It’s out! It’s out it’s out!

The long-awaited Longreads article has finally been published! View it here: The Encyclopedia of the Missing. I think it’s great.

And now no more for lack of time. I’m going to have a celebratory lunch with a friend and then I will resume sanding down the edges of this new upgraded website. All the cases between “Johnson” and “Juarez” mysteriously vanished in the file transfer, but I’ll have them back up.


Two TV producers in two days

Yesterday a TV producer contacted me by email, saying he was looking to start a show about homicide victims’ loved ones “chasing after justice,” and asked if I could refer him to any loved ones. Today another TV producer emailed me asking if he could call, and so I gave him my number, and he called, and told me he wanted to start a show about recent-ish (within the past 10-15 years) unsolved disappearance/murder cases. It would be a form of reality television where the show would bring in an experienced PI to solve them.

These two shows may be one and the same. I’m not sure. In both cases I referred the producers elsewhere.

Anyway, when I was speaking to the producer on the phone today and he was making his pitch he said something like, “We aren’t talking about victims who were involved with drugs or prostitution or anything like that, we’re not doing those people.”

I bit back an inclination to snap at him. He is, after all, just the messenger.

But still…sigh.

Article still stuck in editorial limbo, sigh

I emailed Jeremy, the Longreads reporter, to ask where my article was as I thought it would have been out by now. He had thought so too. This is what he said:

Hey Meaghan, good to hear from you! I’m still waiting for the editor to finish her first pass. (I’ve learned that if an editor says she’ll get back to me next week, she actually means in two to three weeks.) I still anticipate an August publication date though. I’m excited to see the piece go up—and nervous, of course, since I hope you’ll like it.

I’ll keep you posted once I know more. In fact, I’ll probably check in with the editor on Monday just to see how things are going on her end.

*muttergrumbles, champs bit*

An update on those reporters who came last month

I had written about how a reporter and photographer came to my house and spent seven hours there over two days, interviewing and filming me and taking pictures, for a future piece on the Charley Project.

Well, I thought I’d update y’all on that. I contacted the reporter to ask about the progress on the story and he said it will be coming out on Longreads, which specializes in long-form journalism. He has submitted a draft to his editor and predicts a late July/early August publication date. I know he’s spoken to least six other people besides me for this story.

I’m pretty excited about it.

Reporters gone

The reporters have left again. Yesterday they were there for over three hours and today it was over four hours. Yesterday one of them interviewed me while the other took still pics. Then I guess they decided they wanted to do a video interview with me too, so they came back today and did that.

Video is kind of slow. We had to rearrange my office a bit, and lock the cats in the bedroom — they kept wanting to come inside the office, and when we shut the office door they meowed pitifully and kept shoving their paws under the door. I’m pretty sure I need to get the guy next door a Meijer gift card or something because I had to ask him to stop mowing his lawn — the sound was bleeding into the audio — and he got pretty grumpy, as well as he might have.

They asked me a bunch of questions on video and then actually had me work on updates for the site and videoed me doing that and pretending they weren’t there.

After all that was done they said they wanted an “establishment shot” of the street outside (not actually showing the house) and wanted pics of me outside also. They asked if I was too tired and I said no. I thought: how long can it take? Well, it took much longer than I thought. First we had to find a nice spot and then they took a lot of pictures of me posing this way and that and looking in this direction and that direction and so on, then while walking back to the house we found ANOTHER nice spot and they took pictures of me there too.

These were very professional guys as far as I can tell. Not that I’ve ever been through this before. But they seem super cool. I really am looking forward to their results.