Make-a-List Monday: Multiple MPs, same names

This is a list — or series of lists, more like — of cases where I’ve got more than one person on Charley with that first and last name. In a few cases the MPs were related to each other, but usually not.

I might have missed a few. This is kind of hard to search for unless you know where to go. I just found this list of common U.S. surnames and checked the first 50, and also added a few others from memory.

  1. Angela Darlene Allen
  2. Angela Elaine Allen
  1. Elizabeth Ann Allen
  2. Elizabeth Mary Allen
  1. Steven Eugene Anderson
  2. Steven Willard Anderson
  1. Michael Black
  2. Michael Ernest Black
  1. Barry Michael Brown
  2. Barry Scott Brown
  1. David Allen Brown
  2. David John Brown
  1. Gary Allan Brown
  2. Gary Oscar Brown
  1. Richard Lee Clark
  2. Richard Victor Clark II
  1. Steven Alexander Clark
  2. Steven Michael Clark Jr.
  1. John Davis
  2. John Davis Jr.
  3. John T. Davis
  4. John Wesley Davis
  1. Jose L. Gonzales
  2. Jose Luis Delgadillo Gonzales
  1. Jose Gonzalez
  2. Jose Guadalupe Gonzalez
  3. Jose Israel Gonzalez
  4. Jose Manuel Gonzalez
  5. Jose Mendez Gonzalez
  1. Michael Anthony Green
  2. Michael Lesly Green
  1. Claudia Berenice Guillen
  2. Claudia Jareth Guillen
  1. James Allen Harris
  2. James S. Harris
  1. James Richard Johnson
  2. James Woodford Johnson
  1. Michael Henry Johnson
  2. Michael Lloyd Johnson
  1. Theresa Diane Johnson
  2. Theresa Dianne Johnson
  1. Bobby Jones
  2. Bobby Wayne Jones
  1. Brian A. Jones
  2. Brian Edward Jones
  1. Raymond Jones
  2. Raymond Paul Jones
  1. Jose Enrique Medina Lopez
  2. Jose Jesus Lopez
  1. Barbara Martin
  2. Barbara Jean Martin
  1. Joseph Arthur Martin Jr.
  2. Joseph Patrick Martin
  1. Jesus Alvarado Martinez
  2. Jesus Avalos Martinez
  1. Maria De Jesus Martinez
  2. Maria De Los Angeles Martinez
  1. Richard Dean Roberts
  2. Richard K. Roberts
  1. James D. Robinson
  2. James Ezra Robinson
  1. Corey Domanic Smith
  2. Corey Nolan Smith
  1. James Cary Smith
  2. James Harold Smith
  3. James Oliver Smith
  4. James White Smith III
  1. Jerry Smith
  2. Jerry Dale Smith
  3. Jerry Edward Smith
  1. John D. Smith
  2. John Warren Smith Jr.
  1. Robin Gary Smith
  2. Robin Michelle Smith
  1. Vanessa Dawn Smith
  2. Vanessa L. Smith
  1. Everett Thompson Jr.
  2. Everett Thompson Sr.
  1. David Clayton Warner
  2. David Randall Warner
  1. Cheryl Nevone Williams
  2. Cheryl Talbert Williams
  1. David Aubrey Williams
  2. David Edward Williams
  1. Larry Dean Williams
  2. Larry Flenoy Williams
  1. Jennifer Lee Wilson
  2. Jennifer Marie Wilson

Some more little updates

The Virginia State Police has put up a TON of MP cases I haven’t seen/heard of before. I added seven today and I’m nowhere near done. Except the next few updates to be Virginia-dominated. For some existing cases, I got extra photos from the VSP. Oh, and the NCMEC has sent a few APs as well. The lists:


  1. Dwayne Allen Chick
  2. Crist Nelson Dauberman Sr.
  3. Christopher Ray Douthat
  4. Thomas Lee Duesterhaus
  5. Shawn Darnell Givens
  6. Rachel Nicole Good
  7. William Christopher Hensley Sr.
  8. Harold Ray Jones Jr.


  1. Keiosha Marie Felix
  2. Christian Miguel Sanchez
  3. Veronica Nichole Sanchez
  4. Domingo Sanchez Gonzalez
  5. Esmit Sanchez Gonzalez
  6. Esther Valdez

Make-a-List Monday: Redheads

Red hair, says Wikipedia, occurs naturally in only one to two percent of the human population. I thought I’d do a list of the redheads on Charley.

