Dag nabbit, it’s guesswork again

Writing up a case and she’s got tattoos. Her NamUs page mentions several, including “Right shoulder: Tiger Lilly”. Which gives me pause.

Because several species of lily are sometimes called “tiger lily” (note the spelling difference). There’s also a character in the Peter Pan book and Disney animated movie called Tiger Lily (again, spelled differently), and this MP has a Mickey Mouse tattoo, and that’s also a Disney character.

I believe this MP’s tattoo is neither of those and “Right shoulder: Tiger Lilly” means the WORDS “Tiger Lilly”, probably someone’s name. But that’s only an educated guess and I wish people would be more clear.

[EDIT:] Orrrr perhaps not. See this photo of her.



I have stumbled across a new collection of MP cases, put together by the National Park Service. This list is by no means exhaustive, I’m sure, but it’s a start, and I see several names I don’t recognize, as well as nuggets of information I didn’t have for cases already on Charley.

For example, it turns out that Trenny Lynn Gibson‘s real name is Teresa. Who knew? Even the NCMEC lists her as Trenny.

Anyway: woo! I hope they keep it current.

Not on Namus, Part IV

As per before, an * at the end of a name means their case is in NamUs but without a photo attached.

Also, I added a new photo of Rochelle Denise Battle just now.

  1. Majestees Aaron
  2. Henry Peter Ackerman
  3. Walter Thomas Ackerson Jr.
  4. Lilia Edith Anguiano
  5. Christopher J. Benedetto
  6. Robin Nadine Benedict
  7. Frank Lee Black Jr.
  8. Christine Blackburn-Wiles
  9. Bruce Blackwood
  10. Edna Laverne Blodgett
  11. Andrea Nicole Boyette
  12. Jake Branam
  13. Kelly Branam
  14. Kedrian Lenard Briggs
  15. Corey Lynn Brooks
  16. Amanda Victoria Brown
  17. Nicole Lynn Bryner
  18. Scott Murray Campbell
  19. Enedelia Castro*
  20. Curtis Eugene Chillingworth
  21. Marjorie Croude McKinley Chillingworth
  22. Paul Steven Cosner
  23. Jasmine Michelle Cruz
  24. Joan Audrey Davis
  25. Peter Davis
  26. Edwin Craig Dowell
  27. Christine Claudette Dumont
  28. Yadira Espinoza
  29. Averie Grace Evans
  30. Sarah J. Feather
  31. Marcia Ann Forsberg
  32. William Gaffney
  33. Ruben Gallegos
  34. Scott Gamble
  35. Jeffrey Dean Gerald
  36. Claudine Jaquier Gifford
  37. Elvia Veronica Gomez Zapien*
  38. Andrea R. Gonzalez
  39. Kristy Ann Green
  40. Kevin R. Harkins
  41. Audrey Lynn Harris
  42. James Lee Haynes
  43. Lesley Anne Herring
  44. Larry Joe Hicks
  45. James P. Higham III
  46. Joel Hoag
  47. William Hoag
  48. Melvin Charles Horst
  49. Cheryl Huff
  50. John Gregory Hughes
  51. Shara Hunter
  52. Elisabeth Ann Huster
  53. Jack Irwin
  54. A’Shia Monique Jenkins
  55. Hevin Dakota James Lee Jenkins*
  56. Virginia Jewell
  57. Randy Johnson
  58. Samuel Kairy
  59. Karl Terry Karbowski
  60. Mary Sue Kitts
  61. Carl Stephen Knight
  62. Patricia Denise Knight
  63. Bongak Koja
  64. Clifford Lambert
  65. Janeice Langs
  66. Shaun Clifford Laughlin
  67. Arturo Lepe
  68. Christopher Lerch
  69. Peggy Ann Lerch
  70. Ronald George Levin
  71. James Dupree Lewis Jr.
  72. Jennifer Long
  73. Kimberly Lashawn Mack
  74. Irina Malezhik
  75. Elizabeth Marriott
  76. Joseph Arthur Martin Jr.
  77. Joseph Patrick Martin
  78. Jorge Aguilar Mata
  79. Richard Edward McCrary
  80. Michael McDowell
  81. Arthur Gerald Noske
  82. Oscar Ochoa
  83. Melvin Pittman
  84. Christopher Craig Prows
  85. Michelle Kelly Pulsifer
  86. Glenda Diane Quisenberry
  87. Heidi Ann Rhodes
  88. Carl Wayne Rotstein
  89. Alejandro Sanchez
  90. Federico Sanchez Jr.*
  91. Pamela Beth Schlitz
  92. Daniel Sites
  93. Stephen E. Smith
  94. Thaddeus John Szczypta
  95. Mitchell Szegi
  96. Ernest Taylor
  97. Zoey Kainoa Thomas
  98. Tate Torres
  99. Carlos M. Trotz
  100. Alvin Turner
  101. Daniel Torres Ventura
  102. Edward William Viola
  103. Leo Roy Whitehead*
  104. Wendell Williams
  105. Patrick Albert Wright*
  106. Evon Young

