Make-a-List Monday: Name tattoos

This is a list of MPs who have someone’s name tattooed on them. Sometimes this can be a little bit unclear. Like suppose my source says: “Tattoos: Rose on her abdomen.” Do they mean a rose or the name Rose?

Me, I don’t have any tattoos. I’ve considered getting one (particularly while watching episodes of Ink Master), and even have an idea of the kind of tattoo I’d get, and Michael has offered to pay for it, but I’m hesitant. Obviously it’s a big decision worth careful consideration, as it’s hard to un-make a tattoo once you’d made one.

  1. Ariana Angela Amaya
  2. Sharon Rose Apgar
  3. Lakeisha Nicole Archie
  4. Kelly Jon Armstrong
  5. Kathy Joan Arredondo
  6. David Michael Bacon
  7. Cecil O. Baker
  8. James Michael Baker
  9. Jolee Baker
  10. Juanita Elanor Bardin
  11. Samatha Elizabeth Baremore
  12. Michelle Jean Barnett
  13. Dallas Clifford Basham
  14. Sara Bautisda
  15. Tyesha Patrice Bell
  16. Fernando Castillo Benitez Jr.
  17. Santiago Hamiez Benitez
  18. Martha Cecilia Bennett
  19. Joseph Brandon Benton
  20. Aussie Antionette Binford
  21. David Wayne Blizzard
  22. Tracey Elizabeth Brazzel
  23. Justin Lane Bressman
  24. Shaniece Mona Briggs
  25. Dana Jane Bruce
  26. Michael James Bruce
  27. Alex James Buonassisi
  28. Letron Davis Burruss
  29. Melissa Susan Bursley
  30. Carl Butler Jr.
  31. Johnny Mireles Cabanyog
  32. Christie Marie Cales
  33. Gilbert Paul Caravallo
  34. Fernando Paul Cardenas
  35. Casey Clark
  36. Jeremiah Matthew Claypool
  37. Micky Colman
  38. Miguel Cortes
  39. Kelli Ann Cox
  40. Alexander Lamar Crear
  41. Beatrice Lopez Cubelos
  42. Dymashal Lashon Cullins
  43. Athena Joy Curry
  44. Rachel Lucille Cyriacks
  45. Pamela Sue Dalton
  46. Timothy Wayne Dalton
  47. Jose Antonio Damo
  48. Crist Nelson Dauberman Sr.
  49. Toni Gene Day
  50. Marie Chantal Delly
  51. Susan Marie DeQuina
  52. Pamela Sue Dalton
  53. Alan Rhys Dowden
  54. Joyce Lynn Dupont
  55. Kathleen Ellen Durkin
  56. William Isaac Eastep
  57. Ashley Marie Eiffert
  58. Nicole Danielle Engle
  59. Angelina Joy Evans
  60. Charles M. Fabian
  61. Tammy Lynn Farrell
  62. Leann Faulk
  63. Vincent Edward Faulkner
  64. Terry Steven Fox*
  65. Steven Anthony Frick
  66. Jami Charlene Furnandiz
  67. Stan Galbreath
  68. Eloy Cisero Garcia
  69. Gina Renee Garcia
  70. Omar Jabree Gibson
  71. Ali I’isha Gilmore
  72. Felipa Victoria Gonzales
  73. Johnny Gonzales
  74. Castulo Gerardo Gonzalez
  75. Shameeka M. Gordon-Dixon
  76. Keyshia Graham
  77. Howard V. Gratteau
  78. Kevin Jamal Gray
  79. Trenton Ronnie Greene
  80. Camora Lynn Grimes
  81. Jamie Christine Grossman
  82. Clara Marie Grunst
  83. Jose Nery Guillen
  84. Glen Allen Hardiman
  85. James Harig
  86. Shannon Darnell Harris
  87. Unique RaQuel-Leona Harris
  88. Jillian Elizabeth Henderson-Ortiz
