Tiktok girl, searching through ponds and other stories

Honestly… it’s been ten days and it’s still very hard for me to take my mind off of the situation or to get much of anything done. I really wish I would not live through any more major historical events; I think I’ve endured more than my share already. But I’m trying, guys. I really am.

Oh, and an update on my Facebook woes: my release date from Facebook Jail has been moved from early February to late January. 6:26 a.m. on January 23 to be precise. I have no idea why and I’m not sure Facebook will honor this release date, since they didn’t last time.

Arizona: They’re still looking for Elizabeth Emma Breck, a 46-year-old teacher who disappeared from the Sierra Tucson behavioral health center in Saddlebrooke in January 2019. She had just arrived a few days earlier for a thirty-day treatment program for PTSD. Nothing significant to report regarding her disappearance, just that the anniversary was this week.

Arkansas: There has been much talk over the last couple of days that a dark-haired girl with bruised eyes in a viral Tiktok video was Cassie Kay Compton, who disappeared from Stuttgart in 2014, at age 15. The FBI says they’ve identified and spoken to the Tiktok girl and it’s not Cassie. They haven’t released her name, but she has been identified elsewhere as Haley Grace Phillips, a Los Angeles woman.

California: They’re looking to see if David Emery Misch, the man recently charged in the 1988 murder of nine-year-old Michaela Joy Garecht, who was kidnapped from a Hayward supermarket and never found, was also responsible for the disappearance of thirteen-year-old Ilene Beth Misheloff from Dublin in 1989.

Connecticut: They’re released an age-progressed image of Vanessa Morales, a two-year-old girl who was last seen in from Ansonia on November 29, 2019. The cops found Vanessa’s mother murdered at home on December 2, with no sign of Vanessa. I’ll add her to Charley soon.

Florida: They’re still looking for Mary Opitz, a seventeen-year-old girl who disappeared from Fort Myers back in 1981. They’re also still trying to solve the murder of Mary Hare, whose abduction and killing may have had the same perpetrator as in Opitz’s case.

Illinois: They’re still looking for Steven Robert Asplund, a 32-year-old tool and die worker who disappeared from Moline on January 9, 1994. The 27th anniversary of his disappearance was a week ago but there’s nothing new to report.

Iowa: They’ve finally canceled the Amber Alert for Breasia Terrell, a ten-year-old girl who disappeared from Davenport in July. She is still missing.

Michigan: Brad Cournaya, the longtime suspect in 34-year-old Krista Robin Lueth‘s 2008 disappearance from Lansing, has been charged with her murder. Her body has never been found.

Mississippi: They’re still trying to identify a little boy whose skull was found in a drainage canal in Sharkey County in 2014. No other remains were located. He was estimated to be between 5 and 7 at the time of his death, which may have occurred up to several years before he found. Preliminary DNA results indicate the boy was black, and probably has relatives from Sharkey County and the surrounding area.

Kansas: Some divers from an Oregon-based organization searched two ponds in Leavenworth County for Randy Wayne Leach and his mom’s car, which have both been missing since 1988. They didn’t find them.

Maryland: They’re still looking for Andre Thompson, a sixteen-year-old who disappeared from Baltimore on June 23. He may be in the Glen Burnie area.

Michigan: They have located fifteen-year-old Gloria Alvarado, who was missing from Taylor for 75 days. She is alive and well, and had run away with a seventeen-year-old boy because her parents would not allow her to date. She has returned home.

New York: They’re still looking for Joseph David Helt, a seventeen-year-old boy who disappeared from Ellenville on January 17, 1987, thirty-four years ago tomorrow.

Nevada: They’re still looking for Cassandra Ayon, a 27-year-old woman who disappeared from Loyal back in October. In particular, the police are asking for public help for info on a red or maroon SUV that may have been on one of the residential side streets near Unity Trailer Court, which is where Cassandra was last seen.

North Carolina: They’re still looking for Ebonee Shanetta Spears, a 30-year-old woman who disappeared five years and one day ago. Nothing new has been reported though.

Also North Carolina: In Winston-Salem, they’re still looking for two missing adults: Lucinda Farris, who disappeared from in June, and Eliseo Ernesto Gomez-Martinez, who disappeared in November. There’s no indication the two cases are related.

