The pitfalls of the trade

It goes with the territory that I hear from mentally ill people on a regular basis, but this past 24 hours have been quite exceptional. I might have acquired a stalker. Again. (Remember her? She kept emailing me for AGES, even after I reported her to the police.)

So this new guy has sent me 17 emails just since yesterday, some of them quite long. He believes he might be a missing child. I’m quite sure he isn’t, but even if he was, he’s also sending the same emails to the relevant law enforcement agency so I can’t do anything more for him than he’s already done himself.

He’s schizophrenic. I’m not even guessing this, because he mentioned his diagnosis in several of the emails. The first one at least made it clear enough what he wanted from me, but since then they’ve degenerated into basically gibberish, such as these two (click for close-up view):

He sent a bunch of his documents too, scanned identity cards and such. So I know his name and address and a lot more besides. Fortunately it’s a long way away from me. Based on the scanned documents he sent me, it appears the authorities where he lives are already aware of him and his problems.

The poor guy clearly needs help but it’s not the kind I can provide. Nothing to do at this point but hit the block button.

Tis the season for baseless lawsuit threats

So I used to get people threatening to sue me on a fairly regular basis, two or three times a year, over stuff I’d said on the Charley Project. Basically if people (often the abductors or suspected abductors in family abduction cases) didn’t like what I had to say they would write to me with some empty, often poorly spelled threat about taking me to court for “libel” or “slander” or “defamation”.

Eventually the threats pretty much petered out. Not sure why. But then I got two in the past month. Zounds. Both were pretty laughable even by my standards.

One person who wrote to me said their relative who was listed as a runaway was, in fact, missing as a result of foul play, and they demanded I stop libeling their relative immediately and change my information or they’d sue. I think they were using a speech-to-text thing and perhaps were very emotional at the time because it didn’t make a lot of sense what they were saying. And what they forgot to do is tell me their relative’s full name. I wrote back telling them that threatening me was no way to start this out, and if they cared to start over and tell me what was going on, starting with the girl’s name, I would be willing to work with them.

Never heard back.

And then yesterday I got an email from someone who didn’t identify themselves, though I can make a guess or two at who might have written it. The person referenced a case where a man had been charged with murdering a missing girl, but he had been acquitted. They claimed what I had written was “wrong and not even accurate” and that they would sue me for “deformation” if “these type of false allegations continue to be typed” because what I had written could cause someone to physically attack the suspect.

Okay, whatever. I wonder if they’re also going to contact all the newspapers that have covered the case and the trial.

I’ve never libeled anyone. I’ve DEFINITELY never “deformed” anyone.

So the crazies were howling at the moon last night

I got approached, via the private message on the Charley Project’s Facebook page, by a young man who said he thought he was a certain child who had disappeared from Florida. I advised him to contact the NCMEC and gave them their tip line number. He claimed the NCMEC were “corrupt” and trying to cover up the disappearance of another child, a girl, who had disappeared from that same county in Florida a few years after the missing boy did.

He said the girl’s parents were trying to help cover up her disappearance too, and that the police knew all about it and weren’t doing anything because they wanted to avoid a lawsuit.

I told him I was unable to assist him and then he accused me of being paid by the girl’s parents to help cover up her disappearance!



He also found a two-year-old blog post of mine that had been shared on Charley’s Facebook page, which mentioned the missing girl, and posted a photograph of a young woman whom he claims is her. Whoever that young woman is, I didn’t want her photo on Charley’s Facebook page, but I couldn’t figure out how to delete his comments so I had to delete the entire post from the Facebook page. Fortunately the only comments on it were his.

I wanted to thank everyone

I just wanted to put up a special post thanking everyone who has come to my support about a certain troll who, since early this year, has criticized and attacked everything I do, both in terms of my missing persons work and my personal life. This person has literally never had a single nice thing to say about what I do or who I am.

If you’re wondering why I didn’t completely ignore his comments and usually did respond in some form, it’s because I like to give people a chance to rethink what they did and maybe change their opinions or at least they way they say things. I try to tell myself that a lot of people aren’t stupid, they’re just ignorant. An ignorant person might be willing to learn what the facts are. Stupid people just don’t care.

Sometimes it works. Once, a Twitter troll was saying nasty things on my personal twitter account. I had a photo of myself posted on there and the troll was like “your skin looks all nasty and filthy, you need to moisturize and when was the last time you had a bath, you’ve got dirt all around our mouth and on your forehead.” And I explained about my melasma and how the “dirt” he saw was actually the product of an incurable skin condition. And the Twitter troll was mortified and deeply apologetic.

But the whole “engaging the troll” thing obviously hasn’t worked with here, so I blocked him today. (I say “him” out of convenience, by the way; this troll might be female.) Assuming the blocking thing actually works — I don’t know, cause I’ve never blocked anyone on here before since I started this blog almost ten years ago — all future comments from him will go straight into Spam without me having to even look at them. And if it doesn’t work and this person keeps sending in comments, I’m just not going to approve them. And if WordPress posts them automatically without going through the referral thing, I’m going to delete them as soon as I find out. I’ve just had enough.

But what I really meant to say was… you guys have no idea how much it means to me when you stand up for me like that. I’ve been online long enough to recognize trolls when I see them, and weigh their statements appropriately (that is, 0.0), but it’s nice to know other people have got your back. Thank you.

He’s back!

Remember this guy?

Well, he’s written me again about the Isabella Miller-Jenkins case, over three years since I last heard from him.

