Flashback Friday: Lynne (Linne) Dominelli

This week’s Flashback Friday is Lynne (or is it Linne?) Marie Dominelli, missing from Long Beach, California since January 22, 1984. She was 33 then and in the unlikely chance that she’s still alive, she’d be 64 today.

I thought NamUs didn’t list her anymore, but then found her entry when I searched for “Linne.” When I checked the California Department of Justice database, they too are spelling it “Linne” now. I’ll have to update it. Beyond the slight confusion over the spelling of her name, I don’t have much on her, other than that her car was found abandoned and ransacked and the police suspect foul play.

An interesting website

Someone emailed me the link to a very thorough website about the missing sisters Brandi Summers and Tiffani Wise. I’ve only just had time to glance around, but there appears to be an abundance of info here. I’ll have to update their cases with the information I presume I’m going to get off of this.