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Make-a-List Monday: Carrying money

April 13, 2015

This list is for people who were or may have been carrying a lot of cash when they were last seen — a minimum of $500, or an unspecified “large amount of cash.” I have decided to include doubtful cases where, say, the husband is a suspect in the wife’s disappearance but he claims she just took a lot of cash and left him. There are a lot of cases like that on this list.

  1. Mark Wayne Adamson
  2. Angela Elaine Allen
  3. Steven G. Alyea
  4. Sandra Bennett
  5. Florence Anne Coker
  6. Joan E. Conetta
  7. Brian David Cook
  8. Jacqueline Cooper
  9. Rosemary Cosgrove
  10. Joseph Force Crater
  11. Michael Austin Davis
  12. Vicky Carolyn de Laurier
  13. Albert A. De Mattos, Lucy T. Pacheco‘s companion (he doesn’t have a casefile of his own, since no pictures of him are available)
  14. Julie A. Earley
  15. Maureen Erin Fields
  16. Ruben Gallegos
  17. Chris Robert Giauque
  18. Curtis Lawrence Goodman
  19. Margaret I. Haddican-McEnroe
  20. Kelley Jean Harris
  21. William Ensley Hipp III
  22. James William Hires
  23. George Erick James
  24. Anna Bertha Kenneway
  25. Gary S. Kergan
  26. Shannon Clair LaBau
  27. Janet Gail Levine March
  28. Timur Mardeyev
  29. Cynthia Jane Marl
  30. Carolyn Sue Martin
  31. Jimmy Maughon
  32. Michael Scott McLaughlin
  33. James Allen McLean
  34. Darryl Keith Miller
  35. Jean Moore
  36. Glinver Keith Osborne
  37. Kinsey Maxfield Otto
  38. Paresh Patel
  39. Tracy Michelle Samuels
  40. Lauren Susann Smith
  41. Marsilene Smith
  42. Nancy Marleine Snow
  43. Salena Marie Tackett
  44. Alexander Haig Tafralian
  45. Woodrow Taylor
  46. Catherine Marie Tornquist
  47. Edyth Ann Warner
  48. Mary Louise Watkins
  49. Kimberly Whitton
  50. Mark Duane Woodard
  51. Lee Roy Young

Churning out more lists in advance

April 7, 2015

I make my Make-a-List Monday lists weeks, sometimes over a month in advance. (I really ought to do the same with my Flashback Friday and Select It Sunday entries; that way I wouldn’t keep missing them if I happened to forget or have been away from the computer those days.) Right now I’ve got four lists made up and am working on a fifth, another “really bad photos” list.

Just because the mood has struck me, I thought I’d explain the benefits of these lists. Although the lists often take quite awhile to put together, any one of these reasons would be enough to continue doing them:

  1. I like making them.
  2. They are popular with blog viewers.
  3. They bring often-obscure MPs up to the surface, if only briefly.
  4. When going through casefiles to make a list out of, I tend to notice things like typos (lord knows I have plenty) and then will fix them. (The other day I saw “wants” written instead of “once.” Ouch.)
  5. I also tend to notice cases that look like they should be purged, and will go and check and see.
  6. I also get inspired to research cases I haven’t updated in ages, to see if there’s any new things to add.
  7. I also occasionally find cases in my files that shouldn’t be there anymore, as in they’ve already been resolved, and I had forgotten to remove them.

Working lately on the “really bad photos” lists, I think that one big service NamUs has done is provide much better photos of quite a few MPs. Loads of times I’ll have a grainy, blurry black and white photocopy-of-a-photocopy-of-a-newspaper picture and then NamUs will put up the casefile with a good quality, color version of the same image.

I’m thinking of doing a list of MPs where, while they were searching for the MP, they found someone else’s body instead. I can think of at least two Charley Project cases that meet with that criteria. I’m not sure how to seek out more though.

Make-a-List Monday: Armenians

April 6, 2015

Armenia is a small nation in the south Caucasus region, basically right in the doorway between Europe and Asia, with a population of three million and change. I don’t know much about it, other than that they are more or less perpetually in a state of war with their neighbor Azerbaijan. I read once that, in proportion to the population, Armenia has more PhDs than any other country in the world. Anyway, there’s enough Armenian-Americans on Charley to make a (short) list of them.

  1. Atinui Kevorkian
  2. Gregory James Kuljian
  3. Irma Mkrtchyan
  4. Martin Pogosian
  5. Alexander Haig Tafralian

[ADDENDUM: When I said I didn’t know much about Armenia, I meant modern Armenia, not the Armenia of a century ago, whose people underwent a dreadful ethnic cleansing at the hands of the Turks. That I do know something about, having read a few memoirs by survivors.]

Make-a-List Monday: “Disabled” or “dependent adult” persons

March 30, 2015

A list of people who are classified as dependent adults or disabled, where the reason for such classification isn’t provided.

