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Select It Sunday: Stacey Kelekoma

August 16, 2015

Selected by Annie (not my friend Annie aka forthelost, but another Annie): Stacey Haunani Kelekoma, who disappeared on August 25, 1986 from Anahola, Hawaii, age 14. She was added to the NCMEC site just a few days ago. Very little information is available in her case, and what little there is, is contradictory. It’s unclear if she was abducted or ran away or what.

YouTube Saturday: Five cases

August 15, 2015

I’ve got:

Monica Cassandra Carrasco:

Tommy Damon Daniels:

Bedriye Sayrun:

James Leon Throneberry:

Wensheng Zheng:

MP of the week: Khymbrly Scruggs

August 11, 2015

This week’s featured missing person is Khymbrly Marcella Scruggs, age 19, missing from Sacramento, California since January 12, 1980. I’ve never seen Kimberly spelled that way before. Whether she liked the spelling or not, it must have been a pain in a butt. I like the spelling of my name but it is inconvenient to have to correct everyone when they spell it wrong, and spell it out for people over the phone.

As for Khymbrly, the police believe the local rapist probably killed her. He dropped out of sight for months after her disappearance and, when he was located, the cops questioned him for twelve hours. He denied everything, they could prove nothing against him and they let him go. Later he was imprisoned for rape.

She has, apparently, been declared legally dead.

Make-a-List Monday: House Fires

August 3, 2015

This list is for people whose house/apartment/hotel etc. (or at least, wherever they were staying at, even as a guest) caught fire around the time of their disappearances — whether accidentally or intentionally. It could be as long as a couple of days before or after, I decided.

  1. Bruce Harding Bell
  2. Lauria Jaylene Bible and Ashley Renae Freeman
  3. Ricky Jean Bryant
  4. Christopher Gage Daniel and Chloie Rhianna Leverette
  5. Kevin Lee Ellsworth
  6. Richard James Estrada
  7. Sandra Mason Gann
  8. Steven W. Hendricks
  9. Richard J. Jargowsky Jr.
  10. Joshua Johnathan Korvin
  11. Geanna M. Jones
  12. Sir-Kristopher Clayton Marshall, Ivy Matory, Violet Bobbie Matory and Yolanda Marie Williams
  13. Charles William Monroe Jr.
  14. David Cook Morse
  15. Daniel McCoy Moses
  16. Dori Ann Myers
  17. Michael Brendan Nash
  18. Joey Lynn Offutt
  19. Gloria Marlene Plunkett
  20. Paul Ward Shrout
  21. Amelia Martinez Smith
  22. Betty Dolly Sodder, Jennie Irene Sodder, Louis Erico Sodder, Martha Lee Sodder and Maurice Antonio Sodder
  23. Cynthia S. Wilkins
  24. Kaidena Lozelle Wood

Seeing them later

August 3, 2015

Three years ago I wrote a blog post about missing kids, runaways and family abduction cases, who had been on Charley and were now in the resolved section. I looked them up years after the fact to see how they were doing. Well, I thought I’d do a post like this again. Just runaways, all girls, since I couldn’t find anything about the boys I looked up. I will refer to the individuals by their initials only.

T.E.R. ran away in 2004. The most recent sign of her I could find was from 2008: she was arrested in Sanford, Florida and charged with larceny and contributing to the delinquency of a minor after she was caught shoplifting $240 worth of clothes and hiding them in her kid’s backpack. Sad.

M.B. also ran away in 2004. According to, she now lives in Spokane, Washington, less than twenty miles from the town she disappeared from. I can’t find anything else on her.

K.L. ran away in 2002. She’s been arrested numerous times in the years since she was found, including at least twice in 2013, once in September and once in December. I also found her wedding registry; she’s due to get married later this week. She and her husband-to-be are requesting a lot of kitchen things like dishes, a blender, a coffeemaker, etc. Also bedding. Standard housemaking stuff.

Y.R. ran away in 2004. She lives in another state now, north of the state she disappeared from, and has a Facebook page, where she talks about her husband and baby son.

J.M.J. ran away in 2003. She disappeared from New York; I found an arrest record in Florida for someone I’m reasonably sure is her (similar appearance, same name, right year of birth). She was arrested for trespassing in 2010.

