Make-a-List Monday: Runaways, 10-20 years gone

Last week’s list of runaways who’d been missing at least 20 years got a lot of shares on Charley’s Facebook page. I thought I’d do a list of runaways who’ve been missing between 10 and 20 years — that is, between 1996 and 2006. And as I did last week, these classifications are my own.

  1. Bernice Arreola, 14, missing since 1998
  2. Diane Marie Aviles Colon, 14, missing since 1999
  3. Teresa Marie Barbusca, 16, missing since 1999
  4. Donna Marie Barron, 12, missing since 2006
  5. Danielle Arion Bell, 14, missing since 2001
  6. Leon Bell III, 15, missing since 2002
  7. Genelle Princess Bradford, 17, missing since 1999
  8. Laroya Nate Bray, 15, missing since 2002
  9. Erika Brown, 14, missing since 2006
  10. David Antonio Cambray, 16, missing since 2006
  11. Daniel Cantrell, 13, missing since 2006
  12. Vitia Cardosa, 12, missing since 2002
  13. Daniel Bradley Carver, 15, missing since 1997
  14. Joel Joseph Contreras, 14, missing since 2000
  15. James Robert Cooper, 16, missing since 1996
  16. Issac David Delgado, 15, missing since 2006
  17. Jason Wayne Dennis, 17, missing since 2002
  18. Robert William Dornbach, 17, missing since 2005
  19. Madeline Kelly Edman, 15, missing since 2005
  20. Jennifer Mae Enyart, 16, missing since 2000
  21. Irma Yolanda Gamez, 15, missing since 2004
  22. Adrianna Hope Garcia, 15, missing since 2004
  23. Christian Glen Hall, 15, missing since 2005
  24. Amy Lynn Haueter, 14, missing since 2005
  25. Nicole Shalonda Johnson, 16, missing since 2002
  26. Rebeca Ester Jose, 17, missing since 2005
  27. Yansis Massiel Juarez, 15, missing since 2002
  28. Irene Kouame, 17, missing since 2001
  29. Adam Benjamin Lake, 17, missing since 2001
  30. Paul Michael Landis, 17, missing since 2005
  31. Heather Janelle Lewis, 13, missing since 2003
  32. Katya Marie Lyne, 15, missing since 1997
  33. Michael Charles Marsh, 16, missing since 2006
  34. Ashley Renee Martinez, 15, missing since 2004
  35. Francheska Sugel Martinez, 12, missing since 2000*
  36. Misheila Isleen Martinez, 13, missing since 2000*
  37. Diana Mazariegos, 15, missing since 2006
  38. Autumn Lane McClure, 16, missing since 2004
  39. Gabriela Medina, 17, missing since 2006
  40. Stefanie C. Mills, 16, missing since 2002
  41. Jack Duane Morgan, 15, missing since 1996
  42. Alejandra Nava, 14, missing since 2003
  43. Brenda Eli Ovalle, 16, missing since 2004
  44. Phillip James Pinnock, 15, missing since 2005
  45. Kawan K. Pryor, 15, missing since 1997
  46. Brandon Dante Raphelle Ralls, 16, missing since 2001
  47. David J. Reynolds, 15, missing since 2004
  48. Hector Reynosa, 15, missing since 2006
  49. Destry Richard Rhinehart, 16, missing since 2004
  50. Rodolfo Ricardez, 15, missing since 1999
  51. Tiffany Reid, 16, missing since 2004
  52. Sherie Marie Rowland, 15, missing since 2004
  53. Alicia Marie Scott, 15, missing since 2006
  54. Cristian Avlyn Sedeno, 15, missing since 2003
  55. Uma Davi Sewpersaud, 13, missing since 2002
  56. Ekaterina Shcherbakova, 13, missing since 1998
  57. Isadora Sorozzo, 13, missing since 2000
  58. Krzysztof Rafal Syrzycki, 16, missing since 2002
  59. Samantha Leighann Tapp, 16, missing since 2004
  60. Kimberly Faye Thrower, 16, missing since 2004
  61. Edmond Tillman, 14, missing since 2004
  62. Flora Torralva, 15, missing since 2003
  63. Cristina Valasquez, 15, missing since 2006
  64. Elyssa Marie Vasquez, 12, missing since 2003
  65. Yusuf Abdul Wilson, 17, missing since 1999
  66. Quinn Renard Woodfolk, 11, missing since 1998
  67. Daniel Ted Yuen, 16, missing since 2004
  68. Mo Zhang, 17, missing since 2006


*Francheska and Misheila Martinez are twins; Franceska ran away on June 9, the day before their 13th birthdays, and Misheila ran away six weeks later on July 22.

Select It Sunday: Marble Arvidson

This was suggested by Liza E. way back in January: Marble Ace Arvidson, 17, missing from Brattleboro, Vermont on August 27, 2011.

Marble was classified as a special needs child, but I’m not exactly sure what his special needs were. He was in foster care, but it doesn’t seem to have been a “typical” foster home:  this article says, “Marble lived with a mentor — a legal guardian in his 20s — along with another teenager and that teen’s mentor.” He had some emotional problems and issues with aggression, but he was considered high-functioning and planned to attend college. One of the schools he was looking at was the University of Vermont, and I know you need to be a good student with above-average test scores to get in there.

