Facebook Pages

This is a list of Facebook pages out there created for specific missing persons cases. This is not meant to be an exhaustive list; it’s just cases on the Charley Project where they have currently existing Facebook pages that I know about. Some people have more than one page created for them; I link to whatever I can find.

I would also like to state that social media’s a great resource to publicize missing persons cases, and you don’t need to be a relative or anything to make a Facebook page or group for a missing person; you can just be an interested party.

  1. Fawn Marlene Abell and Rozlin Rochelle Abell (Charley/Charley/Facebook)
  2. Christopher Enoch Abeyta (Charley/Facebook)
  3. Joseph Mario Abrams (Charley/Facebook)
  4. Robin Renea Abrams (Charley/Facebook)
  5. Haidar Mustafa Abushaqra (Charley/Facebook)
  6. Brent Marshall Acomb (Charley/Facebook)
  7. Kathryn Louise Adam (Charley/Facebook)
  8. Joshua Scott Adams (Charley/Facebook)
  9. Lisa Kim Adcock (Charley/Facebook)
  10. Patricia Ann Adkins (Charley/Facebook)
  11. Richard Paul Agor (Charley/Facebook)
  12. Mark Daniel Aguilar (Charley/Facebook)
  13. Katelin Michelle Akens (Charley/Facebook)
  14. Brett Michael Akers (Charley/Facebook)
  15. Tammy Lynn Akers (Charley/Facebook)
  16. Hillary Blair Akins (Charley/Facebook)
  17. Raymond Paul Akins (Charley/Facebook)
  18. Dulce Maria Alavez (Charley/Facebook)
  19. Diana Rose Alejandre (Charley/Facebook)
  20. Genevieve Kathryn Alexander (Charley/Facebook)
  21. Mary Anne Alexie (Charley/Facebook)
  22. Mohammed Abdulmohsen Alghannam (Charley/Facebook)
  23. Bobby Dale Allen (Charley/Facebook)
  24. Bradley Wayne Allen (Charley/Facebook)
  25. Bryan Lamar Allen (Charley/Facebook)
  26. Debra Ann Allen (Charley/Facebook)
  27. Heidi Marie Allen (Charley/Facebook)
  28. Travis J. Allen (Charley/Facebook)
  29. Rebecca Jane Alsup (Charley/Facebook)
  30. Ermelinda Angelica Alvarado (Charley/Facebook)
  31. Eric Thomas Alvarado (Charley/Facebook)
  32. Daniela Jasmin Amaro (Charley/Facebook)
  33. Brandon Darquice Anderson (Charley/Facebook)
  34. Cameron Jeffrey Anderson, Kyle Nicholas James Anderson and Rachel Marie Anderson (Charley/Charley/Charley/Facebook)
  35. Dennis Lee Anderson (Charley/Facebook)
  36. Matthew Daniel Anfeldt (Charley/Facebook)
  37. Leo Anicua (Charley/Facebook)
  38. Sharon Rose Apgar (Charley/Facebook)
  39. Trudy Leann Appleby (Charley/Facebook)
  40. Lucely Aramburo (Charley/Facebook)
  41. Cynthia Arnold (Charley/Facebook)
  42. Christopher R. Armijo (Charley/Facebook)
  43. Debra Jean Asbury (Charley/Facebook)
  44. David Phillip Askew (Charley/Facebook)
  45. Donald Raye Atkins II (Charley/Facebook)
  46. Cassandra Ayon (Charley/Facebook)

  1. Cecil O. Baker (Charley/Facebook)
  2. Larry Richard Baker Sr. (Charley/Facebook)
  3. Ava Grace Baldwin (Charley/Facebook)
  4. Jonathan Arash Barmaki (Charley/Facebook)
  5. Justin Leigh Barnett (Charley/Facebook)
  6. Linda Kay Barnett (Charley/Facebook)
  7. Jamie Marie Barrera (Charley/Facebook)
  8. Christina Lynn Bastian (Charley/Facebook)
  9. Morgan Aryn Bauer (Charley/Facebook)
  10. DonaMae Bourgeois Bayerl (Charley/Facebook)
  11. Keely Christabel Beaudry-Culver (Charley/Facebook)
  12. Patrick Jason Beavers (Charley/Facebook)
  13. Jeremy Bechtel and Erin Foster (Charley/Charley/Facebook)
  14. Richard Glen Beebe (Charley/Facebook)
  15. Ludger R. Belanger (Charley/Facebook)
  16. Ralph Belvedere and William Dewey Bragg III (Charley/Charley/Facebook)
  17. Richard Willis Bendele (Charley/Facebook)
  18. Mila Micheal Bergschneider (Charley/Facebook)
  19. Calandra Victoria Beverly Sewa (Charley/Facebook)
  20. Lauria Jaylene Bible (Charley/Facebook)
  21. Wesley Keith Billingsly (Charley/Facebook)
  22. Steven Alan Billman (Charley/Facebook)
  23. Dustin Lynn Bird (Charley/Facebook)
  24. Ryan Blagojevic (Charley/Facebook)
  25. Justin Christopher Blanco (Charley/Facebook)
  26. Melissa J. Blevins (Charley/Facebook)
  27. David Ezell Blockett (Charley/Facebook)
  28. Fredrick Joseph Boehm (Charley/Facebook)
  29. Marina Pearl Boelter (Charley/Facebook/Facebook)
  30. Christine Lee Boggio (Charley/Facebook)
  31. Shannah Marie Boiteau (Charley/Facebook)
  32. Justin Keith Bonderer (Charley/Facebook)
  33. Aliyah Boomer (Charley/Facebook)
  34. Karen Rae Bosta (Charley/Facebook)
  35. Mark Lawrence Bosworth (Charley/Facebook)
  36. Jayme Malynn Bowen (Charley/Facebook)
  37. Tina Louise Bowen (Charley/Facebook)
  38. Krista Rae Bowman (Charley/Facebook)
  39. Damon Lee Boyd (Charley/Facebook)
  40. David Allen Boyle (Charley/Facebook)
  41. Jonathan Kyle Brackett (Charley/Facebook)
  42. Shelia Faye Bradford (Charley/Facebook)
  43. Diamond Yvette Bradley and Tionda Z. Bradley (Charley/Charley/Facebook)
  44. Rebekah Noel Bramel (Charley/Facebook)
  45. Kelley Christyn Brannon (Charley/Facebook)
  46. Boswell Brett (Charley/Facebook)
  47. Benjamin W. Brewer (Charley/Facebook)
  48. Zackery Lee Brewer (Charley/Facebook)
  49. Khadijah Rose Britton (Charley/Facebook)
  50. DeAnna Kay Brooks (Charley/Facebook)
  51. Danielle Tamara Brown (Charley/Facebook/Facebook)
  52. Edwin X. Brown (Charley/Facebook)
  53. Jarred Asher Brown (Charley/Facebook)
  54. Johnny Lamar Brown (Charley/Facebook)
  55. Norine Higuchi Brown (Charley/Facebook)
  56. Tamborah Brown (Charley/Facebook)
  57. Charles Joseph Browning III (Charley/Facebook)
  58. Jared William Bruwier-Dinco (Charley/Facebook)
  59. Lacey Marie Buenfil (Charley/Facebook)
  60. George Stanley Burdynski Jr. (Charley/Facebook)
  61. Bertha Louise Burke (Charley/Facebook)
  62. Mark Travis Burkett Jr. (Charley/Facebook)
  63. Ian Hunter Burnet (Charley/Facebook)
  64. Sara Anne Bushland (Charley/Facebook)
  65. Joseph Michael Bushling (Charley/Facebook)
  66. Christina Renee Bussell (Charley/Facebook)
  67. Teresa Lynn Butler (Charley/Facebook)
  68. Diamond Bynum and King Rajan Walker (Charley/Charley/Facebook)
  69. Gebar Byrd Jr. (Charley/Facebook)

