Flashback Friday: Donald Adams

My last two FF cases had a paucity of information. (Though that’s no longer the case with Mirko Yug; I’m going to update his casefile with the stuff my informants discovered.) Well, the October 16, 1976 disappearance of Donald Adams has even less than Mirko Yug and Deborah McCall.

I don’t even have any description of Donald Adams, other than that he’s Native American. I don’t have an age or his height and weight, and absolutely no details about his disappearance, and the only photograph is of poor quality. I don’t even have enough information to know where to look for more details. The fact that his name is Donald Adams doesn’t help; there are probably hundreds of them in this country.

The only thing that stands out is this: “Approximately 20 members of Alaska’s Native American community have vanished or died under questionable circumstances in the Nome area since the 1960s. Authorites opened a probe into their deaths and disappearances, but they do not believe a serial predator was involved.”

That very same paragraph appears in four other Charley Project cases: Nathan AnungazukLancelot Immergan, Justina Kunayak, and Eric M. Apatiki. I don’t have very much on any of these five disappearances, but Donald has the least information of them all.