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Yay, George Barksdale has an AP

April 17, 2015

Per the NCMEC: George Barksdale finally has an age-progression, to 48 years (although right now he would be fifty). Now if only they could get a better quality photo of him. I was able to enhance the picture somewhat for his Charley Project casefile but it still leaves a lot to be desired. It looks like it got scanned from a newspaper.

The 46th anniversary of George’s disappearance is on April 21, four days from now.

Flashback Friday: Royce Henson

April 10, 2015

This week’s Flashback Friday case is Royce Henson, a year-and-a-half-old baby who disappeared together with his mother, Kathleen, from Tulsa, Oklahoma on March 23, 1979. It’s a strange case: it’s like the two got abducted by aliens or something, just vanished into thin air. Kathleen left behind an older son.

Royce shares my birthday. If still alive, he’d be 37 years old today. I suppose he could still be alive and have no idea he was kidnapped as a child. Kathleen would now be 66.

Okay, finished writing up Relisha Rudd

April 7, 2015

I had dreaded doing Relisha Rudd‘s case because I knew it would take a long time to do and it would be very depressing. It did take a long time to do — around four hours, all told — and it was one of the saddest stories I’ve had to write in a very long time. Not her disappearance but her entire life. I praise the Washington Post for their excellent series of articles on her disappearance and the circumstances around it; they were the main source for my writeup.

Of course the Charley Project database is meant to be written in a journalistic style without passing judgement one way or another, but I hope the reader will be able to feel the outrage that I felt, reading what that poor girl went through.

Now I’ve got to find a few other cases to write up so I can reach my minimum number of five cases for the day’s update. I think I’ll pick easy ones. “Few details are available.”

God, I’m tired.

[ADDENDUM: I give up. Today’s updates will number only three.]

Tania Murrell’s brother has died

March 29, 2015

Per this article: Tania Marie Murrell‘s brother, John, has passed away. The 37-year-old, it says, “had battled drug addictions through most of his adult life.” He was living in a halfway house when he took an overdose of methadone and was taken to the hospital. He convinced a friend to sneak him out so he could make it back to the halfway house by curfew time. They found him dead in his bed the next morning.

Obviously it’s very sad. Drug and alcohol addiction is caused by a lot of complex factors, both genetic and environmental,  but I’m sure the disappearance of his sister when he was a child was a great trauma. It may not have caused his later problems but it certainly didn’t help. He was the one who was supposed to have walked home from school with Tania that day. She went the other way instead, and never came back.

I happened to speak once to a psychologist who, I think as part of his PhD, studied one particular family who had lost a boy when he was a child — literally lost, the boy was kidnapped and is listed on Charley. (I’m not going to identify the psychologist or the boy because I don’t want to upset anyone or get anyone in trouble. I’m not sure it was appropriate for the person to have confided this knowledge to me.) Anyway, the psychologist told me the boy came from a very large family and, in spite of having had a good upbringing with loving working-class parents, the kids were all pretty troubled and several of them became addicted to drugs and alcohol later in life.

John and Tania’s sister has her brother’s ashes and hopes to scatter them at Niagara Falls. If only she knew where Tania was.

Flashback Friday: Pamela Mayfield

March 27, 2015

This week’s Flashback Friday is Pamela Mayfield, a five-year-old girl who disappeared with her six-year-old brother, Michael. They were last seen on January 10, 1985 walking to Betsy Ross Elementary School in Houston, Texas; they were kindergarten students there. Both kids look adorable in their pictures; Pamela in particular looks like a doll. Unfortunately I don’t know much about their disappearances and the police haven’t said much, other than that they think it was a relative or family acquaintance who took them.

Michael and Pamela would both be in their thirties today.

Select It Sunday: Cheryl Scherer

March 15, 2015

Suggested by Laura: Cheryl Ann Scherer, a red-haired teenager who was last seen working alone at a Scott City, Missouri gas station on April 17, 1979. (Okay, Laura actually suggested I add Cheryl to this list, but I couldn’t find any Select It Sunday suggestions for this week, so…)  She disappeared, along with $480 in cash from the register.

Cheryl may have been a victim of the deadly serial killer duo Ottis Toole and Henry Lee Lucas. They were in the area at the time and Lucas says he kidnapped and killed a girl, but authorities were never able to prove Cheryl was that girl and Lucas had a long and storied history of making up “confessions” to crimes he didn’t commit. Both men are dead now so I doubt the truth will ever be known.

An interesting website

March 13, 2015

Someone emailed me the link to a very thorough website about the missing sisters Brandi Summers and Tiffani Wise. I’ve only just had time to glance around, but there appears to be an abundance of info here. I’ll have to update their cases with the information I presume I’m going to get off of this.

I’m still here

February 27, 2015

Sorry, guys. I know I’m slacking and letting you down. For what it’s worth it would seem I’m letting everyone else down, too. I don’t know what is wrong with me this week, this month, this year.

There’s good news in the missing persons world, as told to me by a blog commenter: Zephany Nurse, an infant who was snatched from the hospital in Cape Town, South Africa shortly after birth, has been found alive and well and living only a few miles from home. She and her biological sister even attended the same school and apparently bore a striking resemblance to each other. The woman who abducted Zephany has been charged with kidnapping and fraud, and Zephany has been reunited with her parents.

It must be a very difficult time for the girl. She’s 17, old enough to know what this is about, and she’s got to be very upset by it all. I hope she gets lots of therapy.

APs added today

February 17, 2015

A list of a few age-progression updates I did today:

  1. Melissa Lynn Eck
  2. John Francis Lango
  3. Jay Calvin Pringle
  4. Aron Holmes Silverman
  5. Kelly Juanita Staples

MP of the week: Katheryne Lugo

February 10, 2015

This week’s featured missing person is Katheryne Mary Lugo, a beautiful little curly-haired four-year-old girl who vanished in 1994. Katheryne’s mother, Frances Moya, was pregnant at the time, and planned to break up with the unborn baby’s father, Misbah Kazi. She came home from work one day and Kazi told her he’d taken Katheryne and wouldn’t return her unless Frances gave him custody of their unborn child. Kazi was subsequently charged with kidnapping, but got acquitted for some reason. He’s in prison now for trying to kill another woman. He’s never revealed what happened to Katheryne.

If she is alive, Katheryne would be 26 years old next month.


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