There’s an app called FaceTune that edits photos and portraits and stuff. The idea is to make your selfies look more attractive by editing out wrinkles, pimples, uneven skin tones, etc. This is an example of what FaceTune did to one of my selfies I took two years ago:


See? No more melasma.

It occurs to me that FaceTune might be good for “fixing” imperfections in missing persons’ photos. I don’t mean making the MP look more attractive, but more like removing scratches in the picture, or if the photo is discolored, making it more normal-colored. I do a little bit of this with paint.net but FaceTune might make it faster/easier to do.

What do y’all think of this idea? Carl, I’m asking you in particular, since you do a lot of forensic art things.

5 thoughts on “FaceTune

  1. Carl W Koppelman April 30, 2016 / 3:35 pm

    The app I use (Corel Photopaint) has a “clone tool” that is very usful for doing stuff like removing scratches from old photos, and removing blemishes and imperfections.

    There are other techinques that are useful, such as taking a photo of someone with a desirable complexion and overlaying a 90% transparency of their face over yours. If you erase the structural features (e.g., eyes, and dark lines that define the persons facial structure), you have the improved complesion, without changing the unique characteristics of your own facial structure.

    • Meaghan April 30, 2016 / 3:36 pm

      Yeah, FaceTune has a clone tool also but they call it “patch.”

  2. ilovetrash April 30, 2016 / 8:31 pm

    i can do it if you want. i’m a photoshop maven from way back [so far back, in fact, that i once owned the website photoshopmaven.com]. i was very well considered in the field—i used to -teach- photoshop, not just work it—until i got sick with headaches of unknown origin, & collapsed.

    thanks to the ACA, i am finally very slowly mending, & i would be glad to do some retouching for you & yr website, pro bono, credit only, no problem. it would help you & it would help me focus & rehone my skills. many days when i could do nothing else, i read yr website. there’s more than enough work for all who are interested, & if you would like to learn to retouch in photoshop, just ask me. once upon a time, i also wrote manuals.


    ps. you likely dont remember me but i used to correspond with you occasionally about headpain. i have trigeminal neuralgia, i’ve had it for more years than it looks like i’ve been alive, & it was so often misdiagnosed it turned idiopathic from too many idiotic medications & i got my own hospital bed for a couple of weeks. i remember throwing you all of my diagnoses, false & true in hope one or another uncommon thing would be the thing of which yr doctors never thunk.

    i am GLAD to see you have found some relief from yr headaches! even on the most forlorn of days, if yr head doesnt hurt, you can count that one good thing. maybe sometimes that’s enough.

    pps. lastly, if you’d like to make yrself look any way at all IRL: get thee to youtube and watch makeup videos! what so many of the makeup video makers do is nothing short of magic! before i got so sick i was VERY glammy, lively, dynamic, glamourous, known for it—& the worst thing for me, beyond all but the worst of the pain, was that i could look so horrible. i had to relearn everything from photoshop [which was easy], to putting on makeup [which was not], but i could -never- do it as well as do they. the transformations are astonishing—transmogrification, almost.

    i will end by noting that [although bernie’s universal would be better] the ACA literally saved my physical life, but the makeup videos saved me in some great way emotionally. they made me remember a little of what it was to be alive again. i hope something similar has found you, too.

once proserpine@hotmail.com, i think, & while hotmail has gone cold,
    i remain e’ermore & even more,


    • Meaghan April 30, 2016 / 9:15 pm

      Yeah, the ACA is awesome though I do agree single payer would be better. Thanks to the ACA I no longer need to worry about paying for my psych meds and appointments and stuff.

      I really should learn about makeup. I’m 30 years old and have never worn it. But it would be nice not to have that dark streak across my forehead and around my mouth even if everyone pretends they can’t see it.

    • Andrea622 April 30, 2016 / 11:14 pm

      God bless i have trigeminal neuralgia as well, but is one of my symptoms in living with multiple sclerosis. Makes life very much not fun.

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