Make-a-List Monday: More Facebook

A little over a year ago I did a list of MPs that had Facebook pages set up to help find them. Well, here’s more of them that have been added since then, or ones I missed the first time around.

  1. Mohammed Abdulmohsen Alghannam (Facebook/Charley)
  2. Robin Renea Abrams (Facebook/Charley)
  3. Haidar Mustafa Abushaqra (Facebook/Charley)
  4. Richard Paul Agor (Facebook/Charley)
  5. Tammy Lynn Akers (Facebook/Charley)
  6. Bryan Lamar Allen (Facebook/Charley)
  7. Cecil O. Baker (Facebook/Charley)
  8. Morgan Aryn Bauer (Facebook/Charley)
  9. Zachary James Bell (Facebook/Charley)
  10. Hugues Bellevue (Facebook/Charley)
  11. Steven Alan Billman (Facebook/Charley)
  12. Tina Louise Bowen (Facebook/Charley)
  13. Jonathan Kyle Brackett (Facebook/Charley)
  14. Rebekah Noel Bramel (Facebook/Charley)
  15. Linda D. Brewer (Facebook/Charley)
  16. Lacey Marie Buenfil (Facebook/Charley)
  17. Bertha Louise Burke (Facebook/Charley)
  18. Vicky Lynn Burross (Facebook/Charley)
  19. Christina Renee Bussell (Facebook/Charley)
  20. Brian Joseph Butler (Facebook/Charley)
  21. Diamond Bynum and King Rajan Walker (Facebook/Charley and Charley)
  22. Chip Michael Campbell (Facebook/Charley)
  23. Heather Danielle Cannon (Facebook/Charley)
  24. Benita Gay Chamberlin (Facebook/Charley)
  25. Lorraine Judith Chance (Facebook/Charley)
  26. Tammy Sue Clements (Facebook/Charley)
  27. David Alan Cohen (Facebook/Charley)
  28. Phoenix Lucille Coldon (Facebook/Charley)
  29. Cassie Kay Compton (Facebook/Charley)
  30. Brenda Louise Condon (Facebook/Charley)
  31. Mercy Johnson Covington (Facebook/Charley)
  32. Lynn A. Cunningham (Facebook/Charley)
  33. Hope Renee Curry (Facebook/Charley)
  34. Robert Allen Dale Jr. (Facebook/Charley)
  35. Monique Christine Daniels (Facebook/Charley)
  36. Tiffany Heaven Daniels (Facebook/Charley)
  37. Joshua Jayvaughn Davis Jr. (Facebook/Charley)
  38. Ronnie Odell Davis (Facebook/Charley)
  39. Danielle Marie Day (Facebook/Charley)
  40. Rosemary Rivas Day (Facebook/Charley)
  41. Marie Chantal Delly (Facebook/Charley)
  42. Caleb Ray Diehl (Facebook/Charley)
  43. Christopher Ray Douthat (Facebook/Charley)
  44. Thomas Lee Duesterhaus (Facebook/Charley)
  45. John Parks Duty Sr. (Facebook/Charley)
  46. Helen Leone Dymond (Facebook/Charley)
  47. Kayla Marie Eitel (Facebook/Charley)
  48. Heather Rachelle Elvis (Facebook/Charley)
  49. David Emerson Jr. (Facebook/Charley)
  50. Brookelyn Shae Farthing (Facebook/Charley)
  51. Keith Allan Fetter (Facebook/Charley)
  52. Janet Renee Field (Facebook/Charley)
  53. Phyllis Anne Flynn (Facebook/Charley)
  54. Robin Darlene Flynn (Facebook/Charley)
  55. Jeremiah Edward Foco (Facebook/Charley)
  56. Megan Renee Foglesong (Facebook/Charley)
  57. Brittany Anne Ford and Deklon Ford (Facebook/Charley and Charley)
  58. Earnest Edward Francis (Facebook/Charley)
  59. Tabitha Lynn Franklin (Facebook/Charley)
  60. Angela Marie Fullmer (Facebook/Charley)
  61. Daniel Octavio Gallardo Jr. (Facebook/Charley)
