Some stuff has changed

Something really weird and scary happened to me today that’s caused me to rethink some things. I don’t want to go into details about it other than to say it had nothing to do with Charley and right now I’m fine. Except I might not be updating for some time. Or I might stay up half the night tonight writing updates, and post like 20 tomorrow, who knows.

Flashback Friday: Billy Sena

This week’s Flashback Friday case is eleven-year-old Billy Sena, who disappeared from Albuquerque, New Mexico with his nine-year-old cousin, Mary Lou, in 1979. They were last seen en route to the post office; they never made it. This case is somewhat unusual. If you don’t count runaways, family abductions and accidents, the Charley Project doesn’t have that many cases of children who disappeared together like that.

The Sena children’s cases didn’t come to my attention until a couple of years ago, and there hasn’t been any press about them in some time. Last I heard, which was in late 2011, the police were trying to locate and question Billy’s mom’s then-boyfriend as well as another woman who had lived at the Sena residence at the time. I have no idea whether authorities have located these people or if they’re even still alive or what.

But I assume the investigation is still active, even if it hasn’t been in the news. It’s not too late to find out what happened to Billy and Mary Lou Sena.