Site operator:

By accusing Isabella’s mother Lisa Miler of “kidnapping” you are therefore promoting Janet Jenkins the sodomite and her crimes against Isabella which included bathing with her and showing her graphic videos and teaching her to touch herself in ways that will not be named and also teaching her to use the bathroom standing up like boys do. It is truly horrible to accuse a biological mother of kidnapping who is trying to protect her young daughter from sodomite pedophile corruption of minors and you are at the same time assisting the sodomite US tyranny’s efforts against a weak helpless mother. This is heresy and blasphemy. The Lord God declares that sodomites and their endorsers are “hateful” to Him and that they are all “worthy of death.” It’s the reason the americans (according to Prophecy) don’t have another 8 years in their collective life spans and will be going extinct in spectacular fashion through instant nuclear annihilation to the great celebration and satisfaction of the world and the deep sadness of England. If you ever want to begin to make matters aright (and that is not likely) then the first step is a public retraction and a vigorous condemnation of sodomites. Sodomites are unnatural and totally abominable demon-possessed freaks doomed to eternal fires. It is not merciful to affirm others in their heinous sins which send them to Hellfire.

STRIKE 1: Science demonstrates the sin of Sodom is not genetic. Identical twins have the same genes. They are nurtured in equal prenatal conditions. If an identical twin is a sodomite then the co-twin would also be a sodomite if the sin of Sodom were genetic in origin – because they have identical DNA. Statistically however if an identical twin has sodomite lusts the chances that the co-twin has it are about 11% for men and 14% for women (i.e. when an identical twin is a sodomite: at least 86-89% of the time their co-twins are not sodomites). Scientific studies have therefore concluded that non-shared post-birth factors such as molestation or exposure to the lust film industry or individual responses to events explain why one twin has unnatural sodomist lusts while the other doesn’t. Studies show it’s a choice in life.

STRIKE 2: According to the US DOJ National Incident-Based Reporting System (NIBRS) 64% of victims of “forcible sodomy” were boys age 12 and under. So the largest victim population of sodomite rape are children. Also the excess number of aids among boys is a result of sodomite rape. Sodomites prey upon and go after children to generate more sodomitical persons with whom to engage in the degenerate acts.

STRIKE 3: According to Richard Nixon’s Commission on Obscenity for every female prostitute there are 9 underage male prostitutes. The only ‘public’ promoters of crimes against children are sodomites. NAMBLA’s motto is “S-x before 8 or it’s too late.” This sodomite group has been involved in the rape and murder of a 10 year old boy and also auctioning children.

STRIKE 4: According to the Europe-wide police investigative agency Europol in its 2013 report on child exploitation: half of the world’s crimes against children internet servers are hosted by the US. It’s really no surprise that half of the world’s child contraband videos and photos are produced by servers traced to the US – the most sodomite corporation in human history. It gets worse. The Australian Communications and Media Authority reported in 2014 a 500% increase in the world’s crimes against children online images and video and said that a staggering 64% of it were hosted on US based servers. It is unsurprising that the most pedophile organization is the most sodomite organization on the planet and in human history. So basically 64% of the planet’s pedophilia would be eliminated if americans went extinct. You corrupt the whole earth Daughter of Babylon.

I promised him I’d keep posting these as long as he kept sending them

At this rate this emailer is going to need his own category in my blog postings.

No. These are very serious matters. The flame of the Divine Vengeance is all consuming and imminent. The Divine Vengeance awaits for you in the corner. In your day of Visitation there will be no running for you -but shall be consumed and thine entrails thereof and inner sanctums and parts – to exceeding magnitude beyond angled space. You shall be engulfed in catatonic soul-consuming insanity below the deep caverns of the earth at its center – forever howling and piping to incomprehensible tunes. The unspeakable flame will engulf and course through your insides and intestines with great frequency. You will be more miserable than hysterical old Jewish women. These Christ-killers will spend quality time with liberalist malcontents such as yourself to torture you for all eternity. The God-insulting Jew will have his portion in the eternal lake of fire with all the liberalist ilk and the heretics. The liberalist are dreamers and subscribers to superstitious fantasies. They cannot be reasoned with. Their illogic is too great.

Your existence is an abnormality. You are different from the rest of normal humanity. Constitutionalist fiction has never won the reasoned assent of mankind. Neither have such persons made any lasting contributions to science. If such individuals had more intelligence than the rest of normal humanity then perhaps a case for constitutionalism could be made. But since this is not the case – such a case cannot be made.


And another email, in response to my advice that he seek psychiatric help:

It is very disturbing you assert I need “psychiatric” help. Do you not know that psychiatric wards are a Communist creation which serves the purpose to allow persons to engage their deviancy in complete anonymity having total control of the bodies of others? It also secondarily serves the purpose to kill patients with psychotropic drugs. Such drugs are necessary to keep the subjects in a dazed-like state of mind. I can even quote a Communist document proving all I have said. The point is: for you to make the comment that I need psychiatric help shows you are a female predator or at least support such predatory activity. I do not say this flippantly.

Ominous Press Release of the BJS about Misconduct

P.S. this is a press release of the Bureau of Justice Statistics (BJS) concerning the misconduct of the 2008-2009 year by staff in Juvenile Hall. 95% of indecent misconduct was by female staff: and in 2008 only 42% of staff in juvenile facilities were females. Females are responsible for over 95% of the indecent abuse in juvenile hall. (The following link comes right before the link above and it explains how they carried out the process of getting the numbers etc this is a PDF file of the BJS statistics. Certainly how more evil can females such as yourself be? According to the government they are responsible for over 95% of the rape and pedophilia against youth in juvenile hall. You should plan on exposing yourself.


I do not think these texts need further adornment with my commentary.