Oregon: They’re still trying to identify a child whose body was found near a rest area in Lincoln County on December 10. The little girl had dark brown or black hair and was between six and a half and ten years of age at the time of her death, which occurred at least a month before she was found. Cops have ruled out several possibilities for the girl, including five-year-old Dulce Maria Alvarez, who was abducted from a New Jersey playground in September 2019.

Virginia: The police have reclassified the 2010 disappearance of 19-year-old Samantha Ann Clarke from a missing person to a kidnap/homicide. They have not said whether they have any current suspects in the case, but Randy Allen Taylor, who was found guilty of murder-without-a-body in the 2013 disappearance of seventeen-year-old Alexis Tiara Murphy, has been mentioned before.

Wisconsin: They’re still looking for Daajane Morgan, a sixteen-year-old girl who disappeared from Milwaukee on March 6.

Canada: They’re still looking for Alyssa Turnbull, a young woman who disappeared from Nipigon, Ontario in late March 2020.

Also Canada: Six patients went missing from the now-defunct North Bay Psychiatric Hospital in Toronto, Ontario between 1966 and 2010. They have never been found.

England: They’re still looking for Andrew Gosden, a fourteen-year-old schoolboy who disappeared from London in 2007. Andrew Gosden and another English missing person, Charles Horvath Allen, have both been featured recently on the podcast The Missing.

Trinidad: They’re still looking for Kelly Ann Seerattan, a 25-year-old kindergarten music teacher who disappeared from Princes Town in 2011. The article has some quotes from Kelly’s mom.

Black History Month: James Bess

In honor of Black History Month I’m profiling one African-American MP every day on this blog for the month of February. Today’s case is James Eric Bess, a fourteen-year-old boy who disappeared from Ashland, Kentucky on October 4, 1984.

James lived in a children’s home. He ran away with another resident of the home, Chipley Charles Saunders, who is white and was thirteen years old at the time.

Neither of the boys have been heard from again and, given the length of time — over 30 years — you have to wonder if they’re still alive.

I would like to note that although James is African-American, he has blue or gray eyes. This is very uncommon and might serve as an identifying feature.

Let’s talk about it: Bryan Hayes and Mark Degner

I find the disappearance of best friends Mark Anthony Degner and Bryan Andrew Hayes puzzling and troubling. They’ve been missing from Jacksonville, Florida since February 1, 2005 — twelve years, nearly twelve and a half.

At first the circumstances of the boys’ cases look pedestrian enough: they were living in a group home, told friends they were going to run away, and apparently did just that. They were even sighted in Holly Hill, a small town south of Jacksonville on the Florida coast, two months later.

And yet.

The boys, at just twelve (Mark) and thirteen (Bryan), were extremely young to have been gone this long. Bryan had run away before, but never for longer than a day, and Mark had no history of running away. Furthermore, they were developmentally delayed, functioning on the level of seven- to ten-year-old children, and both suffered from bipolar disorder.

How could they have remained off the map this long? Did the boys meet with foul play? If they’re still alive, why haven’t they resurfaced and who’s helping them stay hidden? Were relatives investigated? Were some member or members of the boys’ families unhappy that they were living in a group home? Or is it possible they fell victim to sex trafficking? Due to their disabilities. I should think they would have been extremely vulnerable to any kind of exploitation — even more so than most runaways.

The case reminds me of Clayton Lynn McCarter and Rodney Michael Scott, who ran away from a Bowling Green, Kentucky children’s home three and a half years ago and still haven’t been found. They were almost the same age: fifteen and thirteen. Clayton was developmentally delayed and had psychiatric issues, just like Mark and Bryan, and there’s a good chance Rodney had similar problems though I don’t know that for sure. I’m not suggesting McCarter/Scott disappearances are related to Mark and Bryan’s, though, given the distance in both time and space.

So what do you think happened to Mark Degner and Bryan Hayes? Let’s talk about it.

Make-a-List Monday: Mentally disabled adults

This list is for adults with varying degrees of intellectual disability of any cause. (Except Alzheimer’s and other dementias; not counting that.) Obviously this makes a person very vulnerable. Mentally disabled people, even the higher-functioning ones, tend to be very trusting and easy to take advantage of, and they may not know how to get home or when and from whom to ask for help.

