MP of the week: Jack West

This week’s featured missing person is Jack Edward West, a 63-year-old man who disappeared from Phoenix, Arizona on February 16, 1975.

I don’t know anything about his disappearance beyond the time of day (4:15 in the afternoon) and part of Phoenix (his house, “the area of north 19th Avenue and West Virginia Avenue”), and that foul play is suspected. With a name like “Jack West” it can be hard to find any articles about the case that may exist.

West would be over 100 if he was alive today, so that’s unlikely. But he probably has relatives living who would like to learn his fate.

Making a FreeThink video

So, about that FreeThink documentary short about the Charley Project — I’m so proud of it, here it is again:

I got contacted by FreeThink on April 1. They came over like a week or so later, three guys: one for camera, one for sound, and a director. They spent two days at the house filming, and paid for my lunch. They were really cool people and I liked them.

Getting filmed is exhausting frankly, and I wasn’t even acting. I was just going about my daily business and/or being interviewed about my favorite topic in the world. I have a much greater appreciation for how hard actors and actresses work.

Like, the scene with me pouring Cheerios. They wanted to show my “morning routine.” Well, some allowances had to be made, because my actual morning routine involves me staggering out into the kitchen with bed hair and pajamas and sleep crud in my eyes and of course no makeup, and I was not willing to be filmed thus. So I was fully dressed, with makeup and hair done nicely. Artistic license!

Then when I initially poured the Cheerios into the bowl they were all like “put them back in the box and do it again, we didn’t get that right.” I was like “okay, but you’d better be sure about things before I pour the milk cause that I cannot do over.”

They used a drone to shoot the footage of me walking Kinsey (she was a good sport, all the pets were) and we went to the library on the second day to shoot “B roll” footage there. I think they must have filmed at least three takes of me walking inside and down that huge hallway.

After all the filming was done it took many weeks for them to edit all the footage and pare it down to the required length, and they asked my opinion of the rough cuts and edited it again. I think it turned out wonderfully.

Missing persons news that happened while my computer was broken

Yeah, so this has been in the news:

  • They’re going to try to identify two bodies, victims of a terrible fire at a Connecticut circus in 1944. 168 people were killed and of those, five are still unidentified. Per the article: “State Chief Medical Examiner James Gill wants to compare the unknown victims’ DNA to that of Sandra Sumrow, the granddaughter of 47-year-old Grace Fifield, a Newport, Vermont woman who was at the circus the day of the fire but was never seen again.”
  • Hazel Rose Hess‘s daughter has gone on the news asking for information that could solve her mother’s 25-year-old disappearance. There isn’t much in the way of anything new in the article, however. I just found a few new pictures.
  • There’s been some news about the 1985 disappearances of Janet Shuglie and her ten-year-old daughter Marisa. It turns out someone found her class ring. They found it over 20 years ago, but it wasn’t until recently that they realized the ring belonged to a missing person and turned it over to the police.
    The police seem to think the find is significant, and they have not disclosed where the ring was found. There were several articles about this: here, here, here and here. There is a picture of the ring (is it just me or is the stone missing?) but alas, no photos of Marisa. I don’t have a photo of her either, so only Janet has a casefile on Charley.
  • They’ve found the bodies of Danielle Marie Steiner and her five-year-old son, Aubrey Hall, who disappeared from Lansing, Michigan a year ago. The bodies were discovered by a clean-up crew in a vacant house in the 800 block of Loa Street. The article notes that “At various times, Steiner and Aubrey had lived in the 700 and 800 block of Loa Street.”
    No other details have been released, except that the deaths are being treated as homicides. I’m sure their families are devastated.
  • This month is the 13th anniversary of the disappearance of Melanie Metheny from Belle, West Virginia. She went missing on July 19, 2006. There’s this article about it.
  • Doreen Jane Vincent‘s 1988 disappearance has been covered in the second season of the podcast “Faded Out.” I grabbed a bunch of photos off this article, and the podcast sounds absolutely fascinating, but I don’t know if I’ll have time to listen to it. There’s 21 episodes in the season so far, ranging in length from 27 minutes to an hour and 17 minutes, during which time I’d have to be paying very close attention, stopping the play to take notes, etc. All for one case. I wish I had the time for this kind of thing; it would benefit the Charley Project greatly. But I just don’t.
  • A suspect, Bryan Lee O’Daniels, has been charged with murder in the 1995 disappearance of Timothy Jason Smart. Apparently there were many witnesses who knew the truth, but none of them spoke up out of fear of O’Daniels. The case broke after the police got an anonymous tip last year that led to a motherlode of information.

Orville is back!

So Orville has returned home from the computer shop. They said they basically had no idea what was wrong but had tried this and that and the other thing and finally the computer was working again.

I took him home, and plugged him in, and pressed the button, and … nothing. Didn’t work.

So Michael called the shop and told them this, and Computer Guru Jamie, who owns and runs the place, came over to our house to investigate. (It helps that Computer Guru Jamie is a good friend of Michael’s.) He tried this and that and the other thing and got Orville running again. He thinks the problem is the motherboard won’t hold a charge or something and if it recurs, a replacement will be necessary.

But for now, Orville is back.

Orville still in the shop

My computer is still in the repair shop; I have no idea when it will be fixed. Of course nothing got done over the holiday. Sigh. I went to a cookout with Michael and a zillion people I didn’t know. I’d rather have stayed home and worked on Charley.

I will, however, have a Surprise for y’all later tonight. Stay tuned!

No MP of the week today

My computer mysteriously kicked it about half an hour ago. I was playing a game then suddenly everything went to heck and I thought it was the game, which I couldn’t get to shut down.

So I tried shutting Orville himself down in the usual way but nothing doing; I had to use the power strip. Then I couldn’t get Orville to start back up again. So here we are. I’ll have to take him to the shop tomorrow.

They want $50 just to look at it. And I think it’s probably a hardware problem which means some part or other will have to be replaced which will cost more of course.

Such is the joys of computer ownership. Though I have to say Orville has stood me in good stead. Not like the laptops I used to have which would break, it seemed, every week or so.

I’m writing this on my phone. I can’t update my website from my phone so y’all will have to wait till I get Orville fixed up and returned from the computer hospital.

Ah well, it’s not like I don’t have a zillion books lying around waiting to be read, yeah?