Five new cases added today

Frankly, that’s all I was able to put together. I was too tired to write more. Since I started taking anti-depressants in the summer of 2008, I have never slept well. People keep telling me, “You need to get on a regular sleeping schedule for your health.” Which is undoubtedly true, but what no one seems to grasp is that getting on a regular sleeping schedule is impossible. I have not had a regular sleeping schedule since I was about eleven or twelve years old and started staying up in the wee hours reading and net-surfing. Then during my Black Period at 13-14, I was staying up all night and sleeping all day for weeks on end. (My parents barely noticed and certainly didn’t care.)

But back then, I COULD sleep if I wanted to; I just chose not to. Now I just can’t sleep at all. And Michael says that when I do sleep, I thrash around a lot and kick him.

So here I am, sticky-eyed. But if that’s the price I’ve got to pay, I’ll pay it.