  62. Joseph Paul Gauthier (Facebook/Charley)
  63. Claudine Jaquier Gifford (Facebook/Charley)
  64. Angela Marie Gilbert (Facebook/Charley)
  65. Haydn Gomez (Facebook/Charley)
  66. Samantha Angel Gonzales (Facebook/Charley)
  67. Noemi Gonzalez (Facebook/Charley)
  68. Lawrence Jon Goodman (Facebook/Charley)
  69. Ember Skye Graham (Facebook/Charley)
  70. Crystal Dupuis Grebinger (Facebook/Charley)
  71. Helen Marie Green (Facebook/Charley)
  72. Theresa Rena Green (Facebook/Charley)
  73. Chang Ho Han (Facebook/Charley)
  74. James Harig (Facebook/Charley)
  75. Kimberly Ann Harley (Facebook/Charley)
  76. Jessica Lynn Heeringa (Facebook/Charley)
  77. Maegan Janean Hembree (Facebook/Charley)
  78. Shannon Michelle Hokanson (Facebook/Charley)
  79. Elizabeth Ann Hornbeck (Facebook/Charley)
  80. Emillie Victoria Hoyt (Facebook/Charley)
  81. Jade Marie Humble (Facebook/Charley)
  82. Christopher Vernon Hyde (Facebook/Charley)
  83. Kianna Rae Jackson (Facebook/Charley)
  84. Maurice James II (Facebook/Charley)
  85. Nigel Shervanti Jay (Facebook/Charley)
  86. Amir D’Rod Jennings (Facebook/Charley)
  87. Janteyl Danielle Johnson (Facebook/Charley)
  88. Creola Courtney Jones (Facebook/Charley)
  89. Reny Jose (Facebook/Charley)
  90. Yansis Massiel Juarez (Facebook/Charley)
  91. David A. Kallenberger (Facebook/Charley)
  92. James Joseph Kane III (Facebook/Charley)
  93. Lyudmila L. Katretchko (Facebook/Charley)
  94. Samantha Michelle Kibalo (Facebook/Charley)
  95. Ruthie Fawn Kindness (Facebook/Charley)
  96. Neal Forrest King (Facebook/Charley)
  97. Ashley Victoria Koller (Facebook/Charley)
  98. Brianne Michele Kruse (Facebook/Charley)
  99. Aaron Levar Lane (Facebook/Charley)
  100. Irene Lanora LaRosa (Facebook/Charley)
  101. Brandon Mason Lawson (Facebook/Charley)
  102. Landon George League (Facebook/Charley)
  103. Steven Ray Leasure (Facebook/Charley)
  104. Karen Jean Lee (Facebook/Charley)
  105. Wanda J. Lemons (Facebook/Charley)
  106. Kristopher Bryan Lewis (Facebook/Charley)
  107. Nieko Anthony Lisi (Facebook/Charley)
  108. Robert J. Long (Facebook/Charley)
  109. Toni Dean Long (Facebook/Charley)
  110. David Marchan (Facebook/Charley)
  111. Wilbert Martin (Facebook/Charley)
  112. Chase Tyler Massner (Facebook and Facebook/Charley)
  113. Jennifer Kabura Mbugua (Facebook/Charley)
  114. Stephen Christopher McAfee (Facebook/Charley)
  115. Clayton Lynn McCarter and Rodney Michael Scott (Facebook/Charley and Charley)
  116. Dashawn Leon McCormick (Facebook/Charley)
  117. James Francis McDonald (Facebook/Charley)
  118. Nancy Jean Medina (Facebook/Charley)
  119. Molly Miller (Facebook/Charley)
  120. Steven Martin Moline Jr. (Facebook/Charley)
  121. Shelley Mook (Facebook/Charley)
  122. Vincent Moore (Facebook/Charley)
  123. Carlee Jade Morse (Facebook/Charley)
  124. Benjamin Ray Munoz (Facebook/Charley)
  125. Alexis Tiara Murphy (Facebook/Charley)
  126. April Rene Neider (Facebook/Charley)
  127. Joey Lynn Offutt (Facebook/Charley)
  128. Gordon Thomas Page Jr. (Facebook/Charley)
