Received the following missive today

“I dont think i know who you are but half of your information here is wrong please make it right thanks”

That was all it said. I don’t know the name of the sender. It was sent from a cell phone. Obviously, they didn’t even bother to mention which particular case they’re talking about — unless they mean the entire site, in which case I have a lot of work ahead of me!

When I get messages like that I frankly don’t feel like replying. Seeing as how the original message was completely useless, my first thought is that if that person had half a brain they wouldn’t have written a message that doesn’t include the name of the case that has wrong info, corrections for the wrong info, etc., so why should I trust any information they provide? But I gritted my teeth and sent the following answer, just as laconic as the first message:

“Could you be a little more specific?”

[UPDATE: The person never replied.]

(Aside: recently I updated the casefile for a young woman who disappeared back before I was born, using info from a recent article about her disappearance. I wrote that she gone out on a date the night she vanished. Someone who I guess was a particularly close friend wrote to me a few days later to say this woman had definitely NOT gone out on a date. She knew this, she said, because she knew for a fact that the woman was menstruating that night, and apparently she never dated during that time of the month. Oh-kay.)