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I’m still here

February 27, 2015

Sorry, guys. I know I’m slacking and letting you down. For what it’s worth it would seem I’m letting everyone else down, too. I don’t know what is wrong with me this week, this month, this year.

There’s good news in the missing persons world, as told to me by a blog commenter: Zephany Nurse, an infant who was snatched from the hospital in Cape Town, South Africa shortly after birth, has been found alive and well and living only a few miles from home. She and her biological sister even attended the same school and apparently bore a striking resemblance to each other. The woman who abducted Zephany has been charged with kidnapping and fraud, and Zephany has been reunited with her parents.

It must be a very difficult time for the girl. She’s 17, old enough to know what this is about, and she’s got to be very upset by it all. I hope she gets lots of therapy.

APs added today

February 17, 2015

A list of a few age-progression updates I did today:

  1. Melissa Lynn Eck
  2. John Francis Lango
  3. Jay Calvin Pringle
  4. Aron Holmes Silverman
  5. Kelly Juanita Staples

MP of the week: Katheryne Lugo

February 10, 2015

This week’s featured missing person is Katheryne Mary Lugo, a beautiful little curly-haired four-year-old girl who vanished in 1994. Katheryne’s mother, Frances Moya, was pregnant at the time, and planned to break up with the unborn baby’s father, Misbah Kazi. She came home from work one day and Kazi told her he’d taken Katheryne and wouldn’t return her unless Frances gave him custody of their unborn child. Kazi was subsequently charged with kidnapping, but got acquitted for some reason. He’s in prison now for trying to kill another woman. He’s never revealed what happened to Katheryne.

If she is alive, Katheryne would be 26 years old next month.

Finally some activity in the Shauna/Zaylee Fryar case

February 3, 2015

I wrote about missing baby Zaylee Fryar last summer. She vanished without a trace in 2011, along with her mother, Shauna Fryar. Shauna was found dead in a river several days later, but there was no sign of Zaylee. Well, after nearly four years the police have finally disclosed some information about the mother’s death: namely, that it was a homicide and they think she was killed in Millersville, Tennessee (the town she and Zaylee lived in and vanished from) and then taken to Nashville, Tennessee and dumped there. They haven’t disclosed the cause of death or much other information.

The local authorities are blaming the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation for losing some records. The TBI claims they gave the records to the local LE. Shrug. There are two suspects in the case, neither of whom have been publicly named. Zaylee’s father is presumably not one of them as he was in jail when Shauna was killed so .

Shauna’s death left one child missing and six others without a mother. I can only hope that Zaylee is still alive. She turned four years old on the 14th of last month.


Make-a-List Monday: Presumed homicidal drownings

February 2, 2015

Last week I did a list of MPs who were presumed to have accidentally drowned. This week’s list is also of MPs who drowned, but in these cases it was murder.

  1. Acacia Patience Bishop
  2. Gebar J. Byrd Jr.
  3. Curtis Eugene Chillingworth
  4. Marjorie Croude McKinley Chillingworth
  5. Jamaree Clarence Coleman
  6. Lynette Dawn Culver
  7. Jackie Ellen Hawks
  8. Thomas Charles Hawks
  9. James P. Higham III
  10. Michael Anthony Hughes
  11. Hevin Dakota James Lee Jenkins
  12. Robin Ann Kerry
  13. Isabella M. Pastrana
  14. Jessie Kay Peters
  15. Kyeimah A. Spann
  16. Patricia Ann Wood

Make-a-List Monday: Presumed accidental drownings

January 26, 2015

This is a list of people who are presumed to have been victims of an accidental (that is, non-homicidal, non-suicidal) drowning.

