Man missing six years reunited with family

He wasn’t on Charley but I thought I’d write about him anyway: one Euripides Cruz, who suffers from schizophrenia and was reported missing from Connecticut in 2008, has turned up in New York City the village of Quogue, New York.

It looks like he’s been living rough in the Long Island area these past six years. His family knew he was probably in that area cause they kept getting bills from a particular hospital in Brooklyn. But then the bills stopped coming and they thought perhaps he had died. But he hadn’t.

A police officer saw Euripides and had a thought, and did a web search and discovered Euripides was listed as missing. He has since been reunited with his brother, niece and sister-in-law in Connecticut.

Flashback Friday: John Butler

This week’s Flashback Friday is John Arthur Butler, a tall, skinny fifteen-year-old boy who disappeared from Newport Beach, California on August 21, 1961 — nearly 53 years ago. If still alive, he’d be almost 68 today. He’s not the only John Butler on Charley; there’s also a John Clifton Butler, much older, also missing from California.

Young John’s case was added to the NCMEC a few years ago and he has an AP now as well as two pictures. I don’t have much on him, but his fate is pretty obvious: last seen surfing. Surfboard found but no sign of surfer. I suppose it’s possible he met with some other fate, but the circumstances strongly indicate he drowned.