Make-a-List Monday: Minors in unusual living situations

I thought I’d make a list today of kids under 18 who were had atypical housing arrangements. I don’t mean kids residing with stepparents, adoptive parents, foster care, boarding schools, group homes or residential treatment centers. Nor do I include cases where the child was left with a non-relative in what was meant to be a temporary arrangement.

I mean minors living with their friends, those living with adult friends of their families, those living with a spouse or boyfriend or girlfriend, those living alone, and those living with members of their extended family, provided the extended family were not officially foster parents or adoptive parents.

I know a guy who lived in a situation like that for a few years. I figured I’d talk about him here. I’m using alias names for everyone, and also placing the story in a different state, for privacy. This story is going to last for several paragraphs so skip to the list if you don’t care. This is what he told me:

START OF STORY: Basically, my friend Alec grew up in a tiny sneeze-and-you-miss it farm community in Illinois. Alec was the oldest of three siblings, and his mother abandoned the family when he was like six years old and dropped completely out of sight. There was a divorce but they couldn’t force her to pay child support because they couldn’t find her.

Alec’s father, Craig, was an alcoholic. The only jobs he could get were low-paying manual labor — construction, farm work, that sort of stuff. There was basically no chance of him improving his career prospects because he was more or less illiterate. Craig could write his name, and he could slowly sound out words if he had to, but his comprehension was just about nil. I don’t know if he had dyslexia or an intellectual disability or whether he simply wasn’t properly educated, but it’s hard to find any kind of decent job if you can’t read.

Craig was also an unreliable employee because of his constant drinking. At home, when drunk, he would verbally abuse his children. I asked Alec once if his father ever beat him and he said no, but he did say Craig “smacked him around” sometimes. When Craig wasn’t working, the family subsisted on food stamps and welfare (this was back before the big welfare overhaul in the mid-nineties) and on whatever Alec could bring in from his own part-time jobs.

One day, when he was 16 or so, Alec just fed up with it and left, with no belongings, and only the clothes on his back. He went across town to his best friend from high school, Trevor Martin. By rural Illinois standards, Trevor’s family was rich. Mom was a professional counselor. Dad was an anesthesiologist, which is one of the highest-paying medical specialties. Alec basically showed up on Trevor’s doorstep and asked the Martins he could stay there for two years until he graduated high school.

And they let him. I wouldn’t say the Martins treated Alec like their own son, but they provided for his material needs and they were nice to him and didn’t use them as their verbal or physical punching bag. Alec remains in close touch with the Martin family to this day.

After Alec graduated high school, the Martins’ generosity did not extend towards paying for his college education. I’m not even sure he wanted to go to college anyway, and his GPA wasn’t that great. He opted to join the military. After his discharge he got a high-paying job using the training the military gave him, and he’s doing well for himself.

Technically I suppose this was a runaway situation, but Craig knew exactly where Alec was the entire time, and never reported him missing to the police. Alec continued to attend the same high school, and the teachers knew he was actually living with the Martins, and nobody reported it. I mean, let’s face it, he was in a much better living situation than CPS could have provided him. END OF STORY

Now on to the list!