  1. Breiton Scott Ackerman
  2. William Mark Adair
  3. Jason Scott Adkins
  4. Timothy Allen Adkins
  5. Robert Scott Agathluk
  6. Edward Ryan Makua Hanai Aikau
  7. Joel Allen Amundson
  8. William Anderson
  9. John C. Anstess
  10. Joel Anthony Ariza
  11. Jefferson Brian Arms
  12. Andrew James Armstrong Jr.
  13. Daniel Jay Arroyo
  14. Earl Atkinson
  15. Shawn Farzad Attaie
  16. Mark Lindsey Bachelder
  17. Bobby Linwood Barbers
  18. Eric Joseph Barbree
  19. Thomas Basgier
  20. Lillie Ioni Beden
  21. Brooke Leonard Bennett
  22. Anthony R. Biernes
  23. Jason Edward Bjaranson
  24. Michael Black
  25. Avery Bryant Blakeley
  26. William Ward Bleakley
  27. John F. Bolden
  28. Shari Renae Booth
  29. Samuel Wheaton Bower
  30. Laurence Kailanii Brannum
  31. Carl Brennick
  32. Gary Shawn Bryant
  33. John Arthur Butler
  34. Nicholas Howard Buttle
  35. Theodore Gerard Cabugos II
  36. Robert Bernard Canuelle
  37. Antreas Chester Cantrell
  38. Alfred Guy Cardell
  39. Percy Ray Carson
  40. Michael Charles Causley
  41. Rogelio Realme Cerda
  42. Kawika David Benjamin Chetron
  43. Austin Jay Childs
  44. Jin F. Chin
  45. Daniel Lee Cho
  46. John S. Claypool
  47. Christopher Michael Colyer
  48. Jack Leon Cooper
  49. Victor Marquis Cooper
  50. Michael Timothy Costello
  51. James Donald Crockett
  52. Walter E. Culp Jr.
  53. Nicole B. Cuomo
  54. Dennis Allen Cyncor-McMillan
  55. Mitchell Leslie Darlington
  56. Lynn Sherwood Deibert
  57. Lorree Lee Dennis
  58. Raul Marrero Diaz
  59. Christopher D. Dickinson
  60. Charles L. Dillon
  61. Germano Dilorenzo
  62. Rowan Grey Makana Fehring Dingwall
  63. Long Manh Duong
  64. Benjamin Alan Eder
  65. Neil Alan Eddleman
  66. Neil Wayne Eddleman
  67. Michael David Ewing
  68. Stanley Roscoe Fadden
  69. William Farrer
  70. Joshua Price Feebeck
  71. David Dalton Field
  72. Daria Finn
  73. Alexandra Marie Flores
  74. William Henry Forshee Jr.
  75. William Henry Forshee Sr.
  76. Ian Dennis Foster
  77. Joseph Osell Frazier
  78. Bernhard Fricke
  79. Austin Dominique Fuda
  80. Matthew Kirby Gale Jr.
  81. Edward Joseph Garlinghouse Jr.
  82. Juan Gravado
  83. Katie Michelle Gray
  84. Hannah Griffith
  85. Joseph Michael Gutierrez
  86. Muna Mahamud Haji
  87. Jared Hamrick
  88. Caleigh Anne Harrison
  89. Jason Roy Henderson
  90. Remigio Herrera Hernandez
  91. Nathan Richard Hiatt
  92. Silvestre Reyes Hidalgo
  93. William Harry Hollingsworth
  94. Vladimir Horak
  95. Craig L. Hoskie
  96. Patrick Lynn Hume
  97. Keith D. Humenik
  98. Eugene Harold Hyatt
  99. Jeffrey Stewart Christian Immel
  100. Pavel Ivanov
  101. Kyle David Jansen
  102. Michael Davis Jeffreys
  103. Bobby Jones
  104. Tommy Joe Jones
  105. James Joseph Kane III
  106. David Scott Keller
  107. Alonzo Lee Kent IV
  108. Richard Antoine Keppi
  109. Sofia Khan
  110. Myung Ki Kim
  111. Prateep Korsapati
  112. Gregory James Kulijan
  113. Kumiko Kurimoto
  114. Ka Ming Kwan
  115. Heath Jens Laetari
  116. Aaron Guy Lamson
  117. Troy Le
  118. Joong Pyo Lee Sr.
  119. Ivy Marie Leinen
  120. Frank C. Leone
  121. Romina J. Leone
  122. David Eugene Lewis
  123. Anthony Hyatt Lobdel
  124. Christopher John MacQuarrie
  125. Robert Jason MacRae
  126. David William Madott
  127. Courtney Marcher
  128. Noel Annette Marcotte
  129. Barbara Martin
  130. Barbara Jean Martin
  131. Kenneth R. Martin
  132. Joseph Marusak
  133. Alexander Robert Masters
  134. George F. Mateo
  135. Ashley Nicole Martin Mauldin
  136. Benjamin W. McDaniel
  137. Robert Donald McKinney
  138. Eugene T. McCommon
  139. James Willard McNeely
  140. Richard Kirk Meyers
  141. Elisa Ann Micallef
  142. Greg Mickey
  143. Daniel Gregory Miller
  144. Robert Charlton Miller
  145. Judd Miller
  146. Brandon Mouton
  147. Kent Lionel Munro
  148. Robert Nakashima Sr.
  149. Frank Charles Neill
  150. Bach Van Nguyen
  151. Benson Van Nguyen
  152. Timothy Wendell Noonan Jr.
  153. Mark Julian Oldbury Jr.
  154. Ronald Michael Osborne
  155. Franklin Jay Osgood Jr.
  156. Christopher James Panchyshyn
  157. Kirk Passmore
  158. Michael Pearcy
  159. David Raul Pennisi
  160. John Anthony Perez
  161. Jose Perez-Miranda
  162. Charles Jacob Persho
  163. Duy Quang Phan
  164. Richard Andrew Rader II
  165. Robert Richard Remmer
  166. James Anthony Reynolds
  167. Rachel Ann Rhodes
  168. Thomas Andrew Richmond
  169. Todd Ripplinger
  170. Carla Roberson
  171. Modesto Robles Jr.
  172. Beth Ellen Rogers
  173. Carl Wayne Rotstein
  174. Charles Rutherford Jr.
  175. Luke Adam Sanburg
  176. Efren Ramirez Sandoval
  177. Angel Manuel Santiago
  178. James Wayne Sellars
  179. Sinho Steve Seo
  180. Roderick A. Shade
  181. Omar Kahlil Shearer
  182. Randy R. Sitter
  183. Tatyana Smirnov
  184. Corey Domanic Smith
  185. Darren Christopher Smith
  186. Austin Sparks
  187. Jewel Mahavia Strong
  188. Mary Jean Sylvestre
  189. Dominic Daniel Thomas
  190. Jeremy Michael Thomas
  191. Gary Lee Thompson
  192. Joel G. Thompson Jr.
  193. Wilburn Leeroy Thompson
  194. Hieu Tan Truc
  195. Anthony Juan Turner
  196. Kami Luella Vollendroff
  197. Arthur James Warren Jr.
  198. Erik Whaley
  199. Mark Andrew Wilborne
  200. Charles D. Wilson
  201. Scott Allen Wright
  202. Michael Zapletal
  203. John Edward Zimmerman II
  204. Mitchell David Zimny