This is a relatively long list. And…predominantly female. If I were to guess why that is, I’d say that probably a lot of them dyed their hair. Women color their hair more frequently than men. I excluded from the list people whom I knew for a fact had dyed their hair red, but I’m sure there are a lot of cases where I just don’t have that information. I also excluded people with ambiguously red hair — i.e. “blond/red” or “brown/red” etc.

When I’m writing up a casefile, in terms of hair and eyes, I will go by whatever colors my source says they are regardless of what the photo looks like. If my source doesn’t have that information, but I have a color photo, I will hazard a guess from the photograph as to hair color, but not to eye color unless it’s a super close up picture.  With Asians and African-Americans, absent evidence to the contrary, I assume their hair is black and their eyes, brown.

(Question: suppose a person dyes their hair some other natural hair color, and they disappear before any roots start showing, and then their body turns up — short of DNA testing, is there any way for the medical examiner or whomever to tell their hair was dyed?)

  1. Fawn Marlene Abell
  2. Rozlin Rochelle Abell
  3. Tammy Lynn Akers
  4. Elizabeth Ann Allen
  5. William Mark Alley
  6. Mary Corrine Amos
  7. Cora Andersen
  8. Michael Eugene Ashby
  9. Ericka Lynn Ballard
  10. Maria Guadalupe Barrientos
  11. Brooke Leonard Bennett
  12. Melissa J. Blevins
  13. Marylou Bostwick
  14. Helen Marie Voorhees Brach
  15. Bambi Luann Brantley
  16. David Glen Bratton
  17. Phyllis E. Brewer
  18. Christina Lee Byers
  19. Amanda Rae Carroll
  20. Merrian Lynn Carver
  21. Kawika David Benjamin Chetron
  22. Michael Tyler Clarke
  23. Edith Margaret Claver
  24. Terry Lynn Collier
  25. Patricia Alma Corbett
  26. Michele Luise Costantino
  27. Maud Crawford
  28. Joyce Gaines Crider
  29. Rebecca Ann Crist
  30. Lorena Cruz
  31. Joseph Wayne Daggett
  32. Kiplyn Davis
  33. Vali E. Davis
  34. Peggy Jo DeCoteau
  35. Nan Cecile Dixon
  36. Ruby Estelle Dorman
  37. Barry Keith Douglas
  38. Lynda Michelle Dunnavant
  39. Ann Marie Ellinwood
  40. Frances Collier Ewalt
  41. Elaine Joyce Fauver
  42. Daria Finn
  43. Robert Ray Fitzgerald
  44. Betty Jean Glovack Flurry
  45. Elizabeth Lea Franks
  46. Craig Allen Frear
  47. Mary Carol Hill Fredrick
  48. Lora Ann Gabbert
  49. Joanne Gladys Garr
  50. Michelle Renee Giusti
  51. Josefina Mojica Gonzales
  52. Steven Michael Gonzales
  53. Michael Shane Gordon
  54. Ann Gotlib
  55. Delores Raye Jones Griffin
  56. Michael Lawrence Griffin
  57. Ylva Annika Hagner
  58. Crystal Gayle Hall
  59. Bettye Jo Hart
  60. Kathy Sue Haskell
  61. Bryan Andrew Hayes
  62. Charlotte Heimann
  63. Mark Joseph Himebaugh
  64. Richard Dale Hitchcock
  65. William Hoag
  66. Michael John Hodge
  67. Margaret Kay Holst
  68. Jacquelyn Renee Hopper
  69. Stephanie Hunsberger
  70. Joanne Gaye Illerich
  71. Maurice Laron Jefferson
  72. Robin Lynn Jobson
  73. Curtis William Jones Jr.
  74. Ann Marie Kelley
  75. Bonnie Rae Kelly
  76. Joyce Lee Kennedy
  77. Margaret Mary Kilcoyne
  78. Maria Socorro Kimbrell
  79. Neal Forrest King
  80. Karen Margaret Kincaid
  81. Tracy Anne King
  82. Robert Lewis Kuhlman
  83. Kristine Kupka
  84. Karen Sue Laird
  85. Elizabeth Dawn Land
  86. John Francis Lango
  87. Deborah E. Larkin
  88. Bryce David Laspisa
  89. Heather Janelle Lewis
  90. Diana Renee Loewen
  91. Gordon Bethel Lopez
  92. Charles Franklin Lowell
  93. Lara Antonya Lykiardopoulos
  94. Penelope M. Madanat
  95. Anna Lee Manning
  96. Hilda Marcum
  97. Jim Craig Martin
  98. Eryn Beth McClary
  99. Teresa Darlene McCullen
  100. Thomas Leon McFarlin
  101. Andrew Memmelaar
  102. Patrick D. Merrill
  103. Dawn Mohn
  104. Michael Lee Montelongo
  105. Katrina Montgomery
  106. Westley Allen Moore
  107. Timothy Douglas Moreau
  108. Stacey Jane Morrison
  109. Fred Charles Moseley
  110. Rodger Keith Mosley
  111. Alexander Sol Olive
  112. Pamela Jane Page
  113. Tammy Sue Lynn Passineau
  114. Kirk Passmore
  115. Danyel Pauley
  116. Kenneth Brent Patterson
  117. Margaret M. Patterson
  118. William Dean Ponder
  119. Jennifer Fay Powers
  120. David Ceinon Rees
  121. Michael Alexander Reyes
  122. Richard Dean Roberts
  123. Barry Vincent Rodden
  124. Jesse Warren Ross
  125. Hannah Jane Rowell
  126. Michelle Lee Rust
  127. Janis Kay Sanders
  128. Cheryl Ann Scherer
  129. Patricia Ann Schmidt
  130. Lynn Louise Schuller
  131. Thomas Seibold
  132. Lisa Marie Sexton
  133. Agnes C. Shoe
  134. Irene Silverman
  135. Jack Jason Simmons Jr.
  136. Bennie Joe Smith II
  137. Chad Howard Smith
  138. Linda Sohus
  139. Laurie Louise Steiner
  140. Kimberly Lynn Stoner
  141. Fannie Fawn Stuart
  142. Katrina Dawn Sweaney
  143. Patricia Lynn Taylor
  144. Mary Kathleen Thill
  145. Laura Lynn Thompson
  146. Loretta L. Tinkham
  147. Sandra Kay Travis
  148. Rebecca Ann Triska
  149. Josephine Monique Vargas
  150. Denise Abigail Vasseur
  151. Dawn Marie Viens
  152. Paula Janet Waid
  153. Lisa Marie Wallace
  154. Marilyn Denice Waltz
  155. Brianna Christine Warnes
  156. Linda Darlene Holder Watts
  157. Judy Weemes
  158. Lewis Barrett Welch Jr.
  159. Rose Mary West
  160. Esther Lucille Westenbarger
  161. Terry Lee Westerfield
  162. Christina Maxine Whittaker
  163. Dorothy Williams
  164. Tina Raye Wilson
  165. Jana Mann Witt
  166. Virginia Lynne Wood
  167. April Rose Zane