Sometimes a mentally disabled person is able to lead a more or less normal life. They might be able to graduate high school, hold down a job, live on their own and even raise a family — though they would probably need support to succeed at all those things. On the other end of the spectrum you get people who cannot manage even the most basic of self-care, need constant supervision and are usually institutionalized for life. Fortunately the former kind of mentally disabled people are more common than the latter kind.

  1. Carla Beth Anderson
  2. Matthew Glen Anderson
  3. Michael Dean Andrews
  4. Andrew James Armstrong Jr.
  5. Stacey Lynn Balas
  6. Vonnie Lynn Bales
  7. Stanislaw Balinski
  8. Jessie Barnes
  9. Charles Edward Bertram
  10. Heather Bloom
  11. Jeffrey David Borthwick
  12. Kalvin Alfred Lamar Boyd
  13. Diamond Bynum
  14. Frances Lorraine Byrne
  15. Willie Charles Carswell
  16. Krystal Nicole Cashew
  17. Apolino Contreras
  18. Brian Cook
  19. Frances D. Crownover*
  20. Byron Lee Davis
  21. Robert Earl Davis
  22. Le Tung Dinh
  23. Gary Dale Finck
  24. Christine Muriel Flahive
  25. Daniel Fogg
  26. Ricky Lee Franks
  27. Michael Franz
  28. Henry Gafforio
  29. Stephanie C. Gibson
  30. Irvin Goff
  31. Donald Ray Goodman
  32. John Franklin Gregory
  33. James Woodford Guinn
  34. Stephen Douglas Hamshire
  35. Flora Vesta Smith Helmick
  36. Glenn Richard Hustin Jr.
  37. Kent Jacobs
  38. Sabrina Mae Kahler
  39. Clint C. Kimble
  40. Christina D. M. Kleckner
  41. Donald Kluge
  42. Paul Joseph Knockel
  43. Rene Layja
  44. Lilly Lopez
  45. Brian Keith Lowery
  46. Wilbert Martin
  47. Ricardo Martinez
  48. Gary Dale Mathias
  49. David Matthews
  50. Cynthia Renea Milstead
  51. Robert Wayne McCullar
  52. Stacey Jane Morrison
  53. Raymond S. Mutchler
  54. Kristi Lynn Nikle
  55. Rex Richard Ocain
  56. Jeffrey Lynn O’Carroll
  57. Rene Olivera
  58. Johnnie O’Neal Jr.
  59. Timothy Scott Parry
  60. Shanna Genelle Peoples
  61. Brett Burton Perry
  62. Rudolph David Rangel
  63. Louis Hernando Reyes
  64. Tristan Markey Rivera
  65. Guillermo Rodriguez
  66. Christina Lynn Roof
  67. Kenneth Arthur Schweighart
  68. Dudley Truett Scott
  69. Clifford D. Sharp
  70. Keith Gerald Spelhaug
  71. Charles N. Strohm
  72. Mouy Tieng Tang
  73. Rodney Texera
  74. Lowen Dean Thomas
  75. Nehemiah J. Thomas Jr.
  76. Alfonso Miranda Torres
  77. Khoi Dang Vu
  78. Theresa Ann Wallace
  79. Vincent Warren
  80. Marc Charles Welzant


MP anniversaries today

Courtesy of the Unfound Podcast‘s Twitter feed and my own checking:

