Christmas loot thus far

I’ve got at least one extra gift coming to me; it’s waiting under the tree at Michael’s house. His household is doing Christmas tomorrow. But for now I’ve got:

The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo and The Girl Who Played with Fire by Stieg Larsson from my dad (we saw the first movie on the 23rd; Lisbeth Salander is so much like me it’s terrifying)
Some tights and The Holocaust Chronicle from Michael’s parents
A book tote and a $25 Amazon gift card from my mom
Some socks and Middle Passages: African-American Journeys to Africa, 1787-2005 by James T. Campbell from my sister
Evil Serial Killers: In the Minds of Monsters by Charlotte Grieg from Michael
A $100 Amazon giftcard from my fellow blogger at Executed Today

Merry Christmas, everyone.

14 thoughts on “Christmas loot thus far

  1. Eva Marie Leger December 26, 2011 / 8:18 am

    Merry Christmas! I love how almost everyone is giving you a book too! I can’t wait to go shopping with holiday money! (I told everyone just to look at my need-to-get list on GR.) ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Meaghan December 26, 2011 / 12:03 pm

      Caylee’s Law is ridiculous — if a parent is going to kill or sell their child, they’re hardly going to be deterred by a law that penalizes them for not reporting the said child missing. The issue can be addressed with existing laws. For example I’ve seen parents charged with child neglect for not reporting their kids missing. It’s just a sop to the voters.

  2. amy December 26, 2011 / 11:27 am

    Merry Christmas. I got serial killer books too and chef knives. I don’t know if they want me to cook or murder, but I’m a better cook.

    I hope this year is full of health and peace for you!

    • Meaghan December 26, 2011 / 12:04 pm

      Perhaps they intended you to use the chef knives to become a serial killer. Maybe dismember the body and carve it up for chops and roasts.

      • forthelost December 26, 2011 / 12:32 pm

        Ridiculous. Humans don’t have enough muscle meat to make good roasts.

      • marycarney December 26, 2011 / 5:30 pm


      • Meaghan December 26, 2011 / 6:28 pm

        Well, perhaps if the human were a body-builder?

        Albert Fish and Ted Bundy Jeffrey Dahmer were able to find sufficient meat on humans to enjoy good meals from them.

  3. Leslie in Apex, NC December 26, 2011 / 5:22 pm

    Serial killer books and chef knives sound like the perfect Christmas combination! Now if you could move to Ann Rule’s house on the west coast, you’d have the triumvirate of crime writing tools!

    • Meaghan December 26, 2011 / 6:27 pm

      Yeah, everyone, Ann Rule has put her house up for sale. Break your piggy banks! Start looking in your couch for loose change!

  4. Crystal December 27, 2011 / 8:34 pm

    Did Bundy actually eat his victims? I thought he wasn’t a cannibal?

    • Meaghan December 27, 2011 / 8:35 pm

      Not so far as anyone knows.

    • Justin December 27, 2011 / 10:54 pm

      He bit some, which is how they linked him to his last victim Kimberly Leach by his teeth impressions, but I don’t think he actually ate any of them. At least none that he admitted to doing.

      • Meaghan December 28, 2011 / 12:15 am

        I do know he went back to some of the gravesites to put makeup on the victims’ faces, which is even more gross in a way.

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