Facebook finale

So yesterday I posted a third list of MP cases and their Facebook pages. But it occurred to me later that, as the previous two lists have link rot (being made prior to this year’s re-design of Charley), and as Facebook is such a valuable resource for missing persons awareness, maybe I should make this a more permanent thing.

So ta-da! If you look at the very top of this blog, it’ll say “Home” and “About” and, now, “Facebook Pages“. I’ve made a current list of exactly 600 MP cases from Charley and their respective Facebook pages. (Including open Facebook groups about the case, but excluding closed groups.)

I plan to keep this list current as cases are added and removed. Enjoy!

Even more Facebook

Although this isn’t Monday (and I’ve kind of discontinued my Make-a-List Mondays cause I just don’t want to do them anymore) I thought you guys would appreciate another list of Facebook pages out there created for specific missing persons cases.

These are the ones I know about which weren’t on my previous two lists of this. The first two lists are here and here. This is not meant to be an exhaustive list; it’s just cases on the Charley Project where they have currently existing Facebook pages that I know about. Some people have more than one page for them.

I would also like to state that social media’s a great resource to publicize missing persons cases, and you don’t need to be a relative or anything to make a Facebook page or group for a missing person; you can just be an interested party.

  1. Joseph Mario Abrams (Charley/Facebook)
  2. Brent Marshall Acomb (Charley/Facebook)
  3. Joshua Scott Adams (Charley/Facebook)
  4. Mark Daniel Aguilar (Charley/Facebook)
  5. Katelin Michelle Akens (Charley/Facebook)
  6. Raymond Paul Akins (Charley/Facebook)
  7. Mohammed Abdulmohsen Alghannam (Charley/Facebook)
  8. Bobby Dale Allen (Charley/Facebook)
  9. Debra Ann Allen (Charley/Facebook)
  10. Gabriel James Almiron and Emily Amada Quijano (Charley/Charley/Facebook)
  11. Rebecca Jane Alsup (Charley/Facebook)
  12. Dennis Lee Anderson (Charley/Facebook)
  13. Leo Anicua (Charley/Facebook)
  14. David Phillip Askew (Charley/Facebook)
  15. Lucely Aramburo (Charley/Facebook)
  16. Jonathan Arash Barmaki (Charley/Facebook)
  17. Christina Lynn Bastian (Charley/Facebook)
  18. DonaMae Bourgeois Bayerl (Charley/Facebook)
  19. Keely Christabel Beaudry-Culver (Charley/Facebook)
  20. Ralph Belvedere and William Dewey Bragg III (Charley/Charley/Facebook)
  21. Tarasha Benjamin (Charley/Facebook)
  22. Joshua Charles Berry (Charley/Facebook/Facebook)
  23. Dustin Lynn Bird (Charley/Facebook)
  24. Nancy Susan Bjork (Charley/Facebook)
  25. Marina Pearl Boelter (Charley/Facebook/Facebook)
  26. Christine Lee Boggio (Charley/Facebook)
  27. Shannah Marie Boiteau (Charley/Facebook)
  28. Darace Xavier Bolton (Charley/Facebook)
  29. Aliyah Boomer (Charley/Facebook)
  30. Karen Rae Bosta (Charley/Facebook)
  31. Jayme Malynn Bowen (Charley/Facebook)
  32. Krista Bowman (Charley/Facebook)
  33. Damon Lee Boyd (Charley/Facebook)
  34. David Allen Boyle (Charley/Facebook)
  35. Benjamin W. Brewer (Charley/Facebook)
