I just got back from the visitation at the funeral home. I was surprised to see it was open casket. Nick looked pretty good, I guess. It was very sad. I felt so useless, standing there and having nothing I could do to help his parents but say “I’m so sorry.”

The funeral is tomorrow. There was talk of burying Nick next to my brother Brian, but apparently that’s not an option so he’s going in a different cemetery altogether. I got some information for local support groups that I’m going to give to his parents when I see them tomorrow at the service.

This is the first (and hopefully the last) time anything like this has happened in my family. We can only speculate as to why, but apparently there were a lot more problems than most people knew about, and my nephew must have been suffering horribly.

Make-a-List Monday: School

A list of MPs who were on their way either to or from school when they disappeared. I’m only including cases where the kids were going to/from regular classes, not if they were there for like a sporting event, a dance or some other non-academic activity. I also counted cases where, in spite of the official story, there’s a good chance the MP was NOT, in fact, going to/from school. I don’t count cases where the MP had arrived at school and disappeared from the school grounds during the day, and I don’t count post-secondary education.

  1. Tammy Lyn Belanger
  2. Kristina Renae Bishop
  3. Michael Duane Burnett
  4. Sara Anne Bushland
  5. Tonetta Yvette Carlisle
  6. Samatha Lynn Clonch
  7. James Robert Cooper
  8. Thwana Mithsell Darrough
  9. Tracy Lynn Davenport
  10. Jessica Delgadillo
  11. Nelida De Jesus Del Valle
  12. Tiffany Madia Dixon
  13. Christie Lynn Farni
  14. Anthony Bernard Franko
  15. Amanda Dawn Gallion
  16. Annie Marie Garcia
  17. Gabriela Leticia Gonzalez
  18. Christine Green
  19. Andrew Jackson Greer Jr
  20. Darren Bruce Hillis
  21. Kimberley Kay Kersey
  22. Sarah Elizabeth Kinslow
  23. Reginald Lamar Kirtdoll
  24. Heather Janelle Lewis
  25. Debora Sue Lowe
  26. Alexandria Joy Lowitzer
  27. Faloma Luhk
  28. Maleina Quitugua Luhk
  29. Cherrie Ann Mahan
  30. Jennifer Sophia Marteliz
  31. Michael Omas Masaoay
  32. Michael Mayfield
  33. Pamela Mayfield
  34. Deborah A. McCall
  35. Tammie Ann McCormick
  36. Yamaira Vivian Montes-Gonzalez
  37. Juanita Jean Nelson
  38. Lorena Palacios
  39. Laurie Lynn Partridge
  40. Etan Kalil Patz
  41. Pamela Ann Pedro
  42. Cesilia Pena
  43. Eric Wayne Pyles
  44. Zachary Xerxes Ramsay
  45. Erinn Rogers
  46. Tammy Sue Rothganger
  47. Annette Deanne Sagers
  48. Mayra Erisuria Sandoval
  49. Uma Davi Sewpersaud
  50. Kathleen Ann Shea
  51. Kelly Juanita Staples
  52. Victor John Theel
  53. Rima Danette Traxler
  54. Tabitha Danielle Tuders
  55. Adele Marie Wells

Something happened

You all might recall my nephew, Nick. In 2014 he was diagnosed with a brain tumor that, I heard, was supposed to kill him, except it didn’t. Then this past summer, he was in a car wreck and was ejected from the vehicle. 75% of that time that happens, the person dies. Nick lived. We all started saying that he had nine lives or something.

I’m not close to that branch of the family and rarely see them except on holidays. The last time I saw Nick was at Christmas. I think the only thing I said to him was something like “Wear your seat belt next time.” Which, I suppose, he must have heard a gazillion times before.

Well, my nephew died yesterday, at around one p.m. Alone, at home, and with no warning at all. We’re all stunned. He had never indicated that anything was wrong. He had bought a car, he had a girlfriend. No one knows why this happened and we may never know.

When I heard the news I was on my way to a comedy club with Michael and my father. I’d gotten free tickets for me and seven other people and we were all supposed to meet up at the club. Well, when Dad and I found out what happened we were suddenly not in the mood for comedy. So we went there, I got all my friends inside saying I couldn’t do it because of a family emergency, and then Dad and I left and took Michael’s car back to his house.

None of us knew of anything we could do that would help the situation. Mom (who was the one who told me) said not to call my brother yet. Dad and I wound up watching a TV documentary about jellyfish because we couldn’t think of anything else to do.

I can’t imagine the pain my brother and his wife and their other kids are going through right now.

Nick was 23 years old.

Seeing them living, part II

I have written before about the pre-disappearance online presence of MPs. I just found another, while researching Steven Jones’s case (they’ve found the motorcycle, but not, apparently, his body). I’m quite sure that he’s the same Steven Jones who got sued six years ago because of some comments he posted on the internet. The place is right, the age is right, and my Steven Jones was apparently outspoken, just like the Steven Jones who posted the online comments.

Of course this has nothing to do with anything. I’m just throwing that tidbit out there.


It would be nice if the authors of this article could provide additional information on this disappearance, or at least, about the disappeared person herself. I had never heard of Sonya Tukes before. She’s not listed in NamUs and I don’t have any descriptive info other than what I can glean from the photo. I don’t have the date for when she disappeared. I don’t have anything I can really use to construct a casefile, not even a bare-bones one.

Arkadiy Tashman missing 11 years today

I noticed that Arkadiy Tashman, a seventeen-year-old from New York City, disappeared eleven years ago today. He left behind a note which I can’t interpret any other way but as a suicide note, but there was no other sign. He seems to have vanished without a trace.

If Arkadiy is still alive, he’d be 28. This is a very mysterious case.