Well, this is news to me!

I found this Utica Observer-Dispatch article about the 1990 disappearance of Mark William Seelman. It seems he went missing together with another teen, Douglas Goodwin, who has never been found either. I hadn’t had any information about Douglas. The Charley file says he may have gotten into a car driven by an eighteen-year-old black male. Douglas was eighteen in 1990, but from the picture he appears to be white.

I will have to update Mark’s file, and add Douglas’s.

I hate, hate, hate the month of September

Once again I am struck with my annual bout of severe hay fever. Claritin and Benadryl haven’t really helped and I haven’t been able to sleep due to the coughing, the runny/stuffy nose and the crap dripping down the back of my throat. Got the chills, too. I’ve now been up for about 30 hours. I wanted to miss work, I felt so terrible, but I’ve missed work so much this past summer due to all that went on that my boss had a little talk with me recently and told me I had to stop doing that or I would be fired. So I went to work in much misery.

Damn you, pollen! Damn you to hell! Damn you, overactive immune system, which can’t even tolerate anti-allergy cream.

There’s a 60% chance of rain today, which might clear the air…if it actually does rain.