  129. Michelle Loree Parker (Facebook/Charley)
  130. Brook Lynn Peck (Facebook/Charley)
  131. Anthony Michael Peduto (Facebook/Charley)
  132. Shanna Genelle Peoples (Facebook/Charley)
  133. Glenda Jean Petersen (Facebook/Charley)
  134. Giang Thai Than Phan (Facebook/Charley)
  135. April Michelle Pickens (Facebook/Charley)
  136. Jennifer Lee Poole (Facebook/Charley)
  137. Tamara Dawn Porrin (Facebook/Charley)
  138. Deborah J. Post (Facebook/Charley)
  139. Frank Estes Powell II (Facebook/Charley)
  140. Victoria Lynn Prokopovitz (Facebook/Charley)
  141. Kim Margaret Remmel (Facebook/Charley)
  142. Cameron William Remmer (Facebook/Charley)
  143. Ayla Bell Reynolds (Facebook/Charley)
  144. David Martin Riemens (Facebook/Charley)
  145. Elsha Marie Rivera (Facebook/Charley)
  146. Dale Richard Robinson (Facebook/Charley)
  147. Crystal Maria Rogers (Facebook/Charley)
  148. Amanda Romine-Ward (Facebook/Charley)
  149. Maryanne Jane Ruffini (Facebook/Charley)
  150. Kyle Thomas Rugg (Facebook/Charley)
  151. Paul David Sanders (Facebook/Charley)
  152. Bonnie Kay Santiago (Facebook/Charley)
  153. Toshia L. Savoy (Facebook/Charley)
  154. Shea Erin Saysavanh (Facebook/Charley)
  155. Terri Lea Schlatter (Facebook/Charley)
  156. David Wayne Schroeder (Facebook/Charley)
  157. Miguel Sonny Scott (Facebook/Charley)
  158. Derek Adam Seehausen (Facebook/Charley)
  159. Tanner Lane Sharp (Facebook/Charley)
  160. Candice Renee Shields (Facebook/Charley)
  161. Jahessye Jash’ua Shockley (Facebook/Charley)
  162. Sean Isaac Sidi (Facebook/Charley)
  163. Jawan Alton Siebert (Facebook/Charley)
  164. Robert Earl Sine IV (Facebook/Charley)
  165. Macin Darrin Smith (Facebook and Facebook/Charley)
  166. Ebonee Shanetta Spears (Facebook/Charley)
  167. Tom Ray Starkel (Facebook/Charley)
  168. Ebby Jane Steppach (Facebook/Charley)
  169. Chad Nathan Stotz-Gomez (Facebook/Charley)
  170. Pei Yen Sung (Facebook/Charley)
  171. Amber Jean Swartz-Garcia (Facebook/Charley)
  172. Patricia Lynn Taylor (Facebook/Charley)
  173. Ivan Darnell Terry II (Facebook/Charley)
  174. Amanda Michelle Thacker (Facebook/Charley)
  175. James Aaron Toole (Facebook/Charley)
  176. Charlotte E. Trego (Facebook/Charley)
  177. Katherine Anne Truitt (Facebook/Charley)
  178. Helen Irene Tucker (Facebook/Charley)
  179. Cody Henry Turner (Facebook/Charley)
  180. Michael David Vanzandt (Facebook/Charley)
  181. Patricia Vaughan (Facebook/Charley)
  182. Jacob Wallace (Facebook/Charley)
  183. Jennifer Anne Walsh (Facebook/Charley)
  184. Felicia Ann Weaver (Facebook/Charley)
  185. Daphne Viola Webb (Facebook/Charley)
  186. Cloudia Leslie Wells (Facebook/Charley)
  187. Kelly Allison Whiddon (Facebook/Charley)
  188. Kathy Sue Wilcox (Facebook/Charley)
  189. Tyarra Cacique Williams (Facebook/Charley)
  190. Jeremy Todd Wilson (Facebook/Charley)
  191. Kaidena Lozelle Wood (Facebook/Charley)
  192. Starina Marie Woods (Facebook/Charley)
  193. Christopher Louis Zaharias and Lisa Mae Zaharias (Facebook/Charley and Charley)
  194. Mo Zhang (Facebook/Charley)

