Make-a-List Monday: State Capitals #10

The last of the state capitals lists. See the previous 9:

Alabama — California
Colorado — Georgia
Hawaii — Iowa
Kansas — Maryland
Massachusetts — Missouri
Montana — New Jersey
New Mexico — Ohio
Oklahoma — South Carolina
South Dakota — Vermont

Richmond, Virginia

  1. Jamal Abdul’Faruq
  2. William Adkins
  3. Alex Felipe Bolanos-Martinez
  4. Doris Ann Brown
  5. Benjamin Lloyd Coffey
  6. Randall William Collins
  7. Melanie A. Davis
  8. William Keith Dean Jr.
  9. Jonathan Samuel Dorey
  10. Lander Stanhope Freeman
  11. Annie Doris Horne
  12. Hazel Alice Klug
  13. Laverne Denise Lewis
  14. Robert Sidney Long
  15. Benjamin Andrew Lott
  16. Richard William Miller Jr.
  17. Patricia Ann Schmidt
  18. Joseph Slaughter
  19. Elizabeth Ann Thomas
  20. Jaisle Elizabeth Thomas
  21. Stephanie Collette Wallace
  22. Brittany Renee Williams
  23. Jimmy Lewis Williams III

Olympia, Washington

  1. David Reuben Boniske
  2. Michelle Renee Maitland
  3. Donna Gail Manson
  4. Lynenne Lavette O’Neill
  5. Shantina Marie Smiley

Charleston, West Virginia

  1. Bobby Eugene Adams
  2. Robert L. Shaffer
  3. Starina Marie Woods

Madison, Wisconsin

  1. Patricia Gail Arnold
  2. Robert Lewis Christian
  3. John Edward Christoph’
  4. Danius W. Johnson
  5. Wook Kim
  6. Amos Kale Mortier
  7. Rita R. Rahn
  8. Jeanette Louise Zapata

Cheyenne, Wyoming

  1. Casey Franklin Harper

That’s all, folks.

I’ve been detoxing, so to speak

Last spring-ish, on the advice of my dentist and about a million other people, I decided to stop drinking so much pop. I fell off the wagon in November, and I decided I’d better get back on before my trip to Poland, because I believe pop is both more expensive and hard to find there.

End result is I’ve been sleeping most of the day for the better part of a week.

I think I’m back on the wagon now, and I’ll update later today — much later, because in a little bit I’m taking off for Reynoldsburg, where they’re holding a missing persons event and Gina DeJesus is going to speak.

Make-a-list Monday: Photographs of Tattoos Part II

Three years and one day ago I did a Make-a-List Monday of MPs who had photos or drawings of their tattoos in the casefile. Well, here’s a second list of MPs who weren’t on the first list — ones that I forgot the first time, or have been added since then.

  1. Joshua Scott Adams
  2. Richard Paul Agor
  3. Katelin Michelle Akens
  4. Mary Anne Alexie
  5. Jorgen Anderson
  6. Leo Anicua*
  7. Tobey Tweedy Baker
  8. Morgan Aryn Bauer
  9. Dana Jane Bruce
  10. Mark Travis Burkett Jr.
  11. Christopher George Cochron
  12. Stephen Joseph Davaris Jr.
  13. Marie Chantal Delly
  14. Heather Rachelle Elvis
  15. Keith Allan Fetter
  16. Megan Renee Foglesong
  17. Mark Duane Folz*
  18. Nikki Lyn Forrest
  19. Dean Leslie French
  20. Jose Angel Fuentes Jr.
  21. Kelly Gray Gaskins
  22. Joseph Paul Gauthier
  23. Robyn Leslie Hatcher
  24. Maegan Janean Hembree
  25. Robbie Lane Huff II
  26. Matthew Scott Hulse
  27. Jade Marie Humble
  28. David A. Kallenberger
  29. Ethan Bert Kazmerak
  30. Elizabeth Dawn Land
  31. Billy J. Lange
  32. Bryce David Laspisa
  33. Margaret Leader
  34. Evelin Milena Lemus
  35. Morgan Keyanna Martin
  36. James Wayne McAdams
  37. Felina Branch Metsker
  38. Brook Lynn Peck
  39. Lea Chali Porter
  40. James Martin Roberts
  41. Michelle L. Rice
  42. Eryk Krystyphyr Richards
  43. Kyle Thomas Rugg
  44. Tyler Scott Russom
  45. Larissa Marie Sam
  46. Jonathan Schaff
  47. Kelsie Jean Schelling
  48. Ashley Nicole Summers
  49. Jacob Tipton
  50. Cody Henry Turner
  51. Angelica Marie Uballe
  52. Jacob Wallace*
  53. Lisa Marie Wallace
  54. Tiffany Michelle Whitton
  55. Nickalus Jryon Wilfong Jr.
  56. Brandon L. Wood
  57. Starina Marie Woods

