This is a kind I’ve never gotten before

The Charley Project, alas, has a lot of casefiles of babies or toddlers who are presumed murdered by one parent or the other or both. In some cases there was actually a conviction, but no recovery of the victim.

I got an email about one of those cases. In this instance, Mom was convicted of killing her baby. The email simply said, “I am [baby]’s father. Can you tell me more about the Charley Project?”

I felt so bad for that man. Honestly I wanted to reach through the computer screen and hug him or something. And I didn’t know at first whether to simply answer his question, or include a lot of “it’s so terrible what happened” and “I’m sorry for your loss.”

In the end I just answered his question: I wrote back explaining what the Charley Project does, and how it features MPs of both the kind where it’s a mystery what happened, and in cases like his child’s where the MP’s fate is pretty much known. I hope that was the correct thing to do.