Yesterday I was with my Dad most of the day; I had spent the previous night at his apartment and we were watching the BBC’s History Cold Case series at the Ohio State campus on their projector. That series — where some respected scientists investigate unusual archaeological finds — is really fascinating and I highly recommend it to those interested in history and science who have a taste for the macabre. You can watch it free on YouTube; I recommend “The Woman and Three Babies” and “The Mummified Child” especially.

Anyway, long story short, I spent all day with him, then went back to Fort Wayne and crashed, totally forgetting it was Select It Sunday. My bad. I might do a case later today, or you might have to wait till next week.

Make-a-List Monday: February 29

Part of the idea for this list came from regular blog commenter and my friend Justin Jackson-Mann. He thought I could a run a list of people who disappeared on February 29, a date that only appears on our calendar every four years. It’s a very short list but the idea was so charming I decided to run it anyway. Because the list is so short, I’m actually making two lists, the second one being of people BORN on February 29.

February 29 Disppearances
Bruno Van Bavel
Damien Gregory Bowser
Juan Antonio Luna

February 29 births
Patricia Anne Osborn
Carla Kaylene Owens
Paresh Patel
Clarence Smith Sr.
Jerry Frances Yell