Progress report

Yeah, so all the cases for A, B, O, Q, U, V, X, Y and Z are totally done. I’ve also done probably a few hundred cases in other letters of the alphabet.

All those little girls who disappeared from the San Francisco Bay area where Timothy Bindner was a suspect are all done. The Green River victims are done, as are Bundy’s victims, and Mack Ray Edwards’s victims, the Clinton Avenue Five, etc. Also, anyone with the name “Brandon” or “Brandy/Brandi.”

When cases are connected, I fix them up all at once. And if I search for a name or part of a name and more cases pop up than the one I was specifically looking for, I do them all. Like, there’s a guy with the last name “Brand” and I searched for “Brand” to fix up his case, and in addition to him, up popped up all the people named Brandon or Brandi or Brandy. So I did those too.

I’ve been using lidocaine patches and Advil and somehow my back has not given out yet.

This is all my fault, really. A large part of the reason I didn’t want to upgrade the website before is because I knew how much work would be required to convert every single case to the new format. So I stalled…and the Charley Project got bigger…and now that I finally HAVE upgraded, I’ve got *checks* 9,898 cases to switch over.

Nothing to do but power through.


Still working away

I’m still chugging away on fixing all the cases, doing virtually nothing else honestly, while trying not to throw my back out.

I know some cases are listed as missing in 2018. I know quite a few more are missing the “details of disappearances.” All I can say is that I am working as hard as I can and will fix all that.

I know the alphabetical indexes are a bit wonky still, and I haven’t even really looked at the other two. I have gotten Preston to fix the O index where all the O’Malleys and O’Learys and O’Whatevers were first, because the computer put O’ before Oa. Preston changed that.

The computer has it, reasonably enough, that the last word in a person’s name (except for Jr. or Sr. or II or III) is listed as the surname. Except there are some cases where the person’s last name actually has more than one word, such as if they’re Dutch (Martin van Harten) or Spanish (Rolando Salas Jusino). Those people are listed wrongly. I’m fixing these as I get to them.

There’s a current-age thingy now

Y’all might have noticed that now, in cases where there’s a date of birth available, the computer automatically calculates what the MP’s current age would be.

It’s kind of eerie for me. Like, I was touching up Breiton Ackerman‘s casefile and noticed: my god, this kid would be 18 now. Graduating high school, off to college or the workforce or the Army or wherever life would have taken him. But instead he’s four forever.

We have an age section! We have paragraphs!

I had been having a problem where whenever I added a new case or updated an old one, all the paragraph breaks in the “details of disappearance” vanished and it became a solid block of text. Obviously this was problematic, particularly in the more detailed cases.

Preston has fixed it. He has also added an “age” thing. And guess who has to go and add everyone’s ages? *raises hand*

I’m plugging away, and trying not to throw my back out (again) in the process.

More general stuff

  1. Yes, I know that in many cases the dates of birth are missing. I’m working on that.
  2. I’ve asked Preston to add an “age” section so I can put in the age for cases where I don’t have the date of birth. I’ve also asked him to change it so, where there is a date of birth, the computer calculates the age at time of disappearance instead of the current age.
  3. I’ve added all those J cases that totally disappeared — I think, anyway. All the ones I’m aware of.
  4. I’m now working on adding the vanished “details of disappearance” and birthdates to the cases where they’re missing.
  5. I’m working on this as fast as I can. Preston has actual paying clients as well, though, so he will get round to his end when he gets to it.

General stuff on my end

Some unexpected — but awesome — things have happened as a result of the Longreads article that came out a few days ago. I don’t want to say anything more because nothing may come of it.

I’m working on hammering out the dents etc. on the new website format. Right now, my priority is re-adding the cases that mysteriously vanished off the face of the earth. Then I will focus on re-adding the details of disappearance to cases where that information vanished off the face of the earth. This is a pain and is taking awhile but I shall prevail.

I have a new Executed Today entry, one I had agonized over for quite awhile and am very proud of. The reason being that the executed person was almost certainly transgender, but this all happened in the 1940s before most people knew transgender was a thing. I wanted to do right by her/him without playing down the seriousness of the crime.

Anyway, back to work.

Some updates/clarification on this revamp thing

  1. Some people seem to be under the impression that the geographical, chronological and geographic lists of cases no longer exist. They are still there. Slightly buggy at the moment, but they do exist, and you can find the links to them on your PC browsers and mobile devices if you scroll the heck down.
  2. As I said previously, Preston Winfrey is going to make a cool search engine such as Charley has never had before. At present you can only search by name. Sorry for the inconvenience.
  3. In cases where I don’t have a date of birth, the ages have disappeared from the case information. This will be corrected.
  4. A few cases have mysteriously vanished, I don’t know why, but they will be restored.

Still working out kinks, sanding rough edges, applying polish etc.