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YouTube Saturday: four videos

July 25, 2015

I have:

Phillip Koss:

Robyn Pettinato:

Charles Ulrich:

Shanaz Zakia:

I’m kind of guessing about Shanaz Zakia’s middle name: the fact that it can be misspelled “sahti” plus the rarity of the “th” sound in most languages makes me think it’s pronounced sah-tee and not sath-ee.

Well, that just came out of nowhere

July 22, 2015

My ever-reliable source Jaime sent me this article about Elsie Roane. It turns out the suspect in her case is male, and still alive. He was about her own age at the time of her disappearance.

But more to the point, the police chief is quoted out of nowhere saying, “My focus right now is to find Elsie Mae and her child and give them a proper burial.”

Um…child? What child? No one previously said anything about a child.

I’m guessing she must have been pregnant at the time of her disappearance, then. I’ll have to make a note in her casefile. I wonder if the suspect is the baby’s father.

Select It Sunday: Danielle Bell

July 12, 2015

Selected by Chris way back in August, this week it’s Danielle Arion Bell, fourteen, missing from Pensacola, Florida since September 30, 2001. Like so many teens, she was last seen at a party with an older man. On the other hand, another man who’d been Danielle’s boyfriend doesn’t seem to have been cleared in her disappearance (his alibi witness backed out).

Initially thought to be a runaway, foul play is suspected in Danielle’s disappearance now. She’s been missing for as many years as she had been alive beforehand.

A slight bump in my user statistics

July 11, 2015

I checked my user stats and saw this:


It is my understanding that “visits” represent the number of unique visits/visitors to And it’s up a bit for some reason. The average is currently 10,134 visitors a day. (Actually it’s 10,133.6; I rounded up. /pedantry) As opposed to last month when the average was 8,339. In May it was 8,171 and in April it was 8,070. Not much of a change there. Every day this month, though, save July 1, the number of visitors has been above the average 8,000-ish range.

Judging by the casefiles my visitors are looking at most often: Caleigh Harrison, Aliayah Lunsford and “Baby Kate” Phillips, I’d say the spike in visits has something to do with that unidentified little girl they found off the case of Massachusetts. I know there’s been speculation that one of the three missing girls could be her. Kristine Hamilton is also being looked at a lot though, and she DEFINITELY isn’t the Massachusetts Baby Doe and I can’t find any recent news about her. Shrug.

NCMEC recovery notices

July 10, 2015

The NCMEC has a thing where it can tell you if a poster has been newly added to the site, or updated, or “restricted” (meaning basically that they won’t be showing the poster anymore but the kid is still missing) or recovered alive, or found dead.

People with an encyclopedic knowledge of the Charley Project will understand why I took a sharp breath and said “WHAT?” when I checked my email on my tablet and had gotten one where they said “Tavia Bailey, missing from Las Vegas, NV, has been recovered.” That means found alive. My website had a Tavia Bailey who’s been missing since the 1980s, foul play suspected. But I couldn’t remember from which state.

I got out of the rocking chair and raced to my office and my computer, shoulder be damned, and looked up Tavia in the Charley Project database. She disappeared from…Pensacola, Florida. Darn. Not the right Tavia. The one I was thinking of actually still listed on the NCMEC, along with a Tavia Bentley who’s also on Charley.

Years ago, fairly early in the NCMEC days, I accidentally resolved a case, a girl whose name was Claudia Hernandez I think, when it turned out some other Claudia missing from another state had been found instead. The NCMEC themselves wrote me to correct me. How embarrassing! Now, if there’s a duplicate name on the NCMEC database and Charley’s database, I make sure to check the listed city and state in the “recovered” email so I get the right one. In this case, the Tavia Bailey listed as found today hadn’t been missing long enough to land in the Charley Project database, which is why I immediately thought of the other one and that one only. Thank goodness I checked before happily listing Tavia Elizabeth Bailey, missing since 1985, as “located alive” in my resolved section. That would really be getting caught with my pants down.

One girl named Tavia, anyway, is going home alive.

Flashback Friday: Frankie Horsley

July 10, 2015

This Flashback Friday case goes to Frankie Darlene Horsley, a 19-year-old mother who vanished from Fayetteville, North Carolina on March 10, 1983. She out to get medicine for her baby and never came back. I don’t know if the baby was actually really sick or if it was a refill on a regular script or what. In fact, I know absolutely nothing else about this case, other than that her car turned up in SOUTH Carolina at some point after her disappearance.

I do have a pretty nice photo of her, albeit a black and white one. It shows her teeth, which is good. She had a fine set of teeth. That’s all.

YouTube Saturday: I am just on fire this week

July 4, 2015

Gotcher vids, hot and fresh: eleven of them to be exact, covering sixteen MPs. In chronological order:

Alfred James Grimes and Sammy Lloyd Jackson, 1968

Barbara Aurora Burhans, Carmen Garcia and Diego Garcia, 1982

Jasmine Kirlissa Collins and Melissa Ann Collins, 1991

Keith Chau and Ai Wei Kaung, 1995

Ruben David Felix, 1997

Yim Yeung Tsui, 1998

Yamaira Vivian Montes-Gonzalez, 2000

Sonya Lynn Bradley, 2002

Yaroslav Victorovich Iventyev, 2003

Joey Lynn Offutt, 2007

Marizela C. Perez, 2011

Aw shucks, I couldn’t resist

June 27, 2015

Having completed my Charley updates today, and not having much else to do, I found myself making more YouTube videos. Even though I promised to do only two a week, I wound up doing six more:
Charles Howard Bolter

Michael James Gaughan

Alexis Geraldo Hernandez

Rebeca Gabriela Nuno

Deborah Ann Quimby

Kristi Lynn Vorak

Make-a-List Monday: Spaghetti straps

June 22, 2015

This list is of MPs (all girls and women of course) who were wearing spaghetti-strap tops or dresses when they disappeared.

  1. Kayla May Berg
  2. Brittanee Marie Drexel
  3. Beverly Lynn England
  4. Corrine Leanne Erstad
  5. Latoya Renee Grissom
  6. Juliandra Elizabeth Jones
  7. Sharon Ivy Jones
  8. Alexandria Joy Lowitzer (maybe)
  9. Lillian LaWren Nance
  10. Manuelita Dejos Pierce
  11. Kara Denora Rigdon
  12. Cindy L. Rivera
  13. Diana Raquel Rojas (maybe)

Select It Sunday: Tonetta Carlisle

June 21, 2015

This week’s Select It Sunday case is Tonetta Yvette Carlisle, as chosen by Kat. Yet another one of those “if there had been Amber Alerts back then they might have found her quickly” cases. A witness saw her being forcibly pulled into a vehicle while she was walking home from school, and got the license plate. It was later traced to a convicted rapist who committed suicide two days after Tonetta’s disappearance.

I would say the case is still not completely hopeless, though, because the witness saw SEVERAL unidentified individuals pulling Tonetta into the car. If she’s right about that, other people were involved in the abduction and those other people might still be alive today and walking around (or in prison) with that knowledge in their heads. They might tell someone who tells someone, and so on.

Searching for any recent news, I did find this video which is an overview of the case, created after the 2013 discovery of the girls in Cleveland. I wish her mother would get some answers, even if she’s dead.


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