MP of the week: Alonzo Reynolds

I can’t post on the actual site cause my FTP won’t work (grr) but I thought I would at least post my selected missing person of the week on my blog. It’s Alonzo Andrae Reynolds. I’ll post him on the Charley website when I can.

I thought Alonzo deserved a spotlight. He’s on NamUs and the Alabama state database but I couldn’t find any articles or anything. His photo is poor quality and the description is “few details are available.” All I can say is that he was 45 years old and vanished from Birmingham, Alabama on March 31, 2005.

Another computer update

I was late depositing my check, on account of that horrible throat sickness I had. Then the bank wanted to take several extra days for it to clear, because they’d never gotten a check from WePay before. I explained about GoFundMe (“it’s like Kickstarter”) but they were uncertain and didn’t want me to get stuck with it if the check didn’t clear.

Well, the check has finally cleared but Computer Guru Jamie is on vacation. We could purchase the computer from his store, sans Jamie, but that would cost a lot more because Jamie offers a “friends and family” discount. (See this entry where he knocked a $130 repair price down to $80.) So I must wait until his return before I order the computer. See this entry for the specs. Michael is a techie and has like four or five computer monitors lying around the house, so a monitor will be free.

Once the computer arrives and is set up and everything, I will take a picture on it and post it on here so you can see what you purchased for me. I repeat once again how grateful I am for your generosity.

Sorry, FTP still being uncooperative

If it doesn’t start working by tomorrow I’m going to reinstall it. If that doesn’t work I’m going to try another program. I don’t know why it won’t work; I’ve had this program for years. Sorry, folks. I’m itching to get some stuff posted but it will have to wait.

In other news: I ordered an item from Etsy and it turns out the seller is familiar with the Charley Project! She was happy to have a chance encounter with me like that. I feel a little bit famous.