Quite a long list of APs

Some months ago, maybe as long as a year ago, I’m not sure, I decided to no longer post on the updates page when I updated an MP’s age-progression. This was because there were so many of those, plus many people considered it to be a minor update — just a picture to glance at. Usually new pictures are also not posted on the updates page either, for the same reason. (I do, however, put up an updates notice when I add a new age-progression to a case that had none before.)

The last couple of updates I’ve put up several cases which had new age-progressions. But there’s been several updated age-progressions too, most of them family abductions, that I took care of tonight. I thought I’d make a list of them for the blog.

April Dawn Andrews
Kimberly Nicole Arrington
Heidi Barragan
Zafar Bozorgi*
Hazel X. Bracamontes
Melissa Hinako Braden
Stephanie Michele Buehler
Everlyse Cabrera
Estrella Cordova-Arias
Emma Espinoza**
Jefren Mari Garcia Esteban
Octavio DeJesus Farias
Abel Garcia Jr.
Elizabeth Garcia
Lluvia Sharanique McCraw
Wesley Dale Morgan
Carlos Pacheco
Daniel Ted Yuen

*But not his brother Ebrahim.
**But not her siblings.
†I got a new picture of him from NamUs as well.

I would like to send a shout-out to NamUs here. The NCMEC often has age-progressions with the original picture in the corner of the image. This picture of Angelo Leo is an example. NamUs, however, often has APs that don’t have those pictures in the corner, so they look better when I put them on the Charley Project site. (I try to remember to credit NamUs as a source at the bottom whenever I use such a picture.)

Also: for one of the new age-progressions I posted today, Karissa Schell‘s, the NCMEC actually offered two: one with her facial piercings and one without. Besides that there was no difference. I decided not to post both. I picked the non-pierced one, because I thought (A) a lot of adults get rid of their facial piercings and (B) my pictures are so small that you would barely have been able to see the piercings there anyway. But for the curious here’s the NCMEC’s pierced AP photo.