Randy’s father?

Every once in awhile I Google the names of random MPs looking for any information I might have missed — I call it “fishing.” Anyway, I put in Randy Doyle Parscale Jr.‘s name and found a Find a Grave for a Randy Doyle Parscale, 1943-2003. He was relatively young, only 59 69, when he died.

I’m thinking it’s probably the missing Randy’s dad. He’s the right age — he would have been 26 when Randy Jr. was born — and they have the same name and he’s buried in Arizona, the same state Randy Jr. disappeared from. And this article mentions Randy Jr.’s father is dead.

Can anyone confirm this?


I missed it when it happened, but a Charley Project reader sent this one in: Dawn Marie Viens‘s husband got convicted of her murder and in March he was sentenced to fifteen years to life in prison.

The defendant, a restaurant owner and chef, reportedly disposed of the body after cooking it for four days “to get rid of evidence.” (To make the flesh fall off the bones perhaps? Certainly that would do it…)

Pretty awful.

Although, for what it’s worth, Mr. Viens has since retracted his confession. And shut down his restaurant.