  89. Jeannie Elizabeth Hernandez
  90. Jorge Cruz Hernandez
  91. Dawn Michelle Holt
  92. Jerry Dwayne Isenhour
  93. Tineshia Rene Jackson
  94. George Erick James
  95. Tracey A. Jessup
  96. Melody Gay Jewell
  97. Michael Henry Johnson
  98. Kimberly Sue Jones
  99. Charles Ray Jordan Jr.
  100. Cedrick A. Kalil
  101. William Taylor Kaminskas
  102. Sabah Nasheed Karriem-Conner
  103. Sotirios Konstinonos Kaviris
  104. Elaina Nicole Kellis
  105. Sarah May Kilgore
  106. Keith Kenton King
  107. Richard Kirchmann
  108. Patricia Denise Knight
  109. Dale Leary
  110. Ashley S. Legare
  111. Risha Aleena Lewis
  112. Teleta Michelle Lightfoot
  113. Diane Ries Lima
  114. Baltazar Lopez
  115. Jose Garnica Lopez
  116. Patricia Loya
  117. Jason Richard Macias
  118. Maria Martinez
  119. Perfecto Roger Martinez Jr.
  120. Heather Lynn Maude
  121. Billy Lee Maynard
  122. Roy Maynard
  123. Latroy Deon McGriff
  124. Shelley Mook
  125. Kimberly Doreen Mullens
  126. Ashley Morris Mullins
  127. Tiwana Tyann Murphy
  128. Dennis John Murray
  129. Laurel Elizabeth Newquist
  130. Randy Scott Nichols
  131. Geraldine Ann Obregon-Gingles
  132. Justin Weldon O’Brien
  133. Ada Marie Odell
  134. Marc William Oestrike
  135. Rodger Lewis Osborn
  136. Beverly Ann Ozuna-Ulrich
  137. Winter Angel Rose Parks
  138. Jamie Nichole Peterson
  139. Richard Petrone Jr.
  140. Elizabeth Ann Pfeifer
  141. Deanna Virginia Pickering
  142. Curtis Ken Plagge
  143. Crystal Dawn Morrison Prentice
  144. Michael Phillip Proctor
  145. Melanie Ann Quadros
  146. Michael Ryan Rangel
  147. Nicole Lititia Reeves
  148. Curtis Douglas Reich
  149. Betty Jean Rhodes
  150. Michael Roy Richards
  151. Kenneth John Ritchie
  152. Betty Marie Roberts
  153. William Larry Roland*
  154. Phyllis Rome
  155. Jay Rosenkranse
  156. Sheryl Lyn Rucci
  157. Conrado Cortez Rueda
  158. Humberto Martinez Ruvalcaba
  159. Paul David Sanders
  160. Angelica Esperanza Sandoval
  161. Jonathan Schaff
  162. Thomas Frank Scott
  163. Nancy Nicole Shipley
  164. Bobby Nathan Simpson
  165. William Paul Smolinski Jr.
  166. Lisa Magnolia Snelgrove
  167. Larry Darnell Stackhouse Jr.
  168. Lisa Michelle Stebic
  169. Lutricia Steele
  170. Karhonda Walker Stringfellow
  171. Ashley Nicole Summers
  172. Ben Ta
  173. Ricky Daniel Tanner
  174. Kimberly T. Tatum
  175. Jerome Thomas
  176. John Matthew Thrasher
  177. Alfonso Miranda Torres
  178. Cordell Eugene Turnage
  179. Tina Ann Velasco
  180. Anna Vigil
  181. DeNeka Dashay Walker
  182. Richard Walker
  183. Jacob Wallace
  184. Grongie Ward
  185. Dennis Marshal Weeks
  186. Lindsay Marie Wells
  187. Brian Lee Wentz
  188. Kamesha L. Williams
  189. Brandon Wise
  190. Adrienne Witherspoon
  191. Brittney Nicole Wood
  192. Paula Anne Worcester
  193. Paul Cecil Worsham
  194. Carmela Mildred Yacavino
  195. Rita Sue Zul


