More wonderful news

I got the GoFundMe check. It had been awhile and I was concerned that it hadn’t arrived yet, and thinking that if another day or two passed and it didn’t come, I’d have to make inquiries. But it has come. Tomorrow, or the next day, I will deposit it in the bank and tell Computer Guru Jamie to start working on my new PC. I want to repeat again how touched and grateful I am that my Charley Project readers raised the money for this.

Although I’ve got another throat infection — right after I finished the antibiotics for the first! — I would still call it a wonderful day.

Got a call from ICE

Just now I got a phone call from some guy working for Immigration and Customs Enforcement. He had good news and bad news: namely that Rollo’s deportation hearing was yesterday and they’ve decided to send him back to Sudan ASAP. Like, within a few days. (And he laughed at my “catapult” joke.) Bad news that I wasn’t able to participate in the process, but good news that Rollo will no longer be a problem for this country. I’m okay with that. And I told the man, more than once, that I REALLY appreciated him giving me a call to inform me of this.

It seems like every time I think this is all over, something else happens. But maybe the story is over at last.