P.D.C. ran away in 2004. I found her voter registration record; she’s registered to vote in the same city she disappeared from. A good sign, I guess — she’s alive, anyway, and hasn’t been convicted of a felony.

M.M.G. ran away in 2004. In 2010, she and 14 other people were indicted for taking part in a conspiracy to distribute methamphetamine, marijuana and Ecstasy. I mentioned her and the drug charges on my other blog post. An update: I’m not sure what happened with that but she has a Facebook page and it was updated only a couple of hours ago, so evidently she’s not in prison.

W.L.H. ran away in 2003. I found an inactive Facebook page for her; it says she’s “in a relationship” and has two jobs, one at McDonald’s and one at a factory. She’s registered to vote.

P.V.H. ran away in 2004. She is registered to vote in Florida and has a LinkedIn profile, where she describes her skills as a kitchen aid, working with cooking stuff and cleanup etc.

R.R.C. ran away in 2004. I found her Facebook page; she works at a Lexus dealership now and attended the University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee in the past. Oh, and she has green hair.

A.N.W. ran away in 2003. She now lives halfway across the country from the state she ran away from, and has a couple of little kids. She likes posting selfies on her Facebook page.

Select It Sunday: Jascie Kaywaykla

August 2, 2015

This week’s Select It Sunday post was nominated by Justin C., via a message to Charley’s Facebook page. It’s Jascie Kara Kaywaykla. As Justin explained, “She is missing from my hometown, and I don’t remember seeing much about her disappearance.”

I’m not sure how to pronounced Jascie’s first name. Jassie? Jas-kee? Her nickname is Hope, and she may be go by Kara, her middle name, which is certainly easier to pronounce. She’s Native American. I’m not sure what tribe. When I Googled “Kaywaykla” I found out there was a Gene Weeden James Kaywaykla who was an Apache, but the Apaches are pretty far from Oklahoma, where Jascie disappeared from.

Anyway, she was nineteen and vanished after she was dropped off at K-Mart in Lawton, OK for her new job orientation. That was eight years ago.

Under “transportation” her NamUs file says she “took the bus in 2007 or n2008 from ATLANTA GOERGIA AND DALLAS TEXAAS [sic].” But it sounds like this was before she disappeared so I don’t understand why that’s included. Shrug.

YouTube Saturday: Just two this time

August 1, 2015

I’ve added Tineshia Jackson:

and Adam Christopher Kellner:

In other news, I had my second session of PT. (Actually, it was my third scheduled session, but I had to miss the second because of Ellen’s funeral.) My arm is much stronger now. They can no longer push it down just by breathing on it. And I got my Windows 10 update. At first when it installed I was very unhappy because my display suddenly became HUGE, like it was designed for visually impaired people or something. I couldn’t even see all the icons on my frontscreen because there wasn’t enough room. Michael, bless him, figured out what was wrong — the computer wasn’t recognizing my graphics card or something — and fixed it.

YouTube Saturday: four videos

July 25, 2015

I have:

Phillip Koss:

Robyn Pettinato:

Charles Ulrich:

Shanaz Zakia:

I’m kind of guessing about Shanaz Zakia’s middle name: the fact that it can be misspelled “sahti” plus the rarity of the “th” sound in most languages makes me think it’s pronounced sah-tee and not sath-ee.

Well, that just came out of nowhere

July 22, 2015

My ever-reliable source Jaime sent me this article about Elsie Roane. It turns out the suspect in her case is male, and still alive. He was about her own age at the time of her disappearance.

But more to the point, the police chief is quoted out of nowhere saying, “My focus right now is to find Elsie Mae and her child and give them a proper burial.”

Um…child? What child? No one previously said anything about a child.

I’m guessing she must have been pregnant at the time of her disappearance, then. I’ll have to make a note in her casefile. I wonder if the suspect is the baby’s father.

Select It Sunday: Danielle Bell

July 12, 2015

Selected by Chris way back in August, this week it’s Danielle Arion Bell, fourteen, missing from Pensacola, Florida since September 30, 2001. Like so many teens, she was last seen at a party with an older man. On the other hand, another man who’d been Danielle’s boyfriend doesn’t seem to have been cleared in her disappearance (his alibi witness backed out).

Initially thought to be a runaway, foul play is suspected in Danielle’s disappearance now. She’s been missing for as many years as she had been alive beforehand.


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