Why does this always happen to me?

So I’m in Nashville.

Michael can only stay a few days and I want to stay longer so we decided to drive there separately. I had an appointment at 3:00 yesterday and couldn’t leave till after that. Jeff says he can’t comfortably put someone up in his apartment so he booked a Hilton hotel room for me.

My trip was uneventful up until I actually arrived in the city.

I had printed out instructions from Michael’s address to Nashville, and once I got there I used my iPhone to look up the address of the Hilton and tell me how to get there. I noticed the battery had dipped into the red. I have no car charger; I lost it when I accidentally left it in my old car before they junked it.

That was the first problem. Fast on its heels came another: the phone told me to turn left at  “no left turn” intersection. I turned right and then attempted to go around the block but wasn’t able to and became lost. It was almost eleven and, needless to say, quite dark, and I was very tired.

I finally got un-lost and arrived at the hotel, dragged my stuff inside and asked where the elevators were. They asked what room I wanted and I said, “229.”

“Um, we have no Room 229.”

Confused, I asked them to look up Jeff in their computer. He said he’d booked the room in his name. It turned out there was no such person staying at the hotel.

I called him, hoping the battery didn’t wear out mid conversation, and it turned out he was at another Hilton across town. I hadn’t known there were two. The nice man at the desk printed out directions for me and I sighed and went on my way.

Of course it was hard to navigate, in the dark, struggling to both watch the road and read the paper in my lap. I ran into another situation where I was supposed to make a left turn and couldn’t (couldn’t get in the correct lane in time), got lost again and wandered the streets of Nashville for nearly an hour. I was afraid to call Jeff or use the phone’s navigation in case the battery died on me. By then I was crying.

I finally found the second hotel and pulled into the garage, only to find the way blocked by a security gate with a numeric keypad. There was very little room to turn around and remember, I drive a Buick. I managed with some difficulty and went looking for another place to park. There was another parking garage next door and I pulled into there. Then I saw a sign saying this was an apartment building garage for residents only and violators would be towed.

Again, there was very little room in which to turn around. I could only manage by pulling into an empty parking space and backing out.

Even on the best days I suck at parking. I entered the space at an angle and tried to straighten out, then realized I couldn’t get out again. There was a support pillar next to the parking space and when I tried to back out, my driver’s side mirror clipped it and would have snapped off if I’d kept going. I kept moving forward and then backward and then forward trying to fix the problem, but if anything I was making it worse.

I was frustrated, exhausted, mortified by the position I’d found myself in, and stuck in a parking space where I had no right to be. I gave up on the car for the meantime, got out and walked to the hotel. I was crying pretty hard and embarrassed at what Jeff would think when he saw me.

I reached the hotel and knocked on the glass doors to get their attention; it was nearly midnight and the doors were locked at that hour. They seemed to debate among themselves as to whether to let me in. Finally they did, and the night manager asked what was going on. I was a bit hysterical by then and my face was all covered in tears and snot and I was hyperventilating.

I tried to explain as best I could. They looked up Jeff’s name in the computer and said he wasn’t there. There was another Hilton across town; perhaps he was there? I had just come from there. Well, was I sure he was in Nashville and not, say, Memphis? Yes, I was sure, and I explained my car was stuck and I couldn’t go anywhere anyway. I wondered if I would have to spend the night in the car.

It was now midnight. The manager said she was under no obligation to help me because I was not a hotel guest, Jeff wasn’t there, and if I didn’t stop making a scene she would call the police.

Finally I called Jeff. He WAS there after all. I don’t know why they thought he wasn’t. He came downstairs immediately, have me a huge hug, brushed aside my apologies and said the whole thing was his fault for not telling me there were two Hiltons. He then went to the car with me, was able to get it out of the parking space without damaging it, and showed me how to get into the hotel parking garage. We spent two hours talking before going to sleep (in separate beds of course).

Tomorrow night Michael is going to have dinner with us and meet Jeff for the first time. I can only hope things improve from here.

Taking it all back

So it looks like I’ll be going to Nashville, Tennessee for around about a week, leaving tomorrow evening. This is not 100% set in stone but I’m pretty sure I’m going. It’s kind of an impromptu thing that I just thought up this morning.

Michael is going to Nashville with some friends for a gaming convention. He had told me this before but I totally forgot, and he brought it up again last night. I remembered that my friend Jeff — this friend — now lived in Tennessee, in one of those -ville towns. I couldn’t remember if it was Nashville or Knoxville or maybe Jacksonville, but I thought: if it is Nashville I would love to visit him again. So I texted him. It is indeed Nashville and he would love to see me again too.

For me, it’s not just about seeing Jeff, although that’s enticing enough. I’ve known him since I was thirteen or fourteen years old. We’re like brother and sister. But it’s also about taking back what was mine. For years I have wanted to go on a vacation and have a good time with no incidents, no complications. The last time I tried that, in 2009, we all know what happened. I feel like Rollo stole my vacation and that by visiting Jeff again and doing the whole tourist thing, even in another city, it would be like taking it back.

Now it’s a matter of finding someone to take care of the cats, and making sure there will be room for me in Michael’s friend’s car.