  1. Anthony Ross Allen
  2. Andria Ann Bailey
  3. Erica Monique Bradley
  4. Kristina Delane Branum
  5. Zackery Lee Brewer
  6. Niki Diane Britten
  7. Monica Cassandra Carrasco
  8. Amber Elizabeth Cates
  9. Christopher Gage Daniel
  10. Tracy Lynn Davenport
  11. Timothy Jacob Davison
  12. Theresa M. Fishbach
  13. Elizabeth Franks
  14. Angela Lee Freeman
  15. Debra Lee Frost
  16. Richard Gorham
  17. Coral Pearl Hall
  18. Tinze Lucinda Huels
  19. Jennifer Jane Hughes
  20. Karen Beth Kamsch
  21. Mary Sue Kitts
  22. Ruth Ann Leamon
  23. Kase Ann Lee
  24. Chloie Rhianna Leverette
  25. Alexandra Cassandra Livingston
  26. Kristopher Charles Loesch
  27. Faloma Luhk
  28. Maleina Quitugua Luhk
  29. Brianna Alexandria Maitland
  30. Tianna Neshelle Martin
  31. Ila Veronica Tucker Maynard
  32. Heather Lorraine Mehlhoff
  33. Launa Renee Merritt
  34. Garnell Monroe Moore
  35. Sophia Felecita Moreno
  36. Tristen Alan Myers
  37. Ariza Maria Olivares
  38. Victoria Jane Owczynsky
  39. Alicia Guzman Padilla
  40. Jose Francisco Fuentes Pereira
  41. Larry Wayne Perry
  42. Eric Wayne Pyles
  43. Christina Marchell Richart
  44. Joseph Rodriguez
  45. Kathleen Edna Rodgers
  46. Qua’Mere Sincere Rogers
  47. Cristina Ester Ruiz-Rodriguez
  48. Alisha Smiley
  49. Roland Jack Spencer III
  50. Rocio Chila Sperry
  51. Edward Ashton Stubbs
  52. Kylan Patrick Stubler
  53. Patricia Lynn Taylor
  54. Mary Rachel Trlica
  55. Daffany Sherika Tullos
  56. Jahi Marques Turner
  57. Leah Jean Van Schoick
  58. Mary Ann Verdecchia
  59. Brittany Renee Williams
  60. April Susanne Wiss
  61. Quinn Renard Woodfolk
  62. Shelby Raistlin Wright


An honorable mention: Marble Ace Arvidson. Although his residence was officially a foster home, his “foster father” was in his twenties — that is, only a few years older than Marble — and many accounts refer to the other residents in the home as “roommates.”

It’s pretty hard to put a list like this together. I may very well have missed a few, or more than a few. My apologies.

Ah, my old friend Contradictory Information

I was checking out Reddit’s Unresolved Mysteries section and found a discussion about Samuel Byrd, with a link to this 2014 article about Connecticut disappearances. The article provides a few more details about his disappearance — not much, but I had almost nothing to go on before.

The article claims Samuel disappeared in 1976, but the NCMEC gives the year as 1977. Frustratingly, in the “date last seen” for Samuel on his NamUs page, it says 1977, but in the “circumstances of disappearance” it says 1976.

Perhaps his family, who didn’t report him missing till around 2014 or maybe a year or so before, simply doesn’t remember the year, But he is said to have gone missing just after his high school graduation, and it should be easy to figure out when that was. This piece of information would suggest the later year, as most people graduate at age 18 or sometimes 17, and Samuel would have been 17 years and 11 months in June of 1977. However, people occasionally graduate at 16.

So I have one source that says 1977, one source that says 1976, and one source that can’t make up its mind.


Visited my car yesterday, and so on

Yeah, so yesterday Dad came over to see me and together we went to the tow lot to have a look at my car and retrieve the last of my belongings from it. Turns out the thing is in even worse shape than I thought. Presenting exhibits A, B and C:




Yeah, so not only is just about the entire driver’s side trashed, but the front driver’s side wheel is bent and the windshield is cracked. I emailed the photos to the insurance company. I also noted, and photographed, a pile of automobile detritus in front of my car. I’m not sure whether it’s mine or not, but I sent it along.

It had less than 100,000 miles on it. *sobs* It was a really nice car, too. I mean, yeah it was old (1996) and fracking HUGE and consequently it didn’t have the greatest gas mileage. I doubt its Blue Book value will be much. But it was a luxury model with all the bells and whistles, and its very size may have prevented me from further injury. While we were out I showed Dad the ditch I went into and he was like, “Oh. My. God.”

Last night, Michael and L. and I went out to Granite City, my favorite restaurant, to celebrate my birthday. When the waitress found out it was my birthday they gave me a free, delicious “birthday cookie” with caramel and nuts and a scoop of vanilla ice cream on top. We had a good time. Today Michael’s parents came over with a card and a cake for me, which was nice.

I don’t know what’s going on but I can barely talk at all and it’s been like this for a few days now. I was able to talk to the insurance companies on the phone on Wednesday, but my voice sounded very hoarse, and gave out almost entirely after that. It’s not so bad with Michael because he’s used to it, but today his parents kept asking me questions and I kept pointing and shaking my head in frustration.

