Make-a-List Monday: School

A list of MPs who were on their way either to or from school when they disappeared. I’m only including cases where the kids were going to/from regular classes, not if they were there for like a sporting event, a dance or some other non-academic activity. I also counted cases where, in spite of the official story, there’s a good chance the MP was NOT, in fact, going to/from school. I don’t count cases where the MP had arrived at school and disappeared from the school grounds during the day, and I don’t count post-secondary education.

  1. Tammy Lyn Belanger
  2. Kristina Renae Bishop
  3. Michael Duane Burnett
  4. Sara Anne Bushland
  5. Tonetta Yvette Carlisle
  6. Samatha Lynn Clonch
  7. James Robert Cooper
  8. Thwana Mithsell Darrough
  9. Tracy Lynn Davenport
  10. Jessica Delgadillo
  11. Nelida De Jesus Del Valle
  12. Tiffany Madia Dixon
  13. Christie Lynn Farni
  14. Anthony Bernard Franko
  15. Amanda Dawn Gallion
  16. Annie Marie Garcia
  17. Gabriela Leticia Gonzalez
  18. Christine Green
  19. Andrew Jackson Greer Jr
  20. Darren Bruce Hillis
  21. Kimberley Kay Kersey
  22. Sarah Elizabeth Kinslow
  23. Reginald Lamar Kirtdoll
  24. Heather Janelle Lewis
  25. Debora Sue Lowe
  26. Alexandria Joy Lowitzer
  27. Faloma Luhk
  28. Maleina Quitugua Luhk
  29. Cherrie Ann Mahan
  30. Jennifer Sophia Marteliz
  31. Michael Omas Masaoay
  32. Michael Mayfield
  33. Pamela Mayfield
  34. Deborah A. McCall
  35. Tammie Ann McCormick
  36. Yamaira Vivian Montes-Gonzalez
  37. Juanita Jean Nelson
  38. Lorena Palacios
  39. Laurie Lynn Partridge
  40. Etan Kalil Patz
  41. Pamela Ann Pedro
  42. Cesilia Pena
  43. Eric Wayne Pyles
  44. Zachary Xerxes Ramsay
  45. Erinn Rogers
  46. Tammy Sue Rothganger
  47. Annette Deanne Sagers
  48. Mayra Erisuria Sandoval
  49. Uma Davi Sewpersaud
  50. Kathleen Ann Shea
  51. Kelly Juanita Staples
  52. Victor John Theel
  53. Rima Danette Traxler
  54. Tabitha Danielle Tuders
  55. Adele Marie Wells

Make-a-List Monday: Facebook

Lots of missing people have Facebook pages set up for them now. It’s very convenient for me, because I can often find loads of information — mostly pictures — on the Facebook pages. So I thought I’d do a list of Charley cases that have Facebook pages. There are probably more than I’m unaware of.

