Writing this on my cell

I am out of commission. Been horribly sick since last week and could get no help as it was the holiday. Finally saw my doctor today and he says to add insult to injury the virus that’s currently kicking my butt normally occurs only in toddlers.

And the medicine to treat my blistered throat isn’t even available till tomororrow.

Nothing to do but wait.

Make-A-List Monday: People who vanished on Independence Day

A pretty self-explanatory title here: people who went missing on July 4, the day we here in the US celebrate our independence.

Dennise Jeannette Sullivan, 1961
Carlene Brown, 1974
Nancy Perry Baird, 1975
Gus Henry Hoffman Jr., 1978
Peggy Jo DeCoteau, 1979
Sherry Melissa Eyerly, 1982
Theresa A. Kawash, 1982
Elizabeth Ann Maggard, 1984
Margaret Elaine Diaz, 1988
Ruth Marlene Mello, 1989
Luke Robinson, 1990
Luther Valentine Smith, 1991
Leonard Lane, 1995
Charles Paradis, 1995
Wanda Lillian Thompson, 1995
Robert Lee Webb, 1995
Peter Connolly, 1996
Sandra Payne, 1996
Adan Jacquez Hernandez, 1997
Quinn Renard Woodfolk, 1998
Brooke Leigh Henson, 1999
Carlos Vicente Carrillo, 2000
Crystal Ann Arensdorf, 2001
Darlene Marie Trujillo, 2001
Letron David Burress, 2002
Marc David Oestrike, 2002
Laverda Sorrell, 2002
Nancy Zoe Dennis, 2004
Christopher Scott Hansen, 2004
Jenett King, 2005
Anthony Joseph Luzio Jr., 2005
Luis Rodriguez-Hernandez, 2005
Jacob Lee Heckart, 2007
George Darrell Herrington, 2007
Joey Lynn Offutt, 2007
Jose Nery Guillen, 2008
Patrick Jay Valente, 2008
Daffne Stephane Cabrera-Mendieta, 2009
Dana Townley Boshell, 2012