  1. Jacob Cabinaw (Charley/Facebook)
  2. Roberta Rene Cable (Charley/Facebook)
  3. Jennifer Cahill-Shadle (Charley/Facebook)
  4. Richard Keith Call and Cassandra Lee Hailey (Charley/Charley/Facebook)
  5. Michael James Calvert (Charley/Facebook)
  6. Heather Leann Cameron (Charley/Facebook)
  7. Andrei Campana (Charley/Facebook)
  8. Rachel Marie Campbell (Charley/Facebook)
  9. Heather Danielle Cannon (Charley/Facebook)
  10. Stephen Edward Carey (Charley/Facebook)
  11. Ashley Marie Carroll (Charley/Facebook)
  12. Linda Kay Carroll (Charley/Facebook)
  13. Stacy Lynn Carson (Charley/Facebook)
  14. Natasha Alexandra Augusta Carter (Charley/Facebook)
  15. Rex Casper (Charley/Facebook)
  16. Amber Lynn Caton (Charley/Facebook)
  17. Norma Jane Cavilee (Charley/Facebook)
  18. Autumn Starr Cerenil-Lee (Charley/Facebook)
  19. Alejandro Landa Cervantes (Charley/Facebook)
  20. Benita Gay Chamberlin (Charley/Facebook)
  21. Mindi Chambers (Charley/Facebook)
  22. Lorraine Judith Chance (Charley/Facebook)
  23. Liehnia May Chapin (Charley/Facebook)
  24. Andrew Grey Chapman (Charley/Facebook)
  25. Patrick Norman Chapman (Charley/Facebook/Facebook)
  26. Shawna Michelle Chavez (Charley/Facebook)
  27. Danica Dianne Childs (Charley/Facebook)
  28. Tyler Joel Christensen (Charley/Facebook)
  29. William John Cierzan (Charley/Facebook)
  30. Joanna Antoinette Clark and Shariece Nicole Clark
  31. Tammy Sue Clements (Charley/Facebook)
  32. Gene Jacob Cloud Jr. (Charley/Facebook)
  33. Chelsea Michelle Cobo (Charley/Facebook)
  34. Christopher George Cochron (Charley/Facebook)
  35. Claire Bridget Coffey (Charley/Facebook)
  36. David Alan Cohen (Charley/Facebook)
  37. John Edward Cole (Charley/Facebook)
  38. Daryn Ray Collie (Charley/Facebook)
  39. Lawrence Scott Colton (Charley/Facebook)
  40. Donnie Combs (Charley/Facebook)
  41. Cassie Kay Compton (Charley/Facebook)
  42. Brenda Louise Condon (Charley/Facebook)
  43. George James Contos (Charley/Facebook)
  44. Thomas Randall Cook (Charley/Facebook)
  45. Jeremy Ray Coots (Charley/Facebook)
  46. Misty Donna Copsey (Charley/Facebook)
  47. Joseph Paul Cordova (Charley/Facebook)
  48. Gabriel Ivan Cordova Tejada (Charley/Facebook)
  49. Mercy Johnson Covington (Charley/Facebook)
  50. Robert Wayne Cox (Charley/Facebook)
  51. David Allen Crabtree (Charley/Facebook/Facebook)
  52. Amanda Maria Crawford (Charley/Facebook)
  53. Michelle Deanne Crawford (Charley/Facebook)
  54. Holly Paige Crider (Charley/Facebook)
  55. Kayla Mae Croft-Payne (Charley/Facebook)
  56. Amber Nicole Crum (Charley/Facebook)
  57. Randy Dean Cuddy (Charley/Facebook)
  58. Lynn A. Cunningham (Charley/Facebook)
  59. Athena Joy Curry (Charley/Facebook)
  60. Hope Renee Curry (Charley/Facebook)
  61. Rachel Lucille Cyriacks (Charley/Facebook)

  1. Robert Allen Dale Jr. (Charley/Facebook)
  2. Aubrey Dameron (Charley/Facebook)
  3. Christopher Gage Daniel and Chloie Rhianna Leverette (Charley/Charley/Facebook)
  4. Monique Christine Daniels (Charley/Facebook)
  5. Tiffany Heaven Daniels (Charley/Facebook)
  6. Camille Dorothy Dardanes (Charley/Facebook/Facebook)
  7. Beverli Elaine Darnell (Charley/Facebook)
  8. Theresa Ann Davidson-Murphy (Charley/Facebook)
  9. Joshua Jayvaughn Davis Jr. (Charley/Facebook)
  10. Kiplyn Davis (Charley/Facebook)
  11. Ronnie Odell Davis (Charley/Facebook)
  12. Arieanna Renee Day (Charley/Facebook)
  13. Danielle Marie Day (Charley/Facebook)
  14. Rosemary Rivas Day (Charley/Facebook)
  15. Teresa Melissa Dean (Charley/Facebook)
  16. Amanda Ann DeGuio (Charley/Facebook)
  17. Daniel Lee Decker (Charley/Facebook)
  18. Baylee Cheyanne Despot (Charley/Facebook)
  19. Elijah Runningbear Diaz (Charley/Facebook)
  20. Pauline Cantu Diaz (Charley/Facebook)
  21. Shawn Tyler Dickerson (Charley/Facebook)
  22. Jessica Diane Vanzant Dietzel (Charley/Facebook)
  23. Alicia Ann Digna (Charley/Facebook)
  24. Michael Allen Dillard (Charley/Facebook)
  25. Kyle Richard Dinneen (Charley/Facebook)
  26. Annette Campbell Dodd (Charley/Facebook)
  27. Shane Ryan Donahue (Charley/Facebook)
  28. Latisha Michelle Dorety (Charley/Facebook)
  29. Christopher Ray Douthat (Charley/Facebook)
  30. Mato Woistinma Dow (Charley/Facebook)
  31. Harold Loris Drake (Charley/Facebook)
  32. Patricia Marie Dudek (Charley/Facebook)
  33. Thomas Lee Duesterhaus (Charley/Facebook)
  34. Alfayus Dukes (Charley/Facebook)
  35. Brenda Louise Dunham (Charley/Facebook)
  36. Terrence Andre Duplush Sr. (Charley/Facebook)
  37. Jeanette DuPriest (Charley/Facebook)
  38. John Parks Duty Sr. (Charley/Facebook)
  39. Diane Genice Dye (Charley/Facebook)
  40. Helen Leone Dymond (Charley/Facebook)