  1. Jolee Baker
  2. Robert Anthony Biela
  3. Bethany Lynn Bull
  4. William F. Calvin
  5. Raven Joy Campbell
  6. Michael J. Chouinard
  7. Felicia Dishelle Coleman
  8. Willard Dabney
  9. Lillian Eileen Demaris
  10. Stephen Eding
  11. Charles R. Elmquist
  12. Martin Encinas
  13. Daniel Elijah Esses
  14. John Gilbert Farfan
  15. Rodolfo Alalberto Garcia
  16. Marcus Hernandez Gonzales
  17. Maria Elaine Gutierrez
  18. Cheree Cathleen Hankins
  19. Clinton Heins
  20. William Henderson
  21. Sabrina Yvonne Hill
  22. Theodore Anthony Hoerstman
  23. Karl Hogenson
  24. Selina M. Hoheusle
  25. David Charles Holmes
  26. Edward William Krautkramer
  27. Nick Marich
  28. Mark Allen Merritt
  29. Andrew Phillip McElwaine
  30. Lee Darwood Minner Jr.
  31. Arturo Montes-Araujo
  32. Morris Morehead
  33. James W. Morse
  34. Jorjanna Murray
  35. Fairy Elaine Olmstead
  36. Luis Orosco
  37. Juan Padilla
  38. Amalia Perez
  39. Edward A. Ratynski Jr.
  40. Dennis Paul Samstag
  41. Yung Ning Soo
  42. Dale Webster Strassburger
  43. Beulah Tucker
  44. Lon D. Turner
  45. Sandra S. Vanderhoef
  46. Carl Vikstrom
  47. Richard Benjamin Villacana
  48. Mary Louise Walker
  49. Billy Wellman
  50. Chao Xiong

Make-a-List Monday: Caution advised

March 23, 2015

There are a few MPs where, for whatever reason, “caution is advised” if you encounter them. Unsurprisingly, almost all of these are male.

  1. Dean Duane Bechtold
  2. Charles Dwayne Bell Jr.
  3. Terry Gene Broyles
  4. James Scott Butler
  5. James Preston Davis
  6. James Malcolm Diamond
  7. Ronald Lee Duncan Jr.
  8. Martin Encinas
  9. Katrina Yvette Everett
  10. Leon Robinson Everett
  11. Fabian Humberto Gutierrez
  12. Thomas Randall Hedgecock
  13. Deron Tyriek Hill
  14. Robert H. Houk
  15. Adam Benjamin Lake
  16. Barbara Sue Laster
  17. Gerald Steven Polk
  18. Leuvrias Sirius
  19. Dedrick Bernard Smith
  20. Patrick John Tenorio
  21. Richard Wayne Vollstedt Sr.
  22. Daniel Ted Yuen

Make-a-List Monday: Transients

March 16, 2015

A list of people who were “transient” at the time of their disappearance. Meaning, I believe, homeless or semi-homeless (sofa-surfing, for example).

  1. Bettina Minnie Antone
  2. Wade Michael Aughney
  3. Julia Christine Aul
  4. Garrison Duane Baker
  5. Tori Jean Grace Bess
  6. Christina Carol Burnett-Pitts
  7. Bobbi Ann Campbell
  8. Johnny Harold Campbell
  9. Brandi Natasha Cole
  10. Alexander Lamar Crear
  11. Kayla Mae Croft-Payne
  12. Dean E. Dawson
  13. Rosendo Lopez Delrio
  14. Susan Kay DeLuca
  15. Donald James Denninger
  16. Harlan James Dennis
  17. Philip Verne Deshayes
  18. Patricia Jane Dixon
  19. Roxann Ellison
  20. Jason Jesse Erthal
  21. Nellie Florence Cornman Flickinger
  22. Terry Steven Fox
  23. Shawn Patrick Gallagher
  24. Lou Allen Goettsch
  25. Douglas E. Goodwin
  26. Jaime Ramirez Gutierrez
  27. Dhartri Hadley
  28. Stanley Walker Harris
  29. Carlos Amendos Herriford
  30. George Darrell Herrington
  31. Samantha Ann Howell
  32. Mark Inhoffe
  33. Donald Lee Izzett Jr.
  34. Raymond Alan Johnson
  35. Bobby Wayne Jones
  36. Diane Renee Loewen
  37. Tamala Jean Longway
  38. Brian Kent Martin
  39. Rosemma Mendenhall
  40. Misty Michelle Mock
  41. John J. Moore
  42. Laura Marie Nimbach
  43. Tawnya Fay Parker
  44. Duane Earl Patterson
  45. Louis Edward Payne Jr.
  46. Atticus Louis Pearson
  47. Tiffany Marche Phelps
  48. Raymond Samuel Poland
  49. Kathleen Helen Randall
  50. Tellie Jo Simmons
  51. Dawn Ann Solensky
  52. Shaun David Steward
  53. Edward Brian Tandler
  54. Kyle Frank Tolley
  55. Marvin Leo Walvatne
  56. Timothy Dale White
  57. Cheryl Nevone Williams
  58. Deborah Yvonne Wims