  • Colleen Vanita Simpson, 14, missing since 1975 from Clearfield, Iowa. Disappeared from her home at night, classified as a non-family abduction, but I’ve got nothing on her. Wish I did.
  • Karen Lee Kohls, 31, missing since 1982 from Maumee, Ohio. Her car turned up parked at a nearby lake with chairs and fishing tackle locked inside it. Foul play is suspected.
  • Daniel A. Naylor, 14, missing since 1982 from Fremont, California. Although his case was classified as a runaway for decades, foul play is now suspected.
  • Babette Nadine Alberti, 23, missing since 1983 from Jefferson Parish, Louisiana. I don’t have much on her, but she might have gone to Mississippi after her disappearance.
  • Michelle Doherty Thomas, 17, missing since 1985 from Santa Fe, Texas. She was a young wife and mother (she was last seen the day before her son’s first birthday), and had been a police informant prior to her disappearance. Two men were later indicted for her kidnapping but never brought to trial.
  • James Jamison, 75, missing since 1987 from Burlington, Iowa. He was last seen getting into a cab with suitcases; he’d planned to go to Chicago. His disappearance was seen as completely out of character, though.
  • Amanda Marie Rivera, 14, missing since 1990 from La Mesa, California. She was a recent MP of the week. I don’t have much on her.
  • Zeta D. Gordon, 43, missing since 1992 from Atchison County, Kansas. There’s speculation that her husband was involved in her case; he took his own life in 1998. She was MP of the week in 2004. Two months ago someone posted a comment on the blog entry: I was in Atchison for a friends wedding, I met the daughter of Wayne and Zeta. It was shortly after she went missing. There is a lot not being told in this story. The daughter pulled out a scrapbook of all the articles written about this story. They did I fact have 3 kids together, the daughter and oldest son believed there dad had everything to do with the mothers disappearance, the oldest son would no longer have anything to do with Wayne and the daughter who was barely out of high school who was still living at home was visibly scared of her dad when he walked in while she was showing us the scrapbook. She absolutely believed her dad was guilty the younger brother was to young to understand. The daughter said she thought that her mom and dad were meeting somewhere later to talk and that’s where her car was found. Her dad accused mom of having an affair with someone and was trying to shift the blame onto someone else. From everything the daughter said I believe he was to blame
  • Barry Paul Duncan, 38, missing since 1994 from Phoenix, Arizona. Eleven days later his truck turned up abandoned at the Gila River Indian Reservation. Foul play is suspected.
  • Kenneth William Harker, 34, missing since 1996 from Sioux City, Iowa. He was disabled due a head injury, although capable of living independently. Investigators believe he was murdered.
  • Ronald Leonard Farrell, 62, missing since 1999 from Hemet, California. He left on foot to go to the pharmacy several miles away and and fill a prescription, and never returned. Farrell was a retired Air Force veteran.
  • Andrea Michelle Reyes, 1, missing since 1999 from New Haven, Connecticut. A family abduction; her mother took her. Mom is from Mexico and well-experienced at crossing back and forth across the border.
  • George Boardman, 70, missing since 2000 from Bingham, Maine. Because he often left for weeks-long trips without telling anyone, his family didn’t notify the police he was gone until they failed to hear from him at Christmas. Foul play is suspected.
  • Tristen Alan Myers, 4, missing since 2000 from Roseboro, North Carolina. His story is exceptionally sad. Even before he disappeared, this poor little boy never had a chance.
  • Bedriye Sayrun, 33, missing since 2001 from Chicago, Illinois. Last seen at a restaurant in the early morning hours. She suffered from mental illness.
  • Eric M. Apatiki, 21, missing since 2004 from Nome, Alaska. He didn’t live there; he lived in a tiny village on St. Lawrence Island. He’d traveled to Nome to see his girlfriend, who was pregnant with his child.
  • Janita Gay Sites, 60, missing since 2005 from Las Vegas, Nevada. A murder-without-a-body case; her husband was convicted. He claimed self-defense but given that Janita was mostly wheelchair-bound, that didn’t exactly go well.
  • Christie L. Wilson, 27, missing since 2005 from Rocklin, California. This was also a murder-without-a-body case; Mario Flavio Garcia, a man she met at a casino the night she disappeared, was convicted in her death and sentenced to 59 years to life.
  • Uvaldo Moises Anaya, 64, missing since 2007 from Denver, Colorado. He was living with relatives at the time of his disappearance and was drinking and using hard drugs. For some reason at the time of his disappearance his left eye was painted over with white shoe polish.
  • Barbara D. G. Sears Frears, 56, missing since 2008 from Reno, Nevada. She had schizophrenia and lived in a group home for mentally ill people. Apparently she hopped a bus to San Francisco after she left the home.
  • Eric Lawrence Brown, 23, missing since 2009 from Tucson, Arizona. I don’t have much on him, but he did associate with a local street gang.
  • William Cameron Brown, 66, missing since 2010 from Monroe County, Florida. He lived in a houseboat and was traveling to shore in a dinghy but apparently never made it; the dinghy never turned up either.
  • David Christopher Allor, 56, missing since 2011 from Enterprise, Alabama. He may have tried to hitchhike to his previous hometown of Detroit, Michigan.
  • Catherine Marie Tornquist, 56, missing since 2011 from Hot Springs, South Dakota. Another murder without a body. Her own son, Matthew, is serving LWOP in this case.
  • Citlalli Perez-Coronel, 13, missing since 2012 from Louisville, Kentucky. A runaway; she had previously run to Nashville, Tennessee and may have done so again.
  • Jason Lee Lovelady, 38, missing since 2013 from Whatcom County, Washington. He disappeared while gathering pinecones in the Mt. Baker Wilderness in the northern part of the state.
  • Melissa Dawn Eagleshield. 42, missing since 2014 from Becker County, Minnesota. She apparently left a friend’s rural home, shoeless, in the early morning hours and it’s possible she accepted a ride from a passing motorist.

