It looks like I may be going to Wisconsin next month

I got an invitation to attend a missing persons event in Green Bay, Wisconsin. It will be at Heritage Hill on April 26. This is part of the email I got:

My life changed almost 23 months ago when my mother, Victoria Prokopovitz, went missing from her Pittsfield Wisconsin home. Having no previous awareness of the frequency of missing persons I have become acutely aware of the difficulty families face when a loved one goes missing. Throughout this ordeal I have become a voice for others that are missing as well as a source of support for their loved ones. I have found there to not be an abundance of resources available to people in my situation which has driven my passion for bringing awareness to this growing epidemic, increasing prevention strategies to decrease the exorbitant number of missing persons and developing supportive services for families who share my current position and quest for answers. It is my goal to lessen the burden even a little in a most difficult situation. 

I’ve become aware of your site after searching others that are missing, realizing you have a great database with information for families. My mom is not listed in your database, but I do see that your initial requirement as that it has be more than a year that the person is missing. If you are not able to attend this event, would you consider giving me some information that I could put out at the event? It looks like you have been at this for quite some time, and have quite an interest in the missing.

Having spoken to my father, I think I will accept this invitation. He says he’d like to go with me, to share the driving and because I’ve learned the hard way that it’s a bad idea for me to travel alone.

Missing person of the week, Timothy Parry

Timothy Scott Parry is this week’s featured missing person. He was nineteen years old when he disappeared from Cedar City, Utah on July 17, 1989, and he would be 45 today. Timothy had a lot of things wrong with him, physically and mentally. I doubt he lived long after he went missing.

[Whoops. According to my blog, I actually did him as an MP of the week three years ago. Oh, well. He gets featured again.]