Make-a-List Monday: Brain damage

Last week I did a list of MPs who suffered from seizures. Here’s a list of MPs who were suffering from brain damage for whatever reason — whether a genetic condition, a stroke, cancer or some other disease, a traumatic brain injury, etc. I’m probably missing some, perhaps quite a few, of these.

It’s hard for me to define brain damage for the purposes of this list. Like, one guy a cyst in his brain that was causing some cognitive impairment — but was he actually brain damaged? I left him off the list.

I did leave on a guy who had brain cancer; his tumor that actually encircled his brain, and he had exposed bone on his head, and often became confused. Brain tumors, it appears, doesn’t necessarily cause brain damage — another woman with a brain tumor was said to be functioning completely normally both physically and mentally in spite of it.

It’s all a judgment call. I didn’t automatically add someone to the list if they had seizures or a brain tumor or a brain operation. I did add a guy who had a bullet in his brain, though I don’t know how he was affected by it, since it’s kind of hard to imagine how a person could NOT be brain damaged if they get shot in the head. So I added him.

  1. Rosemary Cosgrove
  2. Victoria Anne Cotton
  3. Ronald Allen Douglass
  4. Selena Marie Edon
  5. Billie Jean Hall
  6. Lauren Maria Pico Jackson
  7. Leland Alton Jones
  8. Brandy Lynn Myers
  9. Timothy Scott Parry
  10. Charles Edward Stanley

Make-a-List Monday: Seizures

A list of MPs with who suffer from or may suffer from seizures. I include cases where people are taking medication and might get seizures as a withdrawal symptom if they stop abruptly.

