And again

I spent all night working on more May cases. It usually doesn’t take this long, but again, with the cases being so recent many of them had lots of articles. Twenty down, six left to go. Then I will resume my normal updates (that is, adding cases more or less randomly), perhaps with a focus on this past April, which doesn’t have much on Charley yet. Of course, I’m hardly lacking for cases to pick from. I haven’t counted but (mostly due to NamUs’s flowering) I believe I have a few hundred waiting patiently in line to get written up and posted.

Much as this backup annoys me, I try very hard not to freak out and beat myself up over it. I think I do a reasonably good job at that by now.

I’m glad to be getting back into the swing of things now that my headache problem is improving. It’s not gone, mind you. It’s just that I’m no longer in excruciating pain every day, or even every week. The night before last I was in some pretty severe pain, though. I went digging through my library bag looking for some book that might be sufficiently interesting to distract me, and instead I found a bottle of Dilaudid I’d forgotten I had. For me it was rather like finding a $20 bill in the pocket of a coat you hadn’t worn for awhile. I put the medicine to good use, trust me.