  1. Keith Lee Ebrecht (Charley/Facebook)
  2. Madeline Kelly Edman (Charley/Facebook)
  3. Akia Shawnta Eggleston (Charley/Facebook)
  4. William James Elgen (Charley/Facebook)
  5. Michael Elkinton (Charley/Facebook)
  6. Leanne Cleo Eller (Charley/Facebook)
  7. Heather Rachelle Elvis (Charley/Facebook)
  8. David Emerson Jr. (Charley/Facebook)
  9. Nicole Danielle Engle (Charley/Facebook)
  10. Averie Grace Evans (Charley/Facebook)
  11. Sean Wayne Evans (Charley/Facebook)

  1. Amy Lee Fandel and Scott Curtis Fandel (Charley/Charley/Facebook)
  2. Travis Fanning (Charley/Facebook)
  3. Roger Fred Farmer Jr. (Charley/Facebook)
  4. Shaylene Marie Farrell (Charley/Facebook)
  5. Brookelyn Shae Farthing (Charley/Facebook)
  6. Lelia Marie Faulkner (Charley/Facebook)
  7. Keiosha Marie Felix (Charley/Facebook)
  8. Ruben David Felix (Charley/Facebook)
  9. Keith Allan Fetter (Charley/Facebook)
  10. Shane Michael Fell (Charley/Facebook)
  11. Sylviane Finck-Lozada (Charley/Facebook)
  12. Janet Renee Field (Charley/Facebook)
  13. Opal Darlene Fleshman (Charley/Facebook)
  14. Kimberly C. Flint (Charley/Facebook)
  15. Diego Alejandro Flores and Tammy Alexandra Flores (Charley/Charley/Facebook)
  16. Phyllis Anne Flynn (Charley/Facebook)
  17. Jeremiah Edward Foco (Charley/Facebook)
  18. Megan Renee Foglesong (Charley/Facebook)
  19. Brittany Anne Ford and Deklon Ford (Charley/Charley/Facebook)
  20. Robin Kristine Ford (Charley/Facebook)
  21. Daniel Joseph Frank Foster (Charley/Facebook)
  22. Judy Marie Foster (Charley/Facebook/Facebook)
  23. Dennis Burdell Fout Jr. (Charley/Facebook)
  24. Kristopher Michael Fowler (Charley/Facebook)
  25. Barbara Sue Frame (Charley/Facebook)
  26. Diane Theresa Francis (Charley/Facebook)
  27. Earnest Edward Francis (Charley/Facebook)
  28. Tabitha Lynn Franklin (Charley/Facebook)
  29. Amanda Lee Fravel (Charley/Facebook)
  30. Dayton L. Frazier Jr. (Charley/Facebook)
  31. Fauna Roseanna Frey (Charley/Facebook)
  32. Evelyn Ann Frisco (Charley/Facebook)
  33. Zaylee Grace Fryar (Charley/Facebook)
  34. Natasha Louise Fugate Jones (Charley/Facebook)
  35. Angela Marie Fullmer (Charley/Facebook)

  1. Troy Robert Galloway (Charley/Facebook)
  2. Sylvia June Galvan (Charley/Facebook)
  3. Kianna Galvin (Charley/Facebook)
  4. Bellamy Malaki Gamboa (Charley/Facebook)
  5. Austin Douglas Gamez (Charley/Facebook)
  6. Irma Yolanda Gamez (Charley/Facebook)
  7. Adrianna Hope Garcia (Charley/Facebook)
  8. Angel Garcia (Charley/Facebook)
  9. Enrique Garibay Ruiz (Charley/Facebook)
  10. Rebecca Pauline Gary (Charley/Facebook)
  11. Joseph Paul Gauthier (Charley/Facebook)
  12. Rose Marie Gayhart (Charley/Facebook)
  13. Melvin P. George (Charley/Facebook)
  14. Claudine Jaquier Gifford (Charley/Facebook)
  15. Angela Marie Gilbert (Charley/Facebook)
  16. Jason Martin Glazier (Charley/Facebook)
  17. Lakira Dajour Goldsmith (Charley/Facebook)
  18. Haydn Gomez (Charley/Facebook)
  19. Samantha Angel Gonzales (Charley/Facebook)
  20. Jose Asuncion Gonzalez (Charley/Facebook)
  21. Noemi Gonzalez (Charley/Facebook)
  22. Shelayah Renee Gonzalez (Charley/Facebook)
  23. Lawrence Jon Goodman (Charley/Facebook)
  24. Ann Gotlib (Charley/Facebook)
  25. Tammy Ann Grady (Charley/Facebook)
  26. Ember Skye Graham (Charley/Facebook)
  27. Aaron Bradley Grainger (Charley/Facebook)
  28. Lael Marie Grant (Charley/Facebook)
  29. Crystal Dupuis Grebinger (Charley/Facebook)
  30. Angela Green (Charley/Facebook)
  31. Jordan Delfino Green (Charley/Facebook)
  32. Lisa Marie Green (Charley/Facebook)
  33. Maxine Eve Green (Charley/Facebook)
  34. Theresa Rena Green (Charley/Facebook)
  35. Max Phillip Greenfield (Charley/Facebook)
  36. Victor Ray Greenwood (Charley/Facebook)
  37. Alicia Lin Griffin (Charley/Facebook)
  38. Glenda Michaela Griffin (Charley/Facebook)
  39. Brian Allen Grocki (Charley/Facebook)
  40. Marlo Christopher Gulley (Charley/Facebook)
  41. William Dale Gunn (Charley/Facebook)
  42. Raul Rodriguez Gutierrez (Charley/Facebook)
  43. Timothy J. Guy (Charley/Facebook)

