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MP of the week: Elba Irizarry

March 17, 2015

This week’s featured missing person is Elba Irizarry, missing from Camden, New Jersey since 1994. She was 43, and would be 63 today. I don’t have much on her, unfortunately, and was unable to find anything more when I did my usual checking.

MP of the week: Fred Wright

March 10, 2015

This week’s featured MP is Fred Wright, a thirteen-year-old boy who vanished from his Tuskegee, Alabama home on December 6, 1998. His case is very frustrating to me due to the lack of detail. I have no clue what happened to his kid and I can’t find any news about this case. Is he runaway? An abduction? I’m thinking more the latter, since it says there is a suspect in his disappearance. I really wish I knew more.

If anybody reading this knew Fred or has any more details about his disappearance, I welcome you to email me or post about it in the comments section of this blog entry.

If Fred is still alive, he’ll have turned 30 years old last month.

MP of the week: Catherine Chiang

March 3, 2015

This week’s featured missing person is Catherine Chiang, a Taiwanese-American nurse who disappeared from the Bronx in 1997. Foul play is suspected in her case, but little information is available. I could find only one press item about her disappearance, a short article published six weeks after she vanished. This is one of those “I wish I knew more” cases.

Select It Sunday: Georgia Ann Clock Smith

February 22, 2015

Selected by Kat. I was going through old blog entries from years ago and I found one from before Select It Sunday was even a thing, where Kat commented and asked me to run Georgia Ann Clock Smith as my MP of the week. I’ll do this instead.

Georgia is typical of a certain profile of MP on Charley: an elderly person with dementia who may have just wandered away. She was on a trip to her summer home, over 100 miles. Her car was never recovered. The most likely theory is that she got lost, either because her usual route was blocked or because of her Alzheimer’s or both, and got into a car accident.

Select It Sunday: Pamela June Ray

February 15, 2015

Selected by Andy, this week’s case is Pamela June Ray, missing from Panama City, Florida since August 12, 1992. She was 36. It appears she may have been grabbed by an opportunistic predator: she was last seen walking near an apartment swimming pool, being followed by a man. Witnesses heard the sound of a woman screaming.

There are a couple of articles about her available on NewsLibrary but they don’t tell much more than I already knew. I wonder if whoever took her was a serial offender. In my observation/experience, these people don’t just stop at one.

MP of the week: Katheryne Lugo

February 10, 2015

This week’s featured missing person is Katheryne Mary Lugo, a beautiful little curly-haired four-year-old girl who vanished in 1994. Katheryne’s mother, Frances Moya, was pregnant at the time, and planned to break up with the unborn baby’s father, Misbah Kazi. She came home from work one day and Kazi told her he’d taken Katheryne and wouldn’t return her unless Frances gave him custody of their unborn child. Kazi was subsequently charged with kidnapping, but got acquitted for some reason. He’s in prison now for trying to kill another woman. He’s never revealed what happened to Katheryne.

If she is alive, Katheryne would be 26 years old next month.

MP of the week: Keith Chau

February 3, 2015

This week’s featured MP is Keith Chau, who disappeared with his wife, Ai Wei Kaung. They’re missing under unclear circumstances and may be living in Vietnam or southern China. It seems like that should be easy enough to check; at least the police could tell whether or not they’d left this country.

Daniel Bradley Carver missing 18 years

January 17, 2015

Daniel Bradley Carver disappeared 18 years ago today, at the age of seventeen. He was classified as a runaway for a long time, but the NCMEC lists him as Endangered Missing now. I don’t know if that’s because there’s some new evidence pointing away from the runaway theory, or simply because of the passage of time.

Daniel’s case has always held a certain interest for me, though I couldn’t tell you why. He disappeared not long before I started to really get into missing persons. I remember surfing the NCMEC, looking at case listings of runaways. As months and years passed, names were added to the list and names disappeared. But Daniel’s was always there. He’s been missing for more than half his life. I wish I had more details on his case.

What’s your story, Daniel? And where are you?

Select It Sunday: China Videon

January 11, 2015

Selected by Angie: China Renee Videon, a sixteen-year-old girl missing from rural Christiana, Tennessee since October 19, 1999. If she’s still alive she’d be 32 years old today.

China’s one of those teenagers who just seems to have vanished into thin air. Her car was found abandoned eight months after her disappearance. No indications that she planned to run away. I don’t know of any direct evidence of a crime either, although it’s entirely possible the police simply haven’t disclosed said evidence. They have publicly stated they think she met with foul play.

Where are you, China?

Select It Sunday: Kelly Dae Wilson

December 28, 2014

Selected by Sarah, this Sunday’s featured disappearance is Kelly Dae Wilson, who happens to share a birth date with my boyfriend. Kelly mysteriously disappeared from Gilmer, Texas on January 5, 1992, five months shy of her eighteenth birthday.

Eight people, including, bizarrely, the police officer investigating Kelly’s case, were ultimately charged with abducting, sexually abusing and murdering Kelly. Prosecutors at the time believed her presumed death was the result of satanic ritual abuse. But it turned out the “satanic cult” didn’t exist and all the charges against everyone were dropped two months after the indictment.

So if an evil satanic cult didn’t abduct Kelly, what happened to her? That remains a mystery.


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