Some fine detective work

I was awakened this morning by a call from Michael’s mother, who said she had to relay a message. The police investigating a certain MP who shall remain nameless wanted to get in touch with me, like, yesterday. They thought I could help, she said.

“Why did they call you?” I said.

“Because they don’t know your number,” she replied.

Well, I had figured that — what I meant by “why did they call you” was in the sense of “how did they figure out that you, of all people, would know how to contact me?” But I left it at that and called the police. It turns out I was not able to help them after all.

I never got a chance to ask how they’d connected Michael’s mom to me. The only way I can figure is Facebook. On my own personal Facebook page I’m listed as “in a relationship” with Michael, and am friends with him and a bunch of his relatives. Now, he doesn’t have a land line and neither do I, but his parents do.

I think that’s some fairly impressive detective work there. But it makes me want to go and change my Facebook privacy settings.

Indian child returns home after being missing seven years

According to this Times of India article, an unidentified thirteen-year-old girl has showed up back in her old district in Jashpur in the state of Chhattisgarh in eastern India, seven years after she was abducted by human traffickers at the age of five.

The little girl’s family had assumed she was dead, and had a ceremony in her memory every year on the anniversary of her disappearance. She claims she was forced to work as a domestic servant in private homes in New Delhi and endured every manner of abuse. I don’t doubt it. Human trafficking is a serious problem in India.

I’m so glad she’s back with her family. I hope they can catch the people who did this to her.