Select It Sunday: Dervish Adili

Selected by Ryan, Dervish Adili was last known to be alive in Tok, Alaska on August 13, 1992. When he actually disappeared is anyone’s guess, and it wasn’t reported until 2006. His belongings, including his checkbook and ID, turned up at a campsite in 2000. I don’t think there have been any clues since then.

My guess is that Mr. Adili suffered some mishap while hiking in the wilderness. But we’ll probably never know.

An idea I had

I went to the county fair today. I hadn’t been in like ten years. I didn’t go on any rides, just walked around looking at the animals and stuff. The bunnies were so adorable it was hard to resist hiding one under my shirt and sprinting off. Anyway, I was in the Commercial Building, where people have booths where they either sell stuff or dispense information or both. (I don’t know if they were there this year, but in previous years the right to life people had a booth and gave out free little plastic fetuses.) And as I was buying a t-shirt for Michael, I got an idea.

My idea was this: how about maybe next year I could rent a booth for myself, and turn it into a missing persons awareness booth? I could distribute fliers and information about MPs — probably those from the tri-state area would be best — and information about the NCMEC and NamUs and such. And of course about the Charley Project itself.

I don’t know whether this idea is a good one or not. My friend Wendy the Minister poured cold water on it, citing the cost and the fact that I have a hard time with crowds and noise and the Commercial Building has plenty of both. This would definitely be a big project, and it would be expensive. I’d have to have a fundraiser of some kind to pull it off. But I’m sure it’s doable, if it’s worth doing.

The question…is it worth doing?

Dental records

Could anyone tell me why dental records, or even basic descriptions of an MP’s dentition, are usually not publicly available?

It seems to me that a person’s dentals are a distinguishing characteristic, just like scars or moles and other things which ARE usually made public. Even the presence of surgical pins or screws and the like are often publicly disclosed. I don’t see why dentals usually aren’t. I don’t see how it could be violating an MP’s privacy to disclose that they have a silver filling on Tooth #13 or whatever.

But perhaps I’m missing something. I don’t know much about this.

Select It Sunday: Kim Larrow

Selected by Andrea622, this week’s featured Sunday case is Kim Marie Larrow. She was fifteen and a half when she vanished from an ice cream parlor in Canton, Michigan in the summer of 1981. If still alive, she’d be 48 today.

Kim was going through a rebellious phase at the time of her disappearance; she frequently ran away and was involved in drugs. It’s possible she ran away when she went missing in June 1981, but if she did, 33 years is a VERY long time to stay hidden. I found a Detroit News article when implies a member of the family could have been involved in her disappearance, or at least, that she was neglected.

It seems likely that Kim met with foul play, though possibly not immediately after her disappearance. After all this time, I wonder if we’ll ever find out.