  36. DeAnna Kay Brooks (Charley/Facebook)
  37. Edwin X. Brown (Charley/Facebook)
  38. Tamborah Brown (Charley/Facebook)
  39. George Stanley Burdynski Jr. (Charley/Facebook)
  40. Kristian Michael Burnstad (Charley/Facebook)
  41. Jacob Cabinaw (Charley/Facebook)
  42. Jennifer Cahill-Shadle (Charley/Facebook)
  43. Michael James Calvert (Charley/Facebook)
  44. Heather Leann Cameron (Charley/Facebook)
  45. Stacy Lynn Carson (Charley/Facebook)
  46. Natasha Alexandra Augusta Carter (Charley/Facebook)
  47. Amber Lynn Caton (Charley/Facebook)
  48. Autumn Starr Cerenil-Lee (Charley/Facebook)
  49. Alejandro Landa Cervantes (Charley/Facebook)
  50. Tyler Joel Christensen (Charley/Facebook)
  51. Cody Robert Christle (Charley/Facebook)
  52. Joanna Antoinette Clark and (Charley/Charley/Facebook)
  53. Chelsea Michelle Cobo (Charley/Facebook)
  54. Christopher George Cochron (Charley/Facebook)
  55. Lawrence Scott Colton (Charley/Facebook)
  56. Donald E. Cook (Charley/Facebook)
  57. David Allen Crabtree (Charley/Facebook)
  58. Michelle Deanne Crawford (Charley/Facebook)
  59. Holly Paige Crider (Charley/Facebook)
  60. Camille Dorothy Dardanes (Charley/Facebook)
  61. Theresa Ann Davidson-Murphy (Charley/Facebook)
  62. Julie Gwenn Davis (Charley/Facebook)
  63. Kyle Richard Dinneen (Charley/Facebook)
  64. Annette Campbell Dodd (Charley/Facebook)
  65. Jennifer Marie Donais (Charley/Facebook)
  66. Patricia Marie Dudek (Charley/Facebook)
  67. Brenda Louise Dunham (Charley/Facebook)
  68. Akia Shawnta Eggleston (Charley/Facebook)
  69. William James Elgen (Charley/Facebook)
  70. Leanne Cleo Eller (Charley/Facebook)
  71. Beatriz Noemi Espinoza (Charley/Facebook)
  72. Lelia Faulkner (Charley/Facebook)
  73. Keith Allan Fetter (Charley/Facebook)
  74. Sylviane Finck-Lozada (Charley/Facebook)
  75. Robin Kristine Ford (Charley/Facebook)
  76. Daniel Joseph Frank Foster (Charley/Facebook)
  77. Kristopher Michael Fowler (Charley/Facebook)
  78. Amanda Lee Fravel (Charley/Facebook)
  79. Natasha Louise Fugate Jones (Charley/Facebook)
  80. Sylvia June Galvan (Charley/Facebook)
  81. Kianna Galvin (Charley/Facebook)
  82. Angel Garcia (Charley/Facebook)
  83. Rebecca Pauline Gary (Charley/Facebook)
  84. Melvin P. George (Charley/Facebook)
  85. Ember Skye Graham (Charley/Facebook)
  86. Jacob Randall Gray (Charley/Facebook/Facebook)
  87. Lisa Marie Green (Charley/Facebook)
  88. Maxine Eve Green (Charley/Facebook)
  89. Janice Marie Hannigan (Charley/Facebook)
  90. La’Ron Harris (Charley/Facebook)
  91. Shaniece Rose Harris (Charley/Facebook)
  92. Robert Gene Harrison (Charley/Facebook)
  93. Stephanie Dianne Hartwell (Charley/Facebook)
  94. Amy Lyn Haueter (Charley/Facebook)
  95. Larry Brian Haynes (Charley/Facebook)
  96. Roger Her (Charley/Facebook)
  97. Emily Lynn Hieber (Charley/Facebook)
  98. Ashley Standish Higgins (Charley/Facebook)
  99. Angelia Spaulding Hilbert (Charley/Facebook)
  100. Darren Bruce Hillis (Charley/Facebook)
  101. Heather Dialian Hodges (Charley/Facebook)
  102. Courtney Esther Danielle Holt and Samantha Jean Hopper (Charley/Charley/Facebook)