Make-a-List Monday: Black/Hispanic

This list is of people who are biracial and of African-American and Hispanic descent. On this entry I wrote about a missing young girl who was listed as Hispanic but “looked” black to me. Someone posted the following comment:

I just wanted mention that being Latino and looking Black are not separate cultural states. There are many Latinos who are of Afro-Caribbean heritage given that a great deal of Latin America takes place in the Caribbean and historically much of the African slave trade took folks to Latin American islands and nations on the Caribbean and near-Atlantic.

This list isn’t that long; I expect there are probably more people on Charley that meet the requirements, that I just don’t know about.

  1. Patrick Kennedy Alford Jr.
  2. Osvaldo Baro
  3. Terrance S. Bonilla
  4. Michael James Borges
  5. Devin Janelle Brown-Bousetta
  6. Kamyle Stephanie Burgos Ortiz
  7. Gebar Lynon Byrd Jr.
  8. Marco Antonio Cadenas
  9. Keyla Contreras
  10. Natasha Paula Corley
  11. Pinkie Mae Davis-Herron
  12. Nadia Lynn Drummond
  13. Acacia Nicole Duvall and Jon Pierre Duvall
  14. Sarah Raquel Elsafi and Tariq Ahmed Elsafi
  15. Youssef Nabil Elsayed Hassan
  16. Kristopher Bryan Lewis
  17. Gustavo Machado
  18. Natanalie Marie Perez
  19. Victor Leonard Richardson III
  20. Rolando Salas Jusino
  21. Abigail Smith and Isabell Lena Smith
  22. Irwin Yafeth Stewart
  23. Jocelyn Emilia Turcios
  24. Elyssa Marie Vasquez

Make-a-List Monday: Out-of-date photos

A list of MPs where the only pictures I have of them are very out-of-date. “Very” is kind of subjectively defined — I mean, if it’s, say, a two-year-old photo of an adult, that’s not as significant than if the MP is only four and the most recent photo is two years old. Offhand I’d have to say at least five years for adults and less for children, depending.

With some of these photos it’s just sad — some of them are, like, decades out of date. This kind of problem is much less likely to happen nowadays when everyone is always snapping pics with their camera phones and uploading them to the cloud. In a modern case, if there are no recent photos available, it can be an indication that the MP has been missing a lot longer than people want the police to know.

  1. Tyler Jay Augustin
  2. Stephen Shawn Austin
  3. David Barnes Sr.
  4. Lindall Ray Benedict
  5. Susan Maria Ann Cerritelli
  6. Walter Dunson
  7. Inisha V. Fowler and Ivon D. Fowler
  8. Richard Burks Hart
  9. Marie D. Jost and Theodore J. Jost
  10. Ronald Owen Kimble
  11. Charles Ray Koller Sr.
  12. Thomas Mark Leahy
  13. Marilyn J. Lehan
  14. Perry Grant Matheson
  15. Gregory Robert Mitchell
  16. Dion Mike Napier
  17. Carol Frances Norton
  18. Karen Ann Penson
  19. Mary Kay Radford
  20. Ronald Kevin Ross
  21. Clifford J. Sather
  22. Jason William Noble Saul
  23. Jason Sims Jr.
  24. Hilary Harmon Stagg Jr.
  25. Aaron Cody Stepp
  26. Aarone Thompson
  27. Randal Richard Voss
  28. Francis Loretta Heath Wells