A happy announcement

I’m pleased to announce that Preston Winfrey, a Missouri father of three and founder of a remote software and web development company called Ready Launch (website | Facebook) has volunteered to redesign the Charley Project’s website and drag it into the 21st century. At present, technology-wise, it’s stuck firmly in the mid-1990s.

This has actually been on the books for awhile but I didn’t want to say anything because I wasn’t sure it would go anywhere. I can’t pay Preston for this, so this is a strictly volunteer project, and in the past I’ve had people promise to redesign my site and then lose interest and disappear. But now I’m confident that Preston will follow through.

Preston is, of course, a true crime enthusiast and said he wants to “help in any way I can bring visibility to missing persons and want to fight for justice for those who can’t fight for themselves.” One of my own personal mottoes (a quote often misattributed to Theodore Roosevelt) is: “Do what you can with what you have, where you are.” With his mad skillz at programming, Preston is doing what he can with what he has where he’s at, and that’s all you can expect from any of us.

He has already shown me a prototype of what the site might look like — with help from web designer Rick Brewer of S03 Creative.

He wants to make my website mobile-friendly, and searchable in all kinds of ways, and both more user-friendly and operator-friendly. I look forward to working with him.

Not on Namus, Part III

An * at the end of a name means their case is in NamUs but without a photo attached.

So this third list leaves over 300 cases for the NamUs folks to add. I think I’ll take a break now, maybe watch a TV show or two, then get back to my own work.

  1. Laurent Abecassis
  2. Mark Wayne Adamson
  3. Guma Leandro Aguilar
  4. Pauline Aragon
  5. Deanza Marie Arnold
  6. Mya Nicole Ayala
  7. John Clifton Ballenger
  8. Jonathan Arash Barmaki
  9. Danielle Tamara Brown
  10. Michael Henry Brushingham*
  11. Leanda Burgess
  12. Timothy D. Canada
  13. Jose Manuel Chavez-Perez
  14. Stanley Louis Chism Jr.*
  15. Stuart Owen Collins*
  16. Stephen Joseph Davaris Jr.
  17. Christina L. Dean
  18. Alexis Dillard
  19. Haydee Fernandez
  20. Jaime Fernandez Jr.
  21. Gaynor Gillies
  22. Travis Avery Greaves
  23. Paulino Guzman III
  24. Naomi Nalani Hagerman
  25. Jeffrey Keith Hegwood
  26. Christine Heller
  27. Terry Henry
  28. Robin Denise Appel Herring
  29. Cedric Horn
  30. Corina Johnson
  31. William Ray Keyes
  32. Aaron Levar Lane
  33. Qiuqun Liu
  34. Yuniel Llano-Sosa
  35. Jimmie Love Jr.
  36. Tessie Mangohig
  37. Craig Everett Mason
  38. Arizona McCalla
  39. Bruce Anthony McCurdy
  40. Karen Guadalupe Mejia
  41. Randall K. Menard
  42. Marvin Efrain Mendez-Perez
  43. Michael Francis Mergen
  44. Salar Jaafar Mohammed
  45. Sylvanna Morris
  46. Jon Kevin Neff
  47. Belinda Frances Norred*
  48. Ahmad Solaiman Nourzaie
  49. Wesley Harvard Lee Oldbury
  50. Lawrence Olmstead
  51. Annie Ruth Paul
  52. Timothy Pelas
  53. Nathan David Perkins*
  54. Robert Keith Perkins
  55. Donny Ray Peterson
  56. Sable Alexandria Pickett
  57. James Edwards Randell
  58. Robert Rasmussen
  59. Cynthia Ramirez Rico*
  60. Joseph Gerald Riley
  61. Steven Richard Roach
  62. Gary Robinson
  63. Christian Alexis Rodriguez
  64. Russ Rolnick*
  65. Edward Blane Russell*
  66. Nauman Saghir
  67. Henry C. Salvatori
  68. Michael Robert Santavenere
  69. Silas Joseph Savant
  70. Rosena Emelia Shelton
  71. Faith Smith
  72. Michael Edward Smith
  73. Stephen E. Smith
  74. Harinder Jit Singh Sodhi
  75. Melinda Stewart
  76. Catherine Monique St. Gregory
  77. Henry Stith
  78. Allison Nicole Strout
  79. Aaron Tarango
  80. Shamari Taylor
  81. Tina Teal
  82. Rodney Lee Tolliver
  83. Willie Triplett
  84. Cora Bobbie Turner
  85. Angelica Marie Uballe
  86. Therese Rose Vanderheiden-Walsh
  87. Mackenzie Ward
  88. Jonathan Michael Wheby
  89. Nickalus Jryon Wilfong Jr.
  90. Jeremy Todd Wilson
  91. Lori Dee Wilson
  92. Alfred Wrighten
  93. Nathan Francis Yazzie
  94. Olson Yazzie
  95. Elia Zarate