  1. Bradley J. Hale (Charley/Facebook)
  2. Brandy Lynn Hall (Charley/Facebook)
  3. Christian Glen Hall (Charley/Facebook)
  4. Cleashindra Denise Hall (Charley/Facebook)
  5. Crystal Gayle Hall (Charley/Facebook)
  6. Joan Leigh Hall (Charley/Facebook)
  7. Matthew Jedediah Hall (Charley/Facebook)
  8. Amy Nicole Hambrick (Charley/Facebook)
  9. Carole Embery Hamilton (Charley/Facebook)
  10. Randolph Robert Hamm (Charley/Facebook)
  11. Stephen Scott Hammerle (Charley/Facebook)
  12. Chang Ho Han (Charley/Facebook)
  13. Edward Joseph Hannigan (Charley/Facebook)
  14. Janice Marie Hannigan (Charley/Facebook)
  15. David Hardy Jr. (Charley/Facebook)
  16. James Harig (Charley/Facebook)
  17. Kimberly Ann Harley (Charley/Facebook)
  18. Edmond Haronian (Charley/Facebook/Facebook)
  19. Diana Lynn Harris (Charley/Facebook)
  20. Shaniece Rose Harris (Charley/Facebook)
  21. Robert Gene Harrison (Charley/Facebook)
  22. Stephanie Dianne Hartwell (Charley/Facebook)
  23. Melissa Dawn Hasley (Charley/Facebook)
  24. Sabrina Lee Hatheway (Charley/Facebook)
  25. Amy Lyn Haueter (Charley/Facebook)
  26. Larry Brian Haynes (Charley/Facebook)
  27. Richard Lee Haynes Jr. (Charley/Facebook)
  28. Jessica Lynn Heeringa (Charley/Facebook)
  29. Maegan Janean Hembree (Charley/Facebook)
  30. Jack R. Hemby (Charley/Facebook)
  31. Charles Arlin Leon Henderson (Charley/Facebook)
  32. Khiara Lavinia Henry (Charley/Facebook)
  33. Brooke Leigh Henson (Charley/Facebook)
  34. Roger Her (Charley/Facebook)
  35. Adam Joseph Herrman (Charley/Facebook)
  36. Emily Lynn Hieber (Charley/Facebook)
  37. Ashley Standish Higgins (Charley/Facebook)
  38. Heather Lynn Higgins (Charley/Facebook)
  39. Angelia Spaulding Hilbert (Charley/Facebook)
  40. Arthur Eben Hill Jr. (Charley/Facebook)
  41. Darren Bruce Hillis (Charley/Facebook)
  42. Richard Eugene Dale Hitchcock (Charley/Facebook)
  43. Pamela Sue Hobley and Patricia Ann Spencer (Charley/Charley/Facebook)
  44. Heather Dialian Hodges (Charley/Facebook)
  45. Ericka Renee Hogg (Charley/Facebook)
  46. Shannon Michelle Hokanson (Charley/Facebook)
  47. Kelly Junior Hollan (Charley/Facebook)
  48. Courtney Esther Danielle Holt and Samantha Jean Hopper (Charley/Charley/Facebook)
  49. Justin Lee Holt (Charley/Facebook)
  50. Brian Neil Hooks (Charley/Facebook)
  51. Zoe Camille Hope (Charley/Facebook)
  52. Parris Lechelle Hopson (Charley/Facebook)
  53. James Daniel Horn (Charley/Facebook)
  54. Linda Ann House (Charley/Facebook)
  55. Sandra Jean House (Charley/Facebook)
  56. Shannon Michael House (Charley/Facebook)
  57. Emillie Victoria Hoyt (Charley/Facebook)
  58. Angela Whalen Hudson (Charley/Facebook)
  59. Crishtian Michael Hughes (Charley/Facebook)
  60. Jade Marie Humble (Charley/Facebook)
  61. William James Hummelsund (Charley/Facebook)
  62. Erica Nicole Hunt (Charley/Facebook)
  63. Marian Joan Hurley (Charley/Facebook)
  64. Sebastian Tyrese Husted (Charley/Facebook)
  65. Christopher Vernon Hyde (Charley/Facebook)
  66. John Adam Hyde (Charley/Facebook)

  1. Valerie Ingorvaia (Charley/Facebook)
  2. Lisa Renee Irwin (Charley/Facebook)

  1. Charles Edward Jackson Jr. (Charley/Facebook)
  2. Kianna Rae Jackson (Charley/Facebook)
  3. Keeshae Eunique Jacobs (Charley/Facebook)
  4. Sherryl Lynn Jacquot (Charley/Facebook)
  5. Julianne Cecilia Jaillet (Charley/Facebook)
  6. Maurice James II (Charley/Facebook)
  7. Danijel Jaskovic (Charley/Facebook)
  8. Nigel Shervanti Jay (Charley/Facebook)
  9. Amir D’Rod Jennings (Charley/Facebook)
  10. Adelle Katherine Jensen (Charley/Facebook)
  11. Brenda Ann Johnson (Charley/Facebook)
  12. Chloe Johnson and Keir Shante Johnson (Charley/Charley/Facebook)
  13. Elaine Johnson (Charley/Facebook)
  14. Gabriel Scott Johnson (Charley/Facebook)
  15. Janteyl Danielle Johnson (Charley/Facebook)
  16. Ronald Lee Johnson (Charley/Facebook)
  17. Taurean Lamar Johnson (Charley/Facebook)
  18. Typhenie Kae Johnson (Charley/Facebook)
  19. Donna Mae Jokumsen (Charley/Facebook)
  20. DeCorrius Brandon Jones (Charley/Facebook)
  21. Julius TaDarius Jones (Charley/Facebook)
  22. Kerry Grace Jones (Charley/Facebook)
  23. Pamela Gay Jones (Charley/Facebook)
  24. Reny Jose (Charley/Facebook)
  25. Jeremy Leon Jourdain (Charley/Facebook)
  26. Yansis Massiel Juarez (Charley/Facebook)

  1. Alivia Christine Kail (Charley/Facebook)
  2. David A. Kallenberger (Charley/Facebook)
  3. James Joseph Kane III (Charley/Facebook)
  4. Jascie Kara Kaywaykla (Charley/Facebook)
  5. Matthew Ellis Keith (Charley/Facebook)
  6. Tricia J. Kellett (Charley/Facebook)
  7. Rhonda Gail Kelley (Charley/Facebook)
  8. Sebastian Henderson Kelley (Charley/Facebook)
  9. Adam Christopher Kellner (Charley/Facebook)
  10. Angela LaDawn Kelton-McManes (Charley/Facebook)
  11. Kimberley Kay Kersey (Charley/Facebook)
  12. Samantha Michelle Kibalo (Charley/Facebook)
  13. Debra, Jackson and Joshua Kidwell (Charley/Charley/Charley/Facebook)
  14. Ruthie Fawn Kindness (Charley/Facebook)
  15. Amanda A. King (Charley/Facebook)
  16. Kimberly Alice King (Charley/Facebook)
  17. Neal Forrest King (Charley/Facebook)
  18. Tamera Sue Kingery (Charley/Facebook)
  19. Leona Sharon Kinsey (Charley/Facebook)
  20. Sarah Elizabeth Kinslow (Charley/Facebook)
  21. Brian Edward Klecha (Charley/Facebook/Facebook)
  22. Scott Allen Kleeschulte (Charley/Facebook)
  23. Andrea Michelle Knabel (Charley/Facebook)
  24. Khiva McPike Kniffen (Charley/Facebook)
  25. Ashley Victoria Koller (Charley/Facebook)
  26. Peter Sean Kosky (Charley/Facebook)
  27. Asha Kreimer (Charley/Facebook)
  28. Monique Joyce Krewedl (Charley/Facebook)
  29. Patricia Ann Krieger (Charley/Facebook)
  30. Brianne Michele Kruse (Charley/Facebook)
  31. Jason Alexander Kump (Charley/Facebook)
  32. DeOrr Jay Kunz Jr. (Charley/Facebook)
  33. Jordan-Brittany Antoinette Kuykendall (Charley/Facebook)
  34. Jason Lewis Kyles (Charley/Facebook)

