Flashback Friday: Gertrude Menacher and Angela DeLawder

This week’s Flashback Friday is a mother-daughter one: 37-year-old German-born Gertrude Marianne Menacher and her 20-year-old daughter, Angela Joann DeLawder. The two women disappeared with their respective boyfriends, 45-year-old Charlie Gibson and 19-year-old Ivan Gutierrez, from Florida on March 7, 1981. Beyond their ages I don’t have any info for the men; it’s not clear whether they were even reported missing.

This appears to be a drug-related disappearance, but the police aren’t 100% sure the four of them met with foul play. Gertrude has another daughter who still hopes to find her mother and sister.

If they are still alive, Gertrude would be 71 next month and Angela would now be 54.