My throat hurts, but not very much — not even enough that I’ve wanted to take aspirin or anything. I don’t feel sick — no sniffling or coughing, no fever, ears don’t hurt, etc. It has been suggested that maybe it’s just a stress reaction due to the accident; I dunno. Certainly I often have physical reactions from stress but I’ve never lost my voice from it; usually my back just freezes up. If I’m still like this by Monday I suppose I’ll have to go back to the doctor.

It’s kind of inconvenient being without a car of course. I had a friend drive me to the doctor this week for my concussion followup, and then my mother drove me back to Fort Wayne. Earlier this week I took an Uber ride to the library and back. But that’s just not practical for anything outside the city. Mom thinks I should demand a rental from the insurance company until my car gets replaced.

As for the Charley Project: I have been working on it, but it’s been “behind the scenes” type stuff you guys can’t see. (Purging cases, answering emails, etc.) Tomorrow I’m planning to start public updates again.

Today I read a book called Death in Yellowstone: Accidents and Foolhardiness in the First National Park. It was very good. It mentioned several accidents where the person undoubtedly perished but the body was never recovered — by author Lee Whittlesey’s reckoning there are at least a dozen, perhaps as many as twenty, bodies in Yellowstone Lake and he doesn’t recommend that ANYONE take a small boat out on there, EVER, because the water is so cold (year-round average temperature is around 45 degrees) and storms can come very quickly and capsize small craft. I have several Yellowstone cases on Charley, and in the book Luke Sanburg was mentioned, as was Dennis Johnson. Whittlesey mentioned one case from 1900 where the guy disappeared from his hotel in the park and was never found; he thinks the man went out for a walk after dark and fell into one of the hot springs. The book also mentioned — and had a copy of the poster for — another case I don’t have on Charley.

If you’re interested in such things I also recommend Michael P. Ghiglieri and Thomas M. Myers’s book Over The Edge: Death in Grand Canyon. It’s really good too, and quite similar to the aforementioned book, except of course it’s about a different national park. It does however have a mistake in it for which I am partially to blame: they claim Connie Smith‘s body was found in Grand Canyon National Park several years after her disappearance. In fact, the remains were misidentified as Connie at first; the mistake was quickly rectified and Connie is still missing, obviously, and “Little Miss X” remains unidentified to this day. When I read that in the first edition, I remember thinking “Someone should tell them they’re wrong.” That someone should have been me. When I read the second edition of the book and realized the error was still there, I emailed Mr. Ghiglieri and told him about it and provided some links. He said they were working on another edition and he’d try to make sure the error was corrected, but it might already be too late for that.

Amazon also recommends Death in Glacier National Park: Stories of Accidents and Foolhardiness in the Crown of the Continent, which just came out in May, for readers who enjoyed the two aforementioned books. I will have to check that one out. WorldCat says neither the Allen County Public Library nor any library in the OhioLink system has it, but I’ve got birthday money burning a hole in my pocket and I could spend some of it on that. I had thought Glacier National Park was in Alaska, but I was mistaken; it’s in Montana. The Charley Project has Patrick Terrence Whalen who disappeared from there. I think I had Glacier National Park mixed up with Arctic National Park, which is in fact in Alaska; Thomas Seibold is missing from there.

For the first two books (and probably the third although I haven’t read it), the moral of them is basically this: “These places are beautiful and offer a unique experience you’ll remember for the rest of your days and we highly recommend a visit. BUT pay attention to the warnings and obey all the rules and don’t go over the guardrails, and generally don’t be an idiot, because almost everyone who got seriously injured or died here did so at least in part due to their own arrogance and/or stupidity.” Amen.

