MP of the week: Barry Pruett

This week’s featured missing person is Barry Miles Pruett, who disappeared from Redding, California on January 5, 2008, at the age of 28. I’ve got two available photos of him: in one he is clean-cut, military even were it not for the goatee, and in the other he’s quite unkempt and looks like a homeless person.

There’s no reason to suppose Barry’s dead: although he hasn’t had contact with his family since his disappearance, he is known to have been alive (if not well) in El Paso, Texas in 2009 and 2010. El Paso is where he’d told his family he was heading, and it’s 1,346 miles from Redding.

Pruett suffers from the double whammy of both bipolar disorder (characteristic by drastic mood swings) and schizophrenia (characterized by psychosis) and may not even know who he is anymore. My guess is he’s living in a homeless community somewhere, perhaps even still in El Paso.

Make-a-List Monday: Border towns

I thought I’d make a list of MPs who disappeared from cities with designated points of entry —  both vehicular and pedestrian — between the United States and Mexico. I’m using this Wikipedia entry‘s list of current US/Mexico crossings. I’m not counting the “proposed” list or the “closed” list. I want to emphasize these MPs didn’t necessarily cross the border or disappear crossing the border (although some of them did), they just disappeared from a town with one or more points of entry.



New Mexico

  • Nobody


Make-a-List Monday: Appendectomy scars

At least one person, maybe more than one, has asked me to do a list of people with appendectomy (appendix removal) scars. Your wish is my command.

  1. Jason Scott Adkins
  2. Babette Nadine Alberti
  3. Mary Edna Badaracco
  4. Phillip Wayne Bakeman
  5. Dixie Barker
  6. John Haywood Barreto
  7. Mark Anthony Berumen
  8. Amy Billig
  9. William Charles Bisbee
  10. Richard Boldon
  11. Joseph Hany Booth-Metwally
  12. Sonya Lynn Bradley
  13. Joseph Michael Bushling
  14. Marco Antonio Cadenas
  15. Mary Virginia Carpenter
  16. Scott Devoe DeFelice
  17. Patricia Jane Dixon
  18. Burt O’Ryan Dollar
  19. Jose Bladimir Espinoza
  20. Martha Lavonne Evans
  21. Eloy Cisero Garcia
  22. Gloria Faye Gerber
  23. Isaac Joseph Gossett
  24. Carmella Maria Gutierrez
  25. Melissa Dawn Hasley
  26. Michael Edwin Hearon
  27. Derrick Ray Henagan
  28. Michelle Antoinette Henson
  29. Theodore Anthony Hoerstman
  30. Barbara Eleanor Hoover
  31. Anabell Luvaul Juarez
  32. Hazel Alice Klug
  33. Bonita Louise Krummel
  34. Norvice Landon
  35. Jody Lee Ledkins
  36. Thomas Odel Lime
  37. Janie Sue Lindsey
  38. Tammy Lopez
  39. Dorothy Leishman Wood Madden
  40. Dilver Maldonado Garcia
  41. Michael Martinez
  42. Anthony Daniel Medearis
  43. Martin Alan Miller
  44. Avis Beatrice Harris Mooney
  45. Courtland Lee Mumford
  46. Kathleen Murphy
  47. Anne Marie Nevins
  48. Charles Paradis
  49. Edrel Mae Pierce
  50. Shelva Jean Rafte
  51. Michael Frederick Reynolds
  52. Kimberly Ann Riley
  53. John Patrick Rowan Jr.
  54. Frank Ray Santmyer Jr.
  55. Tatyana Smirnov
  56. Shawn Eric Spencer
  57. Farren Wade Stanberry
  58. Sylvia Lourdes Standly
  59. James Thomas Stanley
  60. Shirley Elizabeth Stevens
  61. Wendy Brown Stevenson
  62. Waymon Eugene Stewart
  63. Thomas Stephen Stump
  64. Karol Marlene Sullens
  65. Mary Jo Thompson
  66. Angel Torres-Irizarry
  67. Luke Aaron Tredway
  68. Patty Inez Brightwell Vaughan
  69. Darwin Kenneth Vest
  70. Gregory Alonzo Vice Jr.
  71. Raul Francisco Villarreal
  72. Terry Lee Westerfield
  73. Andrew Carnegie Whitfield
  74. Hurbert Lee Wilson
  75. Jerry Gayle Woodard
  76. Derrick Scott Wright
  77. April Rose Zane

AP/picture dump

Got some new age-progressions and new pictures for you, also middle names:

Make-a-List Monday: State Capitals #9

See the previous lists:

Pierre, South Dakota

  1. Linda Marie Law

Nashville, Tennessee

  1. Nichole R. Burgess
  2. Oscar Alexander Campos
  3. Ricky Lee Franks
  4. Charles Hall III
  5. Donald Lewis Johnson
  6. Mayme H. Johnson
  7. Lakisha Danielle Jones
  8. Roger Kay Liles
  9. Richard Allen Locke Jr.
  10. Janet Gail Levine March
  11. Latisha Yvonne Milliken
  12. Pamela Jean Mitchell
  13. Debra A. Murr
  14. George Owens
  15. Steven Daniel Paul
  16. Veda Lou Powers
  17. Marcus T. Rutledge
  18. Alice Mae Sullivan
  19. Linda Carol Taylor
  20. Tabitha Danielle Tuders
  21. Laresha Deana Walker
  22. Jason Baker Wilson
  23. Lee Pasquelle Woodard
  24. Rodney Darnell Woodard
  25. Jennifer Lynn Wyant

Austin, Texas

  1. Matthew Cameron Barrows
  2. Jennifer Joyce Barton
  3. Michael J. Chouinard
  4. Robert Curtis Coe
  5. Shirley Dean Cowan
  6. David Harold Dilloway
  7. Daniel Fogg
  8. Irene Theresa Garcia
  9. Shawnta Denise Garrett
  10. Julie Ann Gonzalez
  11. John Franklin Gregory
  12. Jason Augustus Hill
  13. Joyanne Houk
  14. Sharon Zelinski McCully
  15. Mary McFadyen
  16. Gracie Nash
  17. Roxanne Elizabeth Paltauf
  18. Paresh Patel
  19. Richard Barnett Rinehart
  20. Debra Kay Stewart
  21. Patti Gail Swinburne
  22. Adan Andrada Velasco
  23. Adrian Demont Washington
  24. Tanisha Lorraine Watkins

Salt Lake City, Utah

  1. Lakhbir Banwait
  2. Acacia Patience Bishop
  3. John Lowain Casper
  4. Curtis Crosby
  5. Dale Duane Brown
  6. Piotr Drabik
  7. Debra Lee Frost
  8. David Mathew Jaramillo
  9. Sandra Haymes Matott
  10. William McBride III
  11. Jeffrey Dale Nichols
  12. Robert Michael Patton
  13. Douglas Perry Plummer
  14. Lloyd Michael Reese
  15. Jason Jack Simmons Jr.
  16. Dennis Smith
  17. Sheree L. Warren
  18. Aletha Jo Williams

Montpelier, Vermont

  1. Audrey Groat