“Few details are available”: or, a wishlist

March 11, 2015

This list is for the bare-bones cases on Charley, where NO details of any kind are available in the “details of disappearance” section, except for the basic information about who, when and where. These cases usually have this template: “[Person] was last seen in [city], [state] on [date of disappearance]. He/she has never been heard from again. Few details are available in her/his case.” Not even an address is available.

  1. Ingrid Angela Anderson
  2. Elizabeth A. Balzer
  3. Tegree Brown
  4. Benjamin Levi Burgess
  5. Manuel Alberto Camacho
  6. Fernando Camacho-Garcia
  7. Marlon Aguilar Carranza
  8. Bradley Caswell
  9. Miriam A. Cavallo
  10. Mabel May Chambers
  11. Aristeo Chavarin
  12. Anna Therese Ciaccio
  13. Raymond Dean Clark
  14. William Michael Clark
  15. Sheila Anita Cooper
  16. Marylinda Cordova
  17. Robert King Costello Jr.
  18. Patricia Crandall
  19. David Cruz
  20. Saul Ayala Curiel
  21. Glizer Dallago
  22. Pamela Sue Dalton
  23. Dale Allen Darrow
  24. Courtney Nicole Davila
  25. Billy Vaughn Davis
  26. Steven Allan Davis
  27. Lillian Eileen Demaris
  28. Bhurwinder Singh Dillon
  29. John Drohan
  30. Michael Norman Dunn
  31. Jack Michael Dupee
  32. Alan Tigong Duque
  33. Regina Lafaye Dye
  34. Jeanne Marie Feder
  35. Donald Ray Fortson
  36. Ann Bernadette Fulton
  37. Loren Gabryelski
  38. Mark Allen Garnett
  39. Samantha Lynn Gonzales
  40. Stephanie Agnew Grant
  41. Gerard Grayson
  42. Ruth Greenwood
  43. Carmora Lynn Grimes
  44. Maria Arlene Gutierrez
  45. Adam A. Hale
  46. Dallas James Hale
  47. Peter Hanson
  48. Donald Eugene Harrigan
  49. Mohamed Abdi Hassan
  50. Huey Edward Hazelrig
  51. Felicia L. Heinen
  52. Howard Douglas Hellums
  53. Deron Tyriek Hill
  54. Tawanda Latisha Hill
  55. David Preston Hinds
  56. DiCarlos A. Hite
  57. Marcoe W. Hollman
  58. David Charles Holmes
  59. Joyanne Houk
  60. Deborah Hubbert
  61. Mark R. Hudson
  62. Lily Hull
  63. Starla Jean Human
  64. Thomas Wayne Hurst
  65. Adam Hutchinson
  66. Nam Sarg Hy
  67. Rachel Lucinda Jones
  68. Winnie Janette Kersey
  69. Andrew P. Keys
  70. Marilyn Sue Koski
  71. Robert Lewis Kuhlman
  72. Richard Charles Kula
  73. Becky Jo Look
  74. John Cameron Lovering
  75. Marian Madys
  76. Katherine Ann Major
  77. Patricia J. Mast
  78. Randy David McBee
  79. Tonya Turner McMillian
  80. Jesus Alay Meza
  81. Frederick Demetrius Montgomery
  82. John Thomas Morford
  83. Brenda Morgan
  84. Deborah Jean Morris
  85. Blake Royse Nex
  86. Ted Palka
  87. Norman Basil Pappas
  88. Larry Anthony Perez
  89. Michael Richard Pickett
  90. Tony Jhon Pineda
  91. George Pintican
  92. Richard Frank Plechner
  93. Ricky Lee Phiilips
  94. Stephanie Praszker
  95. Francesca Price
  96. Judy Ann Proud
  97. Alice Marie Reeves
  98. Javier Rodriguez Valdez
  99. Marie Sagasta
  100. David Britt Sargent
  101. David Eugene Seelke
  102. Taniticia Shelton
  103. Daniel Siordia
  104. Bennie Joe Smith II
  105. Christina R. Smith
  106. Barbara Sparks
  107. Ross Allen Stegeman
  108. Cora Lucindy Stokes
  109. Constance Ann Streif
  110. Gwendolyn Sue Suchy
  111. Miljko Bertain Todorovic
  112. Beatrice Villela
  113. Maureen Webb
  114. Glenna Jane West
  115. Marie Antionette White
  116. Gordon Leroy Wilder
  117. Susan Luxen Williams
  118. Donna Ann Wilson
  119. Sturgis Lee Wittenburg
  120. Ann Wooten
  121. Richard Nathan Worley
  122. Waldemar Wydra
  123. Cassandra Josefina Yanez