MP anniversaries today

Courtesy of the Unfound Podcast‘s Twitter feed and my own checking:

  • Colleen Vanita Simpson, 14, missing since 1975 from Clearfield, Iowa. Disappeared from her home at night, classified as a non-family abduction, but I’ve got nothing on her. Wish I did.
  • Karen Lee Kohls, 31, missing since 1982 from Maumee, Ohio. Her car turned up parked at a nearby lake with chairs and fishing tackle locked inside it. Foul play is suspected.
  • Daniel A. Naylor, 14, missing since 1982 from Fremont, California. Although his case was classified as a runaway for decades, foul play is now suspected.
  • Babette Nadine Alberti, 23, missing since 1983 from Jefferson Parish, Louisiana. I don’t have much on her, but she might have gone to Mississippi after her disappearance.
  • Michelle Doherty Thomas, 17, missing since 1985 from Santa Fe, Texas. She was a young wife and mother (she was last seen the day before her son’s first birthday), and had been a police informant prior to her disappearance. Two men were later indicted for her kidnapping but never brought to trial.
  • James Jamison, 75, missing since 1987 from Burlington, Iowa. He was last seen getting into a cab with suitcases; he’d planned to go to Chicago. His disappearance was seen as completely out of character, though.
  • Amanda Marie Rivera, 14, missing since 1990 from La Mesa, California. She was a recent MP of the week. I don’t have much on her.
  • Zeta D. Gordon, 43, missing since 1992 from Atchison County, Kansas. There’s speculation that her husband was involved in her case; he took his own life in 1998. She was MP of the week in 2004. Two months ago someone posted a comment on the blog entry: I was in Atchison for a friends wedding, I met the daughter of Wayne and Zeta. It was shortly after she went missing. There is a lot not being told in this story. The daughter pulled out a scrapbook of all the articles written about this story. They did I fact have 3 kids together, the daughter and oldest son believed there dad had everything to do with the mothers disappearance, the oldest son would no longer have anything to do with Wayne and the daughter who was barely out of high school who was still living at home was visibly scared of her dad when he walked in while she was showing us the scrapbook. She absolutely believed her dad was guilty the younger brother was to young to understand. The daughter said she thought that her mom and dad were meeting somewhere later to talk and that’s where her car was found. Her dad accused mom of having an affair with someone and was trying to shift the blame onto someone else. From everything the daughter said I believe he was to blame
  • Barry Paul Duncan, 38, missing since 1994 from Phoenix, Arizona. Eleven days later his truck turned up abandoned at the Gila River Indian Reservation. Foul play is suspected.
  • Kenneth William Harker, 34, missing since 1996 from Sioux City, Iowa. He was disabled due a head injury, although capable of living independently. Investigators believe he was murdered.
  • Ronald Leonard Farrell, 62, missing since 1999 from Hemet, California. He left on foot to go to the pharmacy several miles away and and fill a prescription, and never returned. Farrell was a retired Air Force veteran.
  • Andrea Michelle Reyes, 1, missing since 1999 from New Haven, Connecticut. A family abduction; her mother took her. Mom is from Mexico and well-experienced at crossing back and forth across the border.
  • George Boardman, 70, missing since 2000 from Bingham, Maine. Because he often left for weeks-long trips without telling anyone, his family didn’t notify the police he was gone until they failed to hear from him at Christmas. Foul play is suspected.
  • Tristen Alan Myers, 4, missing since 2000 from Roseboro, North Carolina. His story is exceptionally sad. Even before he disappeared, this poor little boy never had a chance.
  • Bedriye Sayrun, 33, missing since 2001 from Chicago, Illinois. Last seen at a restaurant in the early morning hours. She suffered from mental illness.
  • Eric M. Apatiki, 21, missing since 2004 from Nome, Alaska. He didn’t live there; he lived in a tiny village on St. Lawrence Island. He’d traveled to Nome to see his girlfriend, who was pregnant with his child.
  • Janita Gay Sites, 60, missing since 2005 from Las Vegas, Nevada. A murder-without-a-body case; her husband was convicted. He claimed self-defense but given that Janita was mostly wheelchair-bound, that didn’t exactly go well.
  • Christie L. Wilson, 27, missing since 2005 from Rocklin, California. This was also a murder-without-a-body case; Mario Flavio Garcia, a man she met at a casino the night she disappeared, was convicted in her death and sentenced to 59 years to life.
  • Uvaldo Moises Anaya, 64, missing since 2007 from Denver, Colorado. He was living with relatives at the time of his disappearance and was drinking and using hard drugs. For some reason at the time of his disappearance his left eye was painted over with white shoe polish.
  • Barbara D. G. Sears Frears, 56, missing since 2008 from Reno, Nevada. She had schizophrenia and lived in a group home for mentally ill people. Apparently she hopped a bus to San Francisco after she left the home.
  • Eric Lawrence Brown, 23, missing since 2009 from Tucson, Arizona. I don’t have much on him, but he did associate with a local street gang.
  • William Cameron Brown, 66, missing since 2010 from Monroe County, Florida. He lived in a houseboat and was traveling to shore in a dinghy but apparently never made it; the dinghy never turned up either.
  • David Christopher Allor, 56, missing since 2011 from Enterprise, Alabama. He may have tried to hitchhike to his previous hometown of Detroit, Michigan.
  • Catherine Marie Tornquist, 56, missing since 2011 from Hot Springs, South Dakota. Another murder without a body. Her own son, Matthew, is serving LWOP in this case.
  • Citlalli Perez-Coronel, 13, missing since 2012 from Louisville, Kentucky. A runaway; she had previously run to Nashville, Tennessee and may have done so again.
  • Jason Lee Lovelady, 38, missing since 2013 from Whatcom County, Washington. He disappeared while gathering pinecones in the Mt. Baker Wilderness in the northern part of the state.
  • Melissa Dawn Eagleshield. 42, missing since 2014 from Becker County, Minnesota. She apparently left a friend’s rural home, shoeless, in the early morning hours and it’s possible she accepted a ride from a passing motorist.

