Sorry, late for Flashback Friday

Yeah, sorry about that. Some unexpected stuff got thrown in my way yesterday. Today we are all going out to see The Secret Life of Pets and then when we return I’ll finally get a Charley update in. Lots of stuff has happened in the MP world, including a new MWAB case.

So this week’s FF is Deborah McCall. And alas, as with Mirko Yug, I don’t know anything about Deborah or her disappearance besides the basics: last seen in Downers Grove, Illinois (which Wikipedia says is a far western Chicago suburb) on November 5, 1979, age 16. She’s got a detailed clothing description but nothing so far as details of disappearance. NamUs has a wee bit more info than me: Deborah was last seen after she left school.

She was a very attractive teenager if the three pics that remain are any guideline. Given the times, she was probably written off as a runaway.

I wonder what really happened.

One thought on “Sorry, late for Flashback Friday

  1. Cathie Darnell January 14, 2020 / 11:09 am

    Hello, I knew Debbie in high school. She was a sweet funny wonderful girl. You are correct that they believed she was a run-away initially. She was a foster kid, and she had an older sister so I think the police thought that she had just taken off. People who knew her were frustrated by that because she we knew she was not a run-away. I may be wrong about this, but the talk at the time she disappeared was that the police didn’t check her school locker for several days (again thinking she was a run-away), but as I recall when they eventually did check they found her purse in the locker and money in the purse, I think it was at that point that they realized that this was not likely a run-away situation. I was older than Debbie and had left for college that fall so all of this information is 2nd and 3rd hand from people that were still at Downers North High School. The reason for my post is yesterday the police solved a 44 year old case of a murdered girl in Lisle which is the town just west of Downers Grove. I am attaching the information to this post. The police believe that this man was a serial killer. I was shocked to see a picture of Debbie along with the murdered girl, and 2 other people that this man killed. Although Debbie’s body was never found It looks likely that the man who killed Pamela Maurer may also have killed Debbie. The killer himself is dead, but Debbie’s picture was found with his belongings.

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