His case is a strange one because he appears to have simply dropped off the face of the earth. There’s some suggestion that he might have drowned in Hurricane Irene, which was causing raging floods in the area at the time, and that would certainly explain things, but there’s no actual evidence to support this theory as far as I know.

My friend Sean Munger blogged about Marble’s case in 2013. There was an article about Marble published last month, mentioning that it’s now been five years since his disappearance.

A semi-tangent: Boys Town

As I’ve mentioned before, I am on an NCMEC mailing list where they email me every time they issue a new poster or take an existing poster down. (Though that list isn’t perfect; a lot of notices don’t seem to reach me.) I was going through the 25 or so NCMEC emails today when I noticed Boys Town, Nebraska yet again.

Given that Boys Town has a population of 745, people seem to go missing from there an awful lot. In fact, if you search for “Boys Town” on the “missing from” line on the NCMEC’s search page, as of this writing, FOUR kids are missing from there. One Hispanic boy, one Native American boy and two black girls. One has been missing since last October, almost a year.

I can only conclude that they were residents of Boys Town, the residential treatment center for troubled youth whom the actual village of Boys Town was named after. It’s kind of a famous place and I think they made a movie about it or something. According to its history, It was founded in the nineteen-teens by a priest named Father Flanaghan who got the idea that if he removed people from the blighted inner cities to a remote country location, they might do better in life. Those were super-racist, xenophobic times, but Father Flanaghan welcomed all boys regardless of race or religion.

Boys Town now accepts girls as well, obviously. In fact, I thought they had changed their name to “Boys and Girls Town” but maybe I was wrong or maybe they changed it back or something. I know Daisy Coleman, of “Maryville Rape Case” fame, spent 90 days at the facility while trying to recover from the gang rape and ensuing fallout. (By the way, for those who are interested, I found an article from a few months ago about Daisy and she’s doing much better now. She’s in college studying art and plans to become a tattoo artist; she’s already landed herself an apprenticeship.)

And unlike the other children’s homes I’ve written about, I haven’t heard anything horrible about Boys Town.

I just hope those four missing kids turn up soon. I bet they will; of all the Boys Town disappearances I’ve seen per the NCMEC, none of them have ever stayed missing long enough to get posted on the Charley Project.

Make-a-List Monday: Runaways twenty years’ gone

Kids run away all the time. Some of them stay gone for years. Very few of them, however, stay gone forever. This list is of Charley Project cases classified as runaways where the child has been missing for a minimum of twenty years.

I’m using my own classifications here, not the NCMEC’s, because their classifications are often wrong — they’ve got Mitchell Darlington listed as a runaway, for example, when he almost certainly drowned.

  1. Jorge Acosta, 12, missing since 1992
  2. Lurline Michelle Bergeron, 14, missing since 1991
  3. James Eric Bess, 14, and Chipley Charles Sanders, 13, missing since 1984
  4. Sandra Breed, 16, missing since 1964
  5. Niki Diane Britten, 15, missing since 1969
  6. Mary Jo Burnette, 16, missing since 1984
  7. Shawna Chavez, 14, missing since 1994
  8. Rose Lena Cole, 15 or 16, missing since 1972 or 1973
  9. Melinda Karen Creech, 13, missing since 1979
  10. Kenneth Allen Daily, 16, missing since 1985
  11. Brenda Sue Davidson, 13, missing since 1974
  12. Krystyn Rae Dunlap, 17, missing since 1994
  13. Martha Wes Dunn, 15, missing since 1990
  14. Duane Edward Fochtman, 15, missing since 1986
  15. Nerissa Franklin, 15, missing since 1989
  16. Helen Marie Green, 13, missing since 1971 or 1972
  17. Shaunda Renne Green, 13, missing since 1983
  18. Karen Marie Hughes, 12, missing since 1983
  19. John Christopher Inman, 17, missing since 1993
  20. Danny Lee Jones, 15, missing since 1974
  21. Christopher Matthew Kerze, 17, missing since 1990
  22. Christine Marie Kingsley, 17, missing since 1995
  23. Janet Ann Kramer, 13, missing since 1971
  24. Desiree Lynette Lopez, 17, missing since 1996
  25. Meredith Ann Medina, 16, missing since 1989
  26. Alishia Dachone Miller, 13, missing since 1989
  27. Jerome Eugene Morris, 14, missing since 1990
  28. Scott Michael Morris, 14, missing since 1978
  29. Jennifer Lynn Pandos, 15, missing since 1987
  30. Aaron Michael Pate, 17, missing since 1992
  31. Cynthia Lorraine Perry, 17, missing since 1985
  32. Jennifer Rae Perry, 13, missing since 1993
  33. Shaliegh Sharrie Phillips, 12, missing since 1988
  34. Taranika Michelle Raymond, 13, missing since 1995
  35. Jason Donald Reynolds, 17, missing since 1993
  36. Eva Marie Ridall, 15, missing since 1977
  37. Angela Arlene Robles, 16, missing since 1996
  38. Froelan Rosales Jr., 15, missing since 1989
  39. Carlota Maria Sanchez, 12, and Elsie Eldora Luscier, 13, missing since 1979
  40. Beverly Sharpman, 17, missing since 1947
  41. Aron Holmes Silverman, 17, missing since 1993
  42. Stevey Howard Sommerville, 14, missing since 1990
  43. Mary Ann Ruth Switalski, 16, missing since 1963
  44. Misty Dawn Thompson, 15, missing since 1993
  45. Deborah Lee Tomlinson, 16, missing since 1973
  46. Darci Renae Warde, 16, missing since 1990
  47. Renata Sharisse Myles Whitehead, 14, missing since 1996
  48. Heide Dawn Wilbur, 16, missing since 1991

