News on murder-without-a-body cases

The jury in the Aarone Thompson trial has still not reached a verdict, and it’s been over a week. They say the longer a jury is out, the more likely they are to acquit or to hang. But in this case they’re considering dozens of charges. I have confidence that they will do their duty.

A trial date has been set for Geralyn Graham, the accused murderer of Rilya Wilson. Rilya’s case gained national notoriety when it was discovered that she, a Florida foster child, had been missing for a year and a half without the Florida Department of Children and Families finding out. Geralyn was her foster mother. I’m a bit concerned about this case. Geralyn killed Rilya, I’m quite sure — but can they prove it? There’s very little evidence and a principal witness has backed out. Anyway, Geralyn is scheduled to be tried in March. She could face the death penalty if convicted.

Two suspects have finally been indicted in the presumed kidnapping and murder of Donald Dietz, a Michigan man who disappeared in September 2007. He was vulnerable — one account I read said he was autistic, though I’m not sure how they’d know — and he had a lot of money, and the police think these two guys killed him and stole his identity. Another article is here.

Weird computer glitch

For some reason, my computer is showing only 450 files in the “M” folder of my “Cases” folder. (This is on my computer itself, not on the internet.) I thought perhaps all the others had accidentally been deleted, and started to FTP all the missing ones off Charley into the folder, but FTP told me the files were already there. And I did a desktop search for a few of the missing files and they are, in fact, there…but my folder still shows only 450 files.

What gives? This has never happened before.

I use Windows Vista. Any ideas?

UPDATE: Okay, I checked out the properties of the folder and it said the files were “read-only.” I unchecked that box and reloaded the folder, and now there are 2,332 files again. Problem solved.