  1. Chester E. Labar (Charley/Facebook)
  2. Shannon Clair LaBau (Charley/Facebook)
  3. Chase Allen Lackey (Charley/Facebook)
  4. Rachel Jayanne Lakoduk (Charley/Facebook)
  5. Cassandra Ann Lalonde (Charley/Facebook)
  6. Patricia Ann Lalonde (Charley/Facebook)
  7. Sierra Mae Lamar (Charley/Facebook)
  8. Erik Swan Lamberg (Charley/Facebook)
  9. Megan Nicole Lancaster (Charley/Facebook/Facebook)
  10. Jacquelyn Landry (Charley/Facebook)
  11. Aaron Levar Lane (Charley/Facebook)
  12. Billy J. Lange (Charley/Facebook)
  13. Sandra Suzzane Shapiro Laplace (Charley/Facebook)
  14. Bradley Eugene Lard (Charley/Facebook)
  15. Irene Lanora LaRosa (Charley/Facebook)
  16. Bryce David Laspisa (Charley/Facebook)
  17. Jake Allen Latiolais (Charley/Facebook)
  18. Brandon Mason Lawson (Charley/Facebook)
  19. Landon George League (Charley/Facebook)
  20. Bianca Elaine Lebron (Charley/Facebook)
  21. Karen Jean Lee (Charley/Facebook)
  22. Randy Wayne Leach (Charley/Facebook)
  23. Wanda Jean Lemons (Charley/Facebook)
  24. Jesse Jerome Leopold (Charley/Facebook)
  25. Arturo Lepe (Charley/Facebook)
  26. Tammy Lynn Leppert (Charley/Facebook/Facebook)
  27. Dewayne Lewis Jr. (Charley/Facebook)
  28. Heather Janelle Lewis (Charley/Facebook)
  29. Jacqueline Gale Lewis (Charley/Facebook)
  30. Jerrold Lewis (Charley/Facebook)
  31. Kristopher Bryan Lewis (Charley/Facebook)
  32. Myra Rena Lewis (Charley/Facebook)
  33. Teekah Latres Lewis (Charley/Facebook)
  34. James Bernard Liedtka (Charley/Facebook)
  35. Wynn Kaili Lindsey (Charley/Facebook)
  36. Nieko Anthony Lisi (Charley/Facebook)
  37. Maria Jesus Llamas (Charley/Facebook)
  38. Echo Michelle Lloyd (Charley/Facebook)
  39. Larissa Lone Hill (Charley/Facebook)
  40. Robert J. Long (Charley/Facebook)
  41. Toni Dean Long (Charley/Facebook)
  42. Jacob Ryan Loomis (Charley/Facebook)
  43. Crystal Ana Lopez (Charley/Facebook)
  44. Ashley Mariah Loring (Charley/Facebook)
  45. Brookley Chantille Louks (Charley/Facebook)
  46. Jessica Michelle Lowery (Charley/Facebook)
  47. Alexandria Joy Lowitzer (Charley/Facebook)
  48. O’Dina Jeanette Lucero (Charley/Facebook)
  49. John Ray Ludolph V (Charley/Facebook)
  50. Derek Joseph Lueking (Charley/Facebook)
  51. Benjamin Lund (Charley/Facebook)
  52. Aliayah Paige Lunsford (Charley/Facebook)
  53. Jacob Irvine Lyon (Charley/Facebook)

  1. Heather Ann MacCrossen (Charley/Facebook)
  2. Anna Bronislawa Maciejewska (Charley/Facebook)
  3. Angela Christine Mack and Thomas Michael Rettew (Charley/Charley/Facebook/Facebook)
  4. Tammy Mahoney (Charley/Facebook)
  5. Brianna Alexandria Maitland (Charley/Facebook)
  6. Gabriel Leonardo Makielski-Rivera and Isabel Marie Makielski-Rivera (Charley/Charley/Facebook)
  7. Brandi Jo Malonson (Charley/Facebook)
  8. Gregory Keith Mann Jr. (Charley/Facebook)
  9. James Alfred Mann (Charley/Facebook)
  10. David Marchan (Charley/Facebook)
  11. Timur Mardeyev (Charley/Facebook)
  12. Mackenzie Rae Marken (Charley/Facebook)
  13. Alicia Bernice Markovich (Charley/Facebook)
  14. Sherry Lynn Marler (Charley/Facebook)
  15. Nicole Dawn Marranca (Charley/Facebook)
  16. Elizabeth Marriott (Charley/Facebook)
  17. Allen Christopher Martin (Charley/Facebook)
  18. Carolyn Sue Martin and Mark Steven Martin (Charley/Charley/Facebook)
  19. Donnie Ray Martin III (Charley/Facebook)
  20. Dustin Thomas Martin (Charley/Facebook)
  21. Jace Martin (Charley/Facebook)
  22. Morgan Keyanna Martin (Charley/Facebook)
  23. Wilbert Martin (Charley/Facebook)
  24. Cynthia Crystal Martinez (Charley/Facebook)
  25. Thomas Edward Mascaro (Charley/Facebook)
  26. Jessica Lynne Masker (Charley/Facebook)
  27. Kayla Rose Mason (Charley/Facebook)
  28. Luzeia Larea Mae Mathis (Charley/Facebook)
  29. Todd Bradley Jay Mathis (Charley/Facebook)
  30. Vernon Cody Matthews (Charley/Facebook/Facebook)
  31. Brenda L. Matissen (Charley/Facebook)
  32. Neo Babson Maximus (Charley/Facebook)
  33. Jennifer Kabura Mbugua (Charley/Facebook)
  34. David Allen McAllister (Charley/Facebook)
  35. Clayton Lynn McCarter and Rodney Michael Scott (Charley/Charley/Facebook)
  36. Michael Anthony McClain (Charley/Facebook)
  37. Marion McCleneghan-Sodo (Charley/Facebook)
  38. Karena S. McClerkin (Charley/Facebook)
  39. Da’Shawn Leon McCormick (Charley/Facebook)
  40. Patty Lisa McDaniel and Peggy Leslie McDaniel (Charley/Charley/Facebook)
  41. James Francis McDonald (Charley/Facebook)
  42. Jalen Thomas McCuin (Charley/Facebook)
  43. Melissa Diane McGuinn (Charley/Facebook)
  44. Peggy Anne McGuire (Charley/Facebook)
  45. Carol Joan McHugh (Charley/Facebook)
  46. Sofia Michelle McKenna (Charley/Facebook)
  47. Tamara L. McKittrick (Charley/Facebook)
  48. Zaden Alexander McKnight (Charley/Facebook)
  49. Robert Torrence McLaughlin (Charley/Facebook)
  50. Alyssa Angelique McLemore (Charley/Facebook)
  51. Christopher Joseph McNeill (Charley/Facebook)
  52. Nancy Jean Medina (Charley/Facebook)
  53. Hope Danielle Meek (Charley/Facebook)
  54. Rachel Marie Mellon (Charley/Facebook)
  55. Eric Israel Mercado (Charley/Facebook)
  56. Kimberly Ann Mericle (Charley/Facebook)
  57. Deanna Michelle Merryfield (Charley/Facebook)
  58. Sky Elijah Metalwala (Charley/Facebook/Facebook)
  59. Marta Alicia Michel (Charley/Facebook)
  60. Cole Younger Middleton (Charley/Facebook)
  61. Dannette Latonia Millbrook and Jeannette Latressa Millbrook (Charley/Charley/Facebook)
  62. Mark Allen Miller (Charley/Facebook)
  63. Molly Miller (Charley/Facebook)
  64. Stephen Mark Millis (Charley/Facebook)
  65. Joseph Eric Miranda Jr. (Charley/Facebook)
  66. Christopher Bryan Mitchell (Charley/Facebook)
  67. Irma Mkrtchyan (Charley/Facebook)
  68. Rebecca Rachel Modrall (Charley/Facebook)
  69. Kenneth Earl Mohler (Charley/Facebook)
  70. Manuel Valentino-Franc Molina (Charley/Facebook)
  71. Moreira Elena Monsalve (Charley/Facebook)
  72. Shelley Lynn Mook (Charley/Facebook)
  73. Kristie Annette Moon (Charley/Facebook)
  74. Desmond Moore (Charley/Facebook)
  75. Elijah Hassan Moore and Enrique Martin Rios (Charley/Charley/Facebook)
  76. Ivan DeYoung Moore (Charley/Facebook)
  77. Vincent Moore (Charley/Facebook)
  78. Vanessa Morales (Charley/Facebook)
  79. Jack Duane Morgan (Charley/Facebook)
  80. Hoover Jerome Morris (Charley/Facebook)
  81. Michael John Morris (Charley/Facebook)
  82. Carlee Jade Morse (Charley/Facebook)
  83. Monica Day Moynan (Charley/Facebook)
  84. Benjamin Ray Munoz (Charley/Facebook)
  85. Anesha Katherine Murnane (Charley/Facebook)
  86. Maura Murray (Charley/Facebook)
  87. Thomas Charles Murray Jr. (Charley/Facebook)
  88. Christine Abdellah Mustafa (Charley/Facebook)
  89. Brandy Lynn Myers (Charley/Facebook)
  90. Tracy Lynn Myers (Charley/Facebook)