Johnny Gosch missing 34 years

At the request of Brittany K., I am writing about John David Gosch on the 34th anniversary of his disappearance.

The facts are these: Johnny was a twelve-year-old paperboy in West Des Moines, Iowa and on the morning of his disappearance, he slipped out of the house before 6:00 a.m. to do this route alone — something he wasn’t allowed to do; he was supposed to bring his dad with him. A witness reported seeing Johnny talking to guy in a car.

After that, no one really knows. Johnny kind of walked into a void. He was missed at seven o’clock when customers began to complain that they hadn’t gotten their papers. Johnny’s wagon and newspapers turned up on the sidewalk just two blocks from his house.

The internet is rife with theories and speculation as to what happened — the more so because Johnny’s mother, Noreen Gosch, claims her son secretly visited her in 1997 and told her he had been abducted by a pedophile ring.

Eugene Wade Martin, a 13-year-old paperboy from Des Moines, also disappeared while on his route, less than two years after Johnny did, and there are a lot of theories that the two cases are connected somehow. And I should note that Marc James-Warren Allen disappeared from Des Moines, less than two years after Eugene Martin, but I don’t know much about his case. He wasn’t a paperboy.

With the latest news about Jacob Wetterling’s remains being found, some people have suggested Danny Heinrich (the prime suspect in Jacob’s case) should be looked at in the Des Moines disappearances as well. I have no idea whether the police have looked into this or not. But I do want to point out that Des Moines is a four-and-a-half-hour drive from St. Joseph, Minnesota, the town where Jacob was taken.

(If you guys are wondering why I haven’t resolved his case yet, it’s because according to my user stats, everyone is looking at right now. I’ll give it another day or so before I pull him.)

Make-a-List Monday: Gender-nonconforming MPs

A list of missing persons on Charley who are transgender or otherwise gender non-conforming.

  1. Ivory Francis Green
  2. James H. Mayberry Jr.
  3. Naum Rafael Mendez
  4. Tirrel Santiago
  5. Dashad Laquinn Smith
  6. Evon Young

I had two others who are now in the resolved section. Both were found deceased — one murdered, the other in a car accident.

A third set of disappearances from an institution

In 2009 I wrote about the now-defunct CEDU school, which has three of its students disappear and end up Charley: 17-year-old John Christopher Inman in 1993, 14-year-old Blake Wade Pursley in 1994 and then Daniel Ted Yuen in 2004.

There’s also the New Lisbon State School, now called the New Lisbon Developmental Center, which I also blogged about in 2009. It also has three residents missing: 17-year-old Steven Eugene Anderson and 12-year-old David Edward Williams vanished from there in 1975, and in 1982 Kenneth Arthur Schweighart wandered off campus and was never seen again.

Now, as I’m wrapping up the Virginia State Police page’s cases, I find a third such institution with multiple disappearances: the Hairston Home for Adults, a retirement/nursing home in Martinsville, Virginia. VSP now has Howard Kenneth Woolwine, a 73-year-old missing since 1998, on their page. Whilst researching Mr. Woolwine I found a 2014 article (which, unfortunately, I can’t link to) that says Earnest Thomas Mitchell, 61, disappeared from the same facility in 2004 and was never found. Mitchell is not listed on VSP or NamUs or anywhere else for that matter, but he’s probably still missing — if he was still missing in 2014 but had turned up since then, I think I would have found something that said so.

I should emphasize that (with the exception of Blake Pursley) there’s no indication that ANY of the people I’ve named in this entry met with foul play. They just all fall into a particular rare category, that’s all.

I did all the updates for September 3 and 4 on September 3, and posted 4’s updates right after midnight tonight, and almost immediately got to work on September 5. Howard Woolwine, and the last of the Virginia cases, will go up September 5.

(I’m going to have see about that photo though. Does this look like a 73-year-old white man to you? It’s tiny and poor quality, but that looks like a young man to me — possibly white, but equally possibly Hispanic or a light-skinned African-American. VSP has matched the wrong photos to their MPs before, as you may well remember.)

And if you wonder what’s going on with that… I’m manic. I’m flying at the moment, dazzled, on fire. I’m higher than a kite right now. Which is great for you. Not so much for me.