Not On Namus, Part II

An * at the end of a name means their case is in NamUs but without a photo attached.

  1. Jasen Alan Ahlstrand
  2. Edmond Albert
  3. Ellis Aldana
  4. Jeffrey Allen
  5. Lillian Annette Anderson
  6. Mylette Josephine Anderson
  7. Tameka Anderson
  8. Thomas Payton Andrews
  9. Leo Anicua
  10. Heather L. Archer
  11. Anna Marie Arguello
  12. Jersey Arnett*
  13. Raymond Louis Arruebarrena Jr.
  14. John Michael Baham Jr.*
  15. Joseph Cleveland Batiste
  16. Linda L. Bean
  17. Robert Alec Benavente
  18. Sussette Charlene Benhardt
  19. Elliot Bill
  20. Ben David Bingham
  21. Barry Alan Block*
  22. Mimi Boomhower
  23. Travis Wendell Burley
  24. Michael Casessa
  25. Angela Darcel Cephas*
  26. Linda R. Chambrone
  27. Norma Cheryl Cornelius
  28. Dorothy Catherine Davidson*
  29. Melanie Davis
  30. Jimmy Duffy*
  31. Antonio Dontavious Edouard
  32. Lamar Van Evans
  33. Thomas Kern Fleming
  34. Foncie Aphrodite Flores
  35. Michael Patrick Flynn
  36. Lynne Ann Friend
  37. Elizabeth Dorothy Funchess*
  38. Tebble Anita Garrett*
  39. Alexis Renee Gibbons
  40. Charles Franklin Gibson
  41. Valerie Glenn
  42. Ivan Gutierrez
  43. Clayton Matthew Haferkamp
  44. La’Ron Harris
  45. Humberto Hernandez
  46. Earl Johnson Jr.
  47. Derek D. Keller
  48. Greg Kelly
  49. Heather Elaine Klett
  50. Duane Lee Knight
  51. William Fredrick Krouse
  52. James Sterling Lacey III
  53. Samuel Nuage Marshall-Harvey
  54. Thomas Edward Mascaro
  55. Marcos Antonio Martinez
  56. Theresa Masurat
  57. Gary Dale Mathias
  58. Jeffrey C. McClure
  59. Ruth Marlene Mello
  60. Deborah Suzzette Hernandez Moberg
  61. Richard Glenn Moffett
  62. Alejandro Ramos Montano
  63. Bernadine M. Montgomery
  64. Katrina Montgomery
  65. Korina Marisol Navarro Morales
  66. Germaine Odius
  67. Cora Ann Okonski
  68. Bernadino Olivares-Cruz
  69. Michael Elijah Otto
  70. Thalia Otto
  71. Atticus Louis Pearson
  72. Michelle Quintana
  73. Julie Danielle Ray
  74. David George Rhodes*
  75. Jason D. Rolle
  76. Nassim Roueiheb
  77. Ernest Lopez Salado Jr.
  78. Jose Antonio Saldana
  79. Barbara Ann Sams
  80. Tyrie Marquis Sanders
  81. Jean Marie Schoen
  82. Robert Sheriff
  83. Linda Kay Slawson
  84. Tashjian Maurice Sowels
  85. Charlene Ellen Stinson
  86. Yessenia I. Suarez
  87. Alexandria Christine Suleski
  88. Robert Lindon Tackett
  89. Allen Theis
  90. Nanette Thomas
  91. Howard Sherwin Tokarsky
  92. Michael Scott Toups
  93. Daniel Ventura*
  94. Milan Vucurevich Jr.
  95. Jane Ellen Wakefield
  96. John F. Ward
  97. Lorene Ware
  98. Shaun Young
  99. Christina Zane
  100. Victor Manuel Zapata Alba
  101. David Zendejas

Not on NamUs, Part I

Awhile back someone, via this blog, asked me to make a list of MP cases that aren’t yet on NamUs, so she could add them. I can’t remember who asked anymore, or how to get in touch with that person. But I have started the list, and figured I might as well post what I’ve got on here.

