Make-a-List Monday: Roadside stuff

This list is for MPs whose belongings — such as identification, purse, cell phone, etc. — turned up alongside the road after they disappeared. (I didn’t count cars though.) I actually did a list of this recently, but just for cell phones; I decided to expand on it.

This seems to me like a pretty good indication of foul play: either the MP was forcibly abducted from the roadside and dropped the items during the struggle, or whoever harmed them tossed the incriminating things out their car window. I mean, no one just voluntarily leaves their wallet or their phone in such a place in an ordinary situation.

The part of Ohio where I’m from used to be pretty much all swamp. They drained the swamps by digging ditches. There are ditches pretty much everywhere, on both sides of the road. They fill with stagnant water sometimes, or the grass in them grows knee-high. If someone threw something out the window, there’s a good chance that it wouldn’t get found for months or years, or maybe never.

  1. Danielle Tamara Brown
  2. Tara Leigh Calico
  3. Christopher Dale Gregory
  4. Jamie Rochelle Grisim
  5. Sierra Mae Lamar
  6. Mary Georgine Lang
  7. Anna Marie Molina
  8. Trung Quang Ngo
  9. Starr Maurie Hill
  10. Lucinda Lynn Schaefer
  11. James Leon Throneberry
  12. Paula Anne Worcester

Make-a-List Monday: Reservations

This list is of MPs who disappeared from Native American reservations. I’m only counting cases where the person was definitely last seen on reservation land; I left out the possibles.

  1. Cynthia Dyann Coleman
  2. Tina Marie Finley
  3. Augustine Lee Floyd
  4. Bryce Florian Herda
  5. Reinhard Kirchner
  6. Elsie Eldora Luscier
  7. Debra Lee McCoy
  8. Carlota Maria Sanchez

Make-a-List Monday: Wedding rings left behind

Here’s a list of MPs who, for whatever reason, left their wedding rings behind when they disappeared.

I should note that foul play is suspected in most of these cases.

  1. Mary Edna Badaracco
  2. Marilyn E. Brinson
  3. Donella Jean Coultas
  4. Rupinder Kaur Goraya
  5. Cole Duane Jackson
  6. Bonita Louise Krummel
  7. Cecilia Elizabeth Newball
  8. Wayne David Powell
  9. Deborah Dee Sykes
  10. Everilda Duran Watson

Make-a-List Monday: Native Americans

People who are listed as “Native American” without qualification: that is, not biracial Native American and something else. Though most Native Americans have some none-Native ancestry and probably that applies to the people on this list too.

  1. Vincent Frank Adamczak
  2. Stephan Mitchell Adams
  3. Albert Scott Agathluk
  4. Mary Anne Alexie
  5. Michial David Annamitta Jr.
  6. Nathan Anungazuk
  7. Eric M. Apatiki
  8. Olin Apatiki
  9. Sharon Baldeagle
  10. Lauria Jaylene Bible
  11. JoJo Boswell
  12. Sheldon L. Boyd
  13. Jacob Cabinaw
  14. Mary Anna Carmelo
  15. Charlie T. Chocknok Sr.
  16. Edith Margaret Claver
  17. Samatha Lynn Clonch
  18. Gene Jacob Cloud Jr.
  19. Ryan Cooper
  20. Teresa Kay Davis
  21. Gabriel Adams Demmert
  22. Harlan James Dennis
  23. Nancy Zoe Dennis
  24. Martin Ebona III
  25. Karen Dean Evan
  26. Stella Anastasia Evon
  27. Darryl Bruce Fawcett
  28. Tina Marie Finley
  29. Augustine Lee Floyd
  30. David Post George
  31. Vincent Gorman
  32. Sara Nicole Graham
  33. Marion Gonangnan
  34. Ronald Joseph Hamilton Jr.
  35. Ronda Sue Harney
  36. Archie Carl Henry Jr.
  37. Bryce Florian Herda
  38. Craig L. Hoskie
  39. Jody Fern Howard
  40. Shantelle Hudson
  41. Lancelot Immergan
  42. Linda Louise Jackson
  43. Kent Jacobs
  44. Amy Marie Johnson
  45. Theresa Johnny
  46. Melody Ann Jones
  47. Leonard Lane
  48. Andrew Jon Lufkins
  49. James Kahlstorf
  50. Jascie Kara Kaywaykla
  51. David Wayne Killitz
  52. Ruthie Fawn Kindness
  53. Donna Kay Kingston
  54. Jeffrey Frederick Ervin Kolden
  55. Brandi Lee Krajewski
  56. Justina Kunayak
  57. Wyatt Cole Little Light
  58. Delwin Locklear
  59. Gary Locklear
  60. Jessica Michelle Lowery
  61. Elsie Eldora Luscier
  62. Marjorie Maldonado
  63. Wilbert Martin
  64. Hector Lorenzo Martinez Jr.
  65. Sharletha Maynor
  66. Teresa Darlene McCullen
  67. Michelle Elaine Meiser
  68. Kateri Marie Mishow
  69. Kimberly Doreen Mullens
  70. Ward Olanna
  71. Beverly Ann Ozuna-Ulrich
  72. Brandon Tyler Phillips
  73. Virginia Sue Pictou-Noyes
  74. Edwin Oliver Pooler
  75. George Wayne Pooler
  76. John Baptiste Reamer
  77. Roderick Lee Red Star
  78. Tiffany Reid
  79. Elaina Eugenia Rivera
  80. Sherie Marie Rowland
  81. Ernest L. Saccheus
  82. Yvonne Renee Scott
  83. Valerie Sifsof
  84. Kelly Diane Sims
  85. Anna L. Spencer
  86. Roland Jack Spencer III
  87. Robert Garrett Stewart Jr.
  88. Pernell Lloyd Tewangoitewa
  89. Kimberly Faye Thrower
  90. Doreen Marie Tiedman
  91. Melody St. Clair Turner
  92. Giovanna Katie Tyler
  93. Sequoya Vargas
  94. Kathleen Marie Wandahsega
  95. Andrea Jerri White
  96. Rebecca Jane White
  97. Michael P. Williams
  98. Levi Brian Yellowmule Jr.

Cellphones on the roadside

I see a lot of cases where the MP’s cellular phone turns up on the roadside. Which makes sense: cell phones can be tracked, so a kidnapper or someone who’s walking away from their life would want to get rid of it. Throwing it out a car window not only takes it off your hands, but possibly breaks it as well, thereby destroying evidence. Anyway, a list of cases with that detail:

  1. Michael Ralph Brougham
  2. Danielle Tamara Brown
  3. Jamie Michelle Fraley
  4. Starr Maurie Hill
  5. Sierra Mae Lamar
  6. Trung Quang Ngo
  7. Renee M. Pernice
  8. Irene Alvarez Porras
  9. Marsilene Smith