An increase in traffic this year

I just checked Charley’s visitor statistics and noticed that, for the year 2015 so far, visitors have been averaging over 9,000 a day. In none of the months of 2014 did the number of visitors get as high as that; they were in the seven to eight thousand range. I had over ten thousand daily visitors for ten out of eleven days in the middle of this month.

The most often viewed cases this month don’t surprise me. Three are connected to the Robert Durst thing, and two of the others have been in the news lately.


MP of the week

This week’s featured missing person is Tiffany Marie Perry. She’s been missing since 2003, at which time she was 23 years old. She would now be 35.

Michael’s on spring break. I might not update much this week because we’re spending time together. Visiting museums and stuff.