Make-a-List Monday: John in its various forms

Since last week I did a list of MPs named Mary or some nickname or international form of Mary, I thought I’d do John this week. Again, using Nameberry’s lists: John’s international forms and John’s nicknames.

Fun fact: the name “Jonathan” actually comes from Nathan, not John, but I’m adding it to the list anyway.

If there’s an asterisk, the MP is female. I didn’t count all the females named Jean or Jan, because almost all of them on Charley are female, or the females named Jackie, cause for women that’s short for Jacqueline.) The obligatory warning: I might have missed some people.


  1. John Howard Andrews
  2. John Joseph Antinoro
  3. John Jay Ashley Jr.
  4. John Haywood Barreto
  5. Jon Clair Barrett
  6. John Denner Bean
  7. John Paul Belloni
  8. John F. Bolden
  9. John Chrismon Bridgers Jr.
  10. John Arthur Butler
  11. John Clifton Butler
  12. John L. Calvert
  13. John Stewart Campbell
  14. John Michael Carroll
  15. John Andrews Cheek
  16. John Darwin Chesley
  17. John Chocha Jr.
  18. John S. Claypool
  19. John Colonna Aponte
  20. Jon Michael Dabkowski
  21. John Davis
  22. John Davis Jr.
  23. John T. Davis
  24. John Wesley Davis
  25. John Patrick Deeny
  26. John Warren Deetz
  27. John Thomas Degnan III
  28. Jon Pierre Duvall
  29. John Basil Gelardi
  30. John Henry Geppert III
  31. John Allen Giddens
  32. John Carl Goodman
  33. John David Gosch
  34. John Robert Handrahan
  35. John Scott Hahn
  36. Jon Truscott Haynes
  37. John Lloyd Heflin
  38. John Edward Higham
  39. John Scott Holt
  40. John Gregory Hughes
  41. John E. Hundley
  42. John Christopher Inman
  43. John Gordon Iverson
  44. John Henry Jacobson
  45. John M. Jarvis
  46. John Johnson
  47. John P. Katsilieris
  48. John Davis Keefer
  49. John Patrick Kerrigan
  50. John Mitchell Kinsora Jr.
  51. John Koziatek
  52. John Stephen Kozma
  53. John Kueper
  54. John Eric Lake
  55. John Francis Lango
  56. John Lima
  57. John Cameron Lovering
  58. John Ray Ludolph V
  59. John J. Markley Jr.
  60. John Freisen Martens
  61. John Edward Morgan
  62. John Thomas Morford
  63. John James Morris Jr.
  64. John Patrick Morrissey
  65. John Thai Nguyen
  66. Jon Evans Otteson
  67. John Edward Parks
  68. John Pavlat
  69. John Clyde Perrin
  70. John Dolan Phillips
  71. John C. Podniestrzanski
  72. Jon Wolfe Ramage
  73. John Albert Ramirez
  74. John Stephen Rato
  75. John Baptiste Reamer
  76. John Cameron Reece
  77. John Myron Reed Jr.
  78. John Patrick Rowan Jr.
  79. John Dunwell Samen
  80. John Sapienza
  81. John Robert Scialabba
  82. Jon Paul Shadden
  83. John Joseph Simons
  84. John Smith South Jr.
  85. John Michael Spira
  86. John Thistlewood
  87. John W. Thompson
  88. John Allen Troha
  89. John Matthew Thrasher
  90. John Daniel Van Voorhis
  91. John Wagner Jr.
  92. John Wade Wagner
  93. John William Wagner
  94. John E. Warren
  95. John Albert Weichelt
  96. John T. Weisbecker
  97. John Tibor Weisz
  98. John Kiergan Williams
  99. John Melvin Wipert
  100. John Zimmer
  101. John Edward Zimmerman II


