ET today, my best so far this year

I had an Executed Today entry posted this day, for Oscar Jackson, who was lynched in Wright County, Minnesota on April 25, 1859. His execution/murder was the flashpoint for an interesting but little-known event in Minnesota history known as the Wright County War. Fun fact: one of the suspected lynchers was later elected to the Minnesota House of Representatives.

I do believeĀ (and the Headsman seems to believe) that this is my best entry so far for 2017, although I actually wrote it last summer.

ET #218: William and John Dyon

My 218th Executed Today entry was published yesterday: the hangings of William Dyon and his son John, who had murdered William’s brother (another John) in Doncaster, England in 1828. The two killers weren’t terribly bright; they went around telling everyone who would listen that they hated the victim, they even said they wanted to kill the victim, they allowed themselves to get spotted in the area with their rifles, and William left distinctive boot prints at the crime scene.

ET on this day in 1824

Another Executed Today entry: one John Smith, who mixed arsenic into flour and gave it to his pregnant fiancee. Apparently he didn’t give any thought to the idea that she might wind up poisoning others with that flour, or perhaps he didn’t care. Six people in all got sick, but only Smith’s fiancee died.

(BTW, if y’all are wondering about the whole “sheep washing” thing, farmers often used arsenic-based sheep dip to kill any mites or other parasites infesting the fleeces.)