  1. Fawn Marlene Abell and Rozlin Rochelle Abell (Facebook/Charley and Charley)
  2. Christopher Enoch Abeyta (Facebook/Charley)
  3. Kathryn Louise Adam (Facebook/Charley)
  4. Patricia Ann Adkins (Facebook/Charley)
  5. Genevieve Kathryn Alexander (Facebook/Charley)
  6. Mary Anne Alexie (Facebook/Charley)
  7. Heidi Marie Allen (Facebook/Charley)
  8. Sharon Rose Apgar (Facebook/Charley)
  9. Trudy Leann Appleby (Facebook/Charley)
  10. Kelly Jon Armstrong (Facebook/Charley)
  11. Debra Jean Asbury (Facebook/Charley)
  12. Janee Nicole Ashley (Facebook/Charley)
  13. Larry Richard Baker Sr. (Facebook/Charley)
  14. Colton Ross Barrera (Facebook/Charley)
  15. Stevie Danielle Bates (Facebook/Charley)
  16. Lindsey Jo Baum (Facebook/Charley)
  17. Patrick Jason Beavers (Facebook/Charley)
  18. Jeremy Bechtel and Erin Foster (Facebook/Charley and Charley)
  19. David Ezell Blockett (Facebook/Charley)
  20. Mark Lawrence Bosworth (Facebook/Charley)
  21. Aundria Michelle Bowman (Facebook/Charley)
  22. Diamond Yvette Bradley and Tionda Z. Bradley (Facebook/Charley and Charley)
  23. Zackery Lee Brewer (Facebook/Charley)
  24. Johnny Lamar Brown (Facebook/Charley)
  25. Nichole R. Burgess (Facebook/Charley)
  26. Mark Travis Burkett Jr. (Facebook/Charley)
  27. Ian Hunter Burnet (Facebook/Charley)
  28. Joseph Michael Bushling (Facebook/Charley)
  29. Teresa Lynn Butler (Facebook/Charley)
  30. Roberta Rene Cable (Facebook/Charley)
  31. Richard Keith Call and Cassandra Lee Hailey (Facebook/Charley and Charley)
  32. Dawn Joy Carlson (Facebook/Charley)
  33. Ashley Marie Carroll (Facebook/Charley)
  34. Rex Casper (Facebook/Charley)
  35. Isabel Mercedes Celis (Facebook/Charley)
  36. Mindi Chambers (Facebook/Charley)
  37. Shawna Chavez (Facebook/Charley)
  38. Danica Diane Childs (Facebook/Charley)
  39. Kristopher David Clarke (Facebook/Charley)
  40. Samatha Lynn Clonch (Facebook/Charley)
  41. Brian David Cook (Facebook/Charley)
  42. Thomas Randall Cook (Facebook/Charley)
  43. Jeremy Ray Coots (Facebook/Charley)
  44. Misty Donna Copsey (Facebook/Charley)
  45. Joseph Paul Cordova (Facebook/Charley)
  46. Kayla Mae Croft-Payne (Facebook/Charley)
  47. Amber Nicole Crum (Facebook/Charley)
  48. Athena Joy Curry (Facebook/Charley)
  49. Rachel Lucille Cyriacks (Facebook/Charley)
  50. Marie Chantal Dally (Facebook/Charley)
  51. Christopher Gage Daniel and Chloie Rhianna Leverette (Facebook/Charley and Charley)
  52. Teresa Melissa Dean (Facebook/Charley)
  53. Alicia Digna (Facebook/Charley)
  54. Robert F. Duerr (Facebook/Charley)
  55. Diane Genice Dye (Facebook/Charley)
  56. Keith Lee Ebrecht (Facebook/Charley)
  57. Madeline Kelly Edman (Facebook/Charley)
  58. Ashley Marie Eiffert (Facebook/Charley)
  59. Averie Grace Evans (Facebook/Charley)
  60. Amy Lee Fandel and Scott Curtis Fandel (Facebook/Charley and Charley)
  61. Keiosha Marie Felix (Facebook/Charley)
  62. Ruben David Felix (Facebook/Charley)
  63. Shane Michael Fell (Facebook/Charley)
  64. Diego Alejandro Flores and Tammy Alexandra Flores (Facebook/Charley and Charley)
  65. Veranda Anita Flores (Facebook/Charley)
  66. Barbara Sue Frame (Facebook/Charley)
  67. Sheila Franks (Facebook and Facebook/Charley)
  68. Frank D. Frazier (Facebook/Charley)
  69. Evelyn Ann Frisco (Facebook/Charley)
  70. Paul Joseph Fronczak (Facebook/Charley)
  71. Zaylee Grace Fryar (Facebook/Charley)
  72. Irma Yolanda Gamez (Facebook/Charley)
  73. Adrianna Hope Garcia (Facebook/Charley)
  74. Rose Marie Gayhart (Facebook/Charley)
  75. Omar Jabree Gibson (Facebook/Charley)
  76. Samantha Lynn Gonzales (Facebook/Charley)
  77. Lael Marie Grant (Facebook/Charley)
  78. Peter Burns Greene (Facebook/Charley)
  79. Tageana Elizabeth Griffith (Facebook/Charley)
  80. Brian Grocki (Facebook/Charley)
  81. William Gu (Facebook/Charley)
  82. William Dale Gunn (Facebook/Charley)
  83. Brandy Lynn Hall (Facebook/Charley)