  103. Angela Whalen Hudson (Charley/Facebook)
  104. William James Hummelsund (Charley/Facebook)
  105. Erica Nicole Hunt (Charley/Facebook)
  106. Charles Edward Jackson Jr. (Charley/Facebook)
  107. Keeshae Eunique Jacobs (Charley/Facebook)
  108. Julianne Cecilia Jaillet (Charley/Facebook)
  109. Brenda Ann Johnson (Charley/Facebook)
  110. Chloe Johnson and Keir Shante Johnson (Charley/Charley/Facebook)
  111. Ronald Lee Johnson (Charley/Facebook)
  112. Typhenie Kae Johnson (Charley/Facebook)
  113. Donna Mae Jokumsen (Charley/Facebook)
  114. Kerry Grace Jones (Charley/Facebook)
  115. Juliah Karwitha (Charley/Facebook)
  116. Sebastian Henderson Kelley (Charley/Facebook)
  117. Amanda A. King (Charley/Facebook)
  118. Candyce Laverne Knox (Charley/Facebook)
  119. Asha Kreimer (Charley/Facebook)
  120. Patricia Ann Krieger (Charley/Facebook)
  121. DeOrr Jay Kunz Jr. (Charley/Facebook)
  122. Chase Allen Lackey (Charley/Facebook)
  123. Jacquelyn Landry (Charley/Facebook)
  124. Jesse J. Leopold (Charley/Facebook)
  125. Arturo Lepe (Charley/Facebook)
  126. Dewayne Lewis Jr. (Charley/Facebook)
  127. Maria Jesus Llamas (Charley/Facebook)
  128. Larissa Lone Hill (Charley/Facebook)
  129. Ashley Mariah Loring (Charley/Facebook)
  130. Jessica Michelle Lowery (Charley/Facebook)
  131. Jacob Irvine Lyon (Charley/Facebook)
  132. Anna Bronislawa Maciejewska (Charley/Facebook)
  133. Mackenzie Rae Marken (Charley/Facebook)
  134. Allen Christopher Martin (Charley/Facebook)
  135. Donnie Ray Martin III (Charley/Facebook)
  136. Thomas Edward Mascaro (Charley/Facebook)
  137. Jessica Lynne Masker (Charley/Facebook)
  138. Todd Bradley Jay Mathis (Charley/Facebook)
  139. David A. McAllister (Charley/Facebook)
  140. Karena S. McClerkin (Charley/Facebook)
  141. Patty Lisa McDaniel and Peggy Leslie McDaniel (Charley/Charley/Facebook)
  142. Peggy Anne McGuire (Charley/Facebook)
  143. Carol Joan McHugh (Charley/Facebook)
  144. Alyssa Angelique McLemore (Charley/Facebook)
  145. Christopher Joseph McNeill (Charley/Facebook)
  146. Rachel Marie Mellon (Charley/Facebook)
  147. Eric Israel Mercado (Charley/Facebook)
  148. Cole Younger Middleton (Charley/Facebook)
  149. Kenneth Earl Mohler (Charley/Facebook)
  150. Moreira Elena Monsalve (Charley/Facebook)
  151. Elijah Hassan Moore and Enrique Martin Rios (Charley/Charley/Facebook)
  152. Audrey Louise Moran and Jonathan David Reynoso (Charley/Charley/Facebook)
  153. Hoover Jerome Morris (Charley/Facebook)
  154. Crystal Dawn Morrison (Charley/Facebook)
  155. Richard William Moss (Charley/Facebook)
  156. Christine Abdellah Mustafa (Charley/Facebook)
  157. Dustin Kane Nations (Charley/Facebook)
  158. Norvel Robert Nelson III (Charley/Facebook)
  159. Dan Anh Nguyen, Johnson Nguyen, Anesia Sauta and Tony Sysavanh (Charley/Charley/Charley/Charley/Facebook)
  160. Daniel Michael O’Leary (Charley/Facebook)
  161. Billy H. Oliveira (Charley/Facebook)
  162. James Randolph Olsen (Charley/Facebook)
  163. David Jacquez Ortiz Jr. (Charley/Facebook)
  164. Elaine Park (Charley/Facebook)
  165. Rayman Anthony Patram (Charley/Facebook)