Make-a-List Monday: Connected MP cases without photographs for everyone

A lot of times I’ll have cases where multiple people disappeared together (or their cases are believed to be connected, even if they didn’t disappear together) but I only have photos for one of them, so I have to provide whatever information I can scrounge up on the one MP’s page: “Photographs for John Smith are unavailable. His physical description is blah…” And here are these cases:

  1. El-Jahid Forever Allah, missing with his unnamed father
  2. John C. Anstess, missing with Richard Beckman and David Irvin Rodman
  3. Mindy Lou Arnett, missing with Jersey Arnett
  4. Cynthia Atterbury, missing with Oscar Joseph McNear Jr.
  5. Mark Lindsey Bachelder, missing with David Hesterlee
  6. Karla Daniela Barrera, missing with Eddie Martinez and Justin Martinez
  7. Richard Thomas Basgier, missing with Marc McDaniels
  8. Nicholas Joseph Begich and Thomas Hale Boggs Sr., missing with Russell L. Brown and Don Edgar Jonz
  9. Jason Edward Bjaranson, missing with Luke Jensen, Chris Langel and David Nichols
  10. Tara Lea Blue, missing with Richard Sanders
  11. Jennifer Raina Byers-Hernandez, missing with Gerardo Barajas Jr.
  12. Arthur Stanley Carver III, missing with Kevin Wadsworth
  13. Jacqueline Cooper and Mary Louise Watkins, missing with Patty Gay Toliver
  14. Angela Joann DeLawder and Gertrude Marianne Menacher, missing with Charles Gibson and Ivan Gutierrez
  15. Martha Wes Dunn, missing with Eric Owens
  16. Benjamin Alan Eder and Jared Hamrick, missing with Robert Thompson
  17. Demetrius Jermain Elder, missing with Demerick Walker
  18. Judson Lee Fielding, missing with Lonnie Moore and Charles Joseph Winfield
  19. William Henry Forshee Jr. and William Henry Forshee Sr., missing with Minni Gaskins and DeWitt Lewis
  20. Lorena Franco, missing with Julisa Razon
  21. Michelle Renee Giusti and Sharon Louise Giusti, missing with Clara Arleen Giusti
  22. Corinne Anita Hagler, missing with George Garnett
  23. Joe David Key, missing with Darrell Hammons
  24. Diana L. Leone and Gabriel Vincent, missing with Marie Morgan
  25. Irina Malezhik, missing with Michael Klein
  26. Consuela Sheena Marie Malone, missing with her two unnamed sons
  27. Melinda Marie McCollom, missing with Dennis Kaye Woods
  28. Betty McCullough, missing with Herbert Brown
  29. Cornelia Meyer and Georg Weber, missing with Max Meyer
  30. Gerald Montrio, missing with Robert Rasmussen
  31. Lucy T. Pacheco, missing with Albert A. De Mattos
  32. Ben Charles Padilla Jr., missing with John Mikel Mutantu
  33. David Raul Pennisi, missing with Michael Odom
  34. Rebecca Rodriguez, missing with Evangeline Rodriguez Silva and Kenneth John Beltram
  35. Russ Rolnick, missing with Alan J. Hirsch
  36. Suzanne Marie Schultz, missing with Stephen Craig Lund
  37. Andres Tapia, missing with Ramon Turrucllas
  38. Shannon Dale Verhage, missing with Robert Allen and John Weeks
  39. Debra Lee Vowell, missing with Gary Newton and Dennis Vowell
  40. Milan Vucurevich Jr., missing with Jim Chouinard and Mary Houston

MP of the week: Barry Pruett

This week’s featured missing person is Barry Miles Pruett, who disappeared from Redding, California on January 5, 2008, at the age of 28. I’ve got two available photos of him: in one he is clean-cut, military even were it not for the goatee, and in the other he’s quite unkempt and looks like a homeless person.

There’s no reason to suppose Barry’s dead: although he hasn’t had contact with his family since his disappearance, he is known to have been alive (if not well) in El Paso, Texas in 2009 and 2010. El Paso is where he’d told his family he was heading, and it’s 1,346 miles from Redding.

