Jaycee wants her pets back

According to the New York Daily News, Jaycee Dugard is demanding that the powers that be turn over all the pets she had living with Garrido: “five cats, two dogs, three cockatiels, a pigeon and a mouse.” I sure hope the Dugard family has room for them all! But I suppose if they don’t, there will be donations. I hope local veterinarians will help out too.

One comment from a reader: if she’s thinking about missing her pets, this chick has mental problems. I guarantee it. Someone that is truly grateful for their release wouldn’t give a rats *** about pet animals–things that gave pleasure in a bad situation. The pleasure derived from the pets during her captivity should now be zeroed out by the pleasure of her return to her family. If she’s longing her old pets, she’s not happy now. She obviously can’t say “I sure do want to go back to my old life,” so her mind goes to the closest thing . . . the pets. By asking for them, she knows she won’t appear to be a crazy like if she asked to go back.

I think this person must have never owned a pet of any kind. I think it’s perfectly all right for Jaycee to want her animals — both because they are comforting to her and because they are better off being cared for by their human than by strangers. I wouldn’t be surprised if Jaycee wasn’t entirely happy, though. This is such a huge change for her — again — and she has a whole bunch of new things to think/worry about.

4 thoughts on “Jaycee wants her pets back

  1. Bill September 19, 2009 / 1:20 pm

    Mental problems are to be expected, considering what she has been through. That should go without saying.

    Jaycee is now living in a whole new world from what she is used to. I’m sure she is very unfamiliar with normal life at all. Few of us can even imagine what life is like to her now, or what it has been. I see her wanting her pets as nothing more than wanting to have something familiar in her present life.

    I read there was also a parakeet, along with the 3 cockatiels and a pigeon. That pet birds have survived being kept with 5 cats means they must have been well fed. This is remarkable, considering the filthy mess they lived in.

  2. Meyahna September 19, 2009 / 2:23 pm

    Yes, this person is stupid, these pets were probably some comfort during her captivity and she probably got to like them a lot. Normal that she wants them back, they’re beings, not as if she was asking the sheds or the Welcome sign back.

    In my opinion this person is sicker than Jaycee to say things like that because it’s full of sordid under-statements.

  3. Penny September 20, 2009 / 3:24 am

    I agree; NO-ONE has the right to judge what Jaycee is feeling.

    The first thing I reach for when I am depressed is my pets; I have often said that they have saved my life, just by being there.

    I think Jaycee has gone through more than enough without having to read stupid comments by people that clearly have no idea!

  4. Cheryl September 21, 2009 / 1:37 pm

    I hope you you blasted the person after you read his/her post Meg……or I hope someone did. What a jerk!

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