Quebecois missing kids

Found this article about missing children in Quebec. It gives details about the Yohanna Cyr case, about which I’d previously known nothing besides what was on the NCMEC poster. (Not that I’d bothered to research it; it isn’t a Charley-eligible case.) Yohanna was a year and a half old when her mother, Lilianne, left her with a boyfriend for a few days. When Lilianne came back, Yohanna was nowhere to be found. Her boyfriend said she’d died but refused to reveal where her body was. If she is alive today (and she might be, who knows) she would turn 35 on the 28th of this month.

The article also talks about Melina Martin, a thirteen-year-old girl who’s been missing 2005. No clues there.

Article about unidentified DeKalb County, GA boy

Found this article about a five- to seven-year-old boy whose body was found in DeKalb County, Georgia back in 1999. They still have no idea who he is, but have named him Dennis.

Toxicology reports found acetaminophen and anti-nausea medicine in Dennis’ system.

“This child appeared to be well cared for,” said forensic investigator Greg Johns said. “And for him to just be dumped out like that and all these years with nobody coming by, it just makes it that much more unusual.”

I should note here that the kid was wearing Timberland boots. Timberland is not a cheap brand. Their website says kid-sized boots cost about $80 a pair, depending on the model — and this for a shoe the child will outgrow in six months or a year.

The medical examiner’s analysis in 1999 found no signs of trauma and no cause of death could be determined. Investigators believe the remains were in the woods for three to six months before they were found, putting the possible date of the death late in 1998.

It reminds me a lot of the Boy in the Box case. I think chances are “Dennis” was never reported missing. As I’ve noted before, it’s sickeningly easy to conceal a child’s disappearance for years.

Never give up, people. Not even when all hope seems to be gone.

“An Indonesian girl swept out to sea and feared dead during the 2004 Christmas tsunami has emerged alive and well seven years later.”

“A girl who was swept away in the Indian Ocean tsunami seven years ago said Friday she broke down in tears this week after tracking down her parents, who had long lost hope of finding her alive.”

“An Indonesian girl separated from her family during the 2004 Indian Ocean tsunami has been reunited with her relatives after seven years living as a street child, her parents said Friday.” (with pics)

I have nothing more to say.