Make-a-List Monday: John in its various forms

Since last week I did a list of MPs named Mary or some nickname or international form of Mary, I thought I’d do John this week. Again, using Nameberry’s lists: John’s international forms and John’s nicknames.

Fun fact: the name “Jonathan” actually comes from Nathan, not John, but I’m adding it to the list anyway.

If there’s an asterisk, the MP is female. I didn’t count all the females named Jean or Jan, because almost all of them on Charley are female, or the females named Jackie, cause for women that’s short for Jacqueline.) The obligatory warning: I might have missed some people.


  1. John Howard Andrews
  2. John Joseph Antinoro
  3. John Jay Ashley Jr.
  4. John Haywood Barreto
  5. Jon Clair Barrett
  6. John Denner Bean
  7. John Paul Belloni
  8. John F. Bolden
  9. John Chrismon Bridgers Jr.
  10. John Arthur Butler
  11. John Clifton Butler
  12. John L. Calvert
  13. John Stewart Campbell
  14. John Michael Carroll
  15. John Andrews Cheek
  16. John Darwin Chesley
  17. John Chocha Jr.
  18. John S. Claypool
  19. John Colonna Aponte
  20. Jon Michael Dabkowski
  21. John Davis
  22. John Davis Jr.
  23. John T. Davis
  24. John Wesley Davis
  25. John Patrick Deeny
  26. John Warren Deetz
  27. John Thomas Degnan III
  28. Jon Pierre Duvall
  29. John Basil Gelardi
  30. John Henry Geppert III
  31. John Allen Giddens
  32. John Carl Goodman
  33. John David Gosch
  34. John Robert Handrahan
  35. John Scott Hahn
  36. Jon Truscott Haynes
  37. John Lloyd Heflin
  38. John Edward Higham
  39. John Scott Holt
  40. John Gregory Hughes
  41. John E. Hundley
  42. John Christopher Inman
  43. John Gordon Iverson
  44. John Henry Jacobson
  45. John M. Jarvis
  46. John Johnson
  47. John P. Katsilieris
  48. John Davis Keefer
  49. John Patrick Kerrigan
  50. John Mitchell Kinsora Jr.
  51. John Koziatek
  52. John Stephen Kozma
  53. John Kueper
  54. John Eric Lake
  55. John Francis Lango
  56. John Lima
  57. John Cameron Lovering
  58. John Ray Ludolph V
  59. John J. Markley Jr.
  60. John Freisen Martens
  61. John Edward Morgan
  62. John Thomas Morford
  63. John James Morris Jr.
  64. John Patrick Morrissey
  65. John Thai Nguyen
  66. Jon Evans Otteson
  67. John Edward Parks
  68. John Pavlat
  69. John Clyde Perrin
  70. John Dolan Phillips
  71. John C. Podniestrzanski
  72. Jon Wolfe Ramage
  73. John Albert Ramirez
  74. John Stephen Rato
  75. John Baptiste Reamer
  76. John Cameron Reece
  77. John Myron Reed Jr.
  78. John Patrick Rowan Jr.
  79. John Dunwell Samen
  80. John Sapienza
  81. John Robert Scialabba
  82. Jon Paul Shadden
  83. John Joseph Simons
  84. John Smith South Jr.
  85. John Michael Spira
  86. John Thistlewood
  87. John W. Thompson
  88. John Allen Troha
  89. John Matthew Thrasher
  90. John Daniel Van Voorhis
  91. John Wagner Jr.
  92. John Wade Wagner
  93. John William Wagner
  94. John E. Warren
  95. John Albert Weichelt
  96. John T. Weisbecker
  97. John Tibor Weisz
  98. John Kiergan Williams
  99. John Melvin Wipert
  100. John Zimmer
  101. John Edward Zimmerman II


