Lost at sea

So yesterday I added a case of six commercial fishermen who disappeared off the coast of Alaska when the fishing vessel Destination sank in 2017 with the loss of all hands on board. I think this was the largest “lost at sea” group of disappearances, and possibly the largest group of “lost/injured missing” people I’ve put up: Kai Jamal Hamik, Jeffrey Hathaway, Charles “Glenn” Jones, Lawrence Vincent “Larry” O’Grady, Darrik Monroe Seibold and Raymond Jay Vincler.

I also added Eric Lawrence Eder, an Alaska fisherman who fell off a fishing trawler off the coast of Alaska, and Angela Chingliak, whose body was never found after her boat sank in Goodnews Bay off the coast of Alaska.

I’m sure you’re sensing a pattern here. I got all those names off this list of missing persons in Alaska, which has 1,231 entries as of this writing. It’s just names and dates of disappearance, nothing else. The list of active missing persons bulletins, which has fliers with photos and the standard info, is much shorter. I has I think 117 people, unless I lost count.

Alaska DOES have a pretty high crime rate, but a lot of the missing persons on its list are only “missing” in a technical sense: their fates are known, and in many times so are their approximate whereabouts. They’re just on the lists in case their bodies turn up and need to be identified.

I’m not sure how far I’m willing to go with groups of lost/injured missing people. I mean, six is one thing, but I know there’s one ship that sunk in the Bering Sea and with like 45 people on board, almost all of whom perished, and they never found the bodies. I wouldn’t want to put up THAT group, and those 40-some people may very well be on that list of Alaska missings.

I guess it’s just a judgment call.

Technical difficulties the last few days

Yeah, so on Tuesday the internet pooped out right in the middle of an update. The combined efforts of me, Michael and my service provider’s tech support could accomplish nothing; we were all baffled. And so there was no internet for more than two days, which was rather awful. I could surf the web on my phone using data, but I could not update Charley, so no missing person of the week this week.

Late last night, with a service technician scheduled to come out today, Michael had a bright idea. He tried it, and poof! The internet works again!

I’m glad to be able to carry on again. Working on updates for today.

MP of the week: Kristi Krebs

This week’s featured missing person is Kristi Suzanne Krebs, a 22-year-old woman who disappeared from Fort Bragg, California on August 9, 1993. She had had one nervous breakdown before and may have suffered another that precipitated her disappearance.

Her car was found stuck in a creek in a state park, with no sign of her. Among the items left inside were her wallet and ID, as well as her undergarments — but not her other clothes. There’s been no sign of her since.

In other news, I’m feeling much better, nausea gone etc. And I’ve renewed my subscription to Ancestry till February so I can get photos from there; it’s an excellent resource for that. For example, I’ve found a photo of Howard Woolwine that I’ve replaced his previous photo with. Not only was the previous pic (supplied by the Virginia State Police missing persons listing) of very poor quality, but I’ve never been sure it was him; it appears to show a young black or Hispanic man, and Woolwine was an elderly white man.

The Ancestry subscription is expensive, $80 for just three months’ use, so I’m not sure how long I can continue to use it, but it’s mine till February.

I’ve been busy all day but hope I can get a proper update in tomorrow evening.

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone.

Saw doctor, got meds

So yesterday I saw the doctor and was given some medicine and they also did a blood draw to see if anything sketchy pops up in my lab work. I hope to be feeling better soon. Maybe I’ll actually get something done today.

In other news, I wanted to tell y’all about an app called Remini. It enhances old poor quality photos. I learned about it last night and tried it with an old family photo. So this was the original:


and this was the result:

And here’s a closeup of the face, before and after:


I am very impressed and thought I should tell you guys because this could be a great tool for the missing persons world. You can do up to three photos a day for free; after that you must pay.

I’m very sorry

Yeah so I feel worse again. Very tired and horrible nausea whenever I try to eat. I feel so guilty cause I’m so behind in my work but I can’t get anything done.

This morning I made several attempts to call my doctor’s office to make an appointment. Each time the answering robot kept leading me around in circles: I would hear the menu options, press one for “scheduling”, hear elevator music, then instead of anyone coming on the line to schedule me, the robot would read the menu options to me again.

I eventually tried pressing six for “all other inquiries”, hoping I’d reach a human that way, and the robot was like “sorry we didn’t understand that, try again.” So I pressed six again and the robot again insisted it didn’t understand.

So I tried to call the office three times over the course of an hour and each time the same thing happened. I was feeling sooooo bad and soooo frustrated I actually screamed out loud.

I called the local hospital down the street from the doctor’s office, and the nice hospital person patched me through, bypassing the answering robot. I told the doctor’s office lady about how their robot was apparently broken. She didn’t seem to care.

She scheduled me to see the doctor tomorrow. I plan to tell the doctor about the broken robot and apathetic response from the front desk.

I just want to be able to work and eat without feeling like passing out or throwing up.

So I’m not well at the moment

I thought I’d be done with this wretched format update by now and able to return to normal activity but I got sick. I’m not sure what was wrong and I think I’m getting better but still feel pretty bad.

For three days I was unable to keep anything down and lay in bed moaning sipping water and bringing it up again. All I could do was play on my phone and watch TV. Then the nausea seemed to pass but I was so weak from dehydration and malnutrition that it was difficult to walk even. I started the refeeding process with the standard “after you’ve had a tummy sickness” foods such as bananas, applesauce etc.

Then yesterday I felt almost okay and so I ate some spaghetti. I tried to go to my computer and work. I wrote a few blog entries and I did about 200 cases (out of 1500 to go) and then had to stop. My stomach didn’t like my meal and I felt nauseous again and shaky and extremely tired. I returned to bed and slept the rest of the day.

I got up today and have gone back to my desk. I ate some more spaghetti and my stomach accepted it this time but I still don’t feel well. Very shaky. Even harnessing the dog and taking her into the yard to pee makes me feel tired. But I must get this format update done.

I’m on page 622 of 674 pages of cases. At twenty cases per page I have 1,040 cases left to change to the new format.