Select It Sunday: Angelica Longoria

This Select It Sunday was chosen by Gus, Angelica Maria Longoria‘s brother. All the databases I can find claim she disappeared from El Monte, California on November 23, 1985 (see below). She was was fifteen in 1985, but for some reason the bigger photo of her on her NCMEC poster is of her at the age of nine or ten. (I think she’s older in the inset photo.) The only reason I can think of why they might have done that is, unlike the other photos that are available, the older photo clearly shows Angelica’s chipped tooth. If Angelica’s height and weight at the time of her disappearance are accurate she was quite small for her age, only 4’8. I was taller than that at eleven years old.

In approximately 2006, Justin Jackson-Mann, a Charley Project blog reader and my good friend, wrote to law enforcement asking for information about her disappearance. He got this response:

The missing case was reported in 1999, However she was last seen in 1983 (according to our reports). The missing is now 36 yrs old. We were close to finding her in Illinois when she left her home quickly with no forwarding information and we believe that she does not want to be found.

And that’s all I have.

My speaking date is almost upon me

My Lion’s Club speech is at 6:30 p.m. on Monday. 40 hours away. When I talked to Dad today he said, “I know you’ll make me proud of you.” Great, but…pressure, people. Pressure.

The only preparation I’ve done so far is to make a list of MPs that I’ll use as kind of a sample of various types of cases that appear on Charley often: a teen runaway, a baby taken by a stranger, a family abduction, an old man with Alzheimer’s who wandered from a nursing home, a woman with mental illness who’s apparently been drifting up and down the eastern seaboard since her 1994 disappearance, a young woman who obviously met with foul play but at whose hands no one knows, etc.

“You’re the expert,” Michael said when I told him about my apprehension. “What do you want them to know?” I thought for awhile and said I wanted them to know what sort of thing the Charley Project was and what it wasn’t, and also the facts and the common misconceptions about people who are missing. “So tell them,” he said.