Lots of people got found these last few days

I’ve got five cases to resolve next update. (Not sure if that update will be today. I know it’s been almost a week but I’ve got a lot of stuff to do today. If not today, then tomorrow.)

The body of John Henry Dubose, a 38-year-old missing from South Carolina since 2000, was found inside his submerged vehicle in Lake Russell. They’re still investigating but my guess is it was an accident.

The body of Michael Damian Rust, who was reported missing from Saguache, Colorado in 2009 (I updated his case earlier this month), was found in January. The remains weren’t identified until now. Authorities haven’t released any info about how the body was found or what the cause of death was, but the circumstances of his disappearance strongly indicate he was murdered.

Susan Glaser, who disappeared from Wisconsin in 1995, has been identified. Her body was found in Portage County, Wisconsin in May 1998. Glaser’s boyfriend, who made “suspicious statements” about her case, committed suicide several months after she went missing.

Meanwhile the NCMEC reports that Marifer and Stephanie Garcia, sisters who were abducted by their non-custodial mother from Michigan in 2005, have been found safe. Stephanie was two years old at the time of her abduction and Marifer was one day past her first birthday. They would now be 13 and 12 respectively.

Make-a-List Monday: Polka dots

MPs wearing polka-dotted clothes. Not exactly my favorite fabric pattern. Mind you, if anyone asked me what my favorite fabric pattern was, I would probably just sit there and stare blankly at them. But I know “polka dots” is not the answer.

  1. Beverly Ann Bealer
  2. Brenda Lee Borowski
  3. Cleashindra Denise Hall
  4. Kreneice Marie Jones
  5. Katherine Shelbie-Elizabeth Phillips
  6. Darlene Polizzi
  7. Ayla Bell Reynolds
  8. Phyllis Rome
  9. Debra Lee Spickler
  10. Paige Summer Moore
  11. Pamela Dawn Tinsley

Murder charge in Jahi Turner disappearance

They have FINALLY charged Tieray Jones in the 2002 disappearance of his stepson, Jahi Turner. I’m pretty surprised they didn’t do it sooner. I know the police were pushing for a murder charge even less than a year after Jahi went missing.

Jahi was a beautiful little boy. I hope he finally gets justice.

New pics and updated APs

Cases with updated age-progressions:

  1. Melissa Alaniz
  2. Alexander Matthew Erb-Sanchez
  3. Maria Isaia Flores Rubio
  4. Margaret Ellen Fox
  5. Megan Ginevicz

Cases with added pictures:

  1. Uvaldo Moises Anaya
  2. Colleen Kay Barrett
  3. Lynnea Rose Cross
  4. Teresa Lyn Fittin
  5. Natanalie Marie Perez
  6. Gary Edward Pino
  7. James Brian Rowe
  8. Joel Matthew Thompson

Select It Sunday: Timothy Davison

Chosen by Orla, way back in November 2013, this week’s case is Timothy Jacob Davison, who missed being a Flashback Friday case by a hair. FF cases are on or before October 5, 1985 — my birthdate — and Timothy disappeared ten days later. He was four years old and living with an aunt in the town of Decatur in central Illinois. Timothy’s aunt went with him to a shopping center that day. He was asleep, so she left him alone in the car while she shopped. She says she was only gone for half an hour, but when she came out he was gone, presumably abducted.

If Timothy is still alive, he may not remember much, if anything, of his previous life. He was a slow learner and reportedly didn’t know his own last name in 1985. His aunt/guardian apparently came under suspicion, or at least I assume she did because the cops dug up her yard, but they found nothing and I don’t know if she is still a suspect.

I did my usual Google search for more info on this case and found this Google News article from October 16, 1985. It has a few shreds of additional information which I’ll add to his casefile, though I’m not even sure they’re worthy of a notice on the updates page.

An aside: Timothy is from one of those remarkably unlucky “lottery families” I talk about sometimes where more than one member of the family is missing. Another aunt, his mother’s sister Cindy Smith, disappeared in 1987 from Florida. No indication that the cases are related; Cindy’s boyfriend is the prime suspect in her case.

More pictures and updated APs

Lists of recent cases with added pics and updated age-progressions:


  1. Yasmin Rayon Acree
  2. Patrick Kennedy Alford Jr.
  3. Karla Daniela Barrera
  4. William Walter Brooks Jr.
  5. Nicholas Vincent Smith
  6. Aaron Cody Stepp
  7. Cynthia Lynn Sumpter
  8. Asante Anton Willoughby


  1. Kellisue M. Ackernecht
  2. Bruce Allan Caputo
  3. Sausha Latine Henson
  4. Tracy Marie Evans Hill
  5. Margaret Kay Holst
  6. Sherry Regina Hudson
  7. Sierra Sahara Thomas

Select It Sunday: Anthonette Cayedito

This week’s Select It Sunday case, chosen by Sabrina, is Anthonette Cayedito. Now, for some reason, as I type this the Charley Project doesn’t seem to be working right now, but hopefully it will be back up again shortly.

Anthonette is of Native American and Italian descent. She was last seen at her home in Gallup, New Mexico in the wee hours of April 6, 1986. She was nine years old. A man who claimed to be her uncle — but wasn’t — dragged her into a vehicle and drove away.

There is some evidence that Anthonette survived for a time after her abduction, and I suppose she could still be alive even now, but the police don’t seem to think so.

The case seems very strange to me. Why did a nine-year-old girl answer the front door at three o’clock in the morning? Why did an adult not do it?