  166. Danyel Lynn Pauley (Charley/Facebook)
  167. Nancy Paulikas (Charley/Facebook)
  168. Lance Eugene Perkins (Charley/Facebook)
  169. Dona Marie Perry (Charley/Facebook)
  170. Samuel Richard Pharis (Charley/Facebook)
  171. Jennifer Lee Poole (Charley/Facebook)
  172. Zachary Bashir Porter (Charley/Facebook)
  173. Beverly Rose Potts (Charley/Facebook)
  174. Debra Elizabeth Puente (Charley/Facebook)
  175. Eric Wayne Pyles (Charley/Facebook)
  176. Beau Rasmussen (Charley/Facebook)
  177. Destry Richard Rhinehart (Charley/Facebook)
  178. Chaz Alfred Richardson (Charley/Facebook)
  179. Robert Rietzel (Charley/Facebook)
  180. LaTonya Dionne Roberts (Charley/Facebook)
  181. Jessie Grace Rubio-Montejano (Charley/Facebook)
  182. Michelle June Russ (Charley/Facebook)
  183. Maria Angelica Salas (Charley/Facebook)
  184. Lucero Sarabia (Charley/Facebook)
  185. Kenneth Albert Saunders (Charley/Facebook)
  186. Logan Drew Schiendelman (Charley/Facebook)
  187. Daniel Leon Scott (Charley/Facebook)
  188. Olga Vyacheslav Segal (Charley/Facebook)
  189. Brian Randall Shaffer (Charley/Facebook)
  190. Prentiss Dant’e Simpson (Charley/Facebook)
  191. Troy Irama Sirat (Charley/Facebook)
  192. Bruce Scott Smith (Charley/Facebook)
  193. Phillip Alan Smith (Charley/Facebook)
  194. Victoria Lynn Smith (Charley/Facebook)
  195. Vickie Annette Smock (Charley/Facebook)
  196. Jason Matthew Spraggins (Charley/Facebook)
  197. Ciara Simone Stacho (Charley/Facebook)
  198. Tina May Stadig (Charley/Facebook)
  199. Natoya Stephens (Charley/Facebook)
  200. Sarah L. Stern (Charley/Facebook)
  201. Tyler Andrew Stice (Charley/Facebook)
  202. Michael Alan Sutherland (Charley/Facebook)
  203. Krista Marie Sypher (Charley/Facebook)
  204. Derrick James Tenorio (Charley/Facebook)
  205. Robert Austin Tharp (Charley/Facebook)
  206. Duane Ryan Thomas (Charley/Facebook/Facebook)
  207. Kristy A. Thomas (Charley/Facebook)
  208. Marla Jean Thomas (Charley/Facebook)
  209. Rose Timperley (Charley/Facebook)
  210. Charles Lee Toliver (Charley/Facebook)
  211. Danielle Tolliver (Charley/Facebook)
  212. Teresa Lynn Towne-Woolard (Charley/Facebook)
  213. William Campbell Underhill (Charley/Facebook)
  214. Seth Allen Uptain (Charley/Facebook)
  215. Alejandro Vasquez (Charley/Facebook)
  216. Brianna Jayde Vibert (Charley/Facebook)
  217. Christopher William Vigil (Charley/Facebook)
  218. Edward William Viola (Charley/Facebook)
  219. Delecia Annette Waddy (Charley/Facebook)
  220. John Clinton Walker (Charley/Facebook)
  221. Wesley A. Wamsganz (Charley/Facebook)
  222. Joseph Weber IV (Charley/Facebook)
  223. Tyler Alan Welling (Charley/Facebook)
  224. Charles Phillip Wheat (Charley/Facebook)
  225. Holly Alcott White (Charley/Facebook)
  226. John Thomas White (Charley/Facebook)
  227. Brandon Steve Williams (Charley/Facebook)
  228. Kenneth Dewayne Williams (Charley/Facebook)
  229. Christopher James Winkler (Charley/Facebook)
  230. Michael Anthony Womack (Charley/Facebook)
  231. Gregory Young (Charley/Facebook)
  232. Joseph Leo Zak (Charley/Facebook)
  233. Carie Melissa Zapletal (Charley/Facebook)