  1. Johnny Babino
  2. Johnnie Ball
  3. Johnny Lee Baker
  4. Johnny Lamar Brown
  5. Johnny Mireles Cabanyog
  6. Johnny Crosby
  7. Johnny Robert Doyle
  8. Johnny Chumba Galvan
  9. Johnny Gonzales
  10. Johnnie Jo Herrera
  11. Johnny Ray Kincaid
  12. Johnnie O’Neal Jr.
  13. Johnny Quincy O’Neal
  14. Johnny L. Parker
  15. Johnny Perez
  16. Johnny E. Rosas
  17. John Sanchez Salazar
  18. Johnny Joe Shields
  19. Johnnie Stevenson
  20. Jonnie Renee White*


  1. Jackie Lee Berry Jr.
  2. Jack Clawson
  3. Jack Leon Cooper
  4. Jack Fisher
  5. Jack Jerome Girou
  6. Jack Alan Hamons
  7. Jack R. Hemby
  8. Jack Allen Hilton
  9. Jack Irwin
  10. Jack Libardo Jimenez
  11. Jackie Larry Letney
  12. Jack Duane Morgan
  13. Jack Murrian
  14. Jack Randal Morris
  15. Jackie Edward Orders
  16. Jack Daniel Phillips
  17. Jackie Robinson
  18. Jack Allen Schultz
  19. Jackie Wayne Urich
  20. Jack Eugene Waller
  21. Jack Edward West
  22. Jack Scott Wood


  1. Jonathon Steven Arciniega
  2. Jonathan Aujay
  3. Jonathan David Berry
  4. Jonathan James Betts
  5. Jonathan Kyle Brackett
  6. Jonathan Alexander Camacho
  7. Jonathan Samuel Dorry
  8. Jonathan Alan Glass
  9. Jonathan Tyrone Granison-Bradley
  10. Jonathan Edward Hagans
  11. Jonathan Aaron Hawkins
  12. Jonathon Michael Henry
  13. Jonathan Terry Holley
  14. Jonathan James Lorrigan
  15. Jonathan M. McNabb
  16. Jonathan Josue Martinez
  17. Jonathan Mordoche
  18. Jonathan Ogawa
  19. Jonathan Schaff
  20. Jonathan A. Schrattenholzer
  21. Johnathon Michael Dean Williams
  22. Jonathan Williams
  23. Jonathan Lee Zeigler


  1. Shawn Farzad Attaie
  2. Shawn Richard Bullock
  3. Shaun Wayne Cordova
  4. Sean Christopher Dubs
  5. Sean Wayne Evans
  6. Sean P. Friel
  7. Shawn Patrick Gallagher
  8. Shawn Darnell Givens
  9. Shawn Hale
  10. Shawn C. Hess
  11. Sean Ogawa Hillman
  12. Sean Michael McCracken
  13. Sean Kristian Morrow
  14. Sean Kenneth Phelan
  15. Shawn Desiree Short*
  16. Shawn Eric Spencer
  17. Shaun David Steward
  18. Shaun Thornhill
  19. Shawn White


