A thought

I wonder how Danielle Mouton came to be wearing a Cartier watch at the time of her disappearance: they are NOT cheap and, given Danielle’s age and lifestyle, it seems highly unlikely that she could have afforded it. The likeliest explanation I can think of is that a client bought it for her. It could also been a knockoff, I suppose, but even those run well up into the hundreds.

You see details a that, by themselves, must tell a story, only you don’t know what it is. Full dentures in a fourteen-year-old, for example. A swastika tattoo on someone who may be Jewish. That sort of thing.

Make-a-List Monday: Photos of clothes, shoes or jewelry

This list is for cases where I have photographs or drawings of the clothing, shoes, watches, or jewelry the MP was wearing at the time they went missing. Purses and backpacks count too. There’s the usual caveat of “I probably missed some.”

Dawn Marlene Allen
Kathy Joan Arredondo
Claudia Darlene Bamber
Charles Bell
Edna Laverne Blodgett
Mark Lawrence Bosworth
Melissa Lee Brannen
Johnny Lamar Brown
Ian Hunter Burnet
Adji Desir
Glenn Joseph Doldan
Brittanee Marie Drexel
Leann Faulk
Stepha Henry
Alexandria Marie Lowitzer
Suzanne Gloria Lyall
Sky Elijah Metalwala
Irin Marie Meyer
Kristen Deborah Modaferri
Bradley P. Olsen
Jens Paeschke
Michelle Loree Parker
Sneha Ann Philip
Joseph David Wolfgang Pichler
Ayla Bell Reynolds
Laurel Lea Rogers
Yien Khaun Saechao
Valerie Sifsof
Shantina Marie Smiley
Karen Jo Smith
Kortne Ciera Stouffer
Joel G. Thompson Jr.
Tu Thi-Cam Tran
Lee Roy Young

Make-a-List Monday: Casio Watches

I complete my series of wristwatch lists with Casio. My own watch is a Casio, a black Baby G. I got it as a birthday present in 2012. (Thanks, Justin!) They’re tough; you can literally run one over with a car and it’ll still work fine. So, MPs with their wrists adorned by a Casio:

Jonathan Aujay
David Michael Cunningham
Diane Jane Elmore
Charles Duane Gustafson
Richard Williams Hardie
Scott Lyons Jacobs
Julie Ann Weflen
Travis Jeremy Wilson

Make-a-List Monday: Timex Watches

Last week I did people last seen wearing Rolex watches — a brand synonymous with luxury. Today’s list is of people wearing Timex watches — a kind of “everyman” watch.

Amy Joy Wroe Bechtel
James T. Boozer
Samuel Norris Campbell
Charles Catlett
Robert Wayne Connor
Janet Gould deFelice (possibly)
Edward Sprenkle Dubbs
Porschette Charslyn Evans
Clara Marie Grunst
Leslie Allen Bruce Haynie
Nathan Richard Hiatt
Essie Margaret Hiett
Jeffrey Stewart Christian Immel
Tracy Marie Kroh
Marie Lopez
Cathy Hicks Parrott
Michael S. Pastor
Anne D. Manchester
Joseph McNiel
Ben Peeples
Frank Ray Santmyer Jr.
Joseph Sireci
William Schmidbauer
Katie Faye Sinclair
Judy Eileen Smith
Christopher Lee Stewart
Joyce Irene Walcott
Paul Cecil Worsham
George Robert Zelaya

Make-a-List Monday: Rolex Watches

This is, self-evidently, people who were wearing Rolex watches when they were last seen.

Carlos Vicente Carrillo
Michele Anne Harris
Charles Franklin Huff
Juan Carlos Mattos
Victor Leonard Richardson III
Kelson Ryanell Roby
Tiffany Louise Sessions
Edwin Collins Smith
Jerry Smith (maybe)
John Michael Spira
Raul Francisco Villarreal
Arthur James Warren Jr.
Lee Roy Young

Mr. Villarreal’s Rolex was 18-karat gold and two carats’ worth of diamonds, and he also had a gold medallion studded with 76 diamonds. That’s some serious bling; I have accompanying photographs. I have to wonder if he was robbed just for the jewelry.