Not on Namus, Part V

  1. Michelle Evette Albert
  2. Maria Dolores Alcorn
  3. Roger A. Anderson
  4. Japhia Baker
  5. Michael Henley Ballard
  6. Faizah Amatullah Bashir
  7. Nicholas Ryan Beck
  8. Dustin Lynn Bird
  9. Kimberly Diane Blanton
  10. Kristin Blass
  11. Monte Howard Bolton
  12. Sandy Loyd Bond
  13. Bryan Michael Brawner
  14. Stephen Phillip Brumley Jr.
  15. Ollie Letrell Cader
  16. David Allen Carver
  17. Jay Cee
  18. Ronald Chapman
  19. Tiffany Chavez
  20. Di H. Chi
  21. Antionette Renee Childress
  22. Charles Don Claunch
  23. Jeraldine Clemon
  24. Kathy Lynn Cook
  25. Lonnie McArthur Davis Jr.
  26. Daren Dixon
  27. Mary Douglas
  28. Lisa Marie Duran
  29. Jesse Allen Galloway
  30. Steve Garcia
  31. Sylvia Maria Gaxiola
  32. Christopher Landon Glass
  33. Kasandra Gonzalez
  34. Herschel Frederick Gray
  35. Herasmo Guillen
  36. Fletcher Gull
  37. Kathleen Ann Haney
  38. Treyozie Charles Hardman
  39. Sydil E. Harris
  40. Douglas Bruce Hayes
  41. Jose Benjamin Hernandez
  42. Tomas Herrera
  43. Steven Lee Hixson
  44. Christopher Hooks
  45. Luke Horde
  46. Kenneth Hudson
  47. William James Hummelsund
  48. Beth M. Johnson
  49. Joseph Phillenger Jones
  50. Kevin Michael Kelly
  51. Joe David Key
  52. Mei Ying Lau
  53. Keira Patrice Lawrence
  54. Anthony Tyrone Lee
  55. Areniz Del Carmen Lopez
  56. Julian Zesati Lopez
  57. Charles Jay Makey Jr.
  58. Ramiro Martinez
  59. Ramiro Ortiz Martinez
  60. John Matsui
  61. Keisha Nicole Smith Mays
  62. Michael Joseph McKay
  63. Rowdy James McMillian
  64. Leslie Gale Mears
  65. Billie Junior Meyer
  66. John Edward Morgan
  67. Rebecca Sue Morris
  68. Sheila Ann Morton
  69. Louis Carl Muller
  70. Diana Marie Murrell
  71. James Dennis Odell
  72. Daniel Michael O’Leary
  73. Yoseli Ortiz
  74. Ariana Yvette Osorio
  75. Marlene Palabichiny
  76. Alyssa Parker
  77. Kassaundra Denise Williams Patterson
  78. Moesha Pierce
  79. Tracie Dawn Phair
  80. Laura Pinon
  81. Gerald Lee Pollard Jr.
  82. Xochilt Ann Prado
  83. Lois Lee Robinson
  84. Steven David Rockstad
  85. Toni Rae Sanders
  86. Nathan David Schlatter
  87. Terri Lea Schlatter
  88. Robert Lee Sellers
  89. Colleen Jean Sharp
  90. Michael Douglas Shaver
  91. James Neil Shepard Jr.
  92. Laurel Leigh Silver-Valker
  93. Linda Mae Singh
  94. Marcus Smile
  95. Sailey Bannah Smith
  96. Veronica Hahn Smith
  97. Kevin Jay Stamp
  98. Jennifer Sterling
  99. Gilbert Ray Stewart
  100. Kelly Ann Stigar
  101. Robert Austin Tharp
  102. Wilfredo Torres
  103. Gilberto Milan Valdez
  104. Delecia Annette Waddy
  105. Sarah Elizabeth Watson
  106. Tyler Alan Welling
  107. Tiffany Susan Westford
  108. Jameson Willis-Carroll
  109. Dale Dion Wilson
  110. Linda Wu

Make-a-List Monday: Fighting with a Significant Other

A lot of people, when they disappear, their spouse or girlfriend or boyfriend claims the MP  got into some kind of argument with them, and one of the parties involved stormed away angrily, and the MP was never seen or heard from again.