  1. Shane Ryan Donahue
  2. Shane Michael Fell
  3. Shane Jerome Govan
  4. Shane Lawrence McKinney
  5. Shane William Neuhaus
  6. Shane Anthony Walker


  1. Ian Hunter Burnet
  2. Ian Dennis Foster
  3. Ian Ashley Richardson


  1. Juan Manuel Briones
  2. Juan Ernesto Echegaray
  3. Juan Flores
  4. Juan Gravado
  5. Juan Carlos Herrera-Arias
  6. Juan Izaguirie
  7. Juan Ernesto Jauregui Jr.
  8. Juan Ramon Madrid-Bueso
  9. Juan Guillermo Montoya
  10. Juan Rafael Neciosup
  11. Juan Antonio Ramirez Villanueva
  12. Juan Zuniga Rangel
  13. Juan Rico


  1. Jiovany Gomez
  2. Giovanni Ernesto Gonzalez


  1. Ivan Ernesto Aguilar
  2. Ivan Barela
  3. Ivan Guadalupe Barraza


  1. Hans Harry Okelsrud


  1. Evan Allan Snider


  1. Jan Ostrom


  1. Jean Marie Monfort


  1. Johan Leandro Garcia-Bonilla
  2. Johan Nunes


  1. Jens Paeschke

Select It Sunday: Christopher Holverson

Flashback Friday this week was a case from Idaho; here’s another one. Gypsy T., an old friend of Christopher Lyn Holverson, asked me to run his case for Select It Sunday. The circumstances of his disappearance appear straightforward enough: in 1998, Christopher went camping in Madison County with a group of friends, and one night he just left the campsite and never came back. That night it was sleeting and there was snow on the ground. This looks like a case of “got lost and died of exposure” but Gypsy isn’t sure of that and she told me why in the emails she sent me.

With permission, I am sharing some parts of Gypsy’s emails to me, slightly edited for spelling and clarity etc.:

When I was a child I had a friend named Christopher Holverson. We met through his little brother. Chris and I were more the same age and we hit it off. We hung out and chatted on the phone. Later we found out we were distant cousins. Well, as time passed we drifted apart. We would chat occasionally but not much else.

Well, one day in 1998 or 1999 I was watching the news and found out Chris was missing. While camping with friends he had left the tent and never returned. After learning this I became interested in missing person cases. While I am interested in all missing person cases, Chris fascinates me the most of course. The sad part is, Chris is almost one of those forgotten missing persons cases.

Our hometown newspaper did a feature of him a while back, but before that, I could hardly find anything about the case. There was even a time when I couldn’t find a picture. Many people think that he got lost while camping, which I find strange. The place he was camping is pretty popular and not very isolated. He left the tent in the middle of the night. When camping usually you only leave the tent in the middle of the night to urinate. You wouldn’t go far for that. So if he wasn’t far how did he get lost? The area where he was camping is not known for bears or other wildlife dangers. Not saying it didn’t happen, but it’s not likely. My best guess is he was harmed by someone. I don’t know the people he was camping with so I am mot blaming them, but there were other people up there too. Or maybe slim possibility, he decided to make a new life for himself.

When describing her friendship with Chris and what he was like, Gypsy says he was a very kind person and a good friend:

I have a skin disorder, psoriasis.  I was teased horribly as a child. In fact, that is one of the reasons Chris’s case is so hard on me. He met me as a preteen and saw my psoriasis and didn’t care. He was one of the first people that didn’t care. He helped me see myself as a worthy whole human that was beautiful. He made a major impact on my early teen years.

Christopher was eighteen when he disappeared. If he’s still alive, he would be 37 today.

Make-a-List Monday: Runaways, 10-20 years gone

Last week’s list of runaways who’d been missing at least 20 years got a lot of shares on Charley’s Facebook page. I thought I’d do a list of runaways who’ve been missing between 10 and 20 years — that is, between 1996 and 2006. And as I did last week, these classifications are my own.

