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Make-a-List Monday: Expectant fathers

August 31, 2015

This list idea was supplied to me by T.T.: men who left behind a pregnant wife, girlfriend, whatever when they disappeared.

  1. Eric M. Apatiki
  2. Jose Julian Beltran-Sedano
  3. Joshua Charles Berry
  4. Gene Jacob Cloud Jr.
  5. Joseph Consentino
  6. Ryan Cooper
  7. Ronald Reed Duck Jr.
  8. Ryan Jacob Esparza
  9. Douglas E. Goodwin
  10. Franklin Wayne Harrod Jr.
  11. Derrick Ray Henegan
  12. Cole Duane Jackson
  13. Jonathan Bruce Jackson
  14. Torey Clark Newlin
  15. Erik Thomas Ruiz
  16. Kareem Jamaal Ward

Make-a-List Monday: People with children in foster care

August 24, 2015

This list is for parents of had children who were living with foster parents at the time the parent disappeared. I don’t count cases where the kids were placed in care after the parent disappeared.

  1. Andrea Leigh Cotten
  2. Hope Renee Curry
  3. Ann Bernice Duncan
  4. Shannon Lynn Fischer
  5. Tammy Ann Hill
  6. Danielle Nadine Mouton
  7. Tammy Sue Lynn Passineau
  8. DeNeka Dashay Walker
  9. Janice Arlene Younger

Make-a-List Monday: Adults who spent time in foster care

August 17, 2015

This list is for grown-up missing people who spent at least part of their childhood and/or adolescence in foster care or otherwise under guardianship of the state. I think it is a good idea for a list, even though it is quite short. Probably it should be longer.

  1. Lutricia Steele
  2. Anna Marie Zirkle

Make-a-List Monday: Hitchhikers

August 10, 2015

People last seen hitchhiking. I don’t count cases of people who may have been seen hitchhiking after their disappearance.

  1. Tammy Lynn Akers and Angela Mae Rader
  2. James Michael Baker
  3. Amy Billig
  4. Bonita Mara Bickwit and Mitchel Fred Weiser
  5. Peter Joseph Bonick
  6. Rosemary E. Hamilton Buck
  7. Kimberly Ann Cardarella
  8. Corinne June Groenenberg
  9. Clara Marie Grunst
  10. Andrea Joy Hall
  11. Michael Daniel Harp
  12. James Lee Haynes
  13. Frank H. Johnston
  14. Jeanette Kamahele
  15. James Thomas Kinskey
  16. Ronald David Kruska
  17. Linda Lee Lovell and Stephen Locke Packard
  18. Tammy Mahoney
  19. Teresa J. McDonald
  20. Terry G. Morris
  21. William Wright North
  22. Richard Paige Oliver
  23. Kathleen Helen Randall
  24. Althea Lanelle Rogers
  25. Rhonda Gayle Sansovich
  26. Stefanie Kelly Stroh
  27. Amadeo Vigil
  28. Jennifer Marie Wilmer*


Did a boatload of APs tonight

August 6, 2015

This night I did a lot of updated age-progressions. The list:

  1. Marc James-Warren Allen
  2. Kyle Wade Clinkscales
  3. Brittani Nicole Dolbear
  4. Shaunda Renne Green
  5. Jose Rafael Henriquez-Diaz
  6. Denise Shalize Hiraman
  7. Joshua Jerome Mahaffey
  8. Lluvia Shanique McCraw
  9. Kevin Lamont McClam
  10. Enrique Angel Medel
  11. Amy Sue Pagnac
  12. Sandra Kay Powell
  13. Paulette S. Webster
  14. Kathy Sue Wilcox

Make-a-List Monday: House Fires

August 3, 2015

This list is for people whose house/apartment/hotel etc. (or at least, wherever they were staying at, even as a guest) caught fire around the time of their disappearances — whether accidentally or intentionally. It could be as long as a couple of days before or after, I decided.

  1. Bruce Harding Bell
  2. Lauria Jaylene Bible and Ashley Renae Freeman
  3. Ricky Jean Bryant
  4. Christopher Gage Daniel and Chloie Rhianna Leverette
  5. Kevin Lee Ellsworth
  6. Richard James Estrada
  7. Sandra Mason Gann
  8. Steven W. Hendricks
  9. Richard J. Jargowsky Jr.
  10. Joshua Johnathan Korvin
  11. Geanna M. Jones
  12. Sir-Kristopher Clayton Marshall, Ivy Matory, Violet Bobbie Matory and Yolanda Marie Williams
  13. Charles William Monroe Jr.
  14. David Cook Morse
  15. Daniel McCoy Moses
  16. Dori Ann Myers
  17. Michael Brendan Nash
  18. Joey Lynn Offutt
  19. Gloria Marlene Plunkett
  20. Paul Ward Shrout
  21. Amelia Martinez Smith
  22. Betty Dolly Sodder, Jennie Irene Sodder, Louis Erico Sodder, Martha Lee Sodder and Maurice Antonio Sodder
  23. Cynthia S. Wilkins
  24. Kaidena Lozelle Wood

Make-a-List Monday: Full scholarships

July 27, 2015

This list is for MPs who got full scholarships to college before they disappeared — whether they accepted said scholarships or not. I got a partial scholarship to attend Hendrix College. I forget how much it was, something like $4,500 a semester I think. Nothing terribly impressive; I was a pretty average applicant and I think just about everyone who attended got some kind of scholarship.

(For my non-American readers, a crash course in American colleges/universities’ financial aid system: a scholarship is financial aid a student is given based on merit, usually either academically or in sports or sometimes for some special talent in another area, such as music. Some are granted by the colleges/universities themselves, and others by private foundations and charities. The scholarship is often renewable each year and is usually conditional; that is, to keep getting it renewed a student must attend the college/university full time and keep up a certain GPA, or keep playing on the sports team, or whatever, depending on the nature of the scholarship. Some scholarships are only for students with certain majors, and if they change majors they lose their scholarship.

