Make-a-List Monday: Timex Watches

Last week I did people last seen wearing Rolex watches — a brand synonymous with luxury. Today’s list is of people wearing Timex watches — a kind of “everyman” watch.

Amy Joy Wroe Bechtel
James T. Boozer
Samuel Norris Campbell
Charles Catlett
Robert Wayne Connor
Janet Gould deFelice (possibly)
Edward Sprenkle Dubbs
Porschette Charslyn Evans
Clara Marie Grunst
Leslie Allen Bruce Haynie
Nathan Richard Hiatt
Essie Margaret Hiett
Jeffrey Stewart Christian Immel
Tracy Marie Kroh
Marie Lopez
Cathy Hicks Parrott
Michael S. Pastor
Anne D. Manchester
Joseph McNiel
Ben Peeples
Frank Ray Santmyer Jr.
Joseph Sireci
William Schmidbauer
Katie Faye Sinclair
Judy Eileen Smith
Christopher Lee Stewart
Joyce Irene Walcott
Paul Cecil Worsham
George Robert Zelaya

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