Some MPs who disappeared on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day

Okay, these are like way incomplete, but whatever.

Christmas Eve:
Siphat Chau, Maine, 2002
James Clark Creighton, Maryland, 2000
Mari Ann Fowler, Louisiana, 2002
Travis Lamont Lynch, North Carolina, 2003
Lluvia Sharanique McCraw, Texas, 2008
John Pavlat, California, 2002
Sherry Michaud Petersen, Florida, 1992
Rodolfo Ricardez, California, 1999
Five children from the Sodder family: Betty Dolly, Jennie Irene, Louis Erico, Martha Lee and Maurice Antonio, West Virginia, 1945
Ben Ta, California, 2000
Sean Wheeler, New York, 2003

Christmas Day:
Betty Vigil Garcia, New Mexico, 1995
Connie Lyn Leama, California, 1995
George Rodrigues Pereira Jr., California, 1995
Julian Feixas Polcaro, New Jersey, 1997
Lawrence Jay Riegel, Washington, 2009
Bettina Diane Scott, Connecticut, 2004
Kenneth Ray Weaver, Oklahoma, 2000

As a bonus: One MP whose (middle) name is Christmas: Cora Christmas McGuirk. The only other person I’ve heard of that was named Christmas was a girl in one of the James Bond movies. I think they named her that just so he could make a horrible pun at the end of the film, when they were having sex: “I thought Christmas came just once a year.” Groan.

Merry Christmas Eve

Today I am thinking of all the families of missing people out there — this upcoming holiday must be a particularly difficult one for them. But maybe some of those aforementioned MPs will call home. After all, Theodore Szal, a presumed victim of John Wayne Gacy, has just turned up alive, well and kind of confused and surprised that his family had assumed he was dead. For that family, anyway, Christmas came early.