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YouTube Saturday: Five cases

August 15, 2015

I’ve got:

Monica Cassandra Carrasco:

Tommy Damon Daniels:

Bedriye Sayrun:

James Leon Throneberry:

Wensheng Zheng:

Minutes before midnight

August 9, 2015

This week’s Select It Sunday case is Desmond Santonio Dix, chosen by Annie. He was kidnapped from Atlanta, Georgia at gunpoint on January 30, 1996, and was never seen again. He was seventeen years old.

Unfortunately, that’s all I know about this case. You’d think that such a kidnapping, even in Atlanta, would rate at least one or two articles in the paper, but if there were any I’ve been unable to find them. I checked his NamUs profile but they haven’t added anything new.

YouTube Saturday: Just two this time

August 1, 2015

I’ve added Tineshia Jackson:

and Adam Christopher Kellner:

In other news, I had my second session of PT. (Actually, it was my third scheduled session, but I had to miss the second because of Ellen’s funeral.) My arm is much stronger now. They can no longer push it down just by breathing on it. And I got my Windows 10 update. At first when it installed I was very unhappy because my display suddenly became HUGE, like it was designed for visually impaired people or something. I couldn’t even see all the icons on my frontscreen because there wasn’t enough room. Michael, bless him, figured out what was wrong — the computer wasn’t recognizing my graphics card or something — and fixed it.

MP of the week: Kelley Zanon

July 28, 2015

This week’s featured missing person, Kelley Zanon, is one of my dreaded “few details are available” cases. I only have the street she was last seen on and the spider tattoo on her shoulder for details. I added this case six and a half years ago and have never updated it since.

Yaroslav Iventyev probably found

July 28, 2015

A Charley reader sent this article in to me: Yaroslav Iventyev, whom I recently made a video about, has almost certainly been located. While looking for a missing toddler, they found Iventyev’s car in a pond with an adult male body inside.

That’s the second time this month that someone who had a video on the Charley Project YouTube channel was found dead, the presumed victim of a car accident. And also the second time this month also that a missing person in Florida was found inside their car in a body of water: Rita Sue Zul was found several days ago. I haven’t resolved her case yet but will soon.

Hmm…I wonder…

July 27, 2015

Constance Ann Streif is at present one of my “few details are available” case. However, some blog commenter sent me a link to this legal decision issued by a New York court (a decision which, incidentally, mentions the Charley Project in passing) that provides a little bit more: she was adopted, and she was in Texas visiting her sister from out of state when she disappeared.

In summary, as the court decision explains, Constance’s father died of asbestos-related mesothelioma in 2011. His will specifically disinherited Constance because she hadn’t been in touch in almost 30 years and he believed she was dead. There was a settlement for wrongful death, though, which in theory was supposed to be divided among his three children; that is, Constance and her two sisters. The sisters petitioned the court to change that because Constance was dead. They wanted the settlement to be divided by two, not three, and they wanted Constance declared legally dead. The judge ruled that Constance could not be declared legally dead, but that she shouldn’t benefit from the settlement anyway because she hadn’t been in touch with her father for so long before he vanished and so his wrongful death was no loss to her in any case.

What interests me, though, is this 2014 law journal article I found about the case. (The article is on page 16.) It says, “The decedent’s daughter, Constance Ann Streif, whose last whereabouts were in Texas, had not been heard from since 1992; she had not had contact with the decedent since 1981.”

From what they and that court judgment are saying, it sounds as if Constance last had contact with her father in 1981, visited her sister in Texas in 1982, dropped out of sight and then contacted someone in 1992 before dropping out of sight again — which would mean she was still alive for at least about a decade after her disappearance was reported in 1982. However, it seems equally likely to me that the 1992 date in that article is a misprint for 1982 and therefore no one has seen OR heard from Constance since that visit to her sister.

I wish I knew for sure. I would welcome feedback (in the form of a comment on this entry, or an email) from anyone who knew Constance or is part of her family.

Select It Sunday: John and Shelly Markley

July 26, 2015

This Select It Sunday post was chosen by Sara back in December: John J. Markley Jr. and his wife Shelly Renee Markley. According to Sara, the couple disappeared on their youngest child’s eighth birthday. Whatever the case, they left five children essentially orphaned and it doesn’t appear they left on their own: they left all their stuff behind, and John missed his twin sister’s funeral.

It looks like whoever caused the Markleys to disappear meant to rob them. The day they vanished, John and Shelly were seen in John’s truck with another man at the bank and Shelly withdrew $1,000 from her account.

This December it will have been 20 years since John and Shelly vanished. This case seems solvable to me and I wouldn’t be surprised if the police have a suspect or suspects in mind.

Farmington Township, the place the couple disappeared from, is across the state from where I grew up.

YouTube Saturday: four videos

July 25, 2015

I have:

Phillip Koss:

Robyn Pettinato:

Charles Ulrich:

Shanaz Zakia:

I’m kind of guessing about Shanaz Zakia’s middle name: the fact that it can be misspelled “sahti” plus the rarity of the “th” sound in most languages makes me think it’s pronounced sah-tee and not sath-ee.

MP of the week: Henry Lopez

July 21, 2015

I’m home from the hospital. They’re still waiting for the rest of Ellen’s family to get here (her parents are flying in from Texas, for example) before they turn the machines off, or something. Anyway, nothing has changed.

This week’s featured missing person is Henry T. Lopez Jr., as requested by his daughter. He was last seen at a company Christmas party in Inverness, Florida on Christmas Day in 1990. I don’t have much on him. The daughter has supplied a little bit more which I plan to add to his casefile.

YouTube Saturday: Five vids, one taken down

July 10, 2015

[Argh, I meant this to run a day later. Oh well, you get it early this time.]

This week it’s three females, one male. I had Florence Dumontet’s video taken down on account of her being found, and that’s why I posted one more female case than male, to maintain the sex balance. In chronological order:

Brian Joseph Page, 1975

Anthony Tyrone Woodson, 1981

Megan Elizabeth Garner, 1991

Shakeima Ann Cabbagestalk, 1993

Kelsey Emily Collins, 2009

(Out of curiosity, I looked up the surname “Cabbagestalk” on and discovered it’s very rare. Only a few families in South Carolina and Florida have that name. If you meet one, chances are the person is related in some way to Shakeima. It’s one of those cases where I know just enough details to drive me crazy.)


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