I’m not saying it never really happens like that. I’m sure it does. But not always.

So I’m doing a list of people who disappeared after an argument with their significant other. I’m only doing fights with spouses, boyfriends, girlfriends and exes, not fights with other people. I am counting cases where the “left after an argument” story was later proven to be a lie. I am not counting cases where the MP was seen alive by a third party AFTER the alleged argument.

It’s quite a long list. And take note of the gender disparity.

  1. Brent Marshall Acomb
  2. Ganignunt Aiemsakul
  3. Debra Ann Allen
  4. Elizabeth Mary Allen
  5. Angela Renae Ambrocio
  6. Lucely Aramburo
  7. Marilyn Anne Arnhold
  8. Julia Christine Aul
  9. Maria Guadalupe Barrientos
  10. DonaMae Bourgeois Bayerl
  11. Janice Kay Baze
  12. Shaquita Yolanda Bell
  13. Christine Blackburn-Wiles
  14. Lori Ceci Bova
  15. Erica Monique Bradley
  16. Eric Lawrence Brown
  17. Robert Fulton Browning
  18. Jarrett Lee Burton
  19. Bianca Zannette Carrasco
  20. Cynthia Laura Castellano
  21. Josephine Carroll Chatraw
  22. Florence Anne Coker
  23. Donella Jean Coultas
  24. Lisa Ann Crouse
  25. Athena Joy Curry
  26. Joseph Paul D’Aquisto Sr.
  27. Michele Rene Dickerman
  28. Charlotte Denese Doles
  29. Kathleen Durst
  30. Julie A. Earley
  31. Jon A. Feider
  32. Maureen Erin Fields
  33. Rita H. Fioretti
  34. Eugene Francis Fish
  35. Shannon Lynn Fischer
  36. Teresa Lyn Fittin
  37. Megan Renee Foglesong
  38. Nikki Lyn Forrest
  39. Windy Gail Fox
  40. Elizabeth Lea Franks
  41. Angela Marie Fullmer
  42. Inez Garcia
  43. Claudine Jaquier Gifford
  44. Zeta D. Gordon
  45. Cheryl Lynn Hall
  46. Teresa Faye Hammon
  47. Gerard J. Hanrahan
  48. Richard William Hardie
  49. Michael Curtis Hawley Jr.
  50. Lesley Anne Herring
  51. Tammy Ann Hill
  52. Joshua Davaughn Hollie
  53. Donna Lee Ingersoll
  54. Taalibah Fatin Bint Islam
  55. Julianne Cecilia Jaillet
  56. Typhenie Kae Johnson
  57. DeCorrius Brandon Jones
  58. Kerry Jones
  59. Pamela Gay Jones
  60. Anna Bertha Kenneway
  61. Jenett King
  62. Pamela Fay Kuich
  63. Mary T. Kushto
  64. Jamie Jean Laiaddee
  65. Cassandra Ann Lalonde
  66. Mary Denise Lands
  67. Edas Joseph Lauzon
  68. Ann Lombard
  69. Sylvia Alice Lwowski
  70. Dorothy Leishman Wood Madden
  71. Janet Gail Levine March
  72. Maria De Jesus Martinez
  73. Michael Dale McLaughlin
  74. Stephen Victor Meeks
  75. Debra Marie Melo
  76. Robert Allen Meredith
  77. Liliana Stella Moreno
  78. Kimberly Doreen Mullens
  79. Liza Murphy
  80. Christi Jo Nichols
  81. Georgia Darlene Nolan
  82. Kim-Marie O’Connell
  83. Patricia Lee Otto
  84. Roberta Musquiz Pagan
  85. Maria De Lourdes Pahl
  86. Roxanne Elizabeth Paltauf
  87. Patrick James Pfeiffer
  88. Anjanette Piotrowski
  89. Lea Chali Porter
  90. James Lee Proctor
  91. Abraham Jonathan Ramirez
  92. Dorothy Jean Richardson
  93. Susan Renee Riedling
  94. Lonene Ray Rogers
  95. Maryanne Jane Ruffini
  96. Judith Ann Ruggirello
  97. Catherine A. Runte
  98. Saunders Cloie Rymer
  99. Shannon J. Salisbury
  100. Kejuan L. Sarter
  101. Kelsie Jean Schelling
  102. Ernest John Schmidt
  103. Christina Levonne Schutz
  104. Ruth Marie Severance
  105. Barbara Jane Shumac
  106. Tina Marie Sinclair
  107. Catherine Lynne Sjoberg
  108. Angela Pitz Smith
  109. Davinia Ann Sterling
  110. Tynesha DeVonna Stewart
  111. Deborah Alice Sucher
  112. Louie Robert Taylor
  113. Tyler Marie Thomas
  114. Darlene Marie Trujillo
  115. Juliet Theresa Turner
  116. Patty Inez Brightwell Vaughan
  117. Tracie Denise Vicent
  118. Dawn Marie Viens
  119. Lisa Marie Wallace
  120. Jimmy Dale Whitfield
  121. Michael D. Wilk
  122. Jeremy Todd Wilson
  123. Edward Louis Winans
  124. Jennifer Kay Wix
  125. Nancy Wroblewski
  126. Londa Lynn Young
  127. Mildred Patricia Zentner