  1. Johnny Babino
  2. Johnnie Ball
  3. Johnny Lee Baker
  4. Johnny Lamar Brown
  5. Johnny Mireles Cabanyog
  6. Johnny Crosby
  7. Johnny Robert Doyle
  8. Johnny Chumba Galvan
  9. Johnny Gonzales
  10. Johnnie Jo Herrera
  11. Johnny Ray Kincaid
  12. Johnnie O’Neal Jr.
  13. Johnny Quincy O’Neal
  14. Johnny L. Parker
  15. Johnny Perez
  16. Johnny E. Rosas
  17. John Sanchez Salazar
  18. Johnny Joe Shields
  19. Johnnie Stevenson
  20. Jonnie Renee White*


  1. Jackie Lee Berry Jr.
  2. Jack Clawson
  3. Jack Leon Cooper
  4. Jack Fisher
  5. Jack Jerome Girou
  6. Jack Alan Hamons
  7. Jack R. Hemby
  8. Jack Allen Hilton
  9. Jack Irwin
  10. Jack Libardo Jimenez
  11. Jackie Larry Letney
  12. Jack Duane Morgan
  13. Jack Murrian
  14. Jack Randal Morris
  15. Jackie Edward Orders
  16. Jack Daniel Phillips
  17. Jackie Robinson
  18. Jack Allen Schultz
  19. Jackie Wayne Urich
  20. Jack Eugene Waller
  21. Jack Edward West
  22. Jack Scott Wood


  1. Jonathon Steven Arciniega
  2. Jonathan Aujay
  3. Jonathan David Berry
  4. Jonathan James Betts
  5. Jonathan Kyle Brackett
  6. Jonathan Alexander Camacho
  7. Jonathan Samuel Dorry
  8. Jonathan Alan Glass
  9. Jonathan Tyrone Granison-Bradley
  10. Jonathan Edward Hagans
  11. Jonathan Aaron Hawkins
  12. Jonathon Michael Henry
  13. Jonathan Terry Holley
  14. Jonathan James Lorrigan
  15. Jonathan M. McNabb
  16. Jonathan Josue Martinez
  17. Jonathan Mordoche
  18. Jonathan Ogawa
  19. Jonathan Schaff
  20. Jonathan A. Schrattenholzer
  21. Johnathon Michael Dean Williams
  22. Jonathan Williams
  23. Jonathan Lee Zeigler


  1. Shawn Farzad Attaie
  2. Shawn Richard Bullock
  3. Shaun Wayne Cordova
  4. Sean Christopher Dubs
  5. Sean Wayne Evans
  6. Sean P. Friel
  7. Shawn Patrick Gallagher
  8. Shawn Darnell Givens
  9. Shawn Hale
  10. Shawn C. Hess
  11. Sean Ogawa Hillman
  12. Sean Michael McCracken
  13. Sean Kristian Morrow
  14. Sean Kenneth Phelan
  15. Shawn Desiree Short*
  16. Shawn Eric Spencer
  17. Shaun David Steward
  18. Shaun Thornhill
  19. Shawn White


  1. Shane Ryan Donahue
  2. Shane Michael Fell
  3. Shane Jerome Govan
  4. Shane Lawrence McKinney
  5. Shane William Neuhaus
  6. Shane Anthony Walker