  1. Dustin Kane Nations (Charley/Facebook)
  2. Sasha Lee Naylor (Charley/Facebook)
  3. Jorden Shyann Nebling (Charley/Facebook)
  4. April Rene Neider (Charley/Facebook)
  5. David Virgil Neily (Charley/Facebook)
  6. Norvel Robert Nelson III (Charley/Facebook)
  7. Lorenzo Neri (Charley/Facebook)
  8. Daniel Lee Newville (Charley/Facebook)
  9. Dan Anh Nguyen, Johnson Nguyen, Anesia Sauta and Tony Sysavanh (Charley/Charley/Charley/Charley/Facebook)
  10. Kevin Nguyen (Charley/Facebook)
  11. Thomas Joseph Nigro (Charley/Facebook)
  12. Terasi Niholimbele (Charley/Facebook)
  13. Georgia Darlene Nolan (Charley/Facebook)
  14. Tyler North (Charley/Facebook)

  1. Leigh Marine Occhi (Charley/Facebook)
  2. Kaylene Marie Oehling (Charley/Facebook)
  3. Joey Lynn Offutt (Charley/Facebook)
  4. Daniel Michael O’Leary (Charley/Facebook)
  5. Billy H. Oliveira (Charley/Facebook)
  6. James Randolph Olsen (Charley/Facebook)
  7. Maribel Oquendo-Carrero (Charley/Facebook)
  8. Crystal Lynn Ortega and Misty Dawn Ortega (Charley/Charley/Facebook)
  9. David Jacquez Ortiz Jr. (Charley/Facebook)
  10. Beverly Ann Ozuna-Ulrich (Charley/Facebook)

  1. Amy Sue Pagnac (Charley/Facebook)
  2. Lauralyn Palmer (Charley/Facebook)
  3. Roxanne Elizabeth Paltauf (Charley/Facebook)
  4. Arionna Parham (Charley/Facebook)
  5. Elaine Park (Charley/Facebook)
  6. Carey Mae Parker (Charley/Facebook)
  7. Judy Ann Parker (Charley/Facebook)
  8. Michelle Loree Parker (Charley/Facebook)
  9. Ashley Marie Parlier (Charley/Facebook)
  10. Laurie Lynn Partridge (Charley/Facebook)
  11. William Fred Patient (Charley/Facebook)
  12. Rayman Anthony Patram (Charley/Facebook)
  13. Jennifer Nicole Patterson (Charley/Facebook)
  14. Sandra Kay Patterson (Charley/Facebook)
  15. Danyel Lynn Pauley (Charley/Facebook)
  16. Tyler Christopher Payne (Charley/Facebook)
  17. Brook Lynn Peck (Charley/Facebook)
  18. Anthony Michael Peduto (Charley/Facebook)
  19. Bonifacio Miguel Pena (Charley/Facebook)
  20. Glenn Warren Pennie (Charley/Facebook)
  21. Shanna Genelle Peoples (Charley/Facebook)
  22. Prisma Denisse Peralta Reyes (Charley/Facebook)
  23. Camelia Perez-Hernandez (Charley/Facebook)
  24. Lance Eugene Perkins (Charley/Facebook)
  25. Brett Burton Perry (Charley/Facebook)
  26. Dona Marie Perry (Charley/Facebook)
  27. Efuru Denise Perry (Charley/Facebook)
  28. Dean Marie Peters (Charley/Facebook)
  29. Glenda Jean Petersen (Charley/Facebook)
  30. Jamie Nicole Peterson (Charley/Facebook)
  31. Skylar Gregory Peterson Tosic (Charley/Facebook)
  32. Denise Diane Pflum (Charley/Facebook)
  33. Tien Pham (Charley/Facebook)
  34. Giang Thai Than Phan (Charley/Facebook)
  35. Samuel Richard Pharis (Charley/Facebook)
  36. Katherine Shelbie-Elizabeth Phillips (Charley/Facebook)
  37. Rondreiz Cortez Phillips (Charley/Facebook)
  38. Tianna Ann Phillips (Charley/Facebook)
  39. Lisa Ann Pierce (Charley/Facebook)
  40. Keith B. Pigram (Charley/Facebook)
  41. April Beth Pitzer (Charley/Facebook)
  42. Janice Kathryn Pockett (Charley/Facebook)
  43. Deborah Deann Poe (Charley/Facebook)
  44. Jennifer Lee Poole (Charley/Facebook)
  45. Tamara Dawn Porrin (Charley/Facebook)
  46. Lea Chali Porter (Charley/Facebook)
  47. Zachary Bashir Porter (Charley/Facebook)
  48. Deborah J. Post (Charley/Facebook)
  49. Beverly Rose Potts (Charley/Facebook)
  50. Frank Estes Powell III (Charley/Facebook)
  51. Wayne David Powell (Charley/Facebook)
  52. Rachel Geraldine Pratt (Charley/Facebook)
  53. Jill Paula Primavera (Charley/Facebook)
  54. Victoria Lynn Prokopovitz (Charley/Facebook)
  55. Debra Elizabeth Puente (Charley/Facebook)
  56. Breeanna Fay Pugh (Charley/Facebook)
  57. Eric Wayne Pyles (Charley/Facebook)