Picture dump

Yeah, so I’ve added a bunch of photos to casefiles. They all come from the same source. I’m happy to get a few pictures, especially of the women, where the MP is not looking their best.

  1. Mark D. Aguilar
  2. Maria Dolores Alcorn
  3. Woodrow Judge Allen
  4. Antionette Renee Childress
  5. Mercy Johnson Covington
  6. Antonio Dontavious Edouard
  7. Tammy Cherie Ellis
  8. Brandy Rene English
  9. Patricia Ann Smith Ford
  10. Marsha Colette Harvey
  11. Ryan Lawrence Higgins
  12. Joshua Davaughn Hollie
  13. Heather Ann MacCrossen
  14. Saron Yvette Marshall
  15. Tima Laroo McAvoy
  16. Leslie Rachael McCoy
  17. Stephen Daryl McKee
  18. Kamrie Cherai Mitchell
  19. Oscar Ochoa
  20. Brook Lynn Peck
  21. Kyla Gabrielle Porter
  22. Danny Wayne Ratton
  23. Kenneth John Ritchie
  24. Laurel Lea Rogers
  25. Clinton Carlos Seymore
  26. Prentiss Dant’e Simpson
  27. Jose Eliaz Solier
  28. William Ronnie Staggs
  29. Sammie Olin Stanley
  30. Thaddeus John Szczypta
  31. Teresa Lee Tindale
  32. Carlos M. Trotz
  33. Amber Marie Whitmer

I’m planning to add more, but this website keeps cutting me off for using it too much. Shrug.

Make-a-List Monday: People with diabetes

Quite a long list. Both Type I and Type II are included. It’s worth noting that diabetes can make a person really loopy and even cause amnesia if their blood sugar goes haywire.

