Looking for Alaskans

Today I will be posting four MPs from Alaska, making the total number 105. By comparison, South Dakota, which has about 100,000 more people living in it, has a whopping eight missing persons on Charley. What is it about Alaska that causes people to disappear in such numbers? Offhand I suppose it’s a number of factors:

1. People from outside Alaska go up there to disappear — Christopher McCandless being one (idiotic) example.
2. Alaska is such a huge fracking place that it’s hard to find the people who disappear in it. One guy I’m posting today might have vanished in an 8.5 million acre national park that’s accessible only by air and water — or maybe he didn’t, no one knows. The Powers That Be gave up looking fairly quickly because they just had no idea where to go.
3. Relating to #2, the state’s weather and terrain is so severe that it can basically eat people alive and does on a regular basis.

I’ve got a longtime Friend Of My Youth from Alaska — she calls it “the world’s biggest small town.”

(Hands up to anyone who gets the literary reference in the title of this blog post.)