  1. Kemberly Lorin Ramer (Charley/Facebook)
  2. Beau Rasmussen (Charley/Facebook)
  3. Leeanne Marie Redden (Charley/Facebook)
  4. Michael Raymond Reeder (Charley/Facebook)
  5. Sophie Elizabeth Reeder (Charley/Facebook)
  6. Daniel Lee Reich (Charley/Facebook)
  7. Jason D. Reil (Charley/Facebook)
  8. Kim Margaret Remmel (Charley/Facebook)
  9. Cameron William Remmer (Charley/Facebook)
  10. Ayla Bell Reynolds (Charley/Facebook)
  11. Destry Richard Rhinehart (Charley/Facebook)
  12. Brady Christian Rhodes (Charley/Facebook)
  13. Jamir Bashir Richardson (Charley/Facebook)
  14. Lynn M. Rickard (Charley/Facebook)
  15. Simone Stephanie Ridinger (Charley/Facebook)
  16. Robert Rietzel (Charley/Facebook)
  17. Heather Marie Riggio (Charley/Facebook)
  18. LaQuanta Nachelle Riley (Charley/Facebook/Facebook)
  19. Cindy L. Rivera (Charley/Facebook)
  20. Conrad Marcano Rivera (Charley/Facebook)
  21. Elsha Marie Rivera (Charley/Facebook)
  22. Melvia Kaye Roarx (Charley/Facebook)
  23. Travis Dewayne Roberson (Charley/Facebook)
  24. Keeslyn Noelle Roberts (Charley/Facebook/Facebook)
  25. LaTonya Dionne Roberts (Charley/Facebook)
  26. Leah Toby Roberts (Charley/Facebook)
  27. Amiah Robertson (Charley/Facebook/Facebook)
  28. Brittany Shante Robinson (Charley/Facebook)
  29. Dale Richard Robinson (Charley/Facebook)
  30. Kayla Rodriguez and Justin Winfrey (Charley/Charley/Facebook)
  31. Laurel Lea Rogers (Charley/Facebook)
  32. Qua’mere Sincere Rogers (Charley/Facebook)
  33. Louise Lamona Romero (Charley/Facebook)
  34. Jesse Warren Ross (Charley/Facebook)
  35. Tanova Ross (Charley/Facebook)
  36. Koby Roush (Charley/Facebook)
  37. Regina Rowell (Charley/Facebook)
  38. Jessie Grace Rubio-Montejano (Charley/Facebook)
  39. Loren James Ruden (Charley/Facebook)
  40. Maryanne Jane Ruffini (Charley/Facebook)
  41. Rafael Eduardo Ruiz (Charley/Facebook)
  42. Kyle Thomas Rugg (Charley/Facebook)
  43. Michelle June Russ (Charley/Facebook)

  1. Maria Angelica Salas (Charley/Facebook)
  2. Rolando Salas Jusino (Charley/Facebook)
  3. Larissa Marie Sam (Charley/Facebook)
  4. Michael Anthony Sanchez (Charley/Facebook)
  5. Christopher Lynn Sanders (Charley/Facebook)
  6. Paul David Sanders (Charley/Facebook)
  7. Dylan Arthur Sanford (Charley/Facebook)
  8. Marlene Santana (Charley/Facebook)
  9. Bonnie Kay Santiago (Charley/Facebook)
  10. Lucero Sarabia (Charley/Facebook)
  11. Kenneth Albert Saunders (Charley/Facebook)
  12. Isaac John Savoie and Rebecca May Savoie (Charley/Charley/Facebook)
  13. Jonathan M. Schaff (Charley/Facebook)
  14. Karissa Alline Schell (Charley/Facebook)
  15. Kelsie Jean Schelling (Charley/Facebook)
  16. Logan Drew Schiendelman (Charley/Facebook)
  17. Terri Lea Schlatter (Charley/Facebook)
  18. Cory Christopher Schroeder (Charley/Facebook)
  19. Lucy Evalyne Schuhmann (Charley/Facebook)
  20. Alexis Camry Scott (Charley/Facebook)
  21. Daniel Leon Scott (Charley/Facebook)
  22. Miguel Sonny Scott (Charley/Facebook)
  23. Trukita Jaquita Scott (Charley/Facebook)
  24. Julie Lynn Seay (Charley/Facebook)
  25. Derek Adam Seehausen (Charley/Facebook)
  26. Olga Vyacheslav Segal (Charley/Facebook)
  27. Brian Randall Shaffer (Charley/Facebook)
  28. Damien Mark Sharp (Charley/Facebook)
  29. Tanner Lane Sharp (Charley/Facebook)
  30. Mark Roger Shearer (Charley/Facebook)
  31. Jeff Anthony Shepherd (Charley/Facebook)
  32. Kelley Nicole Sherman (Charley/Facebook)
  33. Candice Renee Shields (Charley/Facebook)
  34. Nicholas Harley Shinn (Charley/Facebook)
  35. Jahessye Jash’ua Shockley (Charley/Facebook)
  36. Lisa Marie Shuttleworth (Charley/Facebook)
  37. Sean Isaac Sidi (Charley/Facebook)
  38. Jawan Alton Siebert (Charley/Facebook)
  39. Joshua Vance Simiskey (Charley/Facebook)
  40. Prentiss Dant’e Simpson (Charley/Facebook)
  41. Kelly Diane Sims (Charley/Facebook)
  42. Robert Earl Sine IV (Charley/Facebook)
  43. Alexander William Skelton, Andrew Ryan Skelton and Tanner Lucas Skelton (Charley/Charley/Charley/Facebook)
  44. LaQuandra Shavonne Slater (Charley/Facebook)
  45. Corinna Paige Slusser (Charley/Facebook)
  46. Patricia Marie Small (Charley/Facebook)
  47. Benjamin Smith (Charley/Facebook)
  48. Bruce Scott Smith (Charley/Facebook)
  49. Carol Ann Smith (Charley/Facebook)
  50. Daryl Arnaz Smith (Charley/Facebook)
  51. Dashad Laquinn Smith (Charley/Facebook)
  52. Jasmaine Michelle Smith (Charley/Facebook)
  53. Macin Darrin Smith (Charley/Facebook)
  54. Nathan Wayne Smith (Charley/Facebook)
  55. Phillip Alan Smith (Charley/Facebook)
  56. Rhonda Ilean Smith (Charley/Facebook)
  57. Vickie Annette Smock (Charley/Facebook)
  58. William Paul Smolinski Jr. (Charley/Facebook)
  59. Daniel William Southers (Charley/Facebook)
  60. Samantha Rose Sperry (Charley/Facebook)
  61. Jason Matthew Spraggins (Charley/Facebook)
  62. Ebonee Shanetta Spears (Charley/Facebook)
  63. Shonda Renee Stansbury (Charley/Facebook)
  64. Jered Ryan Stefansky (Charley/Facebook)
  65. Angela Cherice Gwinn Stephens (Charley/Facebook)
  66. Natoya Stephens (Charley/Facebook)
  67. Sarah L. Stern (Charley/Facebook)
  68. Tyler Andrew Stice (Charley/Facebook)
  69. Tonia Renee Stiles (Charley/Facebook)
  70. Wesley Still Smoking (Charley/Facebook)
  71. Danielle Ann Stislicki (Charley/Facebook)
  72. Chad Nathan Stotz-Gomez (Charley/Facebook)
  73. Kortne Ciera Stouffer (Charley/Facebook)
  74. Luke David Stout (Charley/Facebook)
  75. Bradley Chace Stracener (Charley/Facebook)
  76. Kylan Patrick Stubler (Charley/Facebook)
  77. Yessenia Ivette Suarez, Thalia Ivette Otto and Michael Elijah Otto (Charley/Charley/Charley/Facebook)
  78. Pei Yen Sung (Charley/Facebook)
  79. Michael Alan Sutherland (Charley/Facebook)
  80. Amber Jean Swartz-Garcia (Charley/Facebook)
  81. Mary Jean Sylvestre (Charley/Facebook)