  1. David Jonathan Allen
  2. James Edward Amabile
  3. Latrice Shay Armstead
  4. Larry Richard Baker Sr.
  5. Jon Clair Barrett
  6. Janice L. Beck
  7. Terrance Paul Beghin
  8. Gerald Leroy Bingham
  9. Billie Bob Black
  10. Brian Richard Bleyl
  11. Lori Ann Boffman
  12. Maria Senorina Bolanos-Rivera
  13. Kevin Ray Boney
  14. Mary Elenor Wolf Brenion
  15. Brent Dewayne Brooks
  16. Michael Ralph Brougham
  17. Gary Lee Brumley
  18. William Kelly Buntain
  19. Shirley Elizabeth Butler
  20. Paul Ward Cain
  21. Chip Michael Campbell
  22. Willie Charles Carswell
  23. Richard Lee Clark
  24. George James Contos
  25. Joseph Paul Cordova
  26. William Scott Currier
  27. William Andre Davcev
  28. Arthur P. Deering
  29. Donald Richard Delaney
  30. Marie Chantal Delly
  31. Ruby Estelle Dorman
  32. Lloyd Edward Downey
  33. Devonne Dubose
  34. Robert F. Duerr
  35. Julie A. Earley
  36. Nicholas Jonathan Echols
  37. Jonathan Wayne Edmond Jr.
  38. Demetrius Jermain Elder
  39. Elsie M. Elsinga
  40. Thomas Kern Fleming
  41. Mark Duane Folz
  42. Earnest Edward Francis
  43. Herman Matthew Gamble
  44. Randal Paul Gary
  45. Richard Gary Jr.
  46. Stella Vera Gies
  47. Valerie Glenn
  48. Jose Gonzalez
  49. Yu Chin Chang Goodson
  50. Rupinder Kaur Goraya
  51. Howard V. Gratteau
  52. Adela Guzman-Mendoza
  53. Johnathan Lee Hamilton
  54. Scott Douglas Hamilton
  55. Charles Floyd Hanlon
  56. Ralph Edward Healey
  57. Thomas J. Hearn
  58. Mary Alice Helm
  59. Una Mae Herd
  60. Samuel Lee Hernandez
  61. Wendy Hiehle
  62. Charles Franklin Huff
  63. Rochelle Maria Ihm
  64. Tiahease Tiawanna Jackson
  65. James Jamison
  66. Sherline Johnson
  67. Tammy Lee Jovaag
  68. Ali Kamhaz
  69. Deward R. Killion
  70. Hee Chol Kim
  71. Marcella Krulce
  72. Earl Kuhl
  73. Heather Nicole Kullorn
  74. Emmett Earl Kyzer
  75. James Charles Layne
  76. Sandra Lee Lemire
  77. Nancy Lewis
  78. Richard Mark Linse
  79. Robert Charles Livers Jr.
  80. Joe Max Long
  81. Robert J. Long
  82. Amparo Lopez
  83. Thomas Edward Manizak
  84. Godofredo R. Masangya
  85. Beverly Lofton Meadows
  86. Francisco Solano Mendez
  87. Marta Alicia Michel
  88. Kimberly Bumbalough Mimmovich
  89. Robert Gordofredo Mino
  90. Lark Loraine Montague
  91. John Edward Morgan
  92. Rolf Neslund
  93. Tammy Lorraine Niver
  94. James Randolph Olsen
  95. Nydia Oyuki Ortiz
  96. Glinver Keith Osborne
  97. Gabriel Ovando
  98. Richard Gary Parker
  99. Cherryl Lamont Pearson
  100. Janel Irene Peters
  101. Robert Mark Peters
  102. Diane Christine Pierce
  103. Harry Eugene Plyler
  104. Shirley Gertrude Pullen
  105. Verna Marie Richardson
  106. Isaac Joseph Riley
  107. Juan Rivera
  108. David Paul Ruggiero
  109. Barbara Kettell Rushton
  110. Michelle Lee Rust
  111. Scott Anthony Sartain
  112. David Wayne Schroeder
  113. August Richard Schwabenland
  114. Xavier Sepulveda
  115. Marsilene Smith
  116. Tammyetta Michelle Spaulding
  117. Dennison Clark Stookesberry
  118. James Joseph Thompson
  119. Shirley Ann Carpenter Trapp
  120. Larry Franklin Trent
  121. Cordell Eugene Piere Turnage
  122. Joseph D. Vanderhouwen
  123. Luis M. Vargas
  124. Kara Enid Vaughn
  125. Antonio Vega
  126. Robert Lee Vendrick
  127. Leonard Coleman Williams III
  128. Katherine Sybil Worsky
  129. Mickey Wright Sr.
  130. Barbara Zakon