  1. Bernice Arreola, 14, missing since 1998
  2. Diane Marie Aviles Colon, 14, missing since 1999
  3. Teresa Marie Barbusca, 16, missing since 1999
  4. Donna Marie Barron, 12, missing since 2006
  5. Danielle Arion Bell, 14, missing since 2001
  6. Leon Bell III, 15, missing since 2002
  7. Genelle Princess Bradford, 17, missing since 1999
  8. Laroya Nate Bray, 15, missing since 2002
  9. Erika Brown, 14, missing since 2006
  10. David Antonio Cambray, 16, missing since 2006
  11. Daniel Cantrell, 13, missing since 2006
  12. Vitia Cardosa, 12, missing since 2002
  13. Daniel Bradley Carver, 15, missing since 1997
  14. Joel Joseph Contreras, 14, missing since 2000
  15. James Robert Cooper, 16, missing since 1996
  16. Issac David Delgado, 15, missing since 2006
  17. Jason Wayne Dennis, 17, missing since 2002
  18. Robert William Dornbach, 17, missing since 2005
  19. Madeline Kelly Edman, 15, missing since 2005
  20. Jennifer Mae Enyart, 16, missing since 2000
  21. Irma Yolanda Gamez, 15, missing since 2004
  22. Adrianna Hope Garcia, 15, missing since 2004
  23. Christian Glen Hall, 15, missing since 2005
  24. Amy Lynn Haueter, 14, missing since 2005
  25. Nicole Shalonda Johnson, 16, missing since 2002
  26. Rebeca Ester Jose, 17, missing since 2005
  27. Yansis Massiel Juarez, 15, missing since 2002
  28. Irene Kouame, 17, missing since 2001
  29. Adam Benjamin Lake, 17, missing since 2001
  30. Paul Michael Landis, 17, missing since 2005
  31. Heather Janelle Lewis, 13, missing since 2003
  32. Katya Marie Lyne, 15, missing since 1997
  33. Michael Charles Marsh, 16, missing since 2006
  34. Ashley Renee Martinez, 15, missing since 2004
  35. Francheska Sugel Martinez, 12, missing since 2000*
  36. Misheila Isleen Martinez, 13, missing since 2000*
  37. Diana Mazariegos, 15, missing since 2006
  38. Autumn Lane McClure, 16, missing since 2004
  39. Gabriela Medina, 17, missing since 2006
  40. Stefanie C. Mills, 16, missing since 2002
  41. Jack Duane Morgan, 15, missing since 1996
  42. Alejandra Nava, 14, missing since 2003
  43. Brenda Eli Ovalle, 16, missing since 2004
  44. Phillip James Pinnock, 15, missing since 2005
  45. Kawan K. Pryor, 15, missing since 1997
  46. Brandon Dante Raphelle Ralls, 16, missing since 2001
  47. David J. Reynolds, 15, missing since 2004
  48. Hector Reynosa, 15, missing since 2006
  49. Destry Richard Rhinehart, 16, missing since 2004
  50. Rodolfo Ricardez, 15, missing since 1999
  51. Tiffany Reid, 16, missing since 2004
  52. Sherie Marie Rowland, 15, missing since 2004
  53. Alicia Marie Scott, 15, missing since 2006
  54. Cristian Avlyn Sedeno, 15, missing since 2003
  55. Uma Davi Sewpersaud, 13, missing since 2002
  56. Ekaterina Shcherbakova, 13, missing since 1998
  57. Isadora Sorozzo, 13, missing since 2000
  58. Krzysztof Rafal Syrzycki, 16, missing since 2002
  59. Samantha Leighann Tapp, 16, missing since 2004
  60. Kimberly Faye Thrower, 16, missing since 2004
  61. Edmond Tillman, 14, missing since 2004
  62. Flora Torralva, 15, missing since 2003
  63. Cristina Valasquez, 15, missing since 2006
  64. Elyssa Marie Vasquez, 12, missing since 2003
  65. Yusuf Abdul Wilson, 17, missing since 1999
  66. Quinn Renard Woodfolk, 11, missing since 1998
  67. Daniel Ted Yuen, 16, missing since 2004
  68. Mo Zhang, 17, missing since 2006


*Francheska and Misheila Martinez are twins; Franceska ran away on June 9, the day before their 13th birthdays, and Misheila ran away six weeks later on July 22.