  1. Ian Hunter Burnet
  2. Ian Dennis Foster
  3. Ian Ashley Richardson


  1. Juan Manuel Briones
  2. Juan Ernesto Echegaray
  3. Juan Flores
  4. Juan Gravado
  5. Juan Carlos Herrera-Arias
  6. Juan Izaguirie
  7. Juan Ernesto Jauregui Jr.
  8. Juan Ramon Madrid-Bueso
  9. Juan Guillermo Montoya
  10. Juan Rafael Neciosup
  11. Juan Antonio Ramirez Villanueva
  12. Juan Zuniga Rangel
  13. Juan Rico


  1. Jiovany Gomez
  2. Giovanni Ernesto Gonzalez


  1. Ivan Ernesto Aguilar
  2. Ivan Barela
  3. Ivan Guadalupe Barraza


  1. Hans Harry Okelsrud


  1. Evan Allan Snider


  1. Jan Ostrom


  1. Jean Marie Monfort


  1. Johan Leandro Garcia-Bonilla
  2. Johan Nunes


  1. Jens Paeschke

A semi-tangent: Boys Town

As I’ve mentioned before, I am on an NCMEC mailing list where they email me every time they issue a new poster or take an existing poster down. (Though that list isn’t perfect; a lot of notices don’t seem to reach me.) I was going through the 25 or so NCMEC emails today when I noticed Boys Town, Nebraska yet again.

Given that Boys Town has a population of 745, people seem to go missing from there an awful lot. In fact, if you search for “Boys Town” on the “missing from” line on the NCMEC’s search page, as of this writing, FOUR kids are missing from there. One Hispanic boy, one Native American boy and two black girls. One has been missing since last October, almost a year.

I can only conclude that they were residents of Boys Town, the residential treatment center for troubled youth whom the actual village of Boys Town was named after. It’s kind of a famous place and I think they made a movie about it or something. According to its history, It was founded in the nineteen-teens by a priest named Father Flanaghan who got the idea that if he removed people from the blighted inner cities to a remote country location, they might do better in life. Those were super-racist, xenophobic times, but Father Flanaghan welcomed all boys regardless of race or religion.

Boys Town now accepts girls as well, obviously. In fact, I thought they had changed their name to “Boys and Girls Town” but maybe I was wrong or maybe they changed it back or something. I know Daisy Coleman, of “Maryville Rape Case” fame, spent 90 days at the facility while trying to recover from the gang rape and ensuing fallout. (By the way, for those who are interested, I found an article from a few months ago about Daisy and she’s doing much better now. She’s in college studying art and plans to become a tattoo artist; she’s already landed herself an apprenticeship.)

And unlike the other children’s homes I’ve written about, I haven’t heard anything horrible about Boys Town.

I just hope those four missing kids turn up soon. I bet they will; of all the Boys Town disappearances I’ve seen per the NCMEC, none of them have ever stayed missing long enough to get posted on the Charley Project.

A third set of disappearances from an institution

In 2009 I wrote about the now-defunct CEDU school, which has three of its students disappear and end up Charley: 17-year-old John Christopher Inman in 1993, 14-year-old Blake Wade Pursley in 1994 and then Daniel Ted Yuen in 2004.

There’s also the New Lisbon State School, now called the New Lisbon Developmental Center, which I also blogged about in 2009. It also has three residents missing: 17-year-old Steven Eugene Anderson and 12-year-old David Edward Williams vanished from there in 1975, and in 1982 Kenneth Arthur Schweighart wandered off campus and was never seen again.

Now, as I’m wrapping up the Virginia State Police page’s cases, I find a third such institution with multiple disappearances: the Hairston Home for Adults, a retirement/nursing home in Martinsville, Virginia. VSP now has Howard Kenneth Woolwine, a 73-year-old missing since 1998, on their page. Whilst researching Mr. Woolwine I found a 2014 article (which, unfortunately, I can’t link to) that says Earnest Thomas Mitchell, 61, disappeared from the same facility in 2004 and was never found. Mitchell is not listed on VSP or NamUs or anywhere else for that matter, but he’s probably still missing — if he was still missing in 2014 but had turned up since then, I think I would have found something that said so.

I should emphasize that (with the exception of Blake Pursley) there’s no indication that ANY of the people I’ve named in this entry met with foul play. They just all fall into a particular rare category, that’s all.