Flashback Friday: David Blockett

January 23, 2015

This week’s Flashback Friday case is David Ezell Blockett, who was only two weeks old when he was abducted by a “social worker” from his Newport News, Virginia home on December 11, 1980. His older brother was also taken but was found abandoned, unharmed, later that day in a town ten miles away. The boy was just old enough to sort of remember what happened, but his recollections haven’t been of much use and there’s been no sign of David or his abductor since 1980.

Two of David’s nephews were abducted by a stranger, a mentally ill woman, thirty years later. The boys turned up alive and the abductor was sent to a mental institution. The one incident has nothing to do with the other but I did note it in David’s file just cause it’s a weird coincidence.

David’s mother died young but his brother is still alive and, I’m sure, would like to be reunited with his lost sibling. The case has never been closed and there’s no reason to suppose David is dead. Somewhere out there, there’s probably a 34-year-old man who doesn’t know who he is, and perhaps doesn’t even know that he doesn’t know.

Barry Whitton charged with murder

January 21, 2015

For the uninitiated, Barry Whitton is or was the husband of Kimberly Whitton and stepfather of Kimberly’s daughter Haleigh Culwell. The pair have been missing since 2007 and Barry’s considered a possible suspect in their cases, though it’s worth noting that Kim never complained about any mistreatment.

Well, Barry’s been charged with murder: not of Haleigh and Kimberly, but of his first wife, Michelle Whitton. He married Kimberly only about a year after Michelle’s death. Barry is already in prison doing ten years on weapons charges. I know Alabama has the death penalty, but I don’t know whether a murder conviction in Michelle’s case would be a DP-eligible offense.

I wonder if the authorities could use these murder charges as a bargaining chip to make Barry tell where Kimberly and Haleigh are. Probably not.

In my opinion this case never got the kind of attention it should have gotten. Perhaps if Haleigh and Kimberly lived in a more populated, more affluent area, rather than rural Alabama, more news outlets would have covered it. All I could find were regional publications, nothing national. And this for a mother and her child who dropped off the face of the earth.

Select It Sunday: Jenna Ray Robbins

January 18, 2015

Selected by Mion and Sabrina: Jenna Ray Robbins, abducted from her front yard in Killeen, Texas on May 14, 1989. It’s a rather sad case, in that it seems like a classic stranger abduction yet there was never any news about it. I have very little information on the case, only a rather thin description of the abductor and the make and model of his vehicle. Poignantly, she was taken on Mother’s Day.

If Jenna is still alive she would now be 35 years old. I don’t know if there were ever any suspects in her case. The most recent mention I can find of her in the press is from 2008.

Flashback Friday: Shannon Ketron

January 2, 2015

This week’s Flashback Friday case is Shannon Patrick Ketron, a baby who is one of the very few children not featured on either the NCMEC or NamUs databases. He disappeared under very strange circumstances outside Cordell, Oklahoma on June 17, 1982, when he was seven months old. His mother stated he was abducted by an unknown man who knocked her unconscious.

There’s a report that Shannon was kidnapped on July 17, not June 17, but I know that’s not true because I found news reports about his abduction dated in June. There are also reports that he was as old as two years, but everything I found indicates he was an infant, and certainly he appears to be in his picture. Why the basic details of this disappearance are so mixed up I do not know.

If Shannon is still alive, he’d be 33 years old today.


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