Missing person of the week, Timothy Parry

Timothy Scott Parry is this week’s featured missing person. He was nineteen years old when he disappeared from Cedar City, Utah on July 17, 1989, and he would be 45 today. Timothy had a lot of things wrong with him, physically and mentally. I doubt he lived long after he went missing.

[Whoops. According to my blog, I actually did him as an MP of the week three years ago. Oh, well. He gets featured again.]

One thought on “Missing person of the week, Timothy Parry

  1. Theresa A McCarthy April 30, 2017 / 7:05 am

    Noot for nothing but I took someone to NYU for cardiac testing in New York City and 1 block West man with thick eyebrows long salt and pepper colored beard very dissheveled tongue protruding and high pitched screaming the man was failing his hands…about 50 yrs old or so…

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