Two Peas in a Pod: Overlapping Disappearances in Pea Ridge Arkansas


aprildawnandrews Nestled in the Ozark Mountains, quaintly-named Pea Ridge Arkansas boasts a population of approximately five thousand souls
residing on streets named for Civil War dead—the Confederate loss at The Battle of Pea Ridge
is considered by military historians to be the linchpin of the Union’s conquest of Northern Arkansas and Missouri.
Aside from the region’s storied history in the War of Northern Aggression there’s not much
to attract outsiders to the environs; the most exciting local event is the annual Pea Ridge Mule Jump,
a bizarre combination rodeo/steeplechase which features the notoriously balky creatures barrel racing
and lumbering over obstacles. As the event’s exclamation-laden website states:

“Realize, too, that mules do not like to jump!
That fact alone creates an atmosphere
ripe with laughter as the handlers work to
coax their mules over the burlap barriers,
some as high as 6½ feet!”

It seems to defy logic that this sparsely-populated…

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