April MP news

Catching up on where I left off, here’s some of the latest missing persons news for this month so far:

A suspect has been charged with murder in the 1976 disappearance of Cynthia May Hernandez. This is almost a new record for the longest time between disappearance and charges and filed in a murder-without-a-body case. Sheila Lyon and Katherine Lyon‘s alleged killers were charged last summer, forty years after their 1975 disappearances. With Cynthia’s alleged killer it’s been only a few months short of forty years.

Colton Clark‘s aunt and uncle (and foster parents), Rex and Rebecca Clark, have been arrested for murder and child abuse in his case. As of yesterday evening, though, formal charges have not been filed against them. Authorities are digging on their property looking for Colton’s body.

They’re checking a well to see if Mark Wendell Wilson, who disappeared from Quincy, California all the way back in 1967, could be in it (or maybe have been in it at one time). The people doing the checking are not cops but students at Cal State Sacramento, and they’re checking the well for traces of Mark’s mitochondrial DNA. I think this is awesome. I highly doubt they’ll find anything but I still think it’s awesome. I was able to find the 2014 article referenced in the aforementioned link, and read it, but it doesn’t really tell anything about the disappearance that I didn’t already know.

They’ve found the body of Kelli Cox, a woman who disappeared in 1997 from Denton, Texas. She’s still on Charley right now but I plan to remove her case in today’s update. William Reece, a convicted kidnapper, lead authorities to Kelli’s remains and the remains of another person, probably Jessica Cain, who disappeared a month after Kelli did.

More pictures and updated APs

Lists of recent cases with added pics and updated age-progressions:


  1. Yasmin Rayon Acree
  2. Patrick Kennedy Alford Jr.
  3. Karla Daniela Barrera
  4. William Walter Brooks Jr.
  5. Nicholas Vincent Smith
  6. Aaron Cody Stepp
  7. Cynthia Lynn Sumpter
  8. Asante Anton Willoughby


  1. Kellisue M. Ackernecht
  2. Bruce Allan Caputo
  3. Sausha Latine Henson
  4. Tracy Marie Evans Hill
  5. Margaret Kay Holst
  6. Sherry Regina Hudson
  7. Sierra Sahara Thomas

Yes, I know the Charley Project is down

Charley’s been down since Sunday. I don’t know why. It’s something to do with my host; apparently all the sites that Lizard Hill hosts are down right now. I’ve had Lizard Hill since 2004 and they’re usually very reliable so I don’t know what’s up.

In the meantime, today is Tuesday, so if I were able to update the site I’d be updating my missing person of the week. Of course I can’t update but I might as well talk about him on here: this week’s is Oscar Alexander Campos, a runaway from Antioch, Tennessee, which is in the Nashville metro area.

I don’t have much on Oscar, who was 16 when he left home following some kind of dispute with his parents. He could still be in the Nashville metro area or he could be in southern California. His hair was styled in a purple Mohawk at the time of his disappearance. He’s been missing since April 19, 2008 — eight years next month.

Make-a-List Monday: Hunters

This list is for MPs who disappeared while on hunting trips. If I know the animal they were looking for I’ll include that too.

Around here, I think, people mostly hunt deer. I don’t know much about hunting and I’ve never gone myself, though I think one of my brothers does. I don’t like guns or killing animals.

  1. Joel Allen Amundson
  2. Emerson Edward Carbaugh: Turkeys
  3. Jeromy Ivan Childress: Elk
  4. Robert Lewis Christian
  5. Noel William Dalluge: Grouse
  6. Fred Richard Davis
  7. Ronald Scott Gray: Elk
  8. Charles Duane Gustafson: Elk
  9. Aaron Joseph Hedges: Elk
  10. Oscar Joseph Hintta: Deer
  11. Charles Franklin Huff
  12. Raymond Lee Matlock: Elk
  13. Jerry Lee McKoen
  14. Melvin Nadel
  15. Brian Ognjan and David Tyll
  16. Sinho Steve Seo: Fish
  17. James Anthony Tennison
  18. Allen Theis: Mule deer
  19. Reagan Cordell Uden and Richard Loren Uden: Birds
  20. Jerry Michael Williams: Ducks
  21. Nathaniel Edison Williams
  22. Robert S. Willis IV: Deer
  23. Paul Cecil Worsham

Flashback Friday: Rodney Grissom and Karen Lee

This week’s Flashback Friday case is actually two cases: Rodney Lynn Grissom, a 14-year-old who disappeared from Albany, Oregon on May 24, 1977, and Karen Jean Lee, a 15-year-old who disappeared from Cornelius, Oregon two days after Rodney. I’m guessing they were boyfriend and girlfriend.

It looks like Rodney and Karen ran away from home, but it’s likely they ran into a spot of bother not long afterward. Some of their stuff was later found off a remote logging road in Washington County, Oregon. Cornelius is a town in Washington County; Albany is in Linn County.

There has been no indication of Rodney and Karen’s whereabouts for nearly forty years now. Karen has a Facebook page about her disappearance, but there’s not much there. Rodney is listed on the NCMEC, but Karen, for some reason, is not.

MP of the week: Norman Pappas

This week’s featured missing person is Norman Basil Pappas. This slender, fresh-faced 19-year-old disappeared from the small town of Carmel, California on July 26, 1993, a month shy of his twentieth birthday.

And that’s all. This case is pretty slim pickings: “Few details are available.” I can’t find anything else about Norman or his disappearance from any of my usual sources.

If Norman Pappas is still alive, he would be 43 years old this coming summer. I’d love it if anyone who knew him or his family or anything about this case could comment or at least shoot me an email.

Make-a-List Monday: Valentine’s Day

I suppose I ought to have done this in February, but this February was pretty much a wash-out all around, so it’s a month late. So here you go: MPs who vanished on Valentine’s Day.

  1. Marcy Jo Andrews
  2. Casey Scott Berry
  3. Donald Ray Billings
  4. Linda Bowdre
  5. Farrika Brown
  6. Judith Ellen Casida
  7. Asha Jaquilla Degree
  8. Harlan James Dennis
  9. Ronald Reed Duck Jr.
  10. David A. Frank Jr.
  11. Stephanie Agnew Grant
  12. Michael Curtis Hawley Jr.
  13. Daniel Lee Holling
  14. Maurice P. Kneifl
  15. Marjorie Alice Knox
  16. Thomas Edward Lamoree II
  17. Cheresa A. Lordi
  18. Meredith Ann Medina
  19. Jonathan Ogawa
  20. Albert A. O’Leary
  21. David Edward Parker
  22. Kay Frances Read
  23. Jeronimo Mendoza Rico
  24. Martin Nungaray Ruvalcaba
  25. Misty Anne Sullivan
  26. Brandee Jan Thomerson
  27. Eubah G. Thornton
  28. Nicole Yvonne Waller
  29. Tiffany Walton
  30. Grongie Ward
  31. Sheri Lynn White