Susan Powell book coming out

According to the Susan Cox Powell Foundation, true crime authors Gregg Olsen and Rebecca Morris will be “launching” their book about the Powell case on Friday at the Puyallup Public Library. The book is called If I Can’t Have You: Susan Powell, Her Mysterious Disappearance, and the Murder of Her Children. It came out a week ago.

I hadn’t heard of this book. But I’ve placed a hold for it at the library.

MP of the week added, a day late

This week’s featured missing person is Domanick Still, missing from Wynne, Arkansas since 2009. He was 27 years old at the time. I don’t have much on him.

Michael had made some changes to my computer, and after that I couldn’t get my graphics program to load. It crashed every time I tried. I couldn’t update as I wasn’t able to do the necessary cropping and editing of pictures. Well, I finally fixed it. I just reinstalled the program and it works fine now. Go figure. So anyway, I should be able to update now.

Tad DiBiase to publish book on murder-without-a-body cases

Tad DiBiase, a DC-area prosecutor and creator of the No Body Murder Cases website, has a book coming out in November, to be called No Body Homicide Cases. He sent me a flyer for it. It’s not a true-crime book but rather a how-to guide for police and prosecutors involved in such disappearances. From the flyer:

How do you prove someone is guilty of murder if there is no body? This practical guide for police and prosecutors provides an expansive look at both the history of no-body murder cases and the best methods to solve them and present the case in court. The author takes readers step by step from the first days of the homicide investigation through the end of the trial. The book is an essential resource for all investigators and a roadmap to a conviction for prosecutors.

The book is listed at $70 so I won’t be able to buy it. But I’m sure I can obtain a copy through my local library or the Ohio State University library system, via my father. I plan to read the book or at least skim it.