There are other forms of financial aid, called “grants” and “student loans”, that are given based on financial need. These are not conditional; you can keep getting them renewed as long as you are not flunking out of school. Student loans are much more common than grants and most students graduate tens of thousands of dollars in debt. This has been a growing problem in the United States and everyone is arguing over what to do about it. I have some ideas but they are neither here nor there.)

Anyway, the list of superior scholars:

  1. Stevie Danielle Bates for the University of Arizona (she didn’t take it, preferring to enroll at Hunter College instead)
  2. Michelle D. Crawford for Cameron University
  3. Ian Hunter Burnet for Virginia Commonwealth University
  4. LaQuanta Nichelle Riley for an unspecified school
  5. Jennifer Marie Wilmer for St. John’s University
  6. Amber Lynn Wilde for the University of Wisconsin at Green Bay

This list may be incomplete. I’ve got several other MPs where it was mentioned they were in college on a scholarship but I don’t know whether they got a full ride (that is, everything paid for) or just a partial scholarship like me.

Make-a-List Monday: State Capitals #7

July 20, 2015

I’m doing them five at a time. See previous lists one, two, three, four, five and six.

Santa Fe, New Mexico

  1. Arden Bogart Jr.
  2. Inez Garcia
  3. Skyla Marburger
  4. Sandra Payne
  5. Michelle Quintana
  6. Robert Marcos Romero
  7. Orlando Valdez

(Bonus: Samantha Michelle Kibalo may have been seen in Santa Fe in 2006, five years after her mother abducted her.)

Albany, New York

  1. Ashley Marie Carroll
  2. Donald B. Green
  3. Karen Marie Hughes
  4. Thomas Edward Lamoree II
  5. Suzanne Gloria Lyall
  6. Monique Santiago
  7. Karen Louise Wilson
  8. William Frederick Woolheater

Raleigh, North Carolina

  1. Sage Antonio Bermudez-Rayon
  2. Willie Rudalph Conyers
  3. Zoe Camille Hope
  4. Pamela Annetta Hinton
  5. Taveta Michelle Hobbs
  6. Pamela Webster Palmer
  7. Parley Ann Pate
  8. Cynthia Lorraine Perry
  9. Elizabeth Hicks Rogers
  10. William Robert Rochelle
  11. Nathan Seaberry
  12. Roy Neil Searchwell Jr.
  13. Douglas Stephen Simmons

Bismarck, North Dakota

  1. Bruce Falconer
  2. John Henry Jacobson
  3. Sandra Mary Jacobson
  4. Michelle Mae Julson
  5. Christopher Nathan Mann

Columbus, Ohio

  1. Shaniece Monica Briggs
  2. Carmen Inette Colon
  3. Timothy Eugene Fisher
  4. Ricky Lee Frayer
  5. Mohamed Abdi Hassan
  6. Trevell Lamar Henley
  7. Claudia Lopez-Escobar
  8. Deron Tyriek Hill
  9. Christopher Lerch
  10. Peggy Ann Lerch
  11. Carla Elizabeth Losey
  12. Deanna McCutcheon
  13. Ashley Tyronda Norah
  14. Kenneth Douglas Roberts Sr.
  15. Brian Randall Shaffer
  16. Aaron Cody Stepp
  17. Jeffrey Allen Stutton
  18. Anna Marie Zirkle

Make-a-List Monday: Cerebral palsy

July 13, 2015

In honor of Hasanni Campbell who will have been missing six years next month, I’m doing a list of MPs with cerebral palsy. Even if there are only two of them.

  1. Hasanni Jamil Campbell
  2. Jonathan Lewis Ginsburg

Old blog posts worthy of another look

July 11, 2015

Tonight I was going through my “general” category looking to clean it out. “General” is a mixed bag category, meant for posts that are impossible for me to categorize elsewhere, or which are wedged into a few categories but are pretty broad in scope. I discovered that only some the posts in the “general” category, however, were REALLY uncategorizable. In many cases I simply forgot to add any categories to the post and WordPress thus put it in the “general” category automatically. In a few others, since writing the entry I’ve created categories I can put the post in, so I can remove it from the mixed bag of “general.”

But while I was going back through six and a half years of postings in “general,” I found some I wouldn’t mind bringing up to the surface again. Most are just thoughts about particular MP-related issues, or crime-related issues in general. (I’ve found my opinions on such matters haven’t changed since I started this blog.) Other entries are about issues I’ve had running the site. (There are so many posts in there about my computer woes that I’m thinking about creating a “computer trouble” category of its own, perhaps as a subcategory of “day-to-day website business.” But I haven’t had any computer woes since I got Orville, thanks to all of you.)

Here they are, in alphabetical order:

  1. Before they were missing
  2. Blaming the boyfriend — or, me on the soapbox again
  3. Border crossings
  4. Categories
  5. Comment guidelines*
  6. Georgia relaxes sex offender law
  7. Juveniles on the sex offender registry
  8. Lottery families
  9. “Missing” wanted criminals
  10. The myth of the dangerous internet and the “internet abduction”
  11. Photographs in my resolved section
  12. Programming disrupted, please stand by**
  13. Races
  14. Sigh.
  15. Suspicious versus odd
  16. Why do I do it? (first entry)
  17. Why do I do it? (second entry)
  18. Why I am against the death penalty
  19. Your latest edition of “some people really need to shut up”

*I do not currently, and have not for a long time, have any problems with people commenting on this blog. I just thought it would be good to put up anyway.

**This entry is on the list not for the entry itself but for the comments section, which is a bit entertaining to read.


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