Make-a-List Monday: Really really bad photos, A-E

March 9, 2015

This list is of MPs where the only photo or photos I have of them are of such poor quality it’s very hard to tell what they look like. I only put the case on the list if every photo is really bad; if at least one picture is halfway decent it’s not included. (APs don’t count.) It’s a long list anyway. Sigh. So long that I’m splitting it into five parts. Here’s A through E:

  1. Kathryn Adam
  2. Donald Adams
  3. Amparo Aguilar
  4. Gerardo Aguilar
  5. Pedro Aguilar
  6. Vyacheslav Arjkadyevich Akopov
  7. Charles Detweilder Allen
  8. Patrece Lashelle Alston
  9. Calvin Michael Anderson
  10. Lillian Annette Anderson
  11. Mylette Josephine Anderson
  12. Edward P. Andrews
  13. Carol Arcuri
  14. Richard Floyd Atkins
  15. Terrance Paul Beghin  (not anymore, thanks Carl)
  16. Nikole Betterson
  17. Emmanuel Kalief Birts
  18. Louis Boggs
  19. Salvador Bonadona
  20. Margie Shaw Boone
  21. Brenda Borowski
  22. Marianne Bowers
  23. William Darrell Bowman
  24. Sarah W. Boyd
  25. Sandra Breed
  26. Frances B. Brewster
  27. Andrew Lee Brown
  28. Marian Elizabeth Brown
  29. Robert Harley Brown
  30. Gary Lee Brumley
  31. Michael Christopher Bruno
  32. Bertha Michelle Burkholder
  33. Jo Anne Dolly Burmer
  34. David Ernest Burnside
  35. Holly Lynn Davis Calbaugh
  36. Maria Teresa Cantua
  37. Maria Teresa Cantua (Sr.)
  38. Cynthia Louise Carmack
  39. Virginia Carpenter (not anymore, thanks Justin)
  40. Anthony J. Cavet
  41. Eugene Chaitowitcz
  42. Armando Caballero Chavez
  43. David F. Chavez
  44. Walter Andrew Cierley
  45. Atlanta Clark
  46. Durke Clarke
  47. Ronald Joe Cole
  48. Lana T. Coronado
  49. James Elsworth Craven
  50. Donna Lorraine Croce
  51. Bennie Crockett
  52. James Donald Crockett
  53. Cresenciano Cruz
  54. Byron Lee Davis
  55. Paul Davis
  56. Brian Jack Deese
  57. Christopher D. Dickinson
  58. Martha Ann Dicks
  59. Le Tung Dinh
  60. Ruth Purcell Murphree Dorsey
  61. Barry Keith Douglas
  62. Michael Norman Dunn
  63. Judith Ann Ehmeke
  64. Henry Richard Eubank Jr.
  65. Frances Collier Ewalt

Make-a-List Monday: Gas station and convenience store employees

March 2, 2015

MPs who disappeared while working at a gas station or convenience store. I only count the person if they actually disappeared during their shift, not if they disappeared somewhere else and just happened to have a gas station/convenience store job.

  1. Heidi Marie Allen
  2. Nancy Perry Baird
  3. Lynn Burdick
  4. Kelly Bergh Dove
  5. Jessica Lynn Heeringa
  6. Cheryl Ann Kenney
  7. Andy Joe Lepley
  8. Deborah Deann Poe
  9. Madeline Teresa Ponds
  10. Rebecca Kathleen Reid

Make-a-List Monday: Married minors

February 23, 2015

MPs who got married whilst under the age of 18. I probably missed a few. Strange that these are all women.

  1. Audrey Jean Good Backeberg
  2. Marilyn E. Brinson
  3. Carolyn Denise Brown
  4. Amanda Rae Carroll
  5. Mary Margaret Cook
  6. Elizabeth Franks
  7. Francine Frost
  8. Aferdita Gjergjaj
  9. Delores Diane Gonzales
  10. Kimberly Diane Greene Medina
  11. Tinze Lucinda Huels
  12. Wendy Lynn Huggy
  13. Melody Ann Jones
  14. Nahid Ahmed Khatib
  15. Kase Ann Lee
  16. Carol Jeanne Lubahn
  17. Shelly Renee Markley
  18. Ila Veronica Tucker Maynard
  19. Debra Marie Melo
  20. Sophia Felecita Moreno
  21. Susan Renee Riedling
  22. Lucero Sarabia
  23. Rocio Chila Sperry
  24. Mary Rachel Trlica
  25. Diane Marie Webb
  26. Vernette Lorraine Wester
  27. Debra Ann Wilhite


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