  1. Adagio Talifero (Charley/Facebook)
  2. Chandra Marie Taylor (Charley/Facebook)
  3. Cieha Annette Taylor (Charley/Facebook)
  4. Patricia Lynn Taylor (Charley/Facebook)
  5. Heather Danyelle Teague (Charley/Facebook)
  6. Derrick James Tenorio (Charley/Facebook)
  7. Terry Lynn Tersak (Charley/Facebook)
  8. Amanda Michelle Thacker (Charley/Facebook)
  9. Robert Austin Tharp (Charley/Facebook)
  10. Duane Ryan Thomas (Charley/Facebook/Facebook)
  11. Kristy A. Thomas (Charley/Facebook)
  12. Marla Jean Thomas (Charley/Facebook)
  13. Lauren Elizabeth Thompson (Charley/Facebook)
  14. Edna Christine Thorne (Charley/Facebook)
  15. Rose Timperley (Charley/Facebook)
  16. Bethany Maria Tiner (Charley/Facebook)
  17. Betty Jean Toepfer (Charley/Facebook)
  18. Patricia Sue Tolhurst (Charley/Facebook)
  19. Danielle Tolliver (Charley/Facebook)
  20. Teresa Lynn Towne-Woolard (Charley/Facebook)
  21. James Daren Treadwell Sr. (Charley/Facebook)
  22. Charlotte Eliza Trego (Charley/Facebook)
  23. Nancy Troche-Garcia (Charley/Facebook)
  24. Katherine Anne Truitt (Charley/Facebook)
  25. Helen Irene Tucker (Charley/Facebook)
  26. Cody Henry Turner (Charley/Facebook)

  1. William Campbell Underhill (Charley/Facebook)
  2. Hannah Emily Upp (Charley/Facebook)
  3. Seth Allen Uptain (Charley/Facebook)

  1. Helen Theresa Valentine (Charley/Facebook)
  2. Jenna Van Gelderen (Charley/Facebook)
  3. Shannon Rippy VanNewkirk (Charley/Facebook)
  4. Michael David Vanzandt (Charley/Facebook)
  5. Brian Thomas Vargo (Charley/Facebook)
  6. Elyssa Marie Vasquez (Charley/Facebook)
  7. Patricia Vaughan (Charley/Facebook)
  8. Jenna Lynn Verhille (Charley/Facebook)
  9. Brianna Jayde Vibert (Charley/Facebook)
  10. Christopher William Vigil (Charley/Facebook)
  11. Edward William Viola (Charley/Facebook)
  12. Steven Gerard Voegtli (Charley/Facebook)
  13. Laura Vogel (Charley/Facebook)
  14. Charles Jason Vosseler and William Martin Vosseler (Charley/Charley/Facebook)

  1. Delecia Annette Waddy (Charley/Facebook)
  2. David Wayne Waggoner (Charley/Facebook)
  3. Brittany Marie Walker (Charley/Facebook)
  4. John Clinton Walker (Charley/Facebook)
  5. Zaela Walker (Charley/Facebook)
  6. Jacob Wallace (Charley/Facebook)
  7. Lisa Marie Wallace (Charley/Facebook)
  8. Terkessa L. Wallace (Charley/Facebook)
  9. Nicole Yvonne Waller (Charley/Facebook)
  10. Christine Lindsey Walters (Charley/Facebook)
  11. Wesley A. Wamsganz (Charley/Facebook)
  12. Amanda Lyn Ward-Romine (Charley/Facebook)
  13. Rebecca Ann Ware (Charley/Facebook)
  14. David Clayton Warner (Charley/Facebook)
  15. Stephanie Anne Warner (Charley/Facebook)
  16. Mayrick Eugene Warren (Charley/Facebook)
  17. Adrian Demont Washington (Charley/Facebook)
  18. Corey Allan Waterman (Charley/Facebook)
  19. Matthew Jonathan Weaver Jr. (Charley/Facebook)
  20. Joseph Weber IV (Charley/Facebook)
  21. Tyler Alan Welling (Charley/Facebook)
  22. Brandi Ellen Wells (Charley/Facebook)
  23. Cloudia Leslie Wells (Charley/Facebook)
  24. Tamala Niecole Wells (Charley/Facebook)
  25. Jaymie Renee West (Charley/Facebook)
  26. Sydney Kaitlyn West (Charley/Facebook)
  27. Yiear James Samuel West (Charley/Facebook)
  28. Charles Phillip Wheat (Charley/Facebook)
  29. Kelly Allison Whiddon (Charley/Facebook)
  30. Caleta Sade White (Charley/Facebook)
  31. Holly Alcott White (Charley/Facebook)
  32. John Thomas White (Charley/Facebook)
  33. Lisa Joy White (Charley/Facebook)
  34. Christina Maxine Whittaker (Charley/Facebook)
  35. Tiffany Michelle Whitton (Charley/Facebook)
  36. Heide Dawn Wilbur (Charley/Facebook)
  37. Ian Kirk Willcoxson (Charley/Facebook)
  38. Ashley Ann Williams (Charley/Facebook)
  39. Becky Jane Williams (Charley/Facebook)
  40. Brandon Steve Williams (Charley/Facebook)
  41. Tyarra Cacique Williams (Charley/Facebook)
  42. Tina Rennee Williamson (Charley/Facebook)
  43. Henry and Kristie Wilson (Charley/Charley/Facebook)
  44. Jeremy Todd Wilson (Charley/Facebook)
  45. Brandy Winkler (Charley/Facebook)
  46. Christopher James Winkler (Charley/Facebook)
  47. Tracy Lynn Winslow (Charley/Facebook)
  48. Teresa Lynn Lawyer Wisner (Charley/Facebook)
  49. Michael Anthony Womack (Charley/Facebook)
  50. Brittney Nicole Wood (Charley/Facebook)
  51. Kaidena Lozelle Wood (Charley/Facebook)
  52. Starina Marie Woods (Charley/Facebook)
  53. Fred Wright (Charley/Facebook)
  54. Shelby Raistlin Wright (Charley/Facebook)

  1. Dorothy Allen Yates-McCathran (Charley/Facebook)
  2. Jamie Lynnette Yazzie (Charley/Facebook)
  3. Cassie Linette Yeary (Charley/Facebook)
  4. Gregory Young (Charley/Facebook)

  1. Hannah Marie Zaccaglini (Charley/Facebook)
  2. Christopher Louis Zaharias and Lisa Mae Zaharias (Charley/Charley/Facebook)
  3. Joseph Leo Zak (Charley/Facebook)
  4. Carie Melissa Zapletal (Charley/Facebook)
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