Fun fact: many people on the autism spectrum, perhaps as many as one-third, also suffer from epilepsy. Which kind of makes sense, since both autism and epilepsy are neurological disorders. I don’t have epilepsy, but when I was sixteen I did have a grand mal seizure for no reason whatsoever. I was standing there talking to my dad, holding a pop, and then I remember seeing black and white spirals, and suddenly I was sitting on the couch and had somehow managed to spill pop all over my butt. (You know, the butt I was sitting on. I’m still not sure how that happened.) Dad said I started twitching and stuff and jerked my arms out in front of me like a zombie. I remember I had a splitting headache for the rest of the day.

  1. Robert Albert Ahtonen
  2. Tonia Gay Aldrich
  3. Joann Angel
  4. Keith Edward Bamford
  5. Troy Donovan Burnett
  6. Randall William Collins
  7. Carla Rebecca Corley
  8. Jan Andre Cotta
  9. Chris Andrew Cunningham
  10. Hope Renee Curry
  11. Charles Daniels
  12. William Francis DiSilvestro IV
  13. Gary Dale Finck
  14. Jennie Lee Fisher
  15. Carol Jean Freeburg
  16. Noemi Gonzalez
  17. Donald Ray Goodman
  18. Jeremy Wayne Goodwin
  19. Ember Skye Graham
  20. Kenneth Warren Hager
  21. Ruvil Hale
  22. Jamie E. Harper
  23. Samuel Lee Hernandez
  24. Jesse Albertine Hoover
  25. Garrett Thomas Hughes
  26. Mark Inhoffe
  27. John Christopher Inman
  28. Refugio Isaguirre
  29. Nancy Lynn Jason
  30. Eulace King
  31. Michael S. King
  32. Peter Sean Kosky
  33. Wallace John Landry
  34. Robert Charles Livers Jr.
  35. Cheresa R. Lordi
  36. Shelley Diane Luty
  37. Tomas Santos Magdaleno
  38. Courtney Marcher
  39. Robert Wayne McCullar
  40. Cynthia Renea Milstead
  41. Steven Martin Moline Jr.
  42. Amy Sue Pagnac
  43. Timothy Scott Parry
  44. Steven Daniel Paul
  45. Angelo Gene Puglisi
  46. Blake Wade Pursley
  47. Rudolph David Rangel
  48. Gregory Wilson Reynolds
  49. Richard Allen Rhyne
  50. Gerald Rihlmann
  51. Tammy Dawn Risenhoover
  52. Robert J. Rithaler Jr.
  53. Tristan Markey Rivera
  54. Travis Dewayne Roberson
  55. Jackie Robinson
  56. William Robert Rochelle
  57. Reynaldo Rodriguez
  58. Laurel Lea Rogers
  59. Dudley Truett Scott
  60. Silas Sessions Jr.
  61. Reginald Jermaine Short
  62. Walter F. Smith Jr.
  63. Natasha Marie Shanes
  64. Terry Allen Shepherd
  65. Danielle Marie Sleeper
  66. Roland Jack Spencer III
  67. Jerry Tang
  68. Autumn Marie Traub
  69. Daffany Sherika Tullos
  70. Joseph D. Vanderhouwen
  71. David Clayton Warner
  72. Joseph Weber IV
  73. Ronald Eugene Westwick
  74. David Edward Williams
  75. Larry Williams

Make-a-List Monday: Pregnant runaways, or ones who took their kids with them

This is a list of teens who are classified as runaways, and who were either pregnant or possibly pregnant at the time they disappeared, or they already had a kid whom they took with them. I don’t count teen runaways who left their children behind.

  1. Janteyl Danielle Johnson
  2. Jessica Ann Kinsey (maybe)
  3. Sara Savannah Miller
  4. Mariela Roblero Bravo and her one-month-old son, Wisley Tojil
  5. Astrid Piola Rodriguez and her two-month-old son, Dylammsteven Miralda-Rodriguez
  6. Shayna Mariah Saine-Garcia
  7. Alicia Marie Scott
  8. Cindy D. Valle
  9. Elsa Janell “Lilly” Wind