I did all the updates for September 3 and 4 on September 3, and posted 4’s updates right after midnight tonight, and almost immediately got to work on September 5. Howard Woolwine, and the last of the Virginia cases, will go up September 5.

(I’m going to have see about that photo though. Does this look like a 73-year-old white man to you? It’s tiny and poor quality, but that looks like a young man to me — possibly white, but equally possibly Hispanic or a light-skinned African-American. VSP has matched the wrong photos to their MPs before, as you may well remember.)

And if you wonder what’s going on with that… I’m manic. I’m flying at the moment, dazzled, on fire. I’m higher than a kite right now. Which is great for you. Not so much for me.

Make-a-List Monday: Seizures

A list of MPs with who suffer from or may suffer from seizures. I include cases where people are taking medication and might get seizures as a withdrawal symptom if they stop abruptly.

Fun fact: many people on the autism spectrum, perhaps as many as one-third, also suffer from epilepsy. Which kind of makes sense, since both autism and epilepsy are neurological disorders. I don’t have epilepsy, but when I was sixteen I did have a grand mal seizure for no reason whatsoever. I was standing there talking to my dad, holding a pop, and then I remember seeing black and white spirals, and suddenly I was sitting on the couch and had somehow managed to spill pop all over my butt. (You know, the butt I was sitting on. I’m still not sure how that happened.) Dad said I started twitching and stuff and jerked my arms out in front of me like a zombie. I remember I had a splitting headache for the rest of the day.

  1. Robert Albert Ahtonen
  2. Tonia Gay Aldrich
  3. Joann Angel
  4. Keith Edward Bamford
  5. Troy Donovan Burnett
  6. Randall William Collins
  7. Carla Rebecca Corley
  8. Jan Andre Cotta
  9. Chris Andrew Cunningham
  10. Hope Renee Curry
  11. Charles Daniels
  12. William Francis DiSilvestro IV
  13. Gary Dale Finck
  14. Jennie Lee Fisher
  15. Carol Jean Freeburg
  16. Noemi Gonzalez
  17. Donald Ray Goodman
  18. Jeremy Wayne Goodwin
  19. Ember Skye Graham
  20. Kenneth Warren Hager
  21. Ruvil Hale
  22. Jamie E. Harper
  23. Samuel Lee Hernandez
  24. Jesse Albertine Hoover
  25. Garrett Thomas Hughes
  26. Mark Inhoffe
  27. John Christopher Inman
  28. Refugio Isaguirre
  29. Nancy Lynn Jason
  30. Eulace King
  31. Michael S. King
  32. Peter Sean Kosky
  33. Wallace John Landry
  34. Robert Charles Livers Jr.
  35. Cheresa R. Lordi
  36. Shelley Diane Luty
  37. Tomas Santos Magdaleno
  38. Courtney Marcher
  39. Robert Wayne McCullar
  40. Cynthia Renea Milstead
  41. Steven Martin Moline Jr.
  42. Amy Sue Pagnac
  43. Timothy Scott Parry
  44. Steven Daniel Paul
  45. Angelo Gene Puglisi
  46. Blake Wade Pursley
  47. Rudolph David Rangel
  48. Gregory Wilson Reynolds
  49. Richard Allen Rhyne
  50. Gerald Rihlmann
  51. Tammy Dawn Risenhoover
  52. Robert J. Rithaler Jr.
  53. Tristan Markey Rivera
  54. Travis Dewayne Roberson
  55. Jackie Robinson
  56. William Robert Rochelle
  57. Reynaldo Rodriguez
  58. Laurel Lea Rogers
  59. Dudley Truett Scott
  60. Silas Sessions Jr.
  61. Reginald Jermaine Short
  62. Walter F. Smith Jr.
  63. Natasha Marie Shanes
  64. Terry Allen Shepherd
  65. Danielle Marie Sleeper
  66. Roland Jack Spencer III
  67. Jerry Tang
  68. Autumn Marie Traub
  69. Daffany Sherika Tullos
  70. Joseph D. Vanderhouwen
  71. David Clayton Warner
  72. Joseph Weber IV
  73. Ronald Eugene Westwick
  74. David Edward Williams
  75. Larry Williams