What I’m posting now is JUST THE BEGINNING — there are a lot more that can be added. So stay tuned for more.

  1. Malloum Mboulou Abakar
  2. Elizabeth Jean Acton
  3. William Adkins
  4. Randolph Alger
  5. Curtis Allen Sr.
  6. Dennie Dale Allen
  7. Andrew James Barnett
  8. Benjamin Joseph Bearrick
  9. Weldon Berry
  10. Tor Robert Bilet
  11. Bruce Blackwood
  12. James Bowers Jr.
  13. Nathan Samuel Bowling
  14. Damien Gregory Bowser
  15. Charles Bruce Brantley
  16. Juan Manuel Briones
  17. Aaron Bustamante
  18. Michael Hugh Camilletti
  19. Marjorie Ellen Clatterbuck
  20. Benjamin Lloyd Coffey
  21. Randall William Collins
  22. Michael Lester Cooper
  23. Josette Cox
  24. Lawrence Edward Crenshaw
  25. Felicia Cox
  26. John T. Davis
  27. Parker Davis
  28. William Keith Dean Jr.
  29. John Keoni De Mello
  30. Lance Austin Martin Doan
  31. John Parks Duty Sr.
  32. Keith Allan Fetter
  33. Andrew Fine
  34. Nathaniel Frazier
  35. Lander Stanhope Freeman
  36. Joanne Long Fugett
  37. Inez Garcia
  38. Webert Kaprice Georges
  39. Robert James Langhorne Gibbons
  40. Donna Kay Gibson
  41. Rafael Chavez Gonzalez
  42. Kathryn Bene’ Griffin
  43. Daniel Joseph Guido
  44. Miller Smith Harlow
  45. Deonta Lee Harrison
  46. Lynwood Hart
  47. Barkad Ilyas Hassan
  48. Daniel Jay Hatter
  49. Lily Mae Huff
  50. Kathleen Mary Hulderman
  51. Shamari James
  52. William Asa Jenkins
  53. Paula Wayne Jones
  54. Gordon Kealoha
  55. Roxanne Lacson
  56. Janelle Ledford
  57. Robert Edward Lee Jr.
  58. Laverne Denise Lewis
  59. Isidro Limon Jr.
  60. Wynn Lindsey
  61. Consuela Sheena Marie Malone
  62. Gerald Mariano
  63. Andrew Michael Paul McClure
  64. Brodie McClure
  65. In Chin McDonald
  66. Michael Merritt
  67. John Brent Myers
  68. Tomas Nunez
  69. Amara Fayiah Nyorkor
  70. Hamza Ahmed Okie
  71. Joseph William Oliver
  72. Leroy Willard Owen
  73. Leroy Palmer
  74. Kirk Passmore
  75. Demakia A. Phinizee
  76. Daylenn Pua
  77. David Kawika Pukahi
  78. Jeffrey Lee Quick
  79. Eric Reese
  80. James Bruce Richardson
  81. Larry Gene Robertson
  82. Marcus Andrapolis Robinson
  83. Earnest Rodgers Jr.
  84. Edgar Hugo Rodriguez-Rojas
  85. Glenn Warren Rogers
  86. Earl Roman
  87. Peggy Irene Roppel
  88. Davik LeVrai Brendan Ross
  89. Jose Alberto Salucio-Ramirez
  90. Chad Allen Scudder
  91. Waverly Grayson Sharpe
  92. Scott Edward Shirk
  93. Ronald Guy Singley
  94. Lauren Susanne Smith
  95. Lorenzo Smith Jr.
  96. Natalie Stewart
  97. Stuart Henry Stradtner
  98. LaKisha Taylor
  99. David Tyll
  100. Bobbie Venenongsoth
  101. Haonan Wang
  102. Marianne Waters
  103. Erik Whaley
  104. Loida Gabon Wideman
  105. Kathleen Nalley Williams
  106. Charles D. Wilson
  107. Danielle Amber Wilson
  108. Harry Lee Womack
  109. Howard Kenneth Woolwine