  84. Christian Glen Hall (Facebook/Charley)
  85. Cleashindra Denise Hall (Facebook/Charley)
  86. Joan Leigh Hall (Facebook and Facebook/Charley)
  87. Chang Ho Han (Facebook/Charley)
  88. Jael Tiara Hamblen (Facebook/Charley)
  89. Diana Lynn Harris (Facebook/Charley)
  90. Sabrina Lee Hatheway (Facebook/Charley)
  91. Colt Rydell Haynes (Facebook/Charley)
  92. Richard Lee Haynes Jr. (Facebook/Charley)
  93. Charles Arlin Leon Henderson (Facebook/Charley)
  94. Heather Lynn Higgins (Facebook/Charley)
  95. Richard Eugene Dale Hitchcock (Facebook/Charley)
  96. Pamela Sue Hobley and Patricia Ann Spencer (Facebook/Charley and Charley)
  97. Kelly Junior Hollan (Facebook/Charley)
  98. Brian Neil Hooks (Facebook/Charley)
  99. Zoe Camille Hope (Facebook/Charley)
  100. Kyron Richard Horman (Facebook/Charley)
  101. Sandra Jean House (Facebook/Charley)
  102. Crishtian Michael Hughes (Facebook/Charley)
  103. Kaylah Neveah Hunter and Kristian Dejuan Justice (Facebook/Charley and Charley)
  104. Lisa Renee Irwin (Facebook/Charley)
  105. Elaine Johnson (Facebook/Charley)
  106. Gabriel Scott Johnson (Facebook/Charley)
  107. Bianca Lily Jones (Facebook/Charley)
  108. Pamela Gay Jones (Facebook/Charley)
  109. Alivia Christine Kail (Facebook/Charley)
  110. Jascie Kara Kaywaykla (Facebook/Charley)
  111. Matthew Ellis Keith (Facebook/Charley)
  112. Tricia J. Kellett (Facebook/Charley)
  113. Adam Christopher Kellner (Facebook/Charley)
  114. Kimberley Kay Kersey (Facebook/Charley)
  115. Sarah Elizabeth Kinslow (Facebook/Charley)
  116. Scott Allen Kleeschulte (Facebook/Charley)
  117. Peter Sean Kosky (Facebook/Charley)
  118. Monique Joyce Krewedl (Facebook/Charley)
  119. Jason Lewis Kyles (Facebook/Charley)
  120. Shannon Clair LaBau (Facebook/Charley)
  121. Cassandra Ann Lalonde (Facebook/Charley)
  122. Patricia Ann Lalonde (Facebook/Charley)
  123. Sierra Mae Lamar (Facebook/Charley)
  124. Erik Swan Lamberg (Facebook/Charley)
  125. Bryce David Laspisa (Facebook/Charley)
  126. Connie Frances Leonard (Facebook/Charley)
  127. Tammy Lynn Leppert (Facebook and Facebook/Charley)
  128. Heather Janelle Lewis (Facebook/Charley)
  129. Myra Lewis (Facebook/Charley)
  130. O’Dina Jeanette Lucero (Facebook/Charley)
  131. John Ray Ludolph V (Facebook/Charley)
  132. Derek Joseph Lueking (Facebook/Charley)
  133. Aliayah Paige Lunsford (Facebook/Charley)
  134. Tammy Mahoney (Facebook/Charley)
  135. Gabriel Leonardo Makielski-Rivera and Isabel Marie Makielski-Rivera (Facebook/Charley and Charley)
  136. Timur Mardeyev (Facebook/Charley)
  137. Alicia Bernice Markovich (Facebook/Charley)
  138. Sherry Lynn Marler (Facebook/Charley)
  139. Morgan Keyanna Martin (Facebook/Charley)
  140. Vernon Cody Matthews (Facebook and Facebook/Charley)
  141. Neo Babson Maximus (Facebook/Charley)
  142. Lisa Marie McCumisky (Facebook/Charley)
  143. Melissa Diane McGuinn (Facebook/Charley)
  144. Zaden Alexander McKnight (Facebook/Charley)
  145. Hope Danielle Meek (Facebook/Charley)
  146. Deanna Michelle Merryfield (Facebook/Charley)
  147. Sky Elijah Metalwala (Facebook and Facebook/Charley)
  148. Marta Alicia Michel (Facebook/Charley)
  149. Dannette Latonia Millbrooks and Jeannette Latressa Millbrooks (Facebook/Charley and Charley)
  150. Mark Allen Miller (Facebook/Charley)
  151. Irma Mkrtchyan (Facebook/Charley)
  152. Tammie Michelle Mooney (Facebook/Charley)
  153. Ashley Morris Mullis (Facebook/Charley)
  154. Thomas Charles Murray Jr. (Facebook/Charley)
  155. David Virgil Neily (Facebook/Charley)
  156. Trung Quang Ngo (Facebook/Charley)
  157. Kara Nancy Nichols (Facebook/Charley)
  158. Georgia Darlene Nolan (Facebook/Charley)
  159. Leigh Marine Occhi (Facebook/Charley)
  160. Brian Keith Orolin (Facebook and Facebook/Charley)
  161. Crystal Lynn Ortega and Misty Dawn Ortega (Facebook/Charley and Charley)
  162. Beverly Ann Ozuna-Ulrich (Facebook/Charley)
