Flashback Friday: Rochelle White

September 4, 2015

Flashback Friday is back up and running and this week’s is Rochelle Claudia White, who’s been missing 42 years. If she’s still alive she’d be in her mid-sixties. It seems unlikely but miracles happen, as Charley Project viewers know.

I don’t have much on Rochelle, only that she disappeared the day before a hearing in court regarding her divorce. She and her soon-to-be-ex-husband were still living together, which may indicate their relationship was amicable, I don’t know. I don’t know if Rochelle left behind any children or other family members who are still looking for her. This is an all too common way my older MP stories end — or don’t end, depending on your point of view.

I feel like a bit of an idiot

September 3, 2015

I only use my microphone to make Charley Project vids and I hadn’t made one in awhile, so I forgot where to plug in the device. I tried all three places, testing the mic by playing some music on my computer, and no dice. I was just about to call Michael for help when I realized there was, um, a maze of cords back there and I was possibly plugging in the wrong one. That proved to be the case. Now Michael at least won’t laugh at me. But you will.

A different kind of fugitive

September 3, 2015

My policy on people wanted on criminal charges is this: if the criminal charges are thought to be the primary reason they disappeared, I don’t put them up. Those people are considered “wanted” rather than “missing” in my eyes. On the other hand, if a person happens to be wanted for committing a crime but appears to have disappeared for other reasons, I will put them up. The more minor the charge, the more likely I am to post them, on the idea that a person’s not going to run from a few unpaid parking tickets but just might run from murder or armed robbery or suchlike.

Today I encountered a kind of case I’d never seen before: a man who is wanted, not by the police per se, but by the public health authorities. He’s got drug-resistant tuberculosis. It was apparently in remission or something by the time of his disappearance and he wasn’t contagious, but he still had to get regular treatment for it. Then he dropped of sight, I don’t know why, and stopped coming in for treatments. Without the medication his illness has certainly reactivated. It is now contagious and it’s going to kill him if he doesn’t get treatment. There’s a warrant out for his arrest and the county board of public health issued an alert for him.

Since he is listed in the CDOJ database of missing persons, I decided to add him to Charley too. Given the aggressive nature of tuberculosis, I have to wonder if the poor man is even still alive. My guess is if he is, he’s probably somewhere south of the border, which would explain why he hasn’t turned up after over a year.

(I’m actually quite interested in the history of tuberculosis and can recommend Thomas Dormandy’s The White Death as an excellent book on the subject.)

At last

September 2, 2015

I can’t believe I hadn’t updated in nearly a month. Oh well, that time is over with. I have a big update for you guys today. Bigger than I’ve done in years, I think. Not just in that there are a lot of updated cases and new cases and resolved cases (twenty-five in total, I think) but that many of those new/updated cases have significant details, none of that “few details are available” stuff. And a whopping FIVE are murder-without-a-body cases.

My work is never done, of course, but I’ll call it quits for today.

(Oh, wait, I can’t. I need to get the social media stuff, the Twitter feed and YouTube account, going again.)

For your edification, some articles

September 1, 2015

Annie Keller, who runs the For the Lost website and posts on this blog under the name “forthelost”, has written a number of articles, mostly about the subject of missing and unidentified persons. She asked me to post them for you guys. I’ve read them; they’re very good.

Can You Give Names Back To Any Of These Unidentified Baby Girls?

More Cases: Can You Give Back Names To Any Of These Unidentified Baby Girls?

The Unidentifed, Part Three: Young Boys Who Need Their Names Back

Part Four: More Unidentified Boys Of The United States

John Walsh Program Leads To Discovery Of Abducted Child

Second Person Arrested In Lilly Baumann Kidnapping

The Problem Of Unidentified Children — How Bad Is it?

Dementia And The Missing Elderly

Father’s Day Not A Celebration For These Dads Of Missing Kids

Jerice Hunter Sentenced To Life In Prison

Back in town, if not back in business yet

September 1, 2015

I have been reunited with Orville. My car is still in the shop and in fact I’ve had no news of it since last Friday, and the “news” I got then was that they had made no progress. Mom drove me back to Michael’s.