Pruett suffers from the double whammy of both bipolar disorder (characteristic by drastic mood swings) and schizophrenia (characterized by psychosis) and may not even know who he is anymore. My guess is he’s living in a homeless community somewhere, perhaps even still in El Paso.

Make-a-List Monday: Border towns

I thought I’d make a list of MPs who disappeared from cities with designated points of entry —  both vehicular and pedestrian — between the United States and Mexico. I’m using this Wikipedia entry‘s list of current US/Mexico crossings. I’m not counting the “proposed” list or the “closed” list. I want to emphasize these MPs didn’t necessarily cross the border or disappear crossing the border (although some of them did), they just disappeared from a town with one or more points of entry.



New Mexico

  • Nobody


Make-a-List Monday: Appendectomy scars

At least one person, maybe more than one, has asked me to do a list of people with appendectomy (appendix removal) scars. Your wish is my command.

  1. Jason Scott Adkins
  2. Babette Nadine Alberti
  3. Mary Edna Badaracco
  4. Phillip Wayne Bakeman
  5. Dixie Barker
  6. John Haywood Barreto
  7. Mark Anthony Berumen
  8. Amy Billig
  9. William Charles Bisbee
  10. Richard Boldon
  11. Joseph Hany Booth-Metwally
  12. Sonya Lynn Bradley
  13. Joseph Michael Bushling
  14. Marco Antonio Cadenas
  15. Mary Virginia Carpenter
  16. Scott Devoe DeFelice
  17. Patricia Jane Dixon
  18. Burt O’Ryan Dollar
  19. Jose Bladimir Espinoza
  20. Martha Lavonne Evans
  21. Eloy Cisero Garcia
  22. Gloria Faye Gerber
  23. Isaac Joseph Gossett
  24. Carmella Maria Gutierrez
  25. Melissa Dawn Hasley
  26. Michael Edwin Hearon
  27. Derrick Ray Henagan
  28. Michelle Antoinette Henson
  29. Theodore Anthony Hoerstman
  30. Barbara Eleanor Hoover
  31. Anabell Luvaul Juarez
  32. Hazel Alice Klug
  33. Bonita Louise Krummel
  34. Norvice Landon
  35. Jody Lee Ledkins
  36. Thomas Odel Lime
  37. Janie Sue Lindsey
  38. Tammy Lopez
  39. Dorothy Leishman Wood Madden
  40. Dilver Maldonado Garcia
  41. Michael Martinez
  42. Anthony Daniel Medearis
  43. Martin Alan Miller
  44. Avis Beatrice Harris Mooney
  45. Courtland Lee Mumford
  46. Kathleen Murphy
  47. Anne Marie Nevins
  48. Charles Paradis
  49. Edrel Mae Pierce
  50. Shelva Jean Rafte
  51. Michael Frederick Reynolds
  52. Kimberly Ann Riley
  53. John Patrick Rowan Jr.
  54. Frank Ray Santmyer Jr.
  55. Tatyana Smirnov
  56. Shawn Eric Spencer
  57. Farren Wade Stanberry
  58. Sylvia Lourdes Standly
  59. James Thomas Stanley
  60. Shirley Elizabeth Stevens
  61. Wendy Brown Stevenson
  62. Waymon Eugene Stewart
  63. Thomas Stephen Stump
  64. Karol Marlene Sullens
  65. Mary Jo Thompson
  66. Angel Torres-Irizarry
  67. Luke Aaron Tredway
  68. Patty Inez Brightwell Vaughan
  69. Darwin Kenneth Vest
  70. Gregory Alonzo Vice Jr.
  71. Raul Francisco Villarreal
  72. Terry Lee Westerfield
  73. Andrew Carnegie Whitfield
  74. Hurbert Lee Wilson
  75. Jerry Gayle Woodard
  76. Derrick Scott Wright
  77. April Rose Zane