  163. Carey Mae Parker (Facebook/Charley)
  164. Erica Lynn Parsons (Facebook and Facebook/Charley)
  165. Laurie Lynn Partridge (Facebook/Charley)
  166. William Fred Patient (Facebook/Charley)
  167. Emily Wynell Paul (Facebook/Charley)
  168. Tyler Christopher Payne (Facebook/Charley)
  169. Glenn Warren Pennie (Facebook/Charley)
  170. Brett Burton Perry (Facebook/Charley)
  171. Roxanne Elizabeth Paltauf (Facebook/Charley)
  172. Katherine Shelbie-Elizabeth Phillips (Facebook/Charley)
  173. Lisa Ann Pierce (Facebook/Charley)
  174. April Beth Pitzer (Facebook/Charley)
  175. Janice Kathryn Pockett (Facebook/Charley)
  176. Lea Chali Porter (Facebook/Charley)
  177. Wayne David Powell (Facebook/Charley)
  178. Rachel Geraldine Pratt (Facebook/Charley)
  179. Peggy Rahn and Wendy Brown Stevenson (Facebook/Charley and Charley)
  180. Jason D. Reil (Facebook/Charley)
  181. Thomas Michael Rettew (Facebook/Charley)
  182. Jamir Bashir Richardson (Facebook/Charley)
  183. Lori Jane Eblin Reaves Richardson (Facebook/Charley)
  184. Simone Stephanie Ridinger (Facebook/Charley)
  185. LaQuanta Nachelle Riley (Facebook/Charley)
  186. Cindy L. Rivera (Facebook/Charley)
  187. Kenneth Douglas Roberts Sr. (Facebook/Charley)
  188. Brittany Shante Robinson (Facebook/Charley)
  189. Qua’mere Sincere Rogers (Facebook/Charley)
  190. Jesse Warren Ross (Facebook/Charley)
  191. Relisha Tenau Rudd (Facebook/Charley)
  192. Isaac John Savoie and Rebecca May Savoie (Facebook/Charley and Charley)
  193. Jonathan Schaff (Facebook/Charley)
  194. Karissa Alline Schell (Facebook/Charley)
  195. Kelsie Jean Schelling (Facebook/Charley)
  196. Trukita Jaquita Scott (Facebook/Charley)
  197. Damien Mark Sharp (Facebook/Charley)
  198. Evelyn Audrey Shelton (Facebook/Charley)
  199. D’Wan Christian Sims (Facebook/Charley)
  200. Kelly Diane Sims (Facebook/Charley)
  201. Alexander William Skelton, Andrew Ryan Skelton and Tanner Lucas Skelton (Facebook/Charley, Charley and Charley)
  202. Patricia Marie Small (Facebook/Charley)
  203. Dashad Laquinn Smith (Facebook/Charley)
  204. William Paul Smolinski (Facebook/Charley)
  205. Daniel William Southers (Facebook/Charley)
  206. Luke David Stout (Facebook/Charley)
  207. Edward Ashton Stubbs (Facebook/Charley)
  208. Kylan Patrick Stubler (Facebook/Charley)
  209. Thomas Stephen Stump (Facebook/Charley)
  210. Elizabeth Michelle Sullivan (Facebook/Charley)
  211. Mary Jean Sylvestre (Facebook/Charley)
  212. Heather Danyelle Teague (Facebook/Charley)
  213. Terry Lynn Tersak (Facebook/Charley)
  214. Edna Christine Thorne (Facebook/Charley)
  215. Bethany Marie Tiner (Facebook/Charley)
  216. Helen Theresa Valentine (Facebook/Charley)
  217. Cindy D. Valle (Facebook/Charley)
  218. Elyssa Marie Vasquez (Facebook/Charley)
  219. Charles Jason Vosseler and William Martin Vosseler (Facebook/Charley and Charley)
  220. David Wayne Waggoner (Facebook/Charley)
  221. Lisa Marie Wallace (Facebook/Charley)
  222. Terkessa Wallace (Facebook/Charley)
  223. Nicole Yvonne Waller (Facebook/Charley)
  224. Christine Lindsey Walters (Facebook/Charley)
  225. Rebecca Ann Ware (Facebook/Charley)
  226. David Clayton Warner (Facebook/Charley)
  227. Adrian Demont Washington (Facebook/Charley)
  228. Joseph Weber IV (Facebook/Charley)
  229. Tamala Niecole Wells (Facebook/Charley)
  230. Marc Charles Welzant (Facebook/Charley)
  231. Caleta Sade White (Facebook/Charley)
  232. Lisa Joy White (Facebook/Charley)
  233. Tiffany Michelle Whitton (Facebook/Charley)
  234. Heide Dawn Wilbur (Facebook/Charley)
  235. Becky Jane Williams (Facebook/Charley)
  236. Tracy Lynn Winslow (Facebook/Charley)
  237. Brittney Nicole Wood (Facebook/Charley)
  238. Paula Anne Worcester (Facebook/Charley)
  239. Fred Wright (Facebook/Charley)
  240. Shelby Raistlin Wright (Facebook/Charley)
  241. Hannah Marie Zaccaglini (Facebook/Charley)
  242. Danielle Marie Zacot (Facebook/Charley)