This August has been a very hard month for me and mine. It’s not just my car accident. The accident is small stuff. And it’s not just my nephew either. (He’s in brain rehab now and doing as well as you might expect.) Other things have been going on that I don’t think I should talk about in public, and certainly not on this blog.

Now I’ve got to sort through the mountain of work that has accumulated in my absence. I hope to get something up tonight.

In the good news department, the new kitten, Aria, is getting on quite well with our other cat, Carmen. They’re playing with each other now, doing wrestling and fake-biting and chasing each other and stuff. Aria is a very active kitten who’s always up to something. At least the incredibly expensive three-story carpet-covered cat tower is finally getting some use. Carmen mostly ignored it, but Aria loves to climb all the way up to the top.

This is a nightmare

August 31, 2015

I am writing this on my cell phone, that being the only device in the house with Internet access. I’ve been marooned here with no transportation since Saturday morning. Mom isn’t back from camping yet. And she took the router, because of course she did.

Through no fault of my own (even the cops said so) I ran my car off the road, over a ditch, through a fence and into a cornfield. No injuries. It’s in the shop and I am stuck. No idea if it is worth it to fix.

Meanwhile, Charley stuff is piling up and all I can do is observe this on my phone and groan. I had promised to write a special entry for a friend and can’t do that either. I can go on Facebook and read emails and that’s kind of it. Doing any kind of writing is hard. Cell phone keyboards were not designed for long messages like this.

I just want you all to know I haven’t abandoned the site or this blog, I am just in a difficult position right now.

In better news, I have stopped shaking from the new medicine and really feel no different than before, which was kind of the point.

Make-a-List Monday: Expectant fathers

August 31, 2015

This list idea was supplied to me by T.T.: men who left behind a pregnant wife, girlfriend, whatever when they disappeared.

  1. Eric M. Apatiki
  2. Jose Julian Beltran-Sedano
  3. Joshua Charles Berry
  4. Gene Jacob Cloud Jr.
  5. Joseph Consentino
  6. Ryan Cooper
  7. Ronald Reed Duck Jr.
  8. Ryan Jacob Esparza
  9. Douglas E. Goodwin
  10. Franklin Wayne Harrod Jr.
  11. Derrick Ray Henegan
  12. Cole Duane Jackson
  13. Jonathan Bruce Jackson
  14. Torey Clark Newlin
  15. Erik Thomas Ruiz
  16. Kareem Jamaal Ward

Feeling a bit better now

August 27, 2015

I think I’ve started to get used to the new meds because I’m almost back to normal. Dad and I are going on a day trip to Michigan tomorrow, then I have to be in Ohio to watch Mom’s cat for the weekend while she’s on a camping trip. (Not sure if she has internet access or not.) When that is all done, God willing, I shall resume updating and answering my emails and posting some important stuff on this blog. I miss it very much but I was in no condition to do it before.

In the meantime, here is our new kitten, Aria:


Black cats don’t photograph very well and it was hard to get a good one for her. But I think this turned out well enough. She’s a very rambunctious critter and likes to go streaking from one end of the house to the other for no reason at all, and play Trampoline on the bed while Mommy and Daddy are trying to sleep. Aria and our other cat, Carmen, are still warming up to each other. It’s got to the point now where they will play together a bit, but if either one realizes we humans are watching, they’ll start hissing at each other. Knock it off, you two, you’re not fooling anyone.

On hiatus

August 26, 2015

As you all may have noticed, I haven’t updated much this month or blogged much etc.  The basic explanation is this: I got a change in my medication and now, cause of the side effects from the new medicine, I can’t type very well or even walk down the stairs without gripping the rail or I’d fall. I’ve got major tremors and my manual dexterity is shot. Just writing this paragraph took a long time because I kept having to back and correct word spellings.

I sincerely hope the situation will resolve itself soon.


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