MP of the week: Jonathan Schrattenholzer

This week’s featured missing person is Marine Corps reservist Jonathan Schrattzenholzer, who disappeared from Clarkston, Washington in 2012 at the age of twenty. I don’t much on his disappearance and haven’t updated his casefile since I put it up three years ago. I don’t have enough information to speculate as to what happened to him.

I seriously freaked out my dad just now

Dad called and I told him I was in Paris, and that Francois Hollande himself had asked me to come and help the relief efforts, find the people who are still missing in the aftermath of the terrible terrorist attacks. I told him how excited I was about being here and that I planned to stay as long as was needed to find all the missing. Oh, and that I’d quit taking my medication weeks ago.

Dad was just totally silent. The thing is, jaunting off to Paris because you think their president wants you to help with a matter of national importance IS the kind of thing a person with bipolar disorder might do during a manic phase, especially if they’d stopped taking their medication. They can have very poor judgement and delusions of grandeur. Dad knows this.

I read about one guy who was bipolar and he flew from the UK to the US on a whim to play tennis. He brought literally nothing with him except his tennis racket. He didn’t tell his American relatives he was coming; he just called from the airport and said “I just got here, come and get me, I have to play tennis immediately.” Needless to say, he wound up in a psychiatric hospital.

I finally had mercy on my father and told him I was kidding. God only knows what he would have done if I really HAD been in Paris. I think he would have figured the joke out on his own, though, after a few minutes once he remembered that

A) My passport is expired

B) I think they closed the borders anyway.

Make-a-List Monday: Cases updated ten or more times

This is a list of cases that have been updated a minimum of ten times (including the time they were added) in the site’s history.

Updated 10 times:

  1. Heidi Marie Allen
  2. Maria Florence Anjiras
  3. Lucely Aramburo
  4. Acacia Patience Bishop
  5. Helen Marie Voorhees Brach
  6. Elizabeth Ann Campbell
  7. Kyle Wade Clinkscales
  8. Annalycia Maria Cruz
  9. Michaela Joy Garecht
  10. Coral Pearl Hall
  11. Charles Arlin Leon Henderson
  12. Mark Joseph Himebaugh
  13. Donna Haghighat Jou
  14. Randy Wayne Leach
  15. Carol Jeanne Lubahn
  16. Ashley Renee Martinez
  17. Becky Marie Marzo
  18. Kevin Lamont McClam
  19. Cayce Lynn McDaniel
  20. Dean Marie Peters
  21. Kristina Marie Tournai Sandoval
  22. Kathrynn Sholly Seelfeldt
  23. Heather Danyelle Teague
  24. Cherita Janice Thomas
  25. Alissa Marie Turney
  26. Robert James Wykel
  27. Michelle Angela Yarnell

Updated 11 times:

  1. Patrick Kennedy Alford Jr.
  2. Michele Anne Harris
  3. Craig Allen Frear
  4. Amanda Dawn Gallion
  5. Samantha Michelle Kibalo
  6. Kimberly Bumbalough Mimmovich
  7. Clinton Devon Nelson
  8. Zebb Wayne Quinn

Updated 12 times:

  1. Donald Leo Dietz
  2. Teekah Latres Lewis
  3. Peter J. Kema Jr.
  4. Kimberly Ann Moreau
  5. Janice Kathryn Pockett
  6. Tiffany Louise Sessions

Updated 13 times:

  1. Angela Marie Hammond
  2. Robert Marcos Romero
  3. Aarone Thompson
  4. Jeanette Louise Zapata

Updated 15 times:

  1. Susan Marie Powell

Updated 17 times:

  1. Janet Gail Levine March

Updated 18 times:

  1. Rilya Shenise Wilson

Updated 23 times:

  1. Kiplyn Davis

Select It Sunday: Tricia Kellett

This week’s case is selected by Hennylee: Tricia J. Kellett, an eight-year-old girl who disappeared from Chicago back in 1982. She was apparently pulled into a car and never heard from again. It says the police didn’t begin searching for hours; I am thinking perhaps it wasn’t initially realized she had been abducted. At least I hope that’s what happened. Otherwise there is no excuse. For that matter, even if she was just lost it’s no excuse. An eight-year-old girl gone missing in a major city?

I’ve got five photos of Tricia but only one is good quality. I don’t have much about her disappearance, any suspects, etc. Wish I did.