I wonder what’s going on with this one

Jason Sims‘s disappearance (I listed the official date of January 2015, but it’s likely he went missing sometime earlier) is baffling and it sounds like another Adam Herrman-type case, alas. Yet I haven’t been able to find any articles or the like dated after March, two months after his disappearance was discovered. What little information I do have is pretty mysterious.

Presumably law enforcement hasn’t stopped investigating this case. I hope they’re just playing with their cards close to their chest and a few months or years from now a slew of indictments will pop up out of the blue.

Jason, it would seem, was missing for a long time before he disappeared, if that makes sense. I wonder if anyone in the world cared about him.

Okay, this is really creepy

Per ABC Chicago (for some reason), they’ve have discovered the bones of a child hidden in some outdoor planter boxes in San Francisco. There’s some speculation that the bones are from Kevin Collins, a San Francisco child whose disappearance is legendary, but so far the authorities have released exactly nothing by way of information. No cause of death, no gender or approximate age, etc.

Whoever this is, I hope the cops are able to identify him/her quickly and put some family’s agony to rest.

Given my morbid mindset and the work I do, I often speculate what would be the best way to hide a body. I’d never considered planter boxes before. That idea does have some merit I admit, though you’ve to wait until the remains were skeletal and no longer smelly.

Make-a-List Monday: Cars found on bridges

This list is of MPs whose vehicles were found on a bridge after their disappearances. In many of those cases I tend to believe the MP jumped off.

  1. Geoffrey David Apke
  2. Zachary A. Aylsworth
  3. Eric Dickson Cansler
  4. Toni Danieele Clark
  5. Donald J. Davis
  6. Thomas Redd Evans
  7. Phillip Anthony Ferris
  8. Angela Lee Freeman
  9. Gregory Dean Gothard
  10. Edward J. Hegert
  11. Michael Davis Jeffreys
  12. William Jeffers Lank
  13. Isabella Mia Pastrana
  14. David Douglas Potts II
  15. Mark Wade Potts
  16. Hilary Harmon Stagg Jr.
  17. Sandra Stricklin
  18. Jaisle Elizabeth Thomas
  19. Donna Lee Urban
  20. Carlos Benjamin Urruela
  21. Aaron John Watkins
  22. Antwon Bernito Williams

Washington DC votes to close Relisha Rudd’s shelter

I just found out that the Washington D.C. city council has voted to close the D.C. General Hospital homeless shelter Relisha Rudd lived in when she disappeared. About fracking time.

In her casefile I describe the shelter in this way: it was “filthy, chaotic, crime-ridden, infested with vermin and had no playground.” Oh, and it had a creepy janitor named Kahlil Tatum who really liked little girls.

Certainly there are those who are more responsible for Relisha Rudd’s disappearance than others, but what happened to her seems to have been so much a result of the problems with society at large. I swear they invented whole new cracks in the system for Relisha to fall through.

I would like to say I think the closing of that Dickensian shelter might prevent more Relisha cases from happening in the future, but I don’t have that kind of optimism.