d understand my old path. Maybe not my writing to Anchorage war path for “kidnapper season”. Oh well. I see a picture on my cell of her on a horse. Keeps me alive. I learned I am free to choose “not dying”. I feel so empty, hollow, vacant- but like an empty war drum, I am up to being played by a real God-savior spirit for power and hope. If I am not useful anymore, I commit my spirit for transport naturally… By standing my ground until I turn into dust.

    I usually cuss a lot. Jesus. He knows I cuss. So what? Bless the unknown children trapped NOW. I say Right the fuck now. Why must they struggle alone??!! Amen

    God bless you

  3. catchupinthewry August 2, 2016 / 6:40 am

    I guess I should have said, I had hypovolemia- internal bleeding and almost died that night in 1990. I was so weak. It was people that made me who I am- even the “guy” who is old now. I told police who I am recently so I cannot get away with hurting him. I sense no “crazy voices” telling me to kick his butt. He’s dead to me. In Heavenscapes, all will be understood. No evil will enter heaven.

    I hope to be there soon. Soon enough. I don’t believe anybody is the same in Heaven as Earth. I will never be bent over face in the dirt again, so all I feel now is my bad back and PTSD. And on bucket list- ride a horse, and if I die, special detail watch over Dugard family from Heaven. Maybe we’ll meet there. I gotta go

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