*I’ve got no photos of his tattoos below the case summary, but his face/neck/scalp tattoos are pretty obvious in the top pics.

I’ve been up all night…

Spent much of the night prying photographs loose from the archives, for MP cases that have NamUs pages but no pictures. My efforts yielded… three pictures. That’s all. But three pictures means three casefiles for the Charley Project, and perhaps the photos I found will eventually migrate to NamUs, so there you go.

It’s really frustrating when I know a ton of information about a case but I can’t put it on Charley due to lack of a picture. NamUs, for instance, has the case of an HIV-positive infant who was abducted by her babysitter back in the 1980s. Plenty of details, interviews with her parents, name and description of the babysitter (whose identity is known), etc — but I have no photo of the baby. (And without her AZT drugs, that baby is almost certainly dead now.)

There was another case I found where a teenager was washed away in a flood, along with the busload of people of he was sitting in. His was the only body not recovered, and for years afterwards his parents persisted in the hope that he might still be alive. It’s a very sad story and again, there are plenty of details. In fact, actually had a picture of this kid, but it was of such poor quality that even I, with my utterly abysmal standards, could not accept it. So disappointing!

Select It Sunday: Myra Lewis

It’s been a bit since I did a Select It Sunday. Sorry. This one was chosen by one I. Can’t-Remember, someone who contacted me on the Charley Project’s Facebook page (which hit 10,000 likes this week! Wee!) This person asked me to write about Myra Lewis, a Camden, Mississippi who disappeared on March 1, 2014, at the age of two.

There’s very little information about Myra, although the Clarion-Ledger did do an anniversary article about her disappearance last month. She just disappeared from her front yard on Mount Pilgrim Road in Camden, a rural unincorporated community. Myra’s mom was going to the grocery store and told Myra and her sisters to go inside, where their father was. This was between 10:30 and 11:00 in the morning.

Myra apparently never made it inside, or if she did, her father never saw her. Because each parent thought she was with the other one, she wasn’t missed for hours.

Me, I have to wonder if she didn’t just wander off. I was trying to get a better idea of what the Camden area was like — the Wikipedia entry doesn’t say much — so I looked at Zillow, a real estate website. Their listings for Camden have a lot of “lots” for sale, with trees and ponds and such. It would be easy for a two-year-old to disappear in such an environment.

For what it’s worth, the police are saying there’s no reason to believe Myra isn’t alive. I hope she is. She wasn’t even two and a half when she disappeared and would probably have no memories of her home and parents.

Peter Kema’s dad leads police to alleged disposal spot

This just in: Peter Kema‘s father, who pleaded guilty to manslaughter earlier this month, has lead police to where he says he put his son’s body. This location is, of course, as yet undisclosed, but it’s somewhere in the district of Puna.

Here’s to hoping there’s actually something recoverable there, and this 20-year saga can finally be over.

I apologize, I beeped up

You might recall how recently I listed a certain missing sixteen-year-old girl named Kimberly Arteaga as being found safe. She disappeared from Lemon Grove, California in 2014. This was because I got an NCMEC notice to that effect. Then, a few days after I had posted Kimberly on the resolved page, I got another NCMEC notice saying she was found deceased.

Confused, I Googled her name and couldn’t find any articles about her body turning up, so I assumed the first notice must be the correct one.

Well, you know what they say about assuming. Now it’s hit the news: Kimberly Arteaga has been identified. She was found murdered in Chula Vista by a guy walking his dog. They think she was killed around the same time she disappeared.

I have removed her previous resolved notice and plan to put up